Exposing Radar Online’s Secret Shame: The Truth About What Michael Jackson Had (And Didn’t Have) In His Bedroom-Pt 3

A Magazine That Was Part of Michael's Stash-The December 1994 Issue Of Playboy. When They Couldn't Build A Case Against Him For This...They Went After His Art Books Instead!
A Magazine That Was Part of Michael’s Stash-The December 1994 Issue Of Playboy. When They Couldn’t Build A Case Against Him For This…They Went After His Art Books Instead!


“The most pure people are always torn down.. It will continue to be proven that my beloved dad has always been and forever will be innocent.”-Paris Jackson

As I’m readying to post this third installment of my series rebutting the lies Radar Online was responsible for spreading throughout the media, I am noticing a disturbing trend. Memories are all too short in today’s world of sound bite journalism, and already the malicious lie Radar Online released just in time to darken celebrations honoring Michael’s death anniversary is starting to fade from headlines and is dropping from the search engines. Traffic here has pretty much stabilized to normal, and on social media, many fans are back to tweeting images of Michael’s gold pants and all of the usual stuff we enjoy discussing when news is slow. Maybe in a way that is a good thing if this story that was never a story is dying down, as it should.

12-Year-Old Michael Famously Flipped Through A Playboy Issue During A Jackson 5 Interview
12-Year-Old Michael Famously Flipped Through A Playboy Issue During A Jackson 5 Interview

But I find it beyond disturbing that what Radar Online and the rest of the media did to Michael Jackson and his family this past week is being allowed to sink without formal retraction or apology, even after being called out by several conscientious journalists and even after the Santa Barbara authorities issued a statement concluding that they had issued no such documents to the media and that the documents included falsified information, which their statement made plain in no uncertain terms. It is also inexcusable that much of the media has turned a deaf ear as artists like Jonathan Hobin and others whose work has been similarly slandered as “pornography” have spoken out.

From Jonathan Hobin’s Twitter:

Jonathan Hobin Retweeted MJJJusticeProject

More than a 1000 tweets and the media are not listening.

Michael’s friend Corey Feldman has also reached out to the media time and again to say that he was abused as a child by a Hollywood pedophile ring. He continues to insist that his real abuser is still out there, but the media and-most importantly, the police-stopped listening to him as soon as he told them his abuser wasn’t Michael Jackson. The response to any offers to reveal his true abuser? Crickets chirping. Even The Daily Mail ran a story on it in 2013, so no one can say Feldman hasn’t been trying to get the truth out for a long time-that Michael Jackson provided him the only sense of normalcy he had as a child.

Corey Feldman In 2013 When He Came Forward About His Abuse-He Said Cops Didn't Care When They Found Out It WASN'T Michael Jackson.
Corey Feldman In 2013 When He Came Forward About His Abuse-He Said Cops Didn’t Care When They Found Out It WASN’T Michael Jackson.

Time and again, I have seen this cycle repeat itself-a really malicious story is printed about Michael (we are guaranteed at least one really good hit piece every six months or so) and the furor is stirred for a little while; then, eventually, the story drops from the headlines and everyone becomes complacent again-for a little while, until the next storm hits. This cycle has got to stop! How long can they keep picking the flesh from a dead man’s bones? I am going to continue working to expose these people for as long as it takes-not because I enjoy keeping the story going or “fanning the flames” but because I refuse to rest this time or to become complacent again until Radar Online and all of the outlets who spread this latest trash have issued a FORMAL RETRACTION AND APOLOGY. In the last seven years, I have seen quite a bit that has been allowed to simply sink without formal retraction-a good case in point being the phony FBI files story which was eventually squelched after a damning story in CNN exposed the hoax. At that time, many media outlets that had ran with that story simply deleted it, allowing it to quietly drop out of search engines. But not everyone. And again, because no formal retraction was ever given, the bogus story is still occasionally unearthed and given new legs for the uninitiated who, of course, will not remember the expose’ of 2013 (as I said, memories are fleetingly short in the media world-but that doesn’t make the damage done any less forgiving).

