After 8 Years, Where Is Michael In His Spiritual Journey?

Soul Searching: Where Is Michael Now, Eight Years And Counting?

June 25th, 2017 will mark the eighth anniversary of Michael Jackson’s transition. At this point, some may be wondering what stage of transition he is currently in, at this eight year juncture. I don’t have those answers, but I do have enough knowledge and have researched enough on the topic of spiritual transition to offer some possible insight. It is my hope that what I have to say will be a comfort to those who wonder where Michael is right now; in what form he may exist, and if he is still in any way connected to his earthly existence as Michael Jackson.

But I will also offer some pre-warning statements so as to save some of you the bother of reading. First of all, this post is not for you if you do not believe in an after life. It is not for you if are among those who believe Michael faked his death and is therefore still alive somewhere on this planet. In that case, then Michael still exists in his earthly form (which I do not believe). This post is also not for those who may hold so dogmatically to their own religious beliefs that they will only accept their own religion’s version of what happens to us “on the other side.”

However, it may be worth noting that for every person who dies, their experiences in their new realm of existence will automatically be dictated by their own religious beliefs. In other words, whatever we have believed devoutly on earth still colors our perceptions of what we experience in the afterlife. There are many phases along the spiritual journey that will appear to replicate “Heaven” just as there are phases that will replicate the Christian version of “Hell” (Indeed, we are reassured that many souls will falsely believe they are in “Hell” during some transitional phases, but that it is only a temporary penitence; once the soul has undergone the necessary self reflection and growth, they will be allowed to progress to the next stage of transition).

Interestingly, it has been said that those who believe nothing happens to them beyond earthly existence will experience just that-nothingness. But this stage, too, is only temporary as the earthly consciousness is gradually separated from the spiritual consciousness. After what seems an eternal period of deep sleep, they, too,  will eventually awaken to the sight of their deceased loved ones guiding them into the next phase. I found this very interesting and wondered how Michael’s early training as a Jehovah’s Witness might have impacted his after death experience (even though he was not a practicing JW at the time of his death). Jehovah’s Witnesses believe that, upon death, the body and soul simply sleep together until the arrival of the earthly paradise (and/or the ascension to rule with Jehovah in Heaven if they are among the anointed 144,000). In their belief system, there is no such thing as after death consciousness. However, since Michael had long since strayed from many of the JW’s tenets, one would certainly have to question how many of these beliefs he still held to at his time of death. I personally do not believe that Michael exists in a state of unconsciousness, although it is very possible that, due to his beliefs, he may have initially experienced such a state temporarily. Of course, there is also another possibility-that unfinished business may have kept him earth bound and within his earthly consciousness for an extended time. In his case, this is very likely, for reasons I will go into shortly.

Going “Into The Light” Is A Phenomenon Recognized Universally, Across All Religions And Cultures. It Marks The Initial Stage Of The Spirit Journey.

There are several afterlife transitions that are universally recognized and accepted regardless of religion and cultural beliefs. These are stages that have been universally observed and recognized across all cultural and religious boundaries. The first phase-familiar to any of us who have kept bedside vigils with terminally ill loved ones-is that the dying person is greeted by deceased loved ones and/or spirit guides who will assist them in their transition. This is the phase we know and recognize universally as “going to the light.” Although no dead person has ever been able to come back to recount their experience, this is the stage most often recollected by those who have been just “close enough” to have experienced it (i.e, those who have been clinically dead and resurrected) and their accounts are all eerily similar in detail. Most recount it as a very peaceful experience, so much so that coming back into their physical bodies is unbearably traumatic and undesired.

