Book Review: The Murder of Michael Jackson, The Cover Up and Conspiracy by Deborah Stefenaik

murder of michael jacksonHere is another title from the books on my summer catch-up list. Let me just say that, normally, this is the kind of book I would have probably passed over without much of a second thought. Its author is a psychic and medium who claims to have conversations with Michael (as well as, apparently, many of his deceased friends and family members!) from “The Other Side.”  This is actually her second book about her conversations with Michael, although I have not read her first book Another Part of Me. Don’t get me wrong; it’s not that I’m skeptical of those who have “The Gift.” In fact, psychic and intuitive abilities run in my own family, and the very reason I was intrigued enough to read this book in the first place is because I quickly realized that the author and I have shared a very eerily similar vision of Michael’s death, which I will get to in due order. I’ll just say that the excerpt I read on Amazon was enough to give me chills. And besides, at under three bucks for the Kindle edition, what did I have to lose, anyway?

That isn’t to say I was entirely ready to put aside my skepticism. I do believe there is certainly life after death and, as stated previously, I do believe that some people are blessed with the intuitive ability to communicate with the dead. But some of the book does sound a little “out there” and requires a certain suspension of belief. The title gives much of it away. It is what it is; a personal memoir written by a psychic medium about the alleged conspiracy theory behind Michael’s death, based on her own conversations with Michael’s spirit and the visions he has allowed her to see through his eyes. Still with me? Yes, I know what you’re probably thinking right about now, and trust me, it was  my initial reaction as well.

But there was one, troubling detail I could not shake off or dismiss: The author and I had had exactly the same vision, with but a few details varied. What’s more, my sister had the same dream, both of us within days of Michael’s passing. So when I read the excerpt from this book, I realized right away that even though I could dismiss it all as BS if I wanted to, there was one troubling detail I could not so easily shake off:  the fact that I now had a record of at least three different people, all of whom, independently of one another, had experienced the same vision of Michael’s death within the same time frame, and all with the same eerily similar details. That knowledge alone was enough to keep me reading. I became intrigued to find out how many more details of my own (and my sister’s) vision would be corroborated by Stefanaik.  I started reading this book on June 25, not exactly a cheery way to top off an already depressing day. But if there was any day appropriate to begin reading a book about Michael’s final hours, well, that would certainly be it.

I don’t wish to provide too many spoilers of Stefenaik’s book. After all, the purpose of any book review is to encourage people to read the book for themselves  (or to run like hell, as the case may be) so I will try to refrain from going too much into her theories here, lest I give too much away. But even a casual reading of the book’s blurb will tell you that there are a few individuals and entities who obviously do not come out of this book smelling very good, namely Randy Phillips, AEG, Sony, Frank DiLeo, the Estate executors and most of all, “Dr.”  Tohme Tohme, all figures that converged on (or reentered) Michael’s life during a relatively short window of time between December of 2008 and June of 2009. These names alone are enough to insure that this is bound to be a polarizing book, one that may not be warmly embraced by all segments of the fan community.  However, as I’ve always said, it pays to keep an open mind. While I don’t believe in slandering anyone without sufficient evidence, we have to keep in mind, again, that the book is what it is: A medium merely recounting what she claims to have seen in a series of visions. So in that regard, we can’t exactly call it slander, nor can it stand as evidence of a crime committed. But for those readers willing to keep an open mind-and to keep a handy helping of salt nearby, just in case-it is certainly a disturbing and thought provoking read.

However, the book’s contents aren’t entirely made up of the author’s own visions and “conversations” with Michael. There is a lot of solid, factual evidence, as well. Using trial transcripts from the Conrad Murray trial, the Katherine Jackson vs. AEG trial, the official autopsy report findings and other records, as well as the emails exchanged between all of the parties involved (most of which became public record during the criminal and civil death trials) she is able to provide more than enough factual evidence to support many of her theories. Of course, her agenda is to “prove” that these facts corroborate her visions. Nevertheless, too many details have come to light since Michael’s death that do bear questioning. Why, for example, did Michael’s own children testify that they saw Randy Phillips in their home at odd times when they knew he was not supposed to be there? And why did both Phillips and Tohme seem to have unlimited access to Michael’s home? Why was there such a discrepancy between the actual time of death (according to paramedics who claimed Michael had obviously been dead for hours) and the calling of 911 at 12:22pm? Why was the syringe found at the bedside, containing Propofol and Lidocaine never properly tested? (Remember, this was the syringe that Murray and his attorneys fought so hard to prove as “evidence” that Michael had self administered). Why was DA Steven Cooley receiving financial contributions from AEG (certainly, at the very least, a major conflict of interest!). Why was Tohme Tohme, whom Michael had fired in March of 2009, listed as of June 22, 2009 (three days prior to Michael’s death) as a beneficiary of AEG’s “accidental death” insurance policy with Lloyds of London? Why, indeed, was this man even still in the picture, even to the extent of being present at the hospital on June 25? And what did happen to that missing surveillance tape?

Stefenaik does attempt to answer these questions, and to her credit, relies on factual and documented evidence to support most of her claims, though it would have been helpful if the author could have provided actual PDF facsimiles of the documents in question, rather than merely copying them verbatim-skeptics can always claim the documents have been altered or faked. Fortunately, most of them are public record and can be verified easily enough with a little research, but being able to show the actual documents always helps in the credibility department.

As stated previously, however, I was most intrigued with the author’s vision because its details so nearly matched what my sister and I (in nearly identical dreams on the same night) experienced six years ago.

I have never spoken much about that dream, having only confided its details to a very few people whom I trust. Mostly, I haven’t spoken much about it because I know the general skepticism that people usually give such claims, but also because the logical and common sense side of my brain would always say, “It was just a dream. It’s not like it’s something you can ever prove; it’s not as if anyone would ever actually take this as serious ‘evidence’ of a crime.” And yet a part of me has felt guilty, also, about that silence. This, too, has crossed my mind on many occasions. What if Michael, in those first few weeks when his soul was most restless, had actually indeed reached out to a select few, receptive individuals to show them exactly what happened to him that morning? And if he chose some of us to give this information, what exactly did he want us to do with it, or take from it? That is a thought that has weighed heavily on my mind for the last six years. If Michael wanted this knowledge to be known, had I somehow failed him by sitting on it, dismissing it as “just a dream” that no one would ever take seriously? Did I somehow have a responsibility that I had failed to hold up?

I have to admit that Stefenaik’s book has again raised a lot of those questions for me. Like I said, I probably would have been a complete skeptic about this book were it not for the fact that I saw and felt-almost to a tee-exactly what she felt and describes in this book, as allegedly given to her straight from Michael.

In my case, my dream occurred just a few nights after Michael’s passing. It was long before any photos of the death scene had been leaked to the media; I had no way to even know what the interior of the Carolwood home looked like. It was also long before the autopsy results or any of the details of the death were well known; thus, it was the time when there were still many conflicting media reports and no one seemed to know what had actually happened that night or that morning.

Stefenaik described it as a kind of channeling experience, and this was very similar to what I felt. It was as if I was in Michael’s body, witnessing the events through his eyes as he would have experienced them. There were many details that stood out to me about the room-to the right of the bed there was a lamp that burned continuously, even into the morning hours. There was a white mantelpiece with what looked like either a gold framed mirror or some type of screen above it. Over the windows, heavy beige colored drapes were parted, and through the white sheers that covered the window it was obviously sometime around dawn, as there was just a tinge of gray in the sky. When I finally did see photos of the bedroom, it confirmed for me everything I had seen. I felt intuitively that I had been inside that room before.

death bedroom2


I can only say that what I experienced through Michael’s body (if indeed that’s what was happening) was a horrific sensation that I hope to God to never experience again. The feeling was of being completely incapacitated and unable to breathe. He was mostly conscious of what was happening around him, but unable to move or make a sound. It was like being paralyzed and drowning, all at the same time. My breath was so shallow and labored that every intake of air hurt and burned my lungs. What I felt was very much a semi lucid state, where I seemed to be dipping in and out of consciousness, at times acutely aware of my surroundings; at other times, slipping into a non-lucid state where I believed I was drowning.

I could hear two men laughing. At the mantelpiece, two men stood with their backs turned to me. Since the bedroom photos have come out, I have seen that there were, in fact, two such mantelpieces that would have been within Michael’s range of vision, the one that would have been to his right, beneath the mirror, and one in the foyer outside his bedroom, which looks to have a framed painting above it.

Long before these photos were made public, I had seen the white mantelpiece with what looked like a mirror above it. There was also, however, another white mantelpiece visible on the opposite side of the foyer.
Long before these photos were made public, I had seen the white mantelpiece with what looked like a mirror above it. There was also, however, another white mantelpiece visible on the opposite side of the foyer.

death bedroom6

I could not tell for certain which mantelpiece I saw the men standing in front of (after six years, some of the details have started to get a little blurred to me, as far as whether what I was seeing was to the left or right) but I want to say they were in front of the mantel with the mirror over it. They were going through papers; a lot of papers. They ignored me, assuming I was either dead or out of it. As they sorted and signed papers, they kept laughing like guys exchanging dirty jokes. One of the men I saw was clearly Conrad Murray. The other, however, I could not immediately identify other than that he was a very large, white, stockily built man with longish brown hair.

The next day I was talking to my sister and you can imagine my shock when she described to me having the very same dream, with the exact, same details. We had both seen Murray and the same, stockily built man with brown hair in the room. We had both heard them laughing, and had seen them sorting through and signing many papers. We both had the sensation of being unable to breathe or move. There were, however, a few things that she was able to recall more vividly than I (for the record, her abilities have always been far more advanced than mine; she never ceases to amaze me with the things she is able to “know,” long before anyone else). She said there was a black binder or brief case into which those papers were placed. Also, she recalled seeing Murray escort the brown-haired man out of the room and into what she described as a hallway to the left of the bedroom. After the Murray trial and after the photos detailing the interior of the Carolwood home were made public, I realized that what she was describing was the foyer outside the bedroom, which would have been to the left from Michael’s point of view on the bed. She saw the two men converse briefly in the foyer, then they parted ways. The brown-haired man turned to his left (from Michael’s point of view) and descended down the stairs, unescorted. Murray returned to the bedroom.

My sister believes that she was seeing the last thing that Michael was consciously aware of before his death. During the Conrad Murray trial, at least one eerie detail emerged that chillingly seemed to confirm her vision. It was said that before Michael’s body was moved, his head was tilted on the pillow to the left, with eyes open.That would mean that whatever he had last seen that morning would have been from exactly that point of view, looking towards the foyer.

It was only in the aftermath, while looking at photos of the various individuals involved in Michael’s life at that time, that I realized the brown-haired man I had seen most closely fit the description of Tohme Tohme.

There Is One Thing That Stefenaik's Vision Has In Common With My Own And My Sister's-The Brown-Haired Man Who Most Closely Resembles Tohme Tohme.
There Is One Thing That Stefenaik’s Vision Has In Common With My Own And My Sister’s-The Brown-Haired Man Who Most Closely Resembles Tohme Tohme.
Tohme Appeared At The Hospital The Day Michael Died, Despite Having Been Fired Months Before. Why?
Tohme Appeared At The Hospital The Day Michael Died, Despite Having Been Fired Months Before. Why?