We really do have to ask some tough questions about the especial vindictiveness around this particular anniversary-June 25th, 2016. For example, although certainly a much less damaging story than the fabricated assertions of child pornography, The Daily Mail ran a hit piece on June 25th asserting that Michael had viciously dissed Prince during the taped sessions for his “Moonwalk” autobiography, claiming he was “the rudest person I ever met.” The purpose of running with such a story on June 25th of all dates is pretty obvious: They know that the emotions of Prince fans right now are very raw (the man just died in April) and, of course, what better way to play up the “rivalry” than by having Prince fans turn en masse on MJ on his own death anniversary! A cheap tactic to be sure, although I credit Prince fans with more intelligence than to fall for it. The fact is, if any such tape exists, it hasn’t surfaced. Secondly, even if we extended benefit of the doubt and assumed maybe, okay, he said it, I would say to that: Big whoop de-do deal. If truth be known, most fans would be shocked to know what artists really have to say about each other in private moments-they are human beings, after all. Let’s not forget that this was the era in which Prince had just refused, twice, to collaborate with Michael and had effectively snubbed every overture Michael had made toward him. But what we do know is that their respect for each other as artists was immense and only grew exponentially throughout the years (I even learned recently that Prince hung out with Michael in the recording studio during the HIStory sessions!) and in 1983, it was Michael who persuaded James Brown to call Prince up on stage with them.  As I have been writing in many previous blog posts, Michael’s relationship with Prince-just like his relationship with Madonna-was a complex one fraught with all of the complexities that comes with success, ego, and artistry, but also with the kind of immutable bond that only those who have shared the experience of fame can understand. This is nothing more than celebrity gossip, of course, which doesn’t mean much in the grander scheme of things-gossip, as always in the celebrity and tabloid world, will come and go, and we can’t afford to expend too much energy getting overly riled up about these things. However, I am concerned-very much-with the especially slanderous allegations of the past week which cannot afford to go unchallenged.

With that in mind, I am going to resume where I left off in refuting the claims that Radar Online and other media outlets professed, via overly sensationalized headlines, made about the 2003 police reports on Neverland. To do that correctly, I will need to go back to a previous page that was missing from RO’s originally published 88-page document. Here goes:


Item #505 is especially important to this discussion, as this was an apparently sealed package containing three books that will be crucial to our discussion in this post-Underworld, Room To Play, and Drew and JimmyRoom To Play is important because this book played a prominent role, both directly and indirectly, in creating many of the most sensational media headlines. First, this was the volume for which Jonathan Hobin’s “American Idol” photo was mistakenly identified as being a part of in Radar Online’s pages that were falsified. As discussed in Pt 2, we now know that this image was not included in Room To Play at all, but instead, was part of Hobin’s collection of art photography titled In The Playroom-an important detail because In The Playroom, a book published in 2008, could not possibly have been a book recovered during the 2003 raid. Granted, we could attribute such an oversight to human error, but this was not the kind of error that would have been allowed in an actual police report! However, it is exactly the sort of error that could be made unknowingly by someone doing a sloppy Google search for images from Room To Play-just exactly the kind of error that could have been made by Robson’s and Safechuck’s attorneys before “leaking” these newly sensationalized documents to Radar Online (the “Amercian Idol” photo featuring a JonBenet Ramsey lookalike with a noose tied around her neck is now among the twenty-seven pages that have suddenly “disappeared” from Radar Online’s documents). Just as a test, I did a Google search myself for In The Playroom. Guess what image came up? That’s right-Hobin’s photo!

Here you can see page 11 of Radar Online’s version, where the “American Idol” photo from In The Playroom is identified via a handwritten note as being from Room To Play.


This image does not appear at all in the original report-and now we know for good reason! Because it didn’t exist in 2003, and was never recovered from Michael Jackson’s home!

But what about the actual book, Room To Play, as well as the other two books that were in this sealed package? I would like to take an especially close look at Room To Play because the description of this book in the report was responsible for a particularly reprehensible headline ran by Vanity Fair, an article written by Laurie Bradley  claiming that pornographic photos were seized in Michael’s home of children’s heads morphed onto adult bodies. That headline was particularly disturbing because they had the brass balls to run it above  one of the most innocent photos of Michael that could have possibly been used-a photo op from one of one of the many charitable events at Neverland for under privileged, inner city children.

"Vanity Fair" Twistedly Used This Innocent Photo Of Michael Inviting Inner City Children To Neverland To Help Promote Its Malicious Agenda!
“Vanity Fair” Twistedly Used This Innocent Photo Of Michael Inviting Inner City Children To Neverland To Help Promote Its Malicious Agenda!

