Pastor Takes No Quarter With "The Man Who Killed Michael Jackson"


The World Heard A Message That Needed To Be Heard



Karma! Yes, it happened exactly as predicted. Conrad Murray, “The Man Who Killed Michael Jackson,” became indeed a man caught in his own trap. Of all the things Judge Pastor mentioned in his scathing and blistering speech at today’s sentencing, two things especially stood out to me-two things I was very happy to hear. One was the calling out of Murray about the audio recording. Pastor stated what many of us have been thinking all along, that the only possible purpose for that recording was potential blackmail. Pastor referred to it as Murray’s “insurance policy” should his relationship with Michael Jackson have turned sour at some future point.


The only possible innocent explanation would have been if the recording was supposed to serve some sort of therapeutic purpose, but Murray effectively squashed that defense when he told Savannah Guthrie that the recording was made accidentally. Had there been a legit purpose for making the recording, Murray would have surely wanted the world to know that. But instead, he tried to weasle his way out of it with a lie that no one was buying.

Which, speaking of the Guthrie interview, brings us to the second important thing addressed by Pastor: Murray’s media interviews and “faux documentary.” I love how he took Murray’s very own words in that crock and turned them into a weapon used against him. Murray’s confession that he had no remorse for Michael’s death (though not exactly a stunning revelation, since we’ve known this all along!) was the stupidest move he could possibly have made in his own interest. Ironic, since the whole purpose of that crock-we can safely assume-was to serve his own interest. Instead, the only function it served was to become the testimony he never gave in court. We were concerned about MSNBC giving Murray a platform to testify without benefit of cross-examination. As it turned out, no cross-examination was even needed! Murray did quite well at incriminating himself with no help from David Walgreen whatsoever.


Conrad Murray apparently thought he would be exonerated somehow by his interviews and crockumentary. Perhaps he was under some impression that he could exonerate himself in the court of public opinion, even if convicted by the court. But I don’t think he scored himself any points there, either. Most, I think, simply saw it as a self-serving and delusional indulgence.  Anyway,  that is territory I’ve already covered in depth in my three-part review  “The Man Who Killed Michael Jackson: Caught In His Own Trap so I won’t belabor the point here. Let’s just say that trap must have been very painful when it snapped shut!

I’ve heard some question if the reason for Pastor’s extreme harshness is an intent to “make an example” of Murray. I think that is possibly true. I also still think Murray is just a small part of a bigger picture. I think in some ways-whether fairly or not-he became the scapegoat and fall guy for the many, many vultures, predators, and enablers in Michael’s life. But I don’t feel pity for Murray, and any potential pity I might have been inclined to feel was obliterated by his actions in granting those interviews and doing that crockumentary.


So today has marked the end of a very long journey, but it’s not really over. For me, there are still too many unanawered questions regarding Michael’s death, and probably always will be. This is just the close of one chapter. As tomorrow dawns, there is still much work to do. Michael’s name and legacy remains tainted by the allegations made against him. And there is a reason why I have an entire category dedicated to “The Never Ending Media War.” Because it is just that…never ending, that is. And though Michael is gone, his vision for a better, more peaceful world for ourselves, our children, and the good of the planet is still waiting to be realized. There is still so much work to do, going forward.

One thing’s for sure, being a Michael Jackson fan never gets dull, or boring!


But tonight I do feel that maybe Michael can rest a little easier in peace. Justice? Well, the sad reality is that it’s probably as close to justice as it’s going to get. However, I think if I am honest with myself, it is not so much about Murray’s actual sentence-whether he does, in fact, serve out four years in a state prison, or in a County jail,  or even half of that term. Rather, it’s about the very powerful statement that was made to the world today; something the world very much needed to hear. I don’t know if others feel this way, but for me, it has been more about the symbolic function this verdict and sentencing represents. The message has been sent loud and clear to the world that Michael Jackson’s death was a homicide; that someone other than Michael Jackson was responsible for his death. A 50-year-old man, with a healthy heart and no major health problems, did not have to die.  

It was a strongly worded message the world needed to hear.

And thanks to Judge Pastor, it was heard loud and clear.

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  1. Phew! He got the harshest deal and as “predicted” because of the mockumentary! I read another account of this documentary…

    Btw, I am not familiar with how sentences are announced…was Judge Pastor really harsh? Is this not how sentences are announced?

    And u r right, better than the jail term…the judge was a delight to hear!