Now, given all I have told you, imagine the chills I got when I read this passage from Stefenaik’s book, as “told” to her by Michael:

“A man put a needle in my arm – an IV drip in my leg. My arm was sore from pins and needles in my shoulder. I couldn’t see. A brown haired guy. They were going through my papers. I could hear them. They ransacked the house. There was a security camera. It was pointed at the gate, but that night something wasn’t right. My life was turning upside down and I didn’t know why. I was out of my body, but not dead. He gave me the last shot and I died instantly. The man with the brown hair, short sleeved shirt, wide open collar, white. I hoped he’d come back to see more, but he didn’t. He stayed away while Conrad Murray cleaned up. I just stood there watching, helpless. He wrote down the time (Conrad Murray). It was significant. He had a pad of paper with him, taking notes. He said he carried it with him where ever he went. Black with leather trim. Frank was separate from this guy. They drove in separate vehicles…”

Stefaniak, Deborah (2014-12-30). The Murder of Michael Jackson (Kindle Locations 80-84). . Kindle Edition.

Later, in the “final vision” she describes seeing exactly how the brown-haired man, whom she also identified as Tohme, delivered to Michael the fatal shot. Ironically, Michael had stated many times that he would die from “a shot.” He used to say that to Frank Cascio a lot, according to Cascio’s book, and of course Frank assumed he meant a gunshot (in other words, an assassination). Perhaps Michael had enough foresight to realize his death would be brought about by “a shot” one way or another. Certainly I think he had a premonition that his death would come early, and that it would not be a natural one. He always believed that he would be murdered.

I will just say that there are more than enough similar details between my vision, my sister’s, and Stefanaik’s to give some serious pause for consideration. Of course, there are marked differences, also. For example, I never saw anyone other than Murray and the man I presumed to be Tohme. I never saw DiLeo or Randy Phillips or any of the other individuals that Stefanaik claims to have seen (but that isn’t to say she’s wrong; only that I didn’t personally see them). I also never actually witnessed the murder act itself. Possibly I may have been experiencing the after effects of the shot (although Stefanaik claims that Michael told her he died instantly after the shot)or perhaps it was the effects of the other drugs that had been administered in order to rend him unconscious before the actual, fatal act. In her version, she says that her vision (looking through Michael’s eyes) was very blurred. She says she later learned, after reading the autopsy report, that the drugs that had been found in Michael’s system in conjunction with the Propofol-mainly the benzodiazapines, would result in blurred vision. In my own dream, I don’t particularly recall having blurred vision, but I do recall feeling in and out of consciousness and the sensation of being unable to move or breathe; all indications of heavy sedation. Also, it’s highly unlikely that three individuals would remember all the same details exactly, or that we were even all given the same details exactly. What I really look at overall are the consistency of the details, which all involved a large, brown-haired man, and the fact that we all saw at least two men in that room going through papers. Call it what you want, but that cannot be coincidence. It seems, rather, that we were all being given pieces to the puzzle; some of us with more detail than others, but all forming a very similar scenario. In my case, I can’t say I saw anything that actually points to murder or to a specific individual. What my vision did tell me, however, was that there was definitely someone else in the room that morning, and that this individual looked a lot like Tohme. Beyond that, I can’t say with certainty that this man killed Michael, but the fact that I saw him there (as did my sister) has certainly been cause enough for us to believe this was a man who, if not directly responsible, was at least complicit in some way.

But let’s just say it did happen that way. Where, then, does this leave Conrad Murray? Was he an innocent man framed, or a complicit accomplice-a “fall guy” as many suspected-willing to take the blame on himself in order to protect the real party(ies) responsible (perhaps in exchange for a major payout down the road)?

Stefenaik seems to be of the opinion that Murray, while hardly a good guy (certainly one who was putting his own interests ahead of his patient) did not commit the fatal act and, perhaps, had no knowledge of it. Her vision revealed only one person-Tohme-who administered the fatal shot. If one believes this, it could, of course, explain why Murray and his defense were so gung-ho for the “Michael self administered” defense, given that his attorneys probably theorized that it would be much easier (insofar as creating doubt in the jury’s mind and obtaining an acquittal) to blame the victim, rather than trying to argue that someone else “could” have been responsible for the crime. Such a defense would have been a long shot gamble, and all but impossible to prove with so little evidence, so shifting all the blame onto Michael would have been the next logical step as far as the defense was concerned.

Within the Michael Jackson camp there have always been people who have sworn that Conrad Murray did not actually kill Michael Jackson. There are many who still believe that Murray’s conviction was simply a smokescreen, one that allowed the real killer to slip through the cracks.

I am, however, not so quick to let Murray off the hook. I know what I saw in my own vision. Murray was on the scene, along with Tohme, and I believe, absolutely, that he either killed Michael or was complicit to the deed with Tohme-perhaps enough that he was willing to take the fall to cover Tohme’s actions. In the end, I am still one hundred per cent convinced that Murray deserved to be tried and convicted. But it is disturbing to think that Murray’s measly manslaughter conviction and two year jail sentence could have, in fact, been a mere cover for something far more sinister.

I don’t know if we will ever really know the full truth about what happened to Michael Jackson. The LAPD, for now, seems quite content to have closed that chapter with Conrad Murray’s conviction. That doesn’t mean a lot of us are willing to give up that search for answers, however. Whatever one is willing to make of the visions that Stefenaik, myself, and my sister have all shared, I’m convinced that it can’t be coincidence that we all claim to have seen this same, large- framed, brown-haired man in the room that morning. Something-or someone-wanted us to see this, and I feel, wanted this story to be told, even if, perhaps, the chances of it being believed (let alone acted upon) may be slim. Spirits who have suffered traumatic deaths, including murder victims whose deaths are covered up or whose murders are never solved, are among the most restless of spirits. They want their stories told, and usually cannot be at peace or move on until they are.

I don’t claim this as the book that has all the answers, and sometimes I did find myself reaching for that pinch of salt. However, there are indeed some things that can’t be explained away. I “saw” what this author claims to also have seen, and that is enough to convince me that there is certainly something to this thing, even if I’m at a loss to explain exactly what that “something” is.  I do know enough to convince me that the final chapter of what really happened to Michael Jackson cannot be closed as long as Dr. Tohme Tohme still walks free. At the very least, his actions of that morning bear investigation, and I pray a time will come when that truth will be revealed. Until then,  Michael’s homicide remains, as far as I’m concerned, an open case.

This book won’t be for everyone. Not only is its subject matter controversial, but as with many self-published books, it could have really used a good editor. The numerous typos, misspellings and punctuation errors were a little distracting at times, but if you can overlook its editorial flaws, it’s certainly a compelling read and one that will raise many disturbing questions about what really happened to Michael on the morning of June 25, 2009-and why.  The advice so often given about books of this nature is, likewise, the best advice I can give here: Read it and judge for yourself.

The Murder of Michael Jackson, The Cover Up and Conspiracy by Deborah Stefenaik is available on

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  1. Thank you Raven for your book review. And thank you for sharing your insights.
    You have touched upon many issues that I have been questioning myself, for a very long time. Your vision, your sister’s and the author’s have perked my interest into Tohme, even more. Something never felt right with him. Personally the investigation into Michael’s death was a mess right from the get go. But I won’t get into that because there’s just too much to say about it. The frustration is painful, but I like you hope, that one day the pieces will fall into place and justice will prevail. Sadly though, where there is money there is deceit… Too many palms have been greased.
    Justice For Michael <3
    Peace and love Christiane (mj lover)

  2. Hello,
    I want to comment about the mansion. There has been photos of two different pictures of that foyer . One photo has a door where a closet could be seen visible. Perhaps Michael felt as if he was now in yet another strange mansion that had the same style? So let’s just say something was wrong with the foyer? Michael might have never saw that mansion before. Therefore the security tapes might not have been on anyway. Toy , his sister said that Michael died at 9am but coroner not called until 1am. Also something involving the Hilton Hotel that his security Alvarez phone call came from that hotel not from inside the mansion. It has also been a photo of Michael being held captive in the foyer where there was a door to a closet . Also the closet that Conrad was hiding inside talking on three cellphones. So the photo you have posted is no closet . There are shelves there. In another photo the person showing that mansion made us think it was a room right across if you look to the left. Not same house. If Conrad was hiding in closet it had to be two other voices in the room being heard through Conrad’s talking over his cellphone. Conrad lied about what time he was in that closet. I have always wondered how Conrad stayed up for 16 whole hours and went to the hospital and he rode in the ambulance and he never called the time of death? They left it up to the ER? Jermaine knew Michael was afraid of Tohme Tohme. He was a Doctor too. They also removed the patch that Michael had inserted so the drugs would not kill him. That is what those crooks found out. Randy Phillips was the one that took Michael by car away from the rehearsal on June 23rd. He did not rehearse on June 24th So it is a possibility that Michael died before June 25th and those bad guys staged all this by June 25th That means Michael was dead for over 30 hours. That gave time for those bad guys to ramshack the mansion. I am not a BeLIEver I am a Moonwalker . The strangest thing to me is why was this the mansion right across from where Elvis Presley used to have a mansion right around the corner? Also Randy Phillips lived near by and that is just too close . I do not like the fact Paul McCartney birthday is on June 18th and Ringo Star is on July 7th. This story has a lot left out Somebody wants us to think that Michael still alive. That way they could dis-credit anything we try to feel through his death. I now believe he is gone but I do not rule out even family. I just think that was the only way to get to Michael was through Family. Somebody betrayed Michael and I am not a bit surprised if I thought it was whom Michael knew it would always be . RIP Rest In Power MJ. Back to the mansion in the bathroom there is a secret tunnel right behind the towel rack the leads to some steps out to the back and where Conrad kept his car parked. With a little space to squeeze through the wall. Tohme Tohme might have worked with Tom Sneddon . Who vowed to not die of cancer until he got MJ . Sneddon was at the ER on June 25th 2009 looked right in the camera. That is why Conrad only got two years and out already. I will never forget Kai Chase said Conrad left on June 19th saying he could not take anymore? My question is if Conrad made a mistake and the Propofol ran the bag than let’s hope that was MJ last chance to get help. Oh no phones were working in the home? That right there would have been enough to cry foul play. Now we are all confused. That room you have posted is is known as the medicine room and that was Conrad’s room? Also shows that Conrad was never allowed in MJ’s room. There was a cot next to that bed that is where Conrad slept. Where is Tohme Tohme and Randy Phillips . They sure disappeared out of clean sight. Again, Michael looking towards the foyer looking for the closet Conrad was hiding in . This is the big puzzle

    1. Yes, that room was indeed the medicine room. A lot of people mistakenly believed it was Michael’s personal bedroom but it wasn’t. It was the room where he received the treatments.

      If you have or can find the other photo you’re referring to, I would like to see it. I used the ones I had in my files; mainly I wanted to show the position of the foyer in relation to the bed where Michael would have been laying, since there may be some readers who haven’t seen those photos. As for approximate time of death, what I saw personally has led me to believe that Michael may have actually passed sometime in the very wee hours of dawn. Now THAT would certainly be quite a stretch considering the 911 call was placed at 12:22pm. The paramedics were convinced he had been gone for some time before they were ever called, though they did not estimate anything near the several hours that would have elapsed had he died around daybreak. Still, I believe there must have been some significance to what I saw because the detail is just too vivid in my mind. Perhaps Michael was last consciously aware at dawn, and this, rather than the moment of actual death, could have been what I was shown, I really don’t know; it baffles me.

      As for why Murray insisted on having Michael taken to the hospital, rather than calling the death himself at the house, that was an obvious ploy. He didn’t want to be the one to make that call, which would have been as good as admitting that Michael Jackson died on his watch. That would have instantly made the bedroom a crime scene, which is, I suppose, what he wanted to avoid (though it ended up being a crime scene, anyway). The trip to the hospital was a complete sham, in which those poor doctors and nurses were basically obligated to pummel a corpse for nearly 2 hours. I’ve always hoped those people were given the thanks they so justly deserved for trying to work a miracle. But in the end, they couldn’t do the impossible. I sure don’t envy how it must have felt to have been a doctor in the room at that moment, when they realized they must break the news to the family and to the world that nothing could be done. Michael Jackson was gone.