The sensationalized juxtaposition of the image and headline were completely intentional. Unfortunately, this was a hit piece that received a lot of traction from the fan community because Vanity Fair was the first outlet that also ran the rebuttal statement from the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department denying that they had authorized the documents for release and also that some of the information appeared to have been tampered with. That was an important step, but unfortunately, having that information did not lead to a retraction or formal withdrawal of the story-it is merely tacked on as a kind of obligatory footnote, where it is bound to be all but ignored amidst that glaring salacious headline.

Even though I knew that no such photos had ever been claimed to have been found in Michael’s possession (this “revelation” was total news to me!) I couldn’t help but find the headline disturbing. I know of pedophiles who have been convicted for possessing just such material. It is a particularly sick “hobby” in which pedophiles will sexualize children by placing images of their heads and faces onto adult bodies. But going back to the report, it is clear that those descriptions came solely from the description of the book Room To Play (i.e, these did not refer in any way to photos Michael had personally taken or doctored himself, as the Vanity Fair headline suggests).

Cover Photo From Simen Johan's "Room To Play"
Cover Photo From Simen Johan’s “Room To Play”

I did some more digging, and guess what? Room To Play, like so many of the books that came into question from this report, is a perfectly legal art book by Simen Johan that can be purchased on Amazon! (Provided one can afford the exorbitantly high cover price of $750.00; evidently the book must be out of print or an extremely valuable collectible!). An excerpt from a review of the book written in July of 2003 stated thus:

Johan has many similar images in Room to Play.  “Untitled #71.  1999” shows a girl in a gymnasium, taking a model’s pose, one hand on her hips, facing to the left of the viewer into the distance.  She is wearing a transparent one-piece outfit, and her young face does not match the pre-pubescent body.  Indeed, the darker complexion of the face makes it easy to guess where Johan stuck the image of the head to that of the body.  In “Untitled #79.  1999” a girl with a baby doll-like face but very styled hair is reclining in a park, exposing adult breasts.  She has bright eyes but her face is utterly devoid of expression.  The picture brings to mind bring to mind some of Hans Bellmer’s use of dolls and the psychoanalytic interpretations such work invites.  It’s easy to analyze them as the expression of forbidden fetishistic desires, embodying a consciousness of their own depersonalization.  They also could be read as feminist works, protesting the sexualization of young girls in pageants, and the loss of childhood innocence that comes with the commodification of girls’ bodies. 

However, the other pictures here tend to discount such readings, because they are darker, more bizarre, and more complex.  The first image in the book, “Untitled #71.  1998” shows a boy and a dog, and is more obviously a well-crafted collage.  They seem to be in a trailer park surrounded by high-rise apartment buildings.  The boy has Asian facial features and looks at the viewer.  His body is that of a toddler, but his face is of an older boy.  He is wearing an odd sort of hat or crown, with a furred cylinder topped by a crude bejeweled dome with a cross in the middle.  His underwear has a wet dark spot in the front.  The little dog is a highly groomed fluffy white poodle, also wearing a garish ornament on its head.  The picture has a drab feel to it, but it relishes its own incongruity.  “Untitled #65.  1997” shows a girl in a foggy field holding a dead sheep, with flies on her and the sheep.  Her face is intend but not upset.  “Untitled #78.  1999” shows a boy and girl dancing in their underwear against a background of jet planes leaving impressive looped jet trails.  The blond boy looks about four years old, and is wearing a wet tight fitting pair of swimming trunks — he seems to have a rather large penis for his age.  “Untitled #75.  1999” shows a girl in a room with the curtains drawn.  Her face gives little clue to her age — her hair is unevenly cut and disheveled, and her upper teeth have large gaps between them.  Her eyes are rolled up in her head and she has running mascara; a tear rolls from her right eye.  She is wearing a bright silver necklace and the pendant shines from inside her mouth.  She looks drugged or even possibly dead.  These are not pretty images, and their flirting with taboos of child sexuality, disturbance, and death place Johan’s work in the realm of a rather adolescent surrealism.  Yet they are emotionally powerful, and even darkly humorous. 

A detailed discussion of the book (and others) on the Vindicating Michael website contained these images from the book to give a feel for Johan’s particular style of photography:


Something that struck me was that the image at top left bore an uncanny resemblance to Aubrey Powell’s famous cover for Led Zeppelin’s 1973 Houses of the Holy album. That cover photo had, in turn, been inspired by the ending of Arthur C. Clark’s novel Childhood’s End. So…does this mean that all of us who own classic rock albums are guilty of owning porn?