    1. You know, I don’t really think it’s THAT unusual. I have known of cases where the judge spoke pretty harshly at sentencing time, and it’s not unusual for an especially impassioned judge to say he wished he could impose a harsher penalty than the one allowed by law. So it does happen; maybe it’s just that it’s not often there are TV cameras and a media instantly ready to anlayze and scrutinize every word. Usually, we hear about it second or third hand, and/or we read the words from a print source, which of course does not have the same impact.

      It became clear why Judge Pastor denied the defense request to not allow cameras at sentencing. Pastor knew what he was going to say, and he WANTED the world to hear it. I was thinking the exact same thing as the judge-why be camera shy now, when you had no qualms about cameras when you were filming for your mockumentary and giving interviews? They feigned concern about the personal content of the letters, but there was nothing read or revealed that wasn’t already public knowledge, anyway. I think the judge was smart enough to see through it; that this was just a last-ditch effort to allow Murray to get out of this with “some” face saved. Pastor wasn’t going to let it happen. Bravo for him.

  2. Exactly, Raven. To me also this was the most important thing: This powerful statement to the world. It’s not so important how long CM will eventually be behind bars because the words of Judge Pastor as well as being officially MJ’s killer for the rest of his life are his biggest penalty. I was screaming when the Judge talked, I almost couldn’t believe what I heard because we are not used to such strong statements of professional and important people in Michael’s favor.
    This wonderful Judge sent out the message we were waiting for so long. He said he “also read the book of Michael Jackson’s life”. Perhaps he also found out for himself that not only Murray could have plans to blackmail Michael, but that this is exactly what happened to Michael all the time. Maybe he really learned something about Michael’s life and knows that Murray was one of many who wanted to profit from MJ. And he wanted to set the record straight for this (last) chapter of Michael’s life.
    But it’s interesting how the media and the public seem to buck and squirm against his words and the outcome of the trial – like a snake that is pestered with a stick. Pastor was immediately criticized by the media because of his harsh words and because he mentioned the audio recording. Here we are again in this “never-ending media war”. So the fight must go on….

    1. Bravo Susanne!! Well said!!!

      I too found it odd that the media should criticize Pastor for his harsh words to Murray. Has the media not been paying attention??? Murray has been caught red handed in his own deceit! I would have thought anyone with eyes and ears (except Murray of course) can see that. Murray’s culpability is clear and proven in a court of law. He’s had his day in court. Now it’s time for him to suffer the consequences of his actions in the context of the legal system. That said, the defense was correct in saying Murray will suffer beyond the result of the trial because he has now been forever labeled the killer of Michael Jackson….and rightly so! He’s earned that label. He had the opportunity to make better decisions in 2009 and failed miserably. I have no sympathy for Murray. He’s made his bed, now he must lie in it.

  3. “it is not so much about Murray’s actual sentence-whether he does, in fact, serve out four years in a state prison, or in a County jail, or even half of that term. Rather, it’s about the very powerful statement that was made to the world today”

    That’s exactly the way I feel. As I heard Judge Pastor giving his strong speech yesterday I thought “Thaaaank God, finally!”. At last someone is telling the world what all of us have been thinking since the beginning. He, indeed, gave us a voice, and what a voice!
    Even though this will not bring Michael back, I feel kind of relieved because I sense justice has been served the best it could.

  4. The judge was throwing the books so fast at MUrray even me had to duck, when he mention the tapes I know it was going to be bloody, and CM must have been thanking

    1. Bridgett, the full comment is not showing up on my administrative dashboard, either. I am seeing the same thing as is posted here. I am guessing there might have been a server glitch at the time you posted; I am really not sure. You might want to try reposting your comment. If you do, I will delete above for you. I am sorry it happened. These computers and programs sometimes have a mind of their own, as we all know.

  5. C. Murray is not any average person with human weakness who was caught in a bad situation.

    Besides all the violation of the medical care standards, the list of offences is lengthy if not endless: he secretly taped Michael, he tried his best to cover his ass instead of saving Michael, he worked with the media to play blame-the-victim game, he is lying at every opportunity …

    He does not deserve the slightest sympathy.

  6. Yes Sofia. U r right and dating so many girls and fathering many children from several women speaks volumes about his character!
    He joined when he was neck deep in debt and the fact that he ordered such a huge amount of propofol shows that he was well aware that Michael needed sedatives to fall asleep during the tours…he is a liar in saying that he was entrapped.