      I would certainly hope that none of Michael’s family would have wanted him dead. That is just too horrible a thought to entertain. Of course we never know. Jermaine brought Tohme into Michael’s life, but of course. Tohme’s actions were his own. However, if it were my brother, I would certainly feel a lot of guilt about ever getting him mixed up with such a person.

      Michael did rehearse on June 24th, however. The “Earth Song” and “Thriller” sequences which were used in TII were filmed on June 24.

  3. The truth struggles to to be seen and told. Perhaps that’s why so many souls were drawn to Michael Jackson AFTER he died, including many who might be called reluctant mourners because they never thought of themselves as either fans or haters, yet were drawn to learn more about this sensitive artist who left the world with so many questions unanswered. Thank you so much for posting this review.

    1. Yes. MagUK mentioned that phenomenon also in her comment above. It was truly unprecedented how many people came to Michael after death. I still struggle for the words to adequately describe it, but obviously, many people all over the world felt it.

    2. I totally agree . I have always been a fan. But I wasn’t aware so much during the 90’s. My religion forbid secular music. I was very sad when Michael died. I remember him from the variety show….that’s when I fell for Michael. In April 2015 I saw a DVD of carol Burnett. The Jackson were the guests. I was blown away by Michael again. Since then ice been researching EVERYTHING about Michael. I mourn for him almost everyday! I feel such guilt that u wasn’t there for him. I wish I was. I want the truth and the evil things said about him to stop. I want vengeance for Michael. Alright I’m sorry for going on and on. Thanks

      1. I’m definitely with you Cheryl Boston, However I believe Michael is still alive there’s just too much proof that he is but I also believe these nice people that’s had these visions I believe that Michael has the “ability” to allow people to see the truth spirituality (I can’t explain that) and he will make a comeback but not as the KING OF POP but as the normal man he always wanted to be, one thing is clear, he was set up by the aluminati no doubt and at one point and time in his life he partisapated in in that cult (it’s all in his music videos) and after going somewhat public with it they came after him, I believe these nice people are telling the truth about what they seen and I believe that Michael gave them those visions through Christ Jesus and that with the help of the public and fans his murder will be solved and the truth will be known, I want to add that although it’s been 8 years since his disappearance it’s strange that this case is still one of the most popular subjects in the world (references to Elvis) who did the same thing and millions believed that he done it too, one thing remains true, Michael was not ready for that comeback tour, he hated touring and at 50 years old (my age) he couldn’t have done it, the massive coverage of this topic is overwhelming and someone needs to seek out the person responsible for all that was done to him…( please don’t hate for my beliefs) I am human and I have researched this for years but I have looked at both sides, the ones who believe he’s gone and the ones who don’t and there’s more that believe he’s alive than dead… I believe these people having these visions are 100% real and are telling the truth and it’s up to us now to get those involved brought to justice for Michael…

  4. There are so many unanswered questions regarding Michael’s death. Even when we all scrutinized every bit of testimony of the Murray trial, we all still have questions. The Estate is still pursuing Tohme; in that they are challenging whether he was a licensed talent agent, and that he breached his fiduciary duties to Michael. Of course, the Estate is trying to force the elusive Tohme into giving back what they believe to be Michael’s property including cash.
    They are also trying to nullify Tohme’s claim to his “finder’s fee” for the sale of Neverland Ranch to Colony Capital. The Estate also claims that Tohme had MJ sign a contract for a finder’s fee for the contract he signed with AEG, and on top of that, $100,000 a MONTH that would be paid by AEG at first, but Michael would have been ultimately responsible for.
    In addition, the Estate claims that Tohme took MILLIONS from Michael, comingled his money with MJ’s, and used Michael’s money to pay his own bills and spent it on his own entertainment.
    So, it is clear that Tohme, from day one, NEVER cared one iota about Michael. Was Tohme in the house the day Michael died? Nobody can be sure. What we can be sure of is that if the Estate can force Tohme into a deposition, we may find out just a little bit more about this man hiding in the shadows.
    Raven, I appreciate you sharing your dream. From the day that Michael passed. I have always had the suspicion that he was murdered but it is just that, suspicion. I still continue to hold out hope that Tohme’s deposition will give us a clearer picture, but if not, I know that Tohme one day, will have to pay for his crimes if he committed them. Everyone, one day, meets their judgment day.

    1. That’s one thing the author really delves into in the book: The vast amount of money that was being funneled directly to Tohme via AEG. It was really mind boggling.

  5. Thankyou for your book review Raven. It certainly is very interesting to know the similarities of your dreams ( what a shock.. and vindication..for you) and I have always had a completely open mind about such things. One thing is for sure…none of us clearly knows the whole picture. Even though the AEG trial was unsuccessful ,it certainly brought out more information than we would have otherwise been privy to. For example the infamous “slap” and the general lack of respect that some AEG people had for him.. One thing is for sure.. and that is as the weeks went by , any influence Michael had in respect of the TII concerts was being gradually eroded. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least to learn that foul play was involved. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least that Michael’s spirit was reaching out to some to just let them know ( bearing in mind that he was very spiritually attuned in life). The almost inexplicable phenomena of the hordes of people who became “fans” with an intensity and love beyond their understanding after he died , could be another ” reaching out “There is most definitely a complicated puzzle and I don’t think it has been fully solved.. I hope in years to come it will be.
    Six years on so many hearts are still broken , in some cases, never to be mended.

  6. After reading your review I purchased the book for my kindle , reading it in one day. So much to digest, but I will use this opportunity to voice one concern I’ve had since Day 1. Has anyone aside from Murray confirmed that MJ was given propofol for 60 days straight as he claimed to the detectives in his June 27th interview? I say this because anyone who has been sedated will know that one cannot eat solid food prior to administration for fear of aspiration into the lungs and are warned thusly by doctors. So how much solid food did MIchael consume for those 60 days and would not this lack of food result in a dramatic weight loss? Pictures are shown of Kenny Ortega feeding him celery, carrots and crackers at rehearsal. But also it was said Kai Chase would prepare food for Michael and Murray, leaving it in the frig when she went home, and their empty plates being found on the stairs the next day. How could Michael have consumed these meals prior to being administered propofol? Or did he? Did Michael get nothing with Murray consuming both meals?

    Still so many unanswered questions, 6 years later. I appreciate Judith Mason’s comment here, the truth struggles to be seen and told, as I am one of those described as wanting to learn more about Michael’s sensitive soul.

    I see that the dreams of you and your sister do parallel the author’s and why you were drawn to her book. Speaking for myself, I have several times had a dream that I am climbing a steep hill, or steps, Michael is at the top, and I just can’t reach him. The dreams occur just before awakening in a half conscious state, leaving me tired for the day and frustrated that I have again failed. I’m sure others who have become involved in research for the truth have similar tales to tell.

    1. That’s a good question, but unfortunately, one I don’t have an immediate answer to without going back through all the articles and documents. However, I don’t think there was (anyone feel free to correct me if I’m wrong). Michael certainly couldn’t have gone 60 days without eating solid food and still have the energy to rehearse; however, it seems he was eating pretty sparsely and, yes, that would have certainly resulted in a very dramatic (and unhealthy!) weight loss. Of course, Michael always tended to eat light when he was rehearsing and performing, and I think in this case, he was even more stringent than usual because he was so anxious about doing the shows and wanting to be at his ideal weight. However, if Murray was giving him Propofol every night for two months, he was probably allowing him just enough to eat to keep him going for rehearsal.

      I’m sure you are familiar with that flight menu that was presented during the Arvizo trial and was later published in Aphrodite Jones’s book, the one where he was requesting KFC breasts and mashed potatoes for every single meal-breakfast, lunch, and dinner, lol. Now THAT was someone with a healthy appetite. So to go from that to someone who could barely get down a few celery stalks, carrots and crackers is dramatic indeed. Before then, even his rehearsing regimen had always included healthy eating-calorie conscious to be sure, but nothing beyond normal.

      I’ve heard so many different theories about this that it’s hard to know what to believe. Some say he was paranoid about being poisoned; others that he was simply anorexic, and others who claim he simply had no appetite because he wasn’t well. Although I believe Michael did have some eating disorder issues (he as good as confessed as much on the Glenda tapes) the flight menu certainly wasn’t indicative of someone with a major anorexic disorder. He loved his KFC, and from all indications, sometimes struggled with his desire to stick to a vegetarian diet, even during rehearsals and performing. One of the sickest episodes he ever had on tour was right here in Alabama because, supposedly, he couldn’t resist his favorite barbeque joint in Birmingham and they had to fly in his special chef to do some major damage control.

      I really believe that if he was being given Propofol every night for 60 nights, his body was being systematically poisoned. Many of the other symptoms that witnesses on the scene described would seem to bear this out as well-the loss of motor coordination, tremors, hallucinating and talking to himself, etc. In that kind of state, he definitely wouldn’t have had any appetite. Which would have meant, in turn, he was also losing his ability to perform, as he wouldn’t have been able to sustain the energy or concentration needed. (Could this, also, have been deliberate?).

      The kind of reoccurring dream you describe is very typically the kind of dreams we have when we’re feeling thwarted or frustrated by something. I always hate having dreams like that; they end up making me feel so exhausted, drained, and hopeless on awakening. A dream like that could have many symbolic interpretations. Have you tried keeping a dream diary of them? It would be important to note if any details every vary, even the slightest (sometimes we forget these details after awakening, so recording them right away is essential).

      I have a very disturbing reoccurring dream about my grandmother. It’s always as if she is still alive, but is missing somewhere and I can’t find her. Sometimes I’ll find out that she has been in a hospital for a very long time. I once dreamed that she just took it on her own to up and leave us and to go off to another life (something that would have been TOTALLY out of character for her in real life). Sometimes there is even an evil, old woman who impersonates her on the other side, entering my dreams and trying to make me think that she is my grandmother. My sister has also dreamed about this woman, and we agree it is a total mystery to us. She looks like our grandmother; talks like her; dresses like her, but she is pure evil and tries to convince us that our grandmother never loved us and was really an evil person. We both know that is NOT true. Our grandmother was the sweetest, most selfless, loving soul one could ever imagine. The old woman who poses as her is, I believe, a demon of some sort who enjoys mind games and confusing people.

      Aside from her, however, I think the dreams may represent a spiritual disconnect. My spirit is obviously seeking my grandmother and I can’t find her because she is apparently in a place that I cannot enter yet.

      1. Raven,
        I am the author of this book and your review was passed onto me by another seeker. I am delighted at this review and even more delighted that there are so many coming out with their experiences and knowledge about Michael’s death.

        We are all connected in spirit. Michael happened to be in the consciousness of one before he passed and still is. That would explain why so many people are having experiences. Everything resides in the consciousness. Spirituality has been in existence for thousands of years. Unfortunately, we have only been taught about reason and third dimensional thinking and reasoning. Dreams, premonitions and visions, have always had a place in almost every culture in the world.

        So I thank you all for speaking out and would like to address the weight issue. Michael was being given a diet pill called Euphedrine. That substance can be verified on the autopsy report. It makes you lose weight.

        Unfortunately, I was unable to reproduce official records in the book, but have taken to the net and video to produce the timeline and evidence. Since then, more evidence has come to the forefront. Conrad Murray was also “in” on the AEG insurance policy and also sought his own insurance. AEG did not want Michael to perform. They wanted to collect his assets and from the insurance from the very beginning. Murray was their guarantee that he wouldn’t. I realize “theories” don’t hold weight without proof. That’s why I decided to do the series. The AEG trial revealed new budget changes as of 5/19/2009 that budgeted Murray for only 2 months and confirmed that only death insurance was in place. That would be for May and June only. I don’t think Murray knew he was being set up for murder. Only that he would be instrumental in making sure Michael couldn’t perform. Murray would then collect on insurance as well, which would be reason enough for him to comply with the people who were paying him (or supposed to be): AEG.