Led Zeppelin's "Houses of The Holy" Album Cover
Led Zeppelin’s “Houses of The Holy” Album Cover

The image on the top right also reminds me a lot of a slightly demonized Carol Ann, the character that Heather O’Rourke played in Poltergeist. 

As with Jonathan Hobin, whose work was discussed in Part 2, the images in Johan’s work can be viewed as disturbing because they depict children in various extreme settings, but they are not pornographic in nature. The purpose, as with Hobin’s work, seems to be depictions of how society has victimized children. We know that childhood was a subject dear and close to Michael’s heart; it permeated much of his own work, and in songs like “Childhood,” “Little Susie,” “Hollywood Nights” and “Do You Know Where Your Children Are” he was brutally honest in confronting the darker aspects of childhood. “Little Susie” depicts a child who is murdered. Both “Hollywood Nights” and “Do You Know Where Your Children Are” feature as subjects young girls who have been sold to prostitution.

Michael’s Own Artistic Vision Of Childhood Could Be Quite Dark: He, Better Than Anyone, Recognized It’s Not Always A Happy Time For All Children. “Little Susie,” For Example, Is The Story Of A Murdered Girl.

Given Michael’s artistry and vision, it’s easy to see how and why he might have found inspiration in these works-that is, if we can assume he indeed had ever even looked at or opened this book! Let’s not forget, it was described along with the other three as being inside a sealed packaging-one for which the the seals had to be broken in order to review the items! This suggests the possibility that Michael could have merely received the books as gifts and had never opened them-for sure, we know Michael received thousands of such gifts from fans every day, as Michael often said and which has been confirmed by many sources who knew him.

I hav boxes of unopened fan mail from years ago that we haven’t gotten 2. now LEAVE IT ALONE

doesn’t mean he purchased it, or even looked at it. I’m sure U hav weird stuff ppl giv U. Magnify

 But even if these were books he legitimately owned and had purchased, they really speak of nothing except Michael’s insatiable curiosity to learn as much as he could about the human condition.

However, what about the morphed images referred to in the report? Although some of the images were described in the report as “appearing” to sexualize the children by morphing them with adult images, the intent in most of the images seemed to be more about showing the children as neglected and prematurely aged by a society that has forced them into adulthood too soon-a society that has literally left them with no “room to play.”

This Is One Of The So-Called Scandalous "Morphing" Images From "Room To Play"
This Is One Of The So-Called Scandalous “Morphing” Images From “Room To Play”

What of the other two books contained in the packaging-Underworld and Drew and Jimmy? Kelly Klein’s 1995 book Underworld is also a book that can be purchased on Amazon.  It appears to be nothing more than a boudoir coffee table art book featuring Calvin Klein-like images of models wearing underwear in ads throughout various decades of the twentieth century. And guess what? It was a book highly endorsed by my all time favorite author of vampire  and Gothic fiction, the venerable Anne Rice, who wrote the introduction!

One Of My Favorites, Best Selling Author Anne Rice, Highly Endorsed "Underworld" As
One Of My Favorites, Best Selling Author Anne Rice, Highly Endorsed “Underworld” As “A Monument To Our Freedom.” Yet For Simply Owning It, MJ Was And Is Being Raked Over The Coals!

“The camera empowers you to be intimate with the lens, even abandoned, in a way that may not be possible with another human,” Rice muses. “This book is a monument to our freedom, not only to express ourselves but to want more than we are allowed. The camera is the safest vehicle for this excess.”-Anne Rice, from the introduction to Underworld. 

