Michael Jackson's Enemies Are LITERALLY One Big, Happy Family: By sanemjfan-Pt 2

Part 2 picks up with more recent photos unearthed of Gavin and Star:

By sanemjfan

Originally posted November 09, 2011


Here are photos of Diane Dimond! I looked at her facebook page, and she has some very interesting connections, to say the least!

In the two photos above, you can clearly see that Dimond is friends with two of the “Neverland 5″: Melanie Bagnall and Adrian McManus! You can read more about McManus’s laughable testimony in this post (Bullet point #6), and in this post. (Kassim Abdool, Ralph Chacon, and Sandy Domz are the other “Neverland 5″ members.) They also sold their stories to Maureen Orth and Victor Gutierrez, and you can read this post to see how their lawyer was fined $28,350 for not disclosing their interviews to a judge before their civil trial! Bagnall and McManus are also FB friends as well, as you can imagine!

Here is Dimond and her buddy Zonen. How many journalists remain friends with the lawyers that they cover?

Yes, that’s Jason Pfeiffer in the photo below! The same guy who, along with MJ’s “friend” Arnold Klein, sold a story claiming to be MJ’s gay lover ON THE SAME DAY that Aphrodite Jones aired her documentary on Investigation Discovery! Nikki Allygator debunked that trash in this post!

In the photos below, you’ll see that Dimond is truly being a guardian angel for Star! (She isn’t FB friends with Gavin, but that doesn’t mean that they’re not in touch!) I wonder what type of advice and mentoring she’s