New Program Sheds Light On Michael Jackson As Humanitarian

If you’re among the many who feel that Michael Jackson still does not get his just due as a humanitarian, a new program currently touring several major cities may help to change that. Michael Jackson, The Humanitarian, A Tribute, hosted by Janice Frogel, is a 90 minute spoken program that originated in Orlando, Florida, rolls into Atlanta, Georgia this weekend (Saturday, November 5th)  and then will be presented in Las Vegas on December 5th for two shows. This excerpt is  from the program website:

This is a feel good program! The Tribute includes many stories of Michael’s tremendous acts of kindness and generosity in helping people across the world.  You will hear how he saved a child’s life who needed a liver transplant, what he did after a mass shooting at an elementary school, how he gave hope and encouragement to so many, his very special gifts to terminally ill children and much more.  These stories will touch your heart with joy, hope, laughter and tears.  It also takes a fascinating look at the meaningful messages Michael gave through his music and what Neverland was truly all about.  

You can learn mor and get additional details regarding the program at the website:

This is a very worthy project that deserves support. Hopefully, there will be enough success from these initial endeavors to continue adding more shows and more cities to the itenaray.


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