Underworld is also a highly rated book on goodreads.com.

drew and jimmy
The Cover of “Drew and Jimmy” by John P. Salisbury

Drew and Jimmy by John P. Salisburyis also available on Amazon and appears to be little more than a pictorial of rural boyhood. This is what one reviewer wrote of the book:

I came across this book on the recommendation of the author’s mother. She was my grade school art teacher and mother of a long time classmate-Burton. I had not seen her since Burton’s funeral, but when she mentioned Patrick’s book I couldn’t resist. I had been back in Walnut Grove for a weekend visit for a girlfriend’s wedding. I had left for college a few years before and kept going. My family was not as deep rooted there as the Salisbury’s were, but I grew up there and those roots run just as deep. Whenever school or life was getting stressful, the Delta was the first place I’d run to. It was a truly wonderful place to grow up, and the book depicts the eviroment beautifully. When I saw the pictures of the glass-like water, it made me want to be behind a ski boat once more. I knew Burton well, but Patrick was always the quiet older brother. I did know that they were total opposites personality wise. Burton was always the daredevil; class clown, as well as very gifted artistically like his mother and now as I see, Patrick also. My earliest memory of Burton I have is:him standing on a huge round table in our kindergarten classroom, which he then fell off of and cracked his head open for a few stitches. We grew apart after graduation, but he was part of many good memories I had while growing up in Walnut Grove…including one of my first crushes. I think about him often, though my life is far away from where I knew him last, and I miss him. Thank you Patrick for a little more closure:)-

Even the original police report couldn’t offer too much to say about this book or its contents, conceding that it contained merely “photographs of two Caucasian male juveniles that appeared to be in their early to mid teens. The boys in these photographs are primarily clothed with occasional photographs of them wearing swim trunk-type clothing.”

From what I can tell, the following example photographs are about as “erotic” as it gets, and quite frankly, these young men appear to be far older than “early to mid teens.”

drew and jimmy2


drew and jimmy 3

Typically, the report concluded of all three books:

“None of the above noted books contained materials, which depicted illegal activities (including sexual acts with children) None of the books would meet legal requirements to be considered child pornography.” -Sheriff’s Department, Santa Barbara County Continuation Sheet Page 3. 

 Keep in mind that the police, as well as prosecuting attorneys, were well aware that these items did not constitute pornography. But when their search for actual pornography had turned up nothing but a bunch of heterosexual adult magazines, their only alternative, as stated previously in Part 1, was to seize any items that could be construed as possible “grooming material.” However, the jury didn’t buy that argument when these items were presented in 2005, and it is a lame argument that doesn’t hold up any better under scrutiny today.
So again, we must ask, what can possibly be the motive in attempting to “retry” Michael on these items in the court of public opinion, eleven years after his acquittal and seven years after his death? That is the burning question a lot of people want answers to right now. We can’t afford complacency until we have those answers-not just for the sake of Michael’s musical legacy, but for his children and all artists whose works and reputations are being impacted by the media’s carte blanche attitudes in printing anything they want and running wild with a story without the slightest degree of fact checking.
I will continue combing through these reports; hopefully I should be able to have the next post up sometime this weekend.
In the meantime, I want to continue to urge everyone to please sign these petitions:

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  1. Great post! I don’t know if I’ve given you this link already, but here’s a newspaper article about “Boys Will Be Boys” from 1965. MJ’s inscription that he wrote inside of the book “Look at the true spirit of boyhood. A life I never had and will always dream of. This is the life I want for my children.” is 100% consistent with the article’s description of the book! https://news.google.com/newspapers?id=D55fAAAAIBAJ&sjid=zzEMAAAAIBAJ&dq=book-horizons&pg=4397,1755348&hl=en

    1. My mistake! That newspaper article isn’t about “Boys Will Be Boys” but “The Boy: A Photographic Essay”. My mistake!

      The description of the book from the article is a testament to the innocent nature of the book, and this can definitely be used to rebut any haters who say it was made for sexual gratification.

      1. Thanks as always. I will have a look at those tomorrow. It’s been a long day-and I’m still editing some errors and other small things I didn’t catch before the article posted. But I’ll have a look first thing in the morning!

  2. Am I the only person to find Corey Feldman annoying, unhelpful, and to some degree, not credible? If there were that many pedophiles in Hollywood when he was a child actor, then surely at least one has passed on and Feldman can reveal the name without fear of being sued. Instead he exploits his minor association with Michael, and is pretty damn wishy-washy in his defense. If Corey isn’t willing to name names, he needs to shut up and move on with his life and career.

    1. I can see why you’re saying what you’re saying, but I urge you to watch this Discovery Channel documentary that was pulled before it could air. I urge everyone reading these comments to watch. We have no clue ….