For those who continue into the light, this becomes very much a kind of “welcome home” party. They will be in the presence of relatives, friends, children and spouses from whom they have been separated for years. It is a joyous time of homecoming and of “catching up” and for many, they become convinced at this stage that this is indeed “Heaven” (or whatever variant of Heaven that their own religion dictates). However, this is still only a temporary phase, though understandably, one that many are reluctant to part from. (I have a suspicion that my own dearly departed grandmother, a true chatterbox who could spend hours reminiscing with old friends, may well still be in this stage even after thirteen years! I could imagine she is still “catching up” on her gossip). However, the purpose of this phase is merely a kind of initiation; a way of easing the soul into the afterlife so that no one experiences the trauma of having to go it alone. Also at this phase, the soul is still very much connected to their earthly existence. They still possess the consciousness of their earthly life. They still retain their earthly memories and emotions, which connects them not only to those who have greeted them, but to those they have left behind as well. They will still remember the things that gave them joy and pleasure in their earthly body (favorite foods, scents and yes, even sex!).

But this only applies to those who do, in fact, actually cross over. Unfortunately, many souls become trapped and earth bound, for various reasons. They are initially greeted by their guiding spirits, but for whatever reason,  fail to complete the journey forward. These are the restless souls that eventually manifest themselves as ghosts (apparitions that can be seen or sensed) or, more malevolently, as poltergeist entities. In almost all cases, spirits who remain earth bound are those who died untimely deaths; those who died violently or unnaturally (including many suicides and murder victims); those who died angry, or those with unfinished, urgent business. In some cases, an especially strong attachment to a loved one on earth-or to several-may also hold a spirit earth bound.

With All That Consumed Him In Life, It May Be Small Wonder Why Michael Would Have Remained Earth Bound In Death-At Least For A While.

All of the above criteria certainly applies to Michael, who did die untimely; whose death was a homicide; whose death took place under mysterious circumstances that still have not been resolved; who certainly had urgent business and uncompleted obligations (the This Is It tour); who certainly had many earthly concerns weighing on his mind at the time of death; and who certainly had strong emotional attachments to people he was leaving behind (his three minor children). Additionally, Michael’s earthbound ties would have been compounded many times over by his mass, global world wide following; those millions who mourned his death and who, no doubt, kept his energy earth bound for much longer than the normal duration. (This is true to some extent of all celebrities, especially those who die young and violently and are worshipped on a mass scale-Elvis and Princess Diana come immediately to mind, but I think Michael’s case was particularly unique in the way all of these factors combined. it was a recipe guaranteed to keep him earth bound for a considerably extended time).

Based on what I experienced at the time, I believe that Michael initially experienced only a brief few weeks of conscious unawareness. His “awakening” began in July of 2009 and, as an earth bound entity, peaked around August/September 2009. This was the time when so many of us felt his energy and presence most strongly. Over the years, I have heard and collected many, many stories from fans of their collective “after death” experiences with Michael,and the stories all have an uncanny similarity, especially among those who became, in essence, posthumous fans. In all cases, there was a universal, palpable energy that we all felt; a driving desire to tap into something we could not quite explain. Many who had not been fans of his in life, or who had only been casual fans at best, suddenly felt overwhelmed with grief; with inexplicable sadness, and an urge to somehow “correct” the wrongs that had been done to him. The stories, as I have said, are universally similar. It is normal, for example, that in the wake of most celebrity deaths, we might become curious and more interested in that person for a short while. We might be inclined to read more about them or to research their life; we might feel genuinely sad that they passed. But usually that is the extent of it. However, what happened in the wake of Michael Jackson’s passing was much more; it was on a scale with a mass awakening. To this day, it is a force that remains inexplicable to those of us who experienced it.

It was also during this time that many of us experienced some form of contact, through visions or dreams or other mediums of communication. I recounted my own experience here when I reviewed the Deborah Stefenaik book.  (Interestingly, I have since had a similar, though less graphic, experience with Prince, who still seems very confused that he is actually dead). In hindsight, these experiences were not surprising. in this earth bound stage, Michael was a restless spirit determined to get the truth out, as well as seeking his own answers. This was the time in which his physical body remained unburied, and during which the circumstances of his death were under the most intense scrutiny and investigation. These conditions, combined with the intense outpouring of global grief, kept him earth bound for a quite prolonged period.