        Also, I noticed the phone call comment here. The Beverly Hill Hotel was where the 911 call came from; that’s documented on the original call transcript. It was Frank DiLeo that was at the Beverly Hills Hotel with Alvarez, the security guard who placed the call from his cellphone. Those three security guards were all under direction from AEG and Tohme. That’s in evidence as well. They all lied. Unfortunately some of the trial footage is being tampered with, but I have enough of the evidence to make sure there is a clear picture of what transpired.

        Thank you so much for sharing this and to the person who had the dream of Michael saying not to give up hope, please don’t. It was real.

        1. Hi, Deborah, I think you’re mistaken about the phone call. Alvarez wasn’t with Dileo when he called 911. He was at Michael ‘s bedside. I don’t believe Alvarez is a bad guy. He could have cashed in big time by selling his story but he never did.

          Considering that the civil trial ‘proved’ that AEG was Murray’s employer, and he was deemed competent for the job, why didn’t Murray sue them for $300,000, his wages for the two months he spent killing Michael? Maybe they paid him under the table. His house in Las Vegas was in foreclosure, and he was behind in child support for some of his six kids, yet nothing has come out as to how he resolved his financial problems.

          1. Hi Simba,
            Thank you for your comment.
            This unfortunately is so very misunderstood, but let me start with the courts. I know everyone assumes that they did the right thing, but they didn’t. The DA at the time of the Murray trial was accepting donations from AEG. They hid very crucial evidence and convicted Murray on it. I just did an hour and half of video on the whole cover up. On it is the actual 911 transcript. The call originated from the Beverly Hills Hotel where Frank was that day. Even if you listen to the call you can hear it being “transferred” from the Beverly Hills police department. Alvarez was with DiLeo; the location is documented on the transcript.

            Good question about Murray . Although I’ve stated he didn’t kill Michael, I do believe he was hired to make sure he didn’t perform. Murray hired on 5/1 but did you know AEG budgeted him for only 2 months? That would be May and June. Then dropped their cancellation insurance to only have death insurance on Michael when he passed. If that’s not telling I don’t know what is. However, they also wanted to make sure Murray was insured. There were emails discovered at the AEG trial between Murray and AEG executives to make sure he was on THEIR policy “in case the shows didn’t go on”. In other words, Murray was in on the insurance fraud scheme that AEG intended to commit. He not only insured through Lloyds with AEG, but picked up another policy on his own.
            This might help you understand why they scheduled so many shows for Michael without his approval. They could insure for 50 shows and collect when they cancelled them.

            I hope that brings more light on it for you. Again, I’m trying to provide many of the documents on the videos, however, Panish Boyle and Shea, the attorneys for Katherine Jackson still have some of the exhibits posted to their website you can see.

            Here is the link to my blog about the murder where you can see the actual 911 call transcript. Also, in video three: the cover up, you can see how the courts covered this call information up.

            Thanks again 🙂

          2. According to the transcripts you posted, and numerous witnesses, Alvarez was in the security trailer at the Carollwood house, not having lunch with Dileo at the Beverly Hills Hotel, when Murray decided to raise the alarm. Alvarez started his shift around 10:15 that morning. How could he be miles away hobnobbing with Dileo, and even if he had been, what is the significance?

          3. The only testimony for Alvarez being in the security trailer was his own. Did you not see the transcript . .the original 911 call documentation? That document tells you where the original call came from: The Beverly Hills Hotel. The significance is this: Frank DiLeo, Randy Phillips and Tohme were all in that house that morning. They left and set Conrad Murray up.

          4. Conrad Murray identified Alvarez as the guard who came into the bedroom to help, as per the police interview transcript. At that time, Murray was not a suspect and had no reason to lie. If Phillips, Tohme, and Dileo had all been in the house, which they may have been, they were long gone by noon the next day when 911 was called. It’s not that significant, but while it’s likely a conspiracy existed to do Michael harm, I doubt it included such a low level player as Alvarez, who double-checked with Williams before even going up the stairs inside the house.

            Incidentally, Williams, who was Michael’s personal assistant, not security, maintained that he never saw MJ speaking with Branca, never saw an engagement letter, and never heard MJ mention his name, which bolsters the theory that he was not hired by Michael. That, and the fact that Branca claimed to have met him at rehearsal, on a night when MJ wasn’t there.

          5. I have a copy of his police interview. I don’t see any statement about Alvarez. Williams, Alvarez and Faheem Mohammad were all being directed and paid by AEG and Tohme. That’s in court evidence with the Katherine Jackson vs AEG trial and Tohme Tohme vs Michael Jackson Estate. All three of these guards and/or assistant had the same attorney. I would venture to guess they had a reason for that. Not to throw them under the bus so to speak, but I do feel they were put in a “position” at the time of the Conrad Murray trial.

          6. Deborah, having myself experienced several dreams involving Michael I found your book quite interesting. However, I have never thought of Frank Dileo as other than a friend to Michael through the years even though Michael fired him in the late 80’s on terrible advice of music execs, lawyers, etc., who did not have Michael’s best interests at heart back then. Of all Michael’s former managers, Frank was the only one to show up for support at the 2005 trial. In my opinion he doesn’t deserve to be mentioned in the same category with Tohme/Phillips/Murray. I have rewatched a few interviews Frank gave after Michael passed, wherein he claims to have received a call while lunching at the Beverly Hilton (not Hills) Hotel, and I’ve never seen a mention of Alvarez being with Delio earlier that day.

            There is a cell tower at 9641 Sunset (BHills Hotel):

            So I’m inclined to believe the explanation that the Carolwood 911 call was routed through that tower.

            As for Murray, Phillips, Tohme, they will always be suspect in the circumstances surrounding Michael’s demise, and I thank you for keeping these issues in the forefront.

          7. re DiLeo, his firing in the 80’s had something to do with his accepting money from the South Korean group that wanted Michael to perform–the Sun Myung Moon organization that was throwing millions at the Jackson family trying to get anyone to convince Michael to perform there. The firing may also be a sign of David Geffen’s influence, which led to Branca getting fired and Walter Yetnikoff leaving CBS. I don’t think DiLeo’s hands were clean in the 2008-09 situation either, where he got involved in accepting money for another failed family tour. I recently watched a documentary on the Eagles where Geffen does not come across well–the band felt he let them down big time and was a deceitful guy.

          8. Dileo was fired in the 80s for alledged fraud .
            After he was back in 2008/9 he kept ‘representing ” Michael , making deals left and right in his name that he didnt know of . I am not convinced that he would harm Michael personally but he was a crook and had no qualms
            to use Michaels name to fill his pocket.


            Dileo, Lamicka and related companies are also facing civil action in relation to a failed Eddie Griffin and Jamie Foxx comedy tour in 2008 and 2009; the plaintiff is seeking $171,000 in unreturned payments.

            And Dileo, Lamicka and Krashna are among those sued in 2010 for $300,000 by a Trinidad-based promoter for a Michael Jackson show. The cash was wired a week before Jackson died in 2009, according to court documents, but never returned. Lawyers for Dileo — who has been in an irreversible coma since March 21, 2011 — have asked for an extension to file relevant court documents. (Dileo’s attorneys have also filed a notice of motion to dismiss Summerside’s complaint.

          9. Hi June,
            Thank you for your comments.
            911 calls don’t show a call origination at a tower location. Sometimes they can if there is poor service and the location is 100 feet away from the tower. This is from wikipedia: In approximately 96 percent of the US, the Enhanced 9-1-1 system automatically pairs caller numbers with a physical address.[3]

            I’ll just add that if you listen to the call you’ll hear the call being transferred from (and also documented from) the Beverly Hills police department. If the call originated from the house there would be no need to re-route the call to another department.

            As far as DiLeo is concerned, I had no reason to mention him except for the vision. He has since passed and I’ve been able to speak with him. He is with Michael and Frank, believe it or not, has helped with a great deal on Michael’s passing. I don’t believe Frank ever intended on killing Michael. I agree that he is definitely not in the same class as Phillips and Thome. He did tell me AEG wanted to commit fraud with the insurance policy they took out. That was one of the reasons I dug deeper into that issue to discover the death only policy.
            Thank you once again for your input!

          10. I do recall noticing that the call was rerouted and thinking at the time that it seemed odd. I’ll have to listen to it again to refresh my memory, but I remember wondering why they had to do that.

        2. Deborah, thank you for responding and I am glad you liked the review of your book. I apologize that business has kept me away from the board for a few days other than quick check-ins. I had hoped to be able to contact you about some of our shared visions, but I guess now you have read them for yourself. I will check out your videos and would be more than happy to link to your website here if you would like me to.

          1. Thank you so much Raven. I would love that. I would so much like the world to be a buzz with the truth one day instead of negative connotations about Michael. Part of this is educating people about how people manipulate others and the media. Discussions about it help us understand another part of ourselves and how we need to look beyond the surface of how things only appear. You’ve done a wonderful thing here in that regard. I too will post a link to your site on the blog. Your help is so much appreciated. Thank you! <3

  7. Raven, are you familiar with the Teresita Basa case? She was a Filipino respiratory therapist who was robbed and murdered. The police had no leads, until a friend of hers came forward with information she received when Teresita came to her in visions, after she mentioned that she would be open to such ghostly messages. She revealed details of the crime not generally known, including the face of the murderer. Here’s some info on the story:

    Using this information, the police made an arrest, and the murderer confessed.

    I don’t feel like I have a spiritual connection to Michael in any way. I have followed him since he was a child – I’m not a recent fan who discovered him after his death. But, to my amazement, he came to me in a dream a few weeks ago. It was brief. He thanked me for supporting him, for asking questions, and defending him from detractors. And he asked me to be patient and to not give up, that the truth would emerge eventually, if his fans remained steadfast. That was it.

    I didn’t think the dream was significant, and I suspected that it was just the expression of my preoccupation with Michael. Now I’m not so sure. It was nothing like dreams I’ve had of loved ones who have passed away. If others have had similar dreams, I hope that they come forward. Maybe we just need to be more open to receiving such messages.

    1. Yes, I think I have read the story of Teresita Basa before. There have been other cases, also, where mediums have been used by law enforcement (often in missing persons cases) although in most cases it is very difficult to impossible to get them to act on information that comes from a vision or dream. Heck, it’s hard enough to get them to follow up on actual, physical evidence. In this particular case, they had something pretty solid with the victim’s jewelry.

      I’m convinced in the case of Michael’s death there was also a solid piece of evidence, and that was the black case containing those papers, although it could also have been long destroyed. My sister, however, thinks it is still out there somewhere. That being said, however, black briefcases are a dime a dozen. The key would be its contents-again, if that hasn’t been long destroyed.

      I know that I must have been extremely open to Michael in those first few months after he died. The dreams were very persistent, and sometimes disturbing. Those kinds of dreams have slacked off considerably, though, I would say within the last 2-3 years. That may be indicative that he has finally moved on somewhat, or perhaps I’m just not as open as I was before. It can be kind of scary because you really don’t know what all you are opening yourself up to when you allow these experiences to happen. When I do dream about him now, they tend to be mostly pleasant dreams. Sometimes I think that I am seeing him put on a show, or he has come back and is putting on some spectacular TV special. Just harmless stuff like that; things that usually make me smile when I wake up. I haven’t experienced anything again as terrifying as being inside his body at the Carolwood house, but like I said, I think I also closed myself off to those experiences because, subconsciously, they were starting to frighten me so bad that I didn’t want to “go there” anymore. This was, for me, the start of other paranormal experiences that have not been so pleasant to deal with. However, even the fact that I do this blog and devote so much time to writing about him means, in some way, I am keeping his energy bound, and connected.