    2. I have those same thoughts re Feldman. While he did say when questioned by PD that he told the detective who it was (not Michael) the detective was not interested and only seemed to focus questioning him on MJ, I agree that by this time Feldman could and should be able to state a name. If I recall correctly, he sat with Alki David and BHoward when the phony DNA test results were revealed using MJ’s supposed dental mold from 25 years prior to prove 99.9% dna match, so what was Feldman’s place there? As a supporter of BHoward? I read his book and was fairly taken with it until I read a plethora of others. Even his most recent tweet on 7th anniversary was heartfelt until the end where he conveniently plugs his new record.

        1. I did state in my comment that he gave the name of his abuser to the police; just did not recall the specific name, Linden, at the time of making the comment. Thanx for clarifying.

          1. The name was never revealed to the public. Back in 2005 Celebrity Justice reported about Corey’s 1993 interrogation and they played some parts from it and even mentioned that he did name his abuser but the police ignored it. But they did not show that part or reveal the name in any other way on their show. I guess, out of legal reasons.



            But the name is there somewhere on tapes made by the police. And apparently they never did anything with it.

          2. No, and yet they certainly never minded throwing Michael’s name around even before he was ever formally charged.

      1. The way I see it, though, at least he IS willing to speak out on Michael’s behalf and that is more than a lot of his so-called celebrity friends have been doing.

  3. One note about these books supposedly being found in sealed bags. This is often misunderstood when people are reading these reports. No, the books weren’t FOUND in sealed bags – they were put into sealed bags by the police when they confiscated them. So, of course, when the writer of this police report got them they were in sealed bags – in the sealed bags in that the police put them in.

    These three books were found in MJ’s arcade/library area. So they were basically taken from his library. Room to Play had another copy too, which was found in one of the big cardboard boxes that had a lot of art photography books of all kinds and that were in the downstairs section of MJ’s room. Here is a photo of those boxes from Aphrodite Jones’ book: http://michaeljacksonallegations.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/mjbookslocated02.jpg

    The fact they were in cardboard boxes suggests that they were temporarily there – maybe just coming from a book store (they seemed to have lots of old, second hand books to – so maybe from a second hand book store). Mez even made a reference to that in one of his questions when he asked an officer “so you don’t know if they were just coming or going?”.

    Context is everything. And I think the biggest mistake (or malice on part of the prosecution and the media) that people are doing with these books is dragging them out of context. The tabloids manipulatively place them in the context of MJ’s pornography, by simply putting them in the same sentence. In sentences like (just paraphrasing but this is the type of description one could read in many of these articles): “horrific pictures of pornohraphy, S&M, torture, nude pictures of children were found”. This gives the impression to the reader that even if nothing that could be construed as child porn was found, but MJ kept nude images of children among his pornography. The suggestion is clear: that he had such photos out of sexual interest.

    In reality, the context tells a totally different story. Nude images of children were never found among his pornography! The nude images of children were always as part of art books – art books that didn’t have nude children as their focus, they only happened to have some nude images, among others. The prosecution just took everything with a nude person in it. That meant from a library of about 10,000 books they eventually took about 17-20 books. And the vast majority of those weren’t even about children, but about adults! And even those which did have nude images of children – well, a nude can be many things. For example the book Cronos is described as including nude pics of children. Well, technically yes. But how is this anything sexual or horrible? (Just one example of the many.)




    The fact is that these art books weren’t a concentrated collection of books with nude children in it. They were found among other art photohraphy books and scattered around many places at NL, not as one collection. Some were in his library in the arcades, some in cardboard boxes that appeared just to have come in from some book store etc.

    His actual pornography, on the other hand, WAS a concentrated collection of adult, heterosexual porn magazines. One portion of it was found in his nightstand. One other portion in a box at the base of his bed. And another in the infamous briefcase in his bedroom that was so much talked about at the trial. Those were clearly collected over a long period of time (with release dates between 1991-2003), regularly, and they WERE kept together as a collection. The idea that the porn magazines that MJ kept in such places as his nightstand don’t mean anything about his sexuality, but some random book found somewhere at the bottom of a pile of other art books in some cardboard box or in the library does, is ridiculous.

    MJ was a bookworm and also a serious student of photography. Here is what his bodyguards said in their book about how he bought books:

    “Javon: That’s how he filled all those hours by himself: books. He’d read anything and everything he could get his hands on. History. Science. Art. There were so many trips to Barnes & Noble. It was almost a weekly thing. He would go into bookstores and drop five thousand dollars like he was buying a pack of gum. At one point, he actually bought a bookstore— I’m talking about an entire bookstore. He paid cash for it.