I don’t know how long Michael remained in this stage. I can only say from my own experience that i felt his energy most intensely and palpably throughout that summer and into early fall. For me, it began to taper off after September of 2009 and I believe strongly that finally entombing his physical remains had something to do with it.

Finally Being Entombed-Over Two Months After His Initial Passing-Seemed To Resolve Some Of His Restlessness.

Also, as more and more people began to take up the mission of uncovering the truth about what had happened to him, he may have finally become satisfied that his mission was completed. Nevertheless, others did continue to have and record experiences (not that I necessarily believe all of them; there are a lot of charlatans out there, but I do believe many of them are genuine). All in all, it would appear that Michael remained in this earthbound phase for anywhere from at least six months to a year. During this phase, he was still very much connected to his earthly existence as Michael Jackson; his consciousness was still that which he carried in his physical incarnation; his earthly memories were still intact. But like a kid at play, he was reveling in the newfound freedom of being able to take any form he chose; to project himself into any consciousness sensitive enough to pick up on him; to converse with anyone he chose at any given time and to be in many places at once.

An earth bound spirit can still eventually transition. Sometimes they require assistance to do so; other times, they simply evolve to a stage whereby they can make the transition on their own. When this happens, it means they are finally experiencing what more fortunate souls were able to experience from the very beginning-that time of bliss in which they are allotted to spend with the loved ones who have finally welcomed them through the transitional process. I don’t know exactly when this happened for Michael, but I do believe strongly that by late 2010 he had definitely “crossed over.”

One thing I have learned from my teachings is that there is no definite time table that exists in this realm, and every individual’s experience is different just as the needs of every individual will differ. Ultimately, each progression is about the evolution of the soul to its most pure spiritual essence-what some call “The Spiritual Plane”-and that journey is quicker for some than for others. This is the stage at which soul and spirit finally are joined as one entity and all ties to earthly existence have been severed. But this destination can take decades, or even centuries.

“Life Review” is often cited as the next phase of the journey. From all the descriptions I have read, most souls-especially if they have been steeped in Christian teachings-will certainly assume that this is the period of judgement. However, the difference is that, while all of their earthly actions are reviewed, the purpose is less about judgement and more about the need for the deceased to learn and grow from the mistakes and sins they committed on earth. During this time, the person’s entire life is played before them (some mediums say it really does resemble a personal theater, where the deceased person watches their entire life projected onto a huge movie screen!). But it is not over in a single viewing. The person is shown their entire life through their own perspective, and then, one by one, through the perspective of every individual involved in their life. It is here that they learn exactly how their actions have impacted others-those they have helped by their actions; those that they have hurt by their actions. Every deed is accounted for.  From here, they will enter a stage of purification (a time of intense reflection and penitence). Some souls may interpret this stage as banishment to Hell, as it is a time spent in isolation,but it is said to be only temporary. However, this stage can be considerably long, or of relatively short duration. If the individual lived a mostly righteous life, and/or if they resolved many of these issues in life (practicing forgiveness and making restitution to those they hurt, for example) then this stage may be relatively short.

I could only imagine that, given the life Michael Jackson lived and his status as a global superstar and icon, his life review has probably been an exceptionally long one. Imagine a review in which everyone  impacted by the life of Michael Jackson-everyone he ever encountered, no matter how briefly- must be accounted for. If one imagines how his life and career was encapsulated in that wonderful Lifetime Achievement montage, just imagine something similar only now including not only every monumental career achievement, but also every personal relationship, and every incident from many multiple perspectives, and one can see how Michael’s life review could certainly be both monumental as well as utterly draining and exhausting. When we consider that even the average person still impacts many lives, one can only imagine how much this is compounded for the public figure whose life has impacted millions, both directly and indirectly. Imagine being Michael and forced to re-live and reevaluate that endless parade of managers, record executives, tour promoters, every hanger-on; every partner; every accuser, every fan; every leech; every friend; every acquaintance; every employee, every relative, etc etc must be considered! A review in which every choice made; every action; every word, both public and private, and every consequence must be weighed and evaluated! Imagine a process whereby he must re-live not only every action he has done onto others (both good and bad, for whatever that is worth) but also, again, every action done unto him. That means, yes, every betrayal must be re-lived; every knife in the back experienced all over again. It means not only experiencing, again, the thrill and high of every concert, but also the entire scope of every trial (imagine his four month ordeal of the Arvizo trial expanded indefinitely and you get the idea!) But, for all the pain, there is joy as well. He will re-live the births of his children; he will experience again Grammy night of 1984; he will embrace Ryan White; he will feel again his grandparents’ caress; this is all part of the experience, the pain as well as the joy and bliss).