      Your dream is interesting. I have heard some say that if your dream is in color, it’s an actual visitation, since most dreams are in black and white. I don’t know so much about that. I tend to dream in color, anyway. I think it’s sometimes hard to make the distinction because dreams ARE, after all, products of our subconscious mind. So if we’re thinking about someone a lot in our waking life, it stands to reason that we might dream about them occasionally. But I would say if the person actually speaks to you, that could be a message coming through.

      I can relay something that I know from my own personal experiences of dreaming about Michael. The color gold tends to figure quite prominently. My sister has spoken about this, also. It means something, although I haven’t a clue what.

  8. If I may add; concerning dreams about Michael…
    I have had dreams with Michael, but in my dreams he isn’t the “The Global SuperStar ~ Michael Jackson” but just a very close friend of mine. Always very sweet, happy and yes, they are in colour. They are very relaxed, pleasant, natural. It’s only when I wake up, I realize what has happened. Can any one help me understand these kinds of dreams?
    And on another note: Since your book review “The Murder, The Cover-up and Conspiracy of Michael Jackson by Deborah Stefenaik… Which has really intrigued me to the point that I’ve been reviewing the deposition videos from – The Wrongful Death of Michael Jackson, which have the rights too. I’m trying to get a better understanding of the people involved/responsible of Michael’s passing. I am looking for answer as to why this even occurred… I read as much as I can connected to this subject. And if there is more material please let me know. Thank you Raven
    Justice For Michael <3
    Peace and love Christiane (mj lover)

    1. These could well be visitations from beyond, a kind of “soul connect.” It’s hard to say because I’m sure that on some subconscious level, you want to reach out to him and have that connection. However, that desire also makes you open, and dreams are the most common ways in which the dead connect with us. Sometimes you have to be careful about being too open because you can make yourself vulnerable to other forces, but if you aren’t experiencing any negative side effects, I would say embrace and cherish them!

      Interestingly, I had another “Michael” dream last night after all these conversations. I was teaching a class on “Earth Song” but nothing was going right. I couldn’t get the equipment to work; the projector in the room wasn’t working; the sound wasn’t working. You name it, and and it wasn’t working. Since I teach in my waking life, these kinds of dreams are quite common for me. I’m always having dreams where EVERYTHING is going wrong and I can never quite resolve it. Some of the students were starting to leave. I told them to come back; they were going to be tested on this and needed to see it. A few reluctantly took their seats again. But as I kept tinkering with the equipment to no avail, my frustration was mounting and I was quickly losing control of the class. A bored student drew a mural on the dry board while I was working, lol. (How he accomplished that I have no idea!). Then all of the electrical outlets started failing. I was looking helplessly at a video screencap of Michael’s Brunei Earth Song performance, thinking I’ll never be able to make this work, when all of a sudden Michael-with no help from me OR the technology-projected himself out of the video screencap and onto the dryboard, and performed the entire number “LIVE” for us-sort of. In other words, he kind of looked more like a hologram than the real thing, but one of the students said it made sense because he was a spirit and not real. However, as you might guess, it was an absolutely mesmerizing performance (almost completely acapella since there was no musical accompaniment) and when he was done, he blew us all a kiss and disappeared. The students were just like “Wow, that was cool.” Needless to say, that was one of the dreams that left me feeling good. Michael had saved my class!

  9. Okay, I’ve read the book, and while there was little in it that was news to me, Ms. Stefenaik does make some good points, although none of them were dependent on her psychic visions. For one, why did AEG keep adding shows after Randy Phillips had expressed doubt, as per the internal emails, that Michael could perform the shows already scheduled? It’s as if they were planning to turn a handsome profit from buyers who would retain their expensive souvenirs of a performance that was destined to never take place, which indeed was the case.

    She also mentioned that Murray was giving Michael ephedrine, a powerful stimulant that would cause him to lose weight and have trouble sleeping. This evidence came out during the Murray trial, but it was glossed over. Surely Michael was unaware that he was being dosed with this powerful drug, which could kill an underweight insomniac. It’s presence was evidence that Murray’s harm was premeditated, and he was under charged – it should have been murder instead of manslaughter.

    According to Stefenaik, there were three men in Michael’s room besides Murray, Tohme Tohme, Randy Phillips, Frank Dileo. She just out-and-out accuses Tohme Tohme of administering the fatal dose of propofol. Maybe she’s baiting him, daring him to sue her. Dileo is dead, so she can say whatever she wants about him without legal repercussions.

    I hope her book stimulates more discussion of the incongruities in the case. But there are no big revelations.

  10. I doubt whether Thome Thome would have any opportunity to become aware of this book.

    As for the ephedrine—do we know that this drug would have killed him under the circumstances? Or is this speculation?

    I’ve read most of the book; but I was more impressed, frankly, with yours and your sisters’ accounts of similar dreams, Raven. They have more credibility. Stefenaik’s turns of phrase, like “Michael told me X, and we discussed Y,” is kind of hard to swallow.

    Maybe it’s just the way people who claim psychic and mediumistic powers often express themselves.

    1. I wasn’t going to comment on this, but … Tohme knows about the book, as does AEG and the Estate. My testimony was supposed to be taken in the AEG vs Katherine Jackson suit and put under seal. Am I daring Tohme to sue me? Hardly. In my opinion I have more to sue him on, AEG and the Estate than they do me. AEG attorney Marvin Putnam even went so far as to say no matter how much press this gets it still doesn’t make AEG liable. For now justice for Michael’s death will do just fine for me. I don’t care for any of these men that would steep so low to do what they did just to line their pockets. As for the California courts, I feel the same way. They’ve allowed this to happen and have remained in a position of authority allowing it to go on. I understand skepticism about psychics in general. I even feel that way. They are like car mechanics, You have good ones and not so good ones. But documents and evidence don’t lie that’s why I provided so much in the book and now on the blog. In my opinion there is more evidence on these three then there ever was on Conrad Murray.

  11. Nina Y F says, “As for the ephedrine—do we know that this drug would have killed him under the circumstances? Or is this speculation?”

    Murray ordered an ECA stack from the pharmacist in Nevada. (Ephedrine, caffeine and aspirin.) While it isn’t a reliable killer like cyanide or arsenic, it’s considered dangerous, which is speculation I suppose. According to Wikipedia, “the marketing of ephedra- or ephedrine-containing stimulant combinations for weight loss and bodybuilding is now restricted or illegal in the United States, Canada and Netherlands due to reports of heart attack, stroke, and death associated with these supplements”. It was the height of irresponsibility for Murray to give these drugs to a 135 pound chronic insomniac. There was a near 100% chance that these drugs would cause harm. Because he was a licensed physician, it wasn’t illegal, just as it wasn’t illegal for Murray to buy and administer propofol. But it was a pretty bad idea, considering that he killed his patient.

  12. Raven,

    Something bothered me during the Murray trial and still does. The alleged missing/damaged video. No one, not Defense, Prosecution and definitely not Media was overly concerned about the convenience of this important piece of evidence not being available. There is absolutely no doubt had it been Michael charged with the death of someone in that house or another allegation the Media would have been relentless in reporting their questions, demands and suppositions. They would have hounded the people who were in charged of processing the film for explanations on how that important piece was damaged. There would have been expert guests talking about procedure and backups and a host of other things which would have put considerable focus and heat on the persons who handled the recording. To this day there would be the odd article posing the question showing real and imagined ties to Michael and looking for witnesses ready to claim he had ordered the destruction.

      1. Tohme was in charge of that house. He fired security and replaced them that day. The courts hid information about the case until they could get Murray convicted. That’s documented in the Amici Curiae Steven Cooley filed days before the Conrad Murray trial started. It even states until the criminal trial is complete. I have a copy of it on the blog, but I think the media is fed information. They take it from their sources and report from there. I would suspect that because no official answer was given for missing tapes it wouldn’t be an issue for media. Remember, they wanted to paint Michael as a drug addict, pedophile at one time, anything negative in nature. That’s shocking and news that apparently sells.

  13. I just read the comments about knowing about the euphedrine. I’ll just add that they added the shows because they could increase insurance for 50 shows. That way they could collect more money.
    Although visions and psychics are met with much disbelief, the evidence in this case does speak for itself. The timelines I have put on video put it there. I hope the people that are still looking for answers take the time to look at them. The first two are about two hours long and I’m working on the cover up video now. The courts were involved in the cover up of his death. Please continue discussions, continue to seek; for Michael’s murder and your own personal discoveries and never give up hope! Blessings xxoo

  14. Thank you for the review Raven and for sharing your dreams.
    It is a blessing AND a burden to have this gift. It seems quite traumatic to experience someones deathstruggle. And how do you get it out of your system again?
    I dont know if this book adds more information to what we already know, but given the graveness of what happened I hope it provides corraborating evidence for claims and accusations that the author makes.
    I agree that we should keep asking questions and exposing the circumstances and the people involved in Michaels death. Blogs and books like this help, whether we agree with the author or not.

    It is intriguing that these people were ‘seen’ together in Michaels room in his last hours, but is this literally what happened or is ‘a man with brown hair’ not just a metaphor or symbol of something else , which dreams and visions often are?
    I may be the only one here who does not believe Michael was intentionally or literally murdered but that he died because of greed, opportunism, ruthlessness ,incompetence /poor judgement, resulting in negligence and disregard for a human life.
    The strategy of the criminal case was only to get Murray convicted, Waldgren was running to be elected as a judge and could not afford to lose the case. But the scope was so limited that the loss of the camera images from the day of the crime was not even an issue and none of the other doctors and handlers were investigated. Except from a slap on the wrist for Murray no one was helt accountable. That is a bitter pill to swallow .
    The AEG case could have answered many more questions had it not been sabotaged by the executors of Michaels estate . With their public statement not to support KJ, before the trial even started, they influenced the public and jury opinion, painted the case as a moneygrab, put KJ in the defense seat and encouraged the AEG execs to lie on the stand. The trial further exposed where their loyaties lied ,but many questions can be answered if we follow the money and look at who benefits most from Michaels death.