    Bill: It was on his way back from Tokyo, during those couple days he spent in L.A. He went to visit this used bookstore. It had a lot of rare books from the personal libraries of some pretty famous people, Hollywood stars. These were books that Humphrey Bogart had signed, books that Ingrid Bergman had signed. He asked the owner how much it would take to buy all of his books. The owner didn’t take him seriously. So he made an offer of $ 100,000. Said he’d pay cash on the spot. Couple weeks after he got back from L.A., this U-Haul filled with all these books showed up at the house in Vegas.”

    And this was his relationship with art photography:

    “CBS executive Ray Newton spoke about having met Jackson in 1979 and discovering how well versed Jackson’s love for photography was back then: About an hour later we picked up the professional photographer who was coming with us to radio. The photographer gets in the front seat of the limo says hello and then starts to assemble his camera. Once his camera is assembled he points it at me and Michael in the back seat of the limo. I instruct him not to shoot us so Michael can relax. Looking back, that would be a cool photo to have now but I was looking out for Michael’s well-being. Michael sees the camera and starts this deep photography discussion. I was in the discussion for about a minute then it got so deep that I just dropped out and that’s when the photographer looked at me and I looked at him with the looks saying check this out – Michael Jackson is knee deep in photography discourse. I asked Michael if he was a photographer and he said “No, I just like photography!!!”.

    So Michael continues engaging in this very deep photography conversation with the photographer where he mentions something that the photographer said he needed to look into further. This went on for about 5 minutes, and the only thing that stopped that topic was that the photographer said something that Michael didn’t know and Michael got quiet.

    Let me translate how deep Michael’s photography discussion was: imagine if someone says in the middle of a general conversation – pataflaflas swiss 6 accented parafliddle lesson 25 around the set groove. You would not only have to be a drummer but a drummer with not just a knowledge of rudiments but an advanced knowledge of rudiments that one can apply and play around the drumset and make them groove to know what that person was talking about.”

    and also photographer Todd Gray who worked with MJ from 1979-1982 said of Jackson in his book Before He Was King:

    “When Michael did find time to relax, he loved to leaf through photographic picture books. He would bring his favorite books with him on tour and buy more books while on the road – the bus weighted with an increasing number of boxes as we left each city. The Triumph Tour began in Memphis with no boxes; by the time we got to Dallas, a few days later, I noticed two; then came Houston; and by the time we hit San Antonio, I noticed a score of boxes being loaded onto the bus. He especially loved books on Hollywood glamour from the 1930s, richly illustrated children’s books, and coffee-table books on photography. Michael would usually hole up in the rear of the bus, while the others spent their time together in front. I also preferred the quiet at the back, and I would sit down with him while he was engrossed in a book of Hollywood glamour photographs from the 1930s. Looking at a particularly striking photo, he would say, “This is magic. They don’t make photos like this anymore.” He studied the pose, eyes, make-up, and expression – everything that went into a great glamour photo.

    Michael also loved books that showed children from around the world. One day on the bus I remember him saying “I wish I could write a book about the children of the world. I could go to every country and show how everyone on earth is beautiful. I want to go to India and show the poverty and suffering of the children there, and maybe I could help improve the situation. Africa, too, where there is so much starvation and disease. Todd, would you want to do that with me?” I was stunned, both because I wondered how Michael would ever find the time and also that he wanted me to be the photographer. I suggested that he take a look at the photographs of Lewis Hine, the influential photojournalist whose work helped spur the introduction of child labor laws in the early twentieth century.”

    He was also looking at art photography for inspiration. Bernt Capra who worked with Michael before he died on This Is It said in 2009:

    “Michael Jackson was very well read and he loved art, and he knew his photography, and he liked this photographer, Lewis Hine, who had been a social worker in the depression era and shot photographs of victims of child labor – four, five, six year olds working in mills and mines. He was also very well known for a collection of photos of the construction of the Empire State Building which are very valuable now. Michael loves this guy and he based “The Way You Make Me Feel” choreography and set design on the photos of the men constructing steel beams as if they were on the top of a skyscraper having a lunch break.”