Can You Imagine The Epic Scale Of THIS Life In Review?

Given the immense scope of Michael’s life, he may very well still be in the stage of Life Review. But it depends, as I said, on a number of factors. If Michael had resolved many of his life issues before passing, this stage will be reduced considerably. But often those who die untimely or unexpectedly do not have the necessary time on earth to make these kinds of restitutions. Thus, the stage of purification may take longer.

After purification, the soul has evolved to a new level of growth and is ready for servitude. It has been said that many choose to continue in some capacity whatever roles they fulfilled on earth. For example, a teacher may still desire to teach; a caregiver will still wish to serve others. Many choose to become spirit guides. At this stage, there is no longer earthly conscience (the ties of their former life are broken after purification and after all lessons from that earthly life have been learned) but they may still choose to periodically watch over loved ones left behind. I can imagine that Michael would choose to spend his time of servitude in some healing capacity, or perhaps he is still performing and providing comfort and joy to other souls still progressing through their journey. So often in the past eight years, whenever some major tragedy strikes, I have heard people say, “If only Michael was still with us, he would know what to do or say about this; he would know how to bring us together.” If Michael has indeed reached the stage of servitude, then we can be rest assured that he is not only well aware of these earthly events, but is working diligently to help those victims who are transitioning to their own spiritual phase.

Michael Jackson In Servitude Will Still Be Fulfilling His Life’s Missions: Just In Different Form

I suspect at this stage of his journey that Michael’s spirit is somewhere between the phases of life review, purification and servitude. I do not think he has yet achieved the apex of soul/spirit unification-or what many religions refer to as “Bliss”-just yet, as that is a process that takes many decades or even centuries to complete. If we consider that Michael only “crossed over” from earthbound entrapment a little over seven years ago, that is not a long time in the spiritual journey. However, I believe strongly that Michael was already a highly evolved spirit, which is going to make his transition much easier and speedier than it might have been otherwise.

After eight years, I do not feel that palpable sense of energy and urgency that I once felt from him. I don’t feel the anger, desperation or intense sadness that I once felt from his energy, which tells me at once that he is both at peace to some extent and has let go of much of his earthly connections. But it says something else as well: That he has also moved further away from us. I don’t know what the experiences of others have been (I hope some will feel free to weigh in). But I do feel his essence, every single day. It is a much lighter energy now, minus the heavy oppressiveness of before. I am not naive. I know this comes at least partly from having evolved, myself, to a point of acceptance. When Michael died, I grieved intensely, but over time, even the most intense grief gradually fades to acceptance. I know that is part of it, but it is also something more. I am not sure if he is at peace, but I do think he has evolved to a stage that is much less concerned with ties to his earthly existence and memory. If that is so, it is a reality that is, of course, much sadder for us than for him. As Michael himself once wrote in his poem “Are You Listening,” he was well aware that “from Bliss I came” and “To Bliss” he would return. In that poem, he spoke of the power and eternalness of that which we call “Essence:”

Eons pass

Deep inside

I remain ever the same

From Bliss I came 

In Bliss I am sustained…(Michael Jackson)