    Tohme is a black box who we only know from Michaels allarming voicemail message to June Gaitlin, He has a reputation of alledged fraud and intimidation and is an opportunist -like many around Michael- who took advantage of his financial troubles. He ended up treathening to destroy Michael and his family after he was ‘replaced’ by Dileo. But is he really the bad genius and worse than the others ? Lets look at the facts.
    He helped settle the case with Sheik Abdullah and saved Neverland. Many of the projects the executors developed were deals he made or started. The executors so far have not presented evidence that he stole money or properties from Michael which they accused him of. Michael had given him POA, so it was legit that he was in charge of MJs assets , insurances and the millions in cash he handed over to the executors. His fees are outrageous but are they illegal and more than those who replaced him? Dileo cashed a large sum for being Michaels manager for a second (aside from making under handed deals in Michaels name without his knowledge).The defense/accusation against Tohme is all circumstancial and farfetched. It is telling that Mc Clain ‘is too incapacitated ‘to testify , which imo is an euphemism for ‘I want nothing to do with deals my co executor made with AEG”.
    I have no sympathy for him but I expect the case to be settled.
    Jermaine is naive and a poor judge of situations and characters re Tohme , the same way Michael himself trusted Murray and many others who ended up hurting him. After he introduced them he was kept out of their business, so I doubt if he knew what was going on.
    AEG is at the center of Michaels death. They got off because of a failed jury instruction, but the trial made it clear that they were deceptive , grossly negligent and abusive to Michael. They also bullied Murray to get Michael ready for 50 shows no matter what and to help with their insurance. Which does not excuse Murrays own criminal conduct . AEG was reimbursed by the executors before Michael was even buried and they made a fortune of Michaels death. RP even bragged about it.
    As for the executors managers and lawyers, most of them had been out of Michaels life but miraculously re apeared after he announced the concerts. Next thing we know he is dead and they are in charge of his estate. According to RP Branca was hired after bugging them from the minute he heard about the AEG deal with MJ. He was eventually brought in to prevent a conflict of interest (AEG and MJ sharing the same lawyer, Katz) and because he knew ‘where the bodies in Sonys closet were buried”. Dileo claimed in an interview that he had brought Branca back, so who is lying ? Why among many emails that came out during the AEG trial there is not a single one adressed to Michael, only ‘the team” communicating among each other. You would think that if Branca was hired by Michael there would be some communication between them, other than a one time meeting to sign a contract that till today is not ‘discovered’. Why if Branca was working for Michael, was he discussing substance abuse of his client with AEG. What lawyer discusses his clients PERSONAL situation behind his back with a thirth party with a businessinterest, in a situation that is out of hand. (Title of the emails : trouble at the front ). The reason is simple , Branca , like Murray and others was hired by AEG and worked in AEGs interest( the Loyds insurance!?!), not Michaels. Hence their defense of AEG against KJ.
    Last but not least , why did Branca still had a will if Michael had ordered him in his letter of dismissal to hand in all his documents and had stripped him of all his duties. Even if he was hired back, did it include being an executor of the MJE? As per the WRAP, after Michael died Katz asked Branca if he had a will, Branca answered that he had a copy but didnt know if it was valid. How does an executor not know if a will is valid? There are many more questions, including about the leaked sony mails
    These are the people who ‘coincidentally’ profit from Michaels death. How much ,we dont even know because their earnings are under seal .
    To me AEG and the executors are more suspicious than Tohme and Dileo, there is enough evidence of their smoke screens and lack of transparency in the past and now. All of them were once fired but sneaked their way back into Michaels life.
    Michael died within 2 weeks after meeting with Branca.
    From a spiritual point of view it says enough about their itentions and the vibrations they brought into Michaels life.

    I do not believe Michael was murdered, but I do believe in conspiracy : alliances of powerfull , protected entities who conspired to take advantage of him or the circumstances for their own gain, by using unethical or even criminal tactics . They escaped justice but I and hopefully others will keep naming those who could have prevented Michaels death or created the circumstances for it to happen .

    1. Sina, in regards to the question of whether any of us can claim to have literally seen what transpired in that bedroom that morning, obviously we can’t-or at least I can’t. I can only say it is what my dream showed me. I can’t even say with certainty that I was witnessing Michael’s last hour, though I do believe that what I was allowed to see and experience did take place sometime that morning. Dreams can indeed be symbolic and aren’t always intended to be taken as literal representations. However, I know the man I saw looked like Tohme. I don’t know of too many other men of Michael’s acquaintance during that time who fit that description, although admittedly, I never really got a good look at the brown-haired man’s face. I knew the one I saw on the right was Murray, obviously, because he was African-American and Murray was the only male of that description who would have had any reason to be in a bedroom of Michael’s house at that hour. But still, I would probably be more inclined to be skeptical about it had it not been for the fact that others reported experiencing the same vision, more or less. That is what has really opened my eyes to the fact that something definitely happened that defies explanation.

      1. Raven there is no doubt that all three of you really saw what you saw in your dreams. My question is how to explain it Was it really Tohme and if so was he literally killing Michael or symbolically. Could it be like the evil woman who comes in your dreams who impersonates your grandma.
        Deborah has seen more people in the room.
        Not that I put anything passed anyone, but I cannot see Dileo agreeing to kill Michael. Although he did in a way by ignoring alarming messages about Michaels health by fans and castmembers of TII and watched him die. As his manager(?) and someone who had known MJ for decades, Dileo had a moral responsibility for Michael that he did not fulfill. KJ did not trust AEG and the others, but she probably trusted him . Maybe that is why he is also in Deborahs dream.

        On the other hand , and maybe that is what you all saw, there WERE probably more people in the house or in the room at the time of Michaels death. One of the 3 women who Murray called while he should have been monitoring Michael ,was ademant that when the phone call was suddenly interrupted she heard “mumbling of voices” and coughing. That is probably the moment when Murray realized that Michael was in trouble. But whose voices did she hear? And what were they doing there?.
        Combined with the missing security tapes, this should have been thouroughly scrutinized. I guess that would have opened a can of worms the DA had no interest in.

        1. I’ve been doing quite a bit of research into the history of the LAPD. They have a reputation as being historically one of the most corrupt police forces in the country. Nothing they did (or didn’t do) frankly, would surprise me.

          1. Hi Raven,
            Your statement finds me shaking my head . .literally..because I look back at Michael’s molestation trial as well. The DA at that time, Tom Sneddon, was rumored to have planted evidence then. This same type of evidence comes up in Michael’s death trial. It boggles my mind that so many people would conspire to bring one man down. Selfish motives seem always to be stronger than the motive for righteousness of all men. Again and again we see great souls willing to sacrifice their lives to make a difference in the world being killed and persecuted. Only in the end to see them for who they truly were and not who they were made out to be. I even look at the life of Nelson Mandela. At one time he was a fugitive, then ended up being a hero. All the while he was fighting for the same goal – equal rights among blacks and whites.

  15. Hi Sina,
    OK lets leave ALL the spiritual stuff out of this and look at only the facts and documents that prove this situation. AEG took out an insurance policy for 50 shows. In May they dropped cancellation insurance and left only death insurance. Three days before Michael’s death they added Tohme Tohme on as an additional insured. Tohme was the middle man according to his own statements in his own words on his cross complaint to the Estate of Michael Jackson. He was negotiating with Sony and refinancing Michael’s catalogs AND he was in charge of security. The 911 call came from the Beverly Hills Hotel where DiLeo was BY Alberto Alvarez. The documents PROVE all of this. They lied on the stand and the LA courts helped AEG cover it up by concealing the insurance policy AND the Lloyds of London lawsuit that both the Estate and AEG were part of. AEG made contributions to the DA’s campaign. This is all in documentation, not hearsay or any psychic visions. I’m so pleased you are continuing this discussion because there is so much more here than meets the eye. The insurance policy, the Amici Curie that the DA filed days before Murray’s trial that hid the insurance evidence, the documents filed by AEG and the Estate to withhold the insurance information all before the Conrad Murray trial can be found on the blog. The last video is long. 1 1/2 hrs but it shows all the documents. Some are even posted as pictures. The 911 call, the testimony that Randy Phillips was supposed to meet Michael at the house that morning and a photograph of Randy Phillips and Tohme Tohme arriving together at UCLA hospital. Let me just add AEG adjusted their budget for Conrad Murray on 5/19. Murray was budgeted only for 2 months. That puts us at 6/19, days before Michael’s death. They never intended to take the shows to London. They intended to kill him, collect the insurance split with Tohme and the Estate and take over the Sony/ATV catalogs. That’s what the documents show. We all know Randy Phillips lied on the stand. He was impeached 43 times and those were only the times he was caught. His testimony in the Murray trial said he got a call from DiLeo at 10:30 in the morning and that Michael was having trouble breathing. That’s hours BEFORE paramedics were even called to the scene. One might also question how he knew Michael was having trouble breathing…DiLeo’s call with Alvarez or was he there? Please continue to question, look at the evidence. Believe me it’s all there. Thank you so much for caring about what happened to Michael and his family.

    1. Deborah thank you for giving more details.
      I do not remember or forgot certain thing e.g. that Tohme was added on the insurance policy only 3 day before Michael died. So much was going on then. Over time and with new developments some things are now better understood. There is no doubt in my mind that Michaels ATV catalogue triggered envy and greed and made him a target.
      I just found your blog and will watch the videos/read the transcripts again to refresh my memory.
      You are very brave to make such bold statements about what you think happened.
      Take care !

      1. This does raise a significant question – why was Tohme put on the insurance policy in late June? In fact, why would he be on an insurance policy at all? It makes no sense. Michael fired him weeks before, and on the surface, he had no connection to AEG. On the surface. Why would AEG insure a random stranger, which he was at the time? They wouldn’t. This is strong evidence that Tohme, who was supposed to be Michael’s employee and looking out for his interests, was actually in cahoots with AEG.

  16. Hi Simba, Yes it is, but it’s not the only evidence. AEG was also paying him $100,000 per month, he ran the back end of an online ticketing outlet for the This is It tickets, and I’m sure we will see more. He even signed as the representative for Michael Jackson LLC with AEG so they could collect from the Estate all the money they had put into the shows and do the This is It movie. Previous emails to AEG execs stated Michael was the only representative of that company. Tohme was a “broker”, I’d prefer to call him a “dealer”. Dealing with Michael, AEG, the Estate and whatever he could do to benefit himself. He was the middle man for all parties concerned.

    1. Deborah;
      In your book there was no mention as to how Michael and ‘Dr’ Tohme Tohme ever met. My understanding was that Jermaine’s wife… supposedly introduced the idea to Jermaine to have Michael and Tohme come together as his manager. But from what we know Tohme and Colonial Capital were working together in saving Neverland from foreclosure. I just need some clarification as to when exactly did Tohme’s involvement with Michael started.? I await your response. Thank you Deborah
      Justice For Michael <3
      Peace and love Christiane

      1. Hi Christiane, Thank you for your comments. The details of Tohme and Colony aren’t entirely clear cut for me, however, I do know that they were having talks around May, 2008 to refi Neverland. I’ve heard (although I can’t verify this) that Tohme is related to Jermaine’s wife and somewhere also to Randy Phillips. I do know that Tohme began acting as Michael’s manager that August. Tohme has never been a manager. He is/was a broker with Colony Capital. Part of the re-fi deal for Neverland was to have Michael perform concerts with AEG Live. That part is in testimony in the Conrad Murray trial; Randy Phillips. It starts at point 5:00 The courts covered details up. You’ll see the judge give a look of “don’t say anything” at point 9:05. You’ll also hear them object to anything that’s asked about knowing Tohme to Phillips or knowing anything about the refinancing deal. So Tohme and Phillips began negotiating together formally in August, 2008. Michael, I believe, met Tohme earlier that year at the end of February (not verified). I believe the introduction and prodding came from Jermaine, his brother to get his finances back on track. Neverland was refinanced and by September Michael already had doubts about him. June Gatlin his spiritual adviser has a recording from him around that time regarding what was transpiring. As a side note, if you watch the announcement of Michael’s death you’ll see Jermaine, Tohme and Jermaine’s wife….he says “there’ll be no question …. Jermaine is the only one authorized to speak on behalf of the family” . . even though Tohme should have been long gone by then. I hope that helps. Justice for Michael 4 sure!! Thank you 🙂

        1. Thank you Deborah for replying.
          I just wanted to let you know, I’m in the process of reading your book: Another Part of Me – An Extraordinary Tale of Twin Souls. It’s truly fascinating, but I have to admit that at times I become a little jealous of your special connection to Michael. It’s not that I don’t have one of mine own, but it seems to be a one-way conversation… me doing all the talking. Michael in his own right, lets me know that he’s hearing me. Like for examples: When I walk into a store, his music starts to play or something relating to him will occur. Love it when that happens. At times in my dreams Michael will be there. In those dreams, he and I are very close, like we’ve been buddies forever, so it’s a very relaxed situation. We just hanging out together, enjoying each others company. The love and respect I feel for him is powerful… like walking on air, in a land of bliss 🙂
          My whole changed on June the 25th. 2009. Strange thing is; just 2 weeks prior to that event, I was having a conversation with the higher powers. I said, I needed a change in my life and the rest is HIStory. Be careful want you ask for… Anyway just wanted to share this tidbit with you. The timing of your book is perfect.
          Thank you <3 <3 <3
          Justice For Michael <3
          Peace and love Christiane (mj lover)