  7. I’m glad conrad has been exposed for all his lies and games. While I’m glad he got the max sentence, I have a feeling that he might not even serve all four years. The verdict and sentencing are what matters at this point and this is the best justice we could have hoped for in this tragic situation.

    Conrad’s reputation is now ruined and he will forever be known as the doc who killed Michael Jackson, that he cannot escape.. Conrad deserves nothing, no sympathy, peace or forgiveness. Bye bye conrad.

  8. I have to say that Judge Pastor’s words were incredibly satisfying and gave me a sense of some relief. He said everything that needed to be said and he said it with authority and confidence for ALL the world to hear. It brought happy and sad tears to my eyes. Happy because Michael’s killer has finally been brought to justice. Sad because none of this will bring Michael back. At the very least, Michael is a little bit closer to being able to rest in peace with dignity as a result of Murray’s conviction. Michael deserves that. Murray’s actions were inexcusable and his lawyers attempt to defend the indefensible was shameful. Shame on the lot of them! Rest in peace, Michael.

    By the way, I’d like to include an article published recently by Linda Deutsch for the Huffington Post. She talks about how the Murray trial has impacted Michael’s legacy.


    1. That is a fantastic article! I agree with most of the writer’s assessments. In some ways, it sort of plays into the new blog I just posted today. The question of what Michael’s legacy will be; how it will be carried forth now that he is gone remains a burning question. Tom Meserau is right; any damage done by this trial will be short term. The positive in this is that it is really Conrad Murray who emerged as the villain of this trial (well, that is good for Michael, not so good for Murray, eh?). In some twisted way, everything has sort of worked out for the good. Even Murray’s attempt to exonerate himself with his media interviews and documentary blew up in his face. None of it brings Michael back, but I do feel something changing. It’s only a small tide, but it gives me hope that Michael’s legacy and reputation will go through a revisionary process. I think it is already happening, albeit in baby steps.

      1. Yes, it is a fantastic article. Reading it really brought home the phrase, “Lies run sprints, but the truth runs marathons. The truth will win this marathon in court.” (MJ 2003) Yes it will Michael and yes it did!

        Murray erroneously thought he and his insulting lies could sprint to the finish line and everything would turn his way. He didn’t count on Michael being able to out run him from beyond the grave. Definitely NOT good for Murray. He only has himself to blame.

    1. @shelly

      Thanks, I have posted the link on the AFLB FB page! Also, I thought I might share this that I just saw on FB; it is Dr. Shafer’s answer to a fan question regarding Michael’s last minutes:

      Some answers that Steven Shafer has given fans so far via their correspondence with him (thanks to Isabelle for sharing this thread!):

      Q. In your opinion, was Michael suffering at his last minutes of life?

      A. “Definitely not. Propofol is a very pleasant drug. He was unconscious when he was dying from lack of oxygen. If he had been conscious, he would have been breathing. If he his airway was obs……tructed (i.e., his tongue fell to the back of his mouth), then his efforts to breathe was entirely a reflex, just our breathing when we are sleeping. He was not aware of it. It does not matter whether or not his eyes or mouth was open after he died.”

      Q. Dr. Shafer what do you think about Michael, have you ever listen to his music and if yes, what song is your favorite?

      A. “I did not study Michael Jackson before the trial, but since the trial I have listened carefully to his songs, read his lyrics, and seen his taped performances. I understand how his message touched millions of lives. He was just as passionate about life, and about people, as he was about music.”

      Further comment from Dr. Shafer:

      “I am glad that my testimony has helped many Michael Jackson fans understand what happened on June 25th, 2009. It is important when dealing with a tragic loss to understand how it happened. Not knowing can be as painful as the loss itself. I am grateful for the opportunity to explain the circumstances of Michael Jackson’s death, and am humbled by the outpouring of appreciation…”

      – Dr. Steven Shafer

  9. Mr. Taylor,

    My name is Alon Steinberg. I’m the Cardiologist that testified at the Conrad Murray trial on October 12th, 2011. I have just received a beautiful plant from the MJJcommunity and want to thank everyone so much. Since my testimony have felt a lot of love from Michael Jackson fans. I have received a hundreds of thanks you cards and messages from all over the world. I want to thank your entire Michael Jackson Community and Fans!

    I was wondering if you can post a appreciative thanks from me on your site.

    Alon Steinberg, MD FACC

    Ventura, CA

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