Bliss is, indeed, the state of all energy in its purest and most evolved form. Religions that believe in reincarnation also believe it is only here that souls can either become born again in a new physical form, or else have transcended the need for further incarnation altogether  (This may explain why Michael chose the line, “From Bliss I came”). In that poem, he also reminds us that “This body of mine/Is a flux of energy” and goes on to speak of that energy as eternal. His poem is really just a reminder of what we are already well aware: That flesh is temporary; the soul transcendent, and that the energy of spirit-that which we call essence-is forever. Even in his art, we often see how Michael was continuously playing with the ideas of life, spirit, and resurrection, always reminding us that he-like all of us-was both temporal and transcendent; perishable and transitory, yet ever eternal.

In both “Is It Scary” and its later incarnation, “Ghosts” Michael depicts himself dying and being miraculously resurrected. But in the earlier “Is It Scary” we actually see the process of the physical resurrection, whereby it is through pure love and faith that he is risen out of his own dust and pieced together again. He was also similarly “resurrected” in “Moonwalker.” Even his idea for the “Unbreakable” video (which never materialized) was going to portray him as a dancing skeleton who has been resurrected, bone by bone, after a nasty fall that has broken him into pieces. 

In reflecting on the eight years since Michael left us, I am reminded more strongly than ever that it really does not matter where he is, or what stage of his spiritual journey he is in. What truly matters is that, as Maya Angelou so eloquently stated, “We had him.”

“We Had Him” by Maya Angelou

Beloveds, now we know that we know nothing
Now that our bright and shining star can slip away from our fingertips like a puff of summer wind

Without notice, our dear love can escape our doting embrace
Sing our songs among the stars and and walk our dances across the face of the moon

In the instant we learn that Michael is gone we know nothing
No clocks can tell our time and no oceans can rush our tides
With the abrupt absence of our treasure

Though we our many, each of us is achingly alone
Piercingly alone
Only when we confess our confusion can we remember that he was a gift to us and we did have him

He came to us from the Creator, trailing creativity in abundance
Despite the anguish of life he was sheathed in mother love and family love and survived and did more than that

He thrived with passion and compassion, humor and style
We had him
Whether we knew who he was or did not know, he was ours and we were his
We had him

Beautiful, delighting our eyes
He raked his hat slant over his brow and took a pose on his toes for all of us and we laughed and stomped our feet for him

We were enchanted with his passion because he held nothing
He gave us all he had been given

Today in Tokyo, beneath the Eiffel Tower, in Ghana’s Blackstar Square, in Johannesburg, in Pittsburgh, in Birmingham, Alabama and Birmingham England, we are missing Michael Jackson

But we do know that we had him
And we are the world.-Maya Angelou


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  1. Raven, I wanted to take my time with this well written and researched piece. I agree with you that with the millions who mourned his death and who, no doubt, kept his energy earth bound for much longer than the normal duration.

    Thank you for all you have done, as an advocate of Michael Jackson. I was one of the fans who was overwhelmed with grief that I spent the last eight years reading, researching, blogging and defending who Michael Jackson was, not what the media wanted us to believe. I had, as you write, an “urge” to somehow “correct” all the wrongs done to him.

    The media tore Michael apart with abusive allegations when he became a record-breaking force. Michael’s death triggered a deep genetic pain in me. The search for the truth about Michael became my obsession. It ignited a sense of tragic injustice that I felt as a child from being Jewish and having had my entire family on my father’s side killed in the Holocaust. Michael’s death also stirred the hurt and injustice I felt from having watched my mother’s abuse. Part of my journey here is to do what I can with my photo essays about the injustices that I have seen.

    What was done to Michael Jackson with the false accusations, the media lynchings, multiple lawsuits, slander and lies can never be comprehended by anyone who has not done the footwork to see who Michael Jackson was: a highly advanced soul who had the ability to forgive repeatedly.

    Someday the lies about Michael won’t trend, only his legacy. I personally will keep working tirelessly to remind the world who he was; an innocent humanitarian. And, I thank you for continuing to remind the world who he was, Raven.