    1. And this is from William Van Valin’s book, Private Conversations in Neverland:

      “From there it was back to his room where we decided to open and go through some of the large boxes that had arrived the day before. They lined the hallway to his room and there were probably ten of them there in all different sizes. It turned out that they were full of books (one of Michael’s favorite things) that he had ordered from a catalogue. As Michael was tearing through one box, and I another, he told me that it was always his dream to have a huge library full of all his favorite books, and he had many.

      As I looked through one box, I pulled out a large hardback book on Baroque Rococo architecture and art. Being a mutual interest of ours, this was mostly what he and I were looking for in the stacks of books. We sat down in his bedroom and went through it page by page. Many of the photographs were of places he’d actually been. He told me, “I think there’s a picture in here of a fabulous wrought iron entry way.”

      Shortly thereafter, he turned a page and said, “That’s it.” He pointed to what was beyond a doubt the finest wrought iron handy work I’d ever laid my eyes on. Parts of it had been gold leafed like the gates to Neverland. Michael said, “I’m going to copy this where the front gates are by the lake. I’ll take those down and build copies of these.” He knew all about who made it and where it was located. He’d even tried to buy it. He said, “I tried to buy it at one time many years ago but it wasn’t for sale at any price. I know because I offered them a lot.”
      For those interested in seeing them you can Google ‘Place Stanislas Wrought Iron Railings’. They’re in a town called Nancy in France.

      One evening my wife and I were in the library with Michael and she was looking through this book. Michael looked at her and said, “Criss, I’m going to ask you something and you have to say yes.” He did this a lot and it always meant that he wanted to give something to you or show you something he knew you’d like. She asked, “What is it?” He said, “No you didn’t say the magic word.” She corrected herself and said, “What is it, please?” He laughed and said, “No. ‘Yes’ is the magic word.” “Okay, yes then.” She said laughing. He said, “I want to give you that book. I know you love this kind of architecture because you’ve commented on it before.” He asked her to hand it to him and he opened it and on the first page inside the front cover he wrote, “To Criss, All my love, to the first family of love. Love, Michael Jackson.”

    2. That is a good point regarding the items being described as sealed. However, the report does not mention that all of the books were sealed so that is what led me to interpret that those particular titles may have been sealed when found. Personally, I wouldn’t have read much into it, either way since he could have had any number of legit reasons for keeping them sealed, if he did (including that he may have never even opened them, or that he was protecting them from damage, as people often do with rare volumes, or even just trying to keep them away from prying eyes-after all, even though they aren’t pornographic, he might still have considered some of the images too mature and graphic to risk having young children stumble across them). Obviously, I wasn’t there so I can only go on what is written in the reports, although I do agree it makes sense they would have sealed all evidentiary items confiscated in a raid.

  4. Raven, let me tell you how much I appreciate this series of posts and your persistence to analyze and refute this fake report. I am sure it will make a difference. I am very glad about the common efforts of our MJ bloggers and advocates who work together on this necessary response to this devilish campaign. It’s wonderful to see these joint efforts from those you didn’t give up the fight since Michael died. Thanks very much!

    1. Thank you. It has been a lot of hard work (and little sleep) this past week but is worth it to get the truth out there.

  5. Raven, have you seen these videos of Corey Feldman’s 1993 police interview, where he denied abuse by MJ and named his real abuser, who the police didn’t give a damn about catching:



    Also, Feldman was interviewed by Bashir on 20/20 in early 2005, and his words about MJ have constantly been misconstrued as admitting that MJ was “inappropriate” with him, even though he still denied being molested (MJ showed him a book with graphic photos of STDs, and haters say that is tantamount to showing porn): http://abcnews.go.com/2020/LegalCenter/story?id=481709&page=1

    Here are some tweets from Sept. 2012 where Feldman defended himself and said the media (i.e. Bashir) twisted his words:







  6. I will just say that am upset! That this kind of privacy is out for everyone to see. If they took notes what he had and where, it should stay behind walls of court. It’s his privacy. I can’t stand how world robe him of his “humanity”. I don’t wonder he had much will to work or live after. All this shit around him just killed his soul. I can’t imagine how it’s to walk red carpet to court where they say you are pedophile, that’s worse then serial killer, and expose all your privacy to world. Even after his death his privacy is coming out for everyone to judge. It’s totally disgusting. I mean pictures of his scalp surgery? Why? That was his cross, it ruined him. He didn’t want public to know his privacy… Am upset, and I agree with Mike saying “I wear sunglasses because that’s all privacy am left with” (something in that sense).

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