          1. Thank you so much Christiane. I hope you enjoy the book. One thing to remember is that everything is connected, including everyone. Michael’s death may very well have changed the consciousness of a great number of people. Let’s hope that continues! Thank you for sharing and caring. Love is always the answer. xxoo 🙂

  17. There certainly seems to be mystery surrounding MJ’s death and there are so many books that have been written after his death about his death. There are also many books that discuss the reason why he died when he died. (i.e. the larger MESSAGE of his soul for humanity) It’s these books that I like the best. Whether he was murdered or not, has anyone considered the possibility that it was his soul choosing to leave when he did. Maybe his soul contract was over for this incarnation. It’s also interesting that many people seem to have different visions and versions of his death. I wonder if many have tapped into the many possibilities that could have happened and here we are talking about (Parallel Universes) and that’s a subject that’s very complex to explain and understand LOL. I remember the famous psychic Sylvia Browne who gave some information to a family and told them their daughter was dead (but in fact she was not dead, she was a hostage in a house) Sylvia got the information wrong by tapping into a possibility reality that could have happened. Anyway, I think it’s important to realise that MJ’s soul is much larger than his MJ persona and he is still very much around if one “opens their heart” and if you call on him, he will be there 🙂

    1. Hi Liz. Yes, this was a subject, in fact, that was discussed in the comments section of my previous post on Michael’s death anniversary. I’m not sure if Michael’s soul “chose” to leave, but I do believe that people who are imminently close to being called home (even if the death is accident or homicide) are aware of being called. I don’t think it is necessarily a conscious awareness, or something that is spelled out explicitly to us (although in some cases people have been “saved” by their premonitions, such as a last minute decision to cancel a flight or to take a different route) but I’m talking something a little different from that. Obviously, people who are terminally ill or elderly will experience impending death differently from a young, healthy person who has no reason to expect to die. I believe there is still something they sense and will act on that sense, although friends and family usually won’t notice these signs until hindsight.

      I do believe there are many possibilities and variables that must be considered with dreams and visions, which is why I steer clear of drawing absolutes of any kind. Like I said, I can only vouch that I experienced something very strange and inexplicable; that I was definitely shown two men in Michael’s bedroom while he was in an incapacitated state, one who looked like Murray and one who looked like Tohme, and that at least two others experienced dreams or visions eerily similar. Is it enough to draw absolute conclusions? Not necessarily, but the more that has been revealed since these two death trials, the more all the pieces seem to be fitting together. However, those “possible realities” are indeed something that people with psychic abilities have to be aware of. For everyone, the gift is a little different but I know from a psychic friend I used to have that what is seen isn’t always necessarily what IS, if that makes sense, because, yes, they can also pick up on events that are possibilities (I guess these would be more in the realm of premonitions; things that are fated to happen if certain conditions prevail or certain decisions are made). An example: Twenty years ago, I was recently divorced and moved into a rural house that I was renting. I was living there alone. My sister kept telling me that she had a horrible, reoccurring dream of a man chasing me through that house, and I was fighting for my life. That never happened (thankfully!) but I only stayed there for a very short time. Who knows what might have happened if I had stayed longer? (I might add that everything of this nature my sister has ever envisioned has come to pass in some form or another, but not that particular vision-yet). So that opens the vision up to other interpretations. Maybe this is still something fated to happen to me, though in a different time and place (scary!). Or maybe it was a “possibility” that was averted and never realized (maybe a male friend of my acquaintance had the idea but never followed through, or maybe I moved before the vision was fulfilled?). Yet another possibility is that maybe my sister somehow picked up on someone else’s experience and her dream projected it onto me because she was concerned about me? There are a myriad of possibilities, and of course it’s maddening if you dwell too much on something like that because we are simply not dealing with an absolute science when we try to understand these things.

      1. Hi Raven. Thanks for your response. Yes, when I say his soul maybe chose to leave I’m actually talking about his larger consciousness, his higher self. Yes, I’m not sure about the circumstances regarding his death. Also with the Propofol drug, I believe Michael absolutely knew all about this drug as he had used Propofol before on his Dangerous tour and it helped him to sleep during this tour. Here is a link where a nurse talks about offering him more natural remedies to sleep, but Michael was convinced Propofol was more effective in getting sleep.

        Oh and if you are interested in learning more about Parallel Universes, here is a great book written by a lady who literally travels to parallel universes. Very interesting.

        1. The Parallel Universe book sounds very interesting. I will check it out.

          As for Cherilyn Lee, I would not put too much stock in what she says. I know someone who has done quite a bit of extensive research into her background, and has been able to effectively prove that most of her “credentials” are fake. She was brought in as a witness to help strengthen Murray’s defense.

          1. Cherilynn Lee’s credentials may have been fake, but during the trial, it was striking how professional and extensive her records on Michael as a patient were, in contrast to licensed physician Conrad Murray. Ms. Lee did make a good faith effort to help Michael with his sleep problems, getting him off of energy drinks and by trying to make his bedroom less hectic. It worked for a while.

          2. Lee may have been a nutritionist but she is also this:
            There were inconsistencies in her interviews and her court testimonies. Perhaps she did Michael some good for awhile whatever her motives, but I don’t understand how some made-up credentials can be excused.

  18. Hi Raven, I really feel Michael’s soul tried to get in touch with you, your sister and Deborah, together with other spiritually open people who expressed their inner feelings in your blog. As far as I am concerned I was very impressed by the image of Michael sitting in front of a burning fireplace, trying to cope with the painful feeling of cold and tre trembling of his body, even if the temperature in the room was about 28 degree centigrades. Moreover he said he felt half of his body hot and half very cold.As I remember, a person caring for him, phoned a physician who suggested immediate hospitalisation of the patient . How could Murray ignore these symptoms? Why didn’t Michael ask to be taken to a hospital ?It seems as if he was kept as a prisoner.Perhaps he didn’t have his own liberty to provide freely even for his health. Why did Michael agree to use propophol on a daily basis and without the proper devices to be employed in case of lack of breathing and unconsciousness? He was aware propophol was dangerous and wasn’t a drug for panic crisis, anxiety and cronic insomnia . A neuropsychiatrist and an internist or a skilled neurologist would have been the best doctors for him. Why was he given such a misture of benzodiazepin, lorazepam and other drugs together with propophol in such a little span of time the morning he died? Even a non professional knows of the possible deadly effects of these substances if taken in high quantities . Thank you Raven for sharing your inner feelings and experiences which allowed many others to express themselves with open heart. R.I.P. Michael

    1. “Why did Michael agree to use propophol on a daily basis and without the proper devices to be employed in case of lack of breathing and unconsciousness? He was aware propophol was dangerous and wasn’t a drug for panic crisis, anxiety and cronic insomnia .”

      There is no evidence that Michael agreed to use propofol on a daily basis. But even if he had, it was his physician’s responsibility to NOT administer it for insomnia. Michael had been told by medical professionals that propofol is safe, and he believed them. He could not be expected to be more knowledgeable than they.

      Conrad Murray is a hack and a quack, but Joan Rivers went brain dead with two world famous doctors and a board certified anesthesiologist standing over her, in a well-equipped surgical suite. Starstruck doctors can be so dazzled by their patients’ fame that they fail to follow the proper standard of care. It even has a name – VIP Syndrome. But Murray wasn’t so much starstruck as arrogant, sloppy, and ineffective, if keeping Michael healthy was the objective. If rendering him incapacitated or dead was the real goal, Murray was very effective indeed.

    2. I believe that Michael has reached out to many in some way or another. As for the massive combination of drugs administered that morning, this supports my belief that Murray still must be held accountable. I believe the goal was to make him as incapacitated as possible that morning. I have also come to believe that many of the symptoms he was experiencing those last two months were a direct result of the propofol treatments. His system was being poisoned. His health spiraled downhill in an incredibly short and concentrated period of time, namely from April to June of 2009.

      1. You’re absolutely correct Raven. There are emails from the crew members from This Is It that Michael could do multiple spins 8 weeks ago . .now he couldn’t do one. That email was in June. When I count back the eight weeks it puts me to Murray’s hire date of May 1st when his “services” were engaged with AEG. I believe it was the intent NOT to have Michael perform that’s why his health was not in check by Murray who was hired and being given orders by AEG. It is also documented in AEG insurance emails regarding cancellation insurance that was linked to Tohme’s representation and AEG. HOWEVER, that cancellation insurance was dropped mid May and AEG had only start up insurance and accidental death insurance. i.e. it was their intent to kill him to collect on accident insurance at that time not cancellation insurance because Michael would have had to get a physical in London he would not have passed. That’s why they dropped it and dropped Murray from their budget. Murray was budgeted at the same time for only May and June – no budget was documented for any length of the tour in London. Murray certainly isn’t innocent, but he’s not the one that killed him. AEG and Tohme had much more incentive.

  19. Raven. I found your blog distressing and disturbing but necessary. Something compelled me to come back to your blog after a while. I am one of those people who was not a Michael Jackson fan, but after his death over six years ago, was inexplicably caught up in overwhelming grief, tears and
    heartache, maybe experiencing a spiritual connection. I am commenting because I think it is important and really matters. I feel very emotionally charged up.
    I once saw a fleeting ghostly image of him out of the corner of my eye walking past outside my window!
    I too had a vivid dream when a black car pulled up outside and MJ got out and came in! He was dressed in a white shirt and black suit with his long black hair. He sat opposite my chair and leaned forward earnestly speaking to me as if passionately appealing to me, but I could not hear what he said, as if I was deaf. I knew what he meant though. He left and the car drove him away; he kept coming back and leaving; three times! I am still waiting!
    A Meaning of Dreams book says an unexpected visit means an urgent problem needs sorting out! Even, if a figment of my imagination, it was still very strong and powerful.
    I am suspicious of events surrounding his death.
    Whose were the unidentified fingerprints on a vial of Propofol; Tohme’s? Why were the house surveillance tapes wiped? Was he responsible for both? The lack of police investigation is very revealing.
    Nothing would surprise me in America with the racist tendencies, and where AEG is probably the evil mastermind in league with the police, politicians and the law, behind the whole thing, everything; the two trials – Conrad Murray’s and the one against them brought by Katherine Jackson, and all the manipulations.
    Now they seem to have got away with it!
    I would add, I don’t think I am crazy! I once worked as a newspaper reporter, and I am now 73!

    1. That is certainly an interesting dream! I would definitely classify it as a visitation.

      When the Murray trial happened, my sister and I had high hopes that somehow Tohme’s actions would be “outted” during the course of testimony. Nothing happened. Same thing with the AEG trial. It’s almost as if he is the one person being protected in all of this, and of course it really begs the question of why. There really does seem to be a deafening ring of silence around the issues of the fingerprints and the house surveillance tapes.