    I would like to think that as you write so eloquently, that perhaps Michael is still performing and providing comfort and joy to other souls still progressing through their journey. Because after all, Michael purpose was clear from the time he was a child: he was here to bring people escapism with his dance and song and he never doubted his purpose. I think he was an angel living on earth. An example of a creative whose life was inspired by curiosity not fear. He saw the beauty in each and every leaf. Michael flew away too soon. We loved and continue to love him for his heart and his art.

    1. I sincerely recognize all of those feelings, especially the “tragic sense of injustice.” My family was Native American, so like you, I think at least part of that urge to fight injustice was in my blood. As I mentioned in the piece, I think it is normal that we often become more interested in someone after they die. I usually become more curious about them and am more apt to listen to their music for awhile (if they were a musician) or to watch their films or read their books, and I almost always write some sort of memorial tribute. But I knew that what I felt when Michael died was very, very different. His life and death cried out for justice on many fronts, from the accusations made against him to the manner in which he died.

      I’ve loved and admired many artists but only a very few have truly impacted my life in a meaningful way that goes beyond merely an appreciation of their art. Michael was certainly one of them.

  2. Trying again- Rev. B

    Hi Raven,
    Interesting where this journey has brought you. We have some of the same understandings about religious life and the death experience. This subject of course, was visited in my time in seminary, in esoteric studies, with multiple Gurus and teachers and again while studying for a Masters in Divinity. I also had the fortunate coincidence of being offered training after ordination and just the year before Michael’s death in another seminary, in grief and the deathing process and a course in Spiritual Emergency. While the reaction to Michael Jackson’s death was pretty universal and sparked a spiritual emergency and existential crisis for many singular souls, it did the same for the collective. I too have hundreds of stories of people who have had a Michael encounter after his passing, I had never heard before of anyone witnessing or sensing his murder. That would occur and indicate the level of ego, not the spiritual mind being tapped.

    An ordained minister with a medical background who taught the course on deathing chronicled to we students, the stages dying patients pass through in transitioning. Deathing is an actual universal process. For example, there are beings some would call angels, who assist with this process who gently rock the spirit out of the body during transitioning. (You’ll often hear dying persons speak of “rocking.”) There are several stages in the process and they are common to all who experience deathing and confirmed by those witnessing. This minister attended many deathbeds and did a comparative study of the esoteric literature with the actual deathing process in a dissertation for a PhD. There is quite a startling correlation.

    As a medical person, I would find it hard to imagine that Michael was conscious during his own transition process. The dosages of drugs would render him unconscious. The drugs would have depressed his central nervous system including, and likely quickly, the brain stem or cerebellum which controls breathing. I think he simply ceased breathing and that begins a cascade of events including the slowing down and stopping of the heart. His system was swimming in Propofol. The fact that there was perfusion would indicate his heart beat long enough to disburse the Propofol into all his tissues. That would not support the theory of an immediate death with one “shot.”

    After his death I too was concerned about the many grieving minds and the karmic ties (pull/pulling) with fans and others holding him back from his transition. While I won’t go into detail, just know that a shamanic soul retrieval was done with a team to collect all the parts of his soul that were taken or lost through trauma or experiences of shock and so on that can cause soul loss, and even restoring pieces that were stolen by those who knew or were familiar with him. Sedation in surgery itself can cause soul loss. There was also a meditation that hundreds participated in to say goodbye, to cut the cords of energy that would have held him suspended here and to send him on to his next adventure and life with an overabundance love and freedom. There have been other sacred ceremonies and advanced spiritual work done for Michael Jackson and for Neverland that shall not be revealed and that will remain secret. But let’s say he was in good “hands” and held with great care. I thought you and your readers would want to know.

    1. Thanks for sharing. As I had mentioned, I suspected that Michael had received spiritual assistance that aided him in finally being able to cross over. The mass meditation was a beautiful idea.