      In regards to the LAPD, are you familiar with the case of Walter Collins and his mother Christine? It was the famous case from 1928 that the 2008 movie Changeling was based on. When Christine’s 9-year-old son Walter went missing, the LAPD (having botched the investigation into the boy’s actual murder) tried to pass off another child as her son. The boy looked somewhat similar, but Christine knew he wasn’t her son. The department refused to listen to her, and when she went public with the story they had her committed to a psych ward. Walter Collins had actually been abducted and killed by a serial child molester named Gordon Northcutt, who would have continued getting away with his crimes if it hadn’t been for the intervention of his sister in Canada and the Canadian authorities becoming involved in the case. The LAPD, left to their own devices, would have continued to insist the case of Walter Collins was closed, that the boy had been found and returned to his mother, and that the mother had psychological issues that made her deny her own son. Christine Collins was eventually awarded a substantial amount of money (can’t remember the exact figure without looking it up) but never received a penny of it from the department. The LAPD had a reputation then (in 1928) and I highly doubt if much has changed in the years since then. If anything, it has probably gotten worse. And this was the department investigating the homicide of Michael Jackson!

  20. I might add that I think they are part of a wider conspiracy, involved in the Wade Robson claims, to sully Michael’s name and reputation, and extract money from the Estate. Interesting that the amount being asked for is the value of the Sony/ATV catalogue! I like Michael, want to SCREAM!

    1. Hi Nina, you are absolutely right, the Sony/ATV catalogue is at the basis of the above mentioned tragic spiral of events that poisoned Michael’s life in the last years prior to his death.I recall Micheal considering this catalogue a sort of very bad choice on his part ….Regards

  21. @ Deborah .I have some questions that I hope you are open to answer. You wrote :
    “I wasn’t going to comment on this, but … Tohme knows about the book, as does AEG and the Estate. My testimony was supposed to be taken in the AEG vs Katherine Jackson suit and put under seal. Am I daring Tohme to sue me? Hardly. In my opinion I have more to sue him on, AEG and the Estate than they do me. AEG attorney Marvin Putnam even went so far as to say no matter how much press this gets it still doesn’t make AEG liable. “
    Were you a witness in KJ vs AEG? If so could you tell us more or is it in your book? Sorry I have not read it yet.

    You wrote: “AEG took out an insurance policy for 50 shows. “
    To my knowledge they only succeeded to cover 30 shows for17,5 mln. For the remaining shows and Michaels own coverage he first had to undergo additional physical in London AND disclose 5years medical history, which he refused. This is what Murray was dealing with on the phone with AEG on the early morning of june 25 while Michael lay dying.

    You also wrote “HOWEVER, that cancellation insurance was dropped mid May and AEG had only start up insurance and accidental death insurance”
    I have scrowled through the court documents of Loyds vs AEG/ The Mark Jones Company ( =MJ) and the policy signed on the 22nd (from my own archives ) and it says that the insurance was for “Contingency, non appearance and cancellation of events “” (Cancellation, abondenment, postponement and interruption of events )and “provides coverage for insured performances or events”.provided the cancellation is caused by a peril beyond the control of the Assured (AEG and or MJ ) and Insured ( MJ/the shows , the cast and production team).
    In my version Tohme is the only Named insured (=persons or entities that have the broadest protection in terms of coverage and indemnity under the policy; typically the policyholder who chooses the coverage types and amounts, get the premium notice, notices of cancellation,and are responsible for payment of premiums) which indicates that he still had some authority or that Michael or most likely AEG, since they advanced the premium, agreed to list him as NI . AEG acted as if they were in charge and had the lead and final say in everything. Re Murrays contract Gongaware said “we want to remind Murray that it is AEG, not MJ who is paying his salary .We want to remind him what is expected of him“
    The more I look into the policy, the Lloyds court documents and Tohme vs MJE vs Tohme the more things do not add up. The Lloyds settlement with the MJE, AEG pulling out of the case ( because they were already compensated by the MJE and could not prove damages or loss), that Tohme as a Named insured was not a party to Lloyds case, that Dileo was not even mentioned.

    You wrote : “Murray certainly isn’t innocent, but he’s not the one that killed him. AEG and Tohme had much more incentive”

    Murray was the doctor on duty, responsible for the “treatmet ‘and the ‘egragrious medical missteps’ that caused Michaels death. But he indeed had no incentive to kill him, with Michael dead he was jobless and a pariah. Tohmes deals as Michaels manager would only payoff if Michael was alive and the projects had come to fruition , so Michael was instrumental for him. The ones to whom Michael is provably worth more dead than alive is AEG and the executors of the MJE. AEG got their 30 million advance from MJE executors ,sold TII footage for 60 million to sony. made money on merchandice and TII tickets that ticketbuyers did not return. RPs email a few weeks after MJ died “a terrible tragedy, but life must go on. AEG will make a fortune from merch sales, ticket retention, the touring exhibition and the film/dvd,”
    The managers of Michaels ” after life’ . who by a twist of events are the executors of his will and estate AND managers of his companies . gain specifically from his death IT secured them of life long employment and income they would not have if he was alive. This goes from their 10 % executors fee, producersrights for every event or project launched in Michaels name , using their own firms , lawyers, experts and facilities for MJE projects, And most of all no MJ to look over their shoulder. So they would have the most incentive to have him out of the way.
    Which brings me to the next question. Correct me if I am wrong, but I noticed that nowhere do you mention the close alliance between MJE executors and AEG as was proven by KJ vs AEG and it SEEMS you carefully avoid naming them.
    Did you get a cease and desist order from them and is that the reason why you are cautious to name them?

  22. Hi Sina,
    Of course I’ll answer as best I can. Thank you for your comments.
    As far as the AEG trial, yes I was put on the list as a witness but I was, like the AEG incriminating emails, put under seal. That was one of the reasons I wrote the book and released it the first of the year. Katherine was filing for her appeal around that time. Thats’ how Tohme, AEG and Putnam know about me. If I was to write a book for press or to document something at length, I would have taken more time and the book would have been much longer. But quite honestly it was painful writing. I had documented the visions and information from 2011. The family released a photo called “Blue Eye” sometime after Michael passed. Although many people have had visions of Michael after he had passed, I had them while he lived as well. Blue eye happened to hold meaning for me and told me that the family knew about the spiritual connection Michael and I had. It was both ways and there are people that were in Michael’s life that could testify that the connection was real.

    As far as the insurance; if you look at the emails documented in the AEG vs KJ case, there is a budget change email in May. That budget change was for cancellation insurance only for start up costs(what they had already spent) and accidental (death). It also budgeted Conrad Murray for only 2 months – until the end of June. It was intentional-they never planned on going to London as that email clearly portrays. Murray was set up.
    I see your reasoning about Tohme, however, look a little deeper. Tohme was a broker. He was put in the middle to negotiate (broker) deals between AEG and the Estate. He was also fired as Michael’s manager a few months before Michael’s death. That’s what I believe changed the tables. I think initially they anticipated cancelling the shows, portraying Michael as the one who renigged on the deal and there fore taking his catalog and everything he owned. But without Tohme in the deal another manager in place would have seen through the deal. That’s why Frank was put in place and the Estate (Sony people) became more involved at that point. AEG did take control of Michael’s life as well as Tohme without a doubt.
    I did not receive a cease and desist order from the Estate. My cautiousness to name them only lies in protecting the children. They are still under the control of the estate as is his mother. It doesn’t mean I condone what they have done or don’t think they had anything to do with it – I think that’s clear to many people, but Branca is a shrewd business man. They plant stories, cover up the legal issues with the courts in California and have managed to take control of Michael’s family. People like that need to be dealt with in a different manner. Branca knows about me, as does his lawyer Weitzman. Anything that I write here or on my blog they can use in a court of law. This is not over. Sometimes its best when you don’t show your hand.
    You can find the budget changes email in the Panish Shay and Boyle exhibits for the AEG case online. Thanks again for commenting and looking at this closer. Too many times people take things for what they’re told and don’t bother to look for the truth. <3

    1. I’m not quite sure what you mean. I’m assuming that you are asking about subscribing to the blog to be notified of posts? Actually, the last WordPress update had removed the subscription widget; I hadn’t thought anything of it until your post. I have now added a subscription widget to the menu on the left. This should enable you to receive automatic updates by email when there is a new post.

  23. Hello… I am one of the ones who was drawn incredibly to Michael after he died. I’m a little late. I loved Michael when I was a little girl. In my adult life my religion convinced me secular music was evil. So i stayed away from secular music. I missed many years of Michael and his music. April 2015 I watched a carol Burnett DVD where the Jacksons were the guests. I was blown away by Michael. I researched everything and still do on Michael. It makes me so sad I miss him so. I want to help. I’m sorry I wasn’t there for him when he was alive! So why was I drawn to him? I don’t know…I defend him all the time. I do dream if Michael too. I’m usually holding a baby that’s not mine. Michael is in the area smiling approvingly. I don’t know what this dream is. I’ve been saving money to donate to some orphanages in Belarus. There’s my lengthy story. I love Michael even in my absent years. I want to help solve Michaels mystery and be his defender!

    1. Your religion was steering you in the right direction. Thousands of people have experienced ‘Michael’ , both when he was alive and especially after he died. I was one of those people. I could have written this book. I tried to prevent Katherine’ s kidnapping in 2012 up to and including the day it happened, and had contact with both the family as well as Tom Messereau for years. All were convinced of my contact–/relationship with Michael, as I too had information no one else had. What I came to learn is that demons, not spirits of the dead were responsible for the communications not only to me, but over a dozen other women who were also told they were Michael’s twin flame and given information only Michael or the family knew. Your ‘dream’ is demonic. Please educate yourself about demons. They are powerful and have attacked many people posing as Michael, causing them to feel intense feelings of love, empathy, and obsession. Michael is not coming to anyone. These experiences are not of God and designed to take you away from God, just as any witchcraft is. It is clear and numerous in bible passages how God felt about mediums and why. Tell the demon you are not interested and pray for direction. I hope you read this before it is too late for you. I also hope the author of this blog reads this. Your experience as well as your sister’s is also demonic. Hundreds of people had ‘experiences’ of Michael right before and after he died…and were given information….it was not him. And a good deal of yours and this author’ s information is not accurate. Its how demons work, giving some truth mixed in with a whole lot of falsehood. Please pray for God to help you.

  24. I don’t follow religion, I follow God. Your religion says speaking with the dead is evil, not God. Quit following all my internet posts and making false comments. It is people like you who allow the evil in this world to go unnoticed. Mary saw Jesus after he rose from the dead. You need to check your religion and it’s facts. Don’t ever assume my story or anyone else’s is the same as the one you seem so adamant to post all over the net.

  25. Even if look at this from side without any mystery theories
    1 Why cardiologist was hired if Mj didn’t have heart problems. It was dream
    2 If it was dream problems why specialist by this problem wasn’t hired
    3 insomnia isn’t dangerous and not not cured problem it can be fixed by specialist
    4 why if you concert promoter and your “Money” call him so ( I am sorry Michael 🙏❤️🙏) is ill but you just don’t care about exactly who! should cured your star? What?
    5 it’s your profit ( wonderful profit 50 concerts with thousands people ) why you don’t care about who is doctor and how he cured him
    6 if you want money and with loyal MJ’s fans who care about their Michael you can easily transfer dates and gave him a little rest after this u can get and money from fans and show from star
    7 You see that he ill but why you continue push him to rehearse every day even if he already fell in stage
    8 ok maybe AEG wanted money and Mj neddeb it for his children and Because if his nature and perfectionism don’t see reasons to stop it but what
    probability that All see it? Why no one of all AEG didn’t say hey stop it or you and lose money and artist together
    It’s all soooooo strange as for me
    I even can’t imagine that someone who knew that he could get wonderful profit so careless be with someone whom you must carry as gold because 50 concerts with thousands just amazingly
    It’s really leading me to thought that AEG knew that there won’t be concert or they were so stupid for thinking that ill person with insomnia can make 50 shows in age of 50 whom perform since 5 age but the most clever thinking was to get him cardiologist with drugs but not specialist with a real course of treatment

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