      Regarding what Michael may have experienced or been conscious of at the time of his death, I still believe that what I was permitted to see (whether it was a true vision or a lucid dream) was the last thing he was consciously aware of, and that was Murray and a large man in a suit who looked like Tohme from behind, both conversing in front of a white mantel. I’ve since learned from photos that there were two such mantel pieces that would have been within his range of vision from the bed, one to his right in the bedroom and another that would have been to his left in the foyer. It was later said that Michael’s head was tilted to the left when his body was still on the bed (for I am convinced that by the time the paramedics arrived, that’s all that was left). Murray and the other man both believed he was unconscious at the time, but what I felt was a sense of partial lucidity, though also a lot of confusion; at times, he wasn’t sure himself if he was really conscious or dreaming what he was seeing. There was a feeling of suffocation, as if mentally he was aware that his body was shutting down-possibly dying-but in this incapacitated state, he couldn’t call out for help. It felt very much like the way I would imagine a drowning person would feel once the inevitability of their doom has sunk in. I believe this could have been the sensation of the propofol shutting his organs down. It is very possible that if this was the last thing he saw or was aware of before slipping completely into unconsciousness, it would have made any kind of immediate transition near impossible, as it meant he would have died either knowing or suspecting that some type of foul play was afoot-or at the VERY least, would have been left wondering what the hell business this man had in his house at that hour.

      1. Raven, I’ve explored other realms long enough to know that a perception, particularly one shared by two people at separate times and locations, has meaning. Had anyone besides you and your sister had this experience?

        It’s hard to reconcile with the state of his body, however consciousness can and does exist beyond the body. It would explain why the sense of urgency many felt. I experienced it too. I was compelled and impelled to look into his life. We, after training in such work, learn not to question, but to obediently follow the draw or pulling that leads us and won’t stop haunting until it has its way with us.

        Michael long said he would be murdered. He thought his catalogue would be the death of him. What is particularly galling is all the doctors who instead of insisting on proper treatment and finding a way to navigate to it or convince a stubborn man to change course, instead were enablers and enablers of his death. They all, not just Murray, are culpable. Murray wasn’t just cavalier but reckless in treating Michael. He apparently displayed this recklessness in private practice and no one stopped him.

        I know that Jackson was in possession of his total soul after June 25 and the initial shock. While admirers agreed to let go, I don’t think he left immediately. As a Bodhisattva, he would have had that choice. Many Bodhisattvas choose to stay behind and assist humankind.

        He was a spiritually advanced soul and was familiar with achievements of the spiritually disciplined — he was familiar with siddhis as they are evident in his work.

        There is a location where lost children congregate and he, of all people, would be attracted to such a place and the work needed there to reclaim the souls of traumatized children.

        It appears his hand was in many things. And still is.

        I would encourage you to explore your vision perhaps using dream work more writing, drawing it, dialoguing with it and with all the dream characters, and from each of their perspectives. I wonder what further information you might learn?

  3. Thank you for this article, Raven. My own religious beliefs are somewhat different (I am a pantheistic Catholic with dolops of Buddhism thrown in!) but I do believe Michael lives on in spirit and I have experienced some rare, precious moments of ‘connection’. Fanciful or otherwise, they have been helpful to me, at least. I too believe that Michael was an evolved being, and this was something others were able to recognise about him. I think, given some of the tragedies that have occurred around the world since his passing, he is playing a role on the otherside, as only he can do, in particular in terms of the souls of children who are passing over. It makes me happy to think so, anyway. I was one of thoses who came to love Michael only after his passing – a fact I regret, but at least it meant I had the fervor of a new convert to throw (metaphorically) into the fight for Michael’s vindication and for greater appreciation of him throughout the world. Knowing what an emotional ride it has been, I have to emphasise again, and again, my undying gratitude for those who have been there, on the journey with Michael, and remaining strong and resolute come what may, throughout his life time. God bless them for that… as Michael did, many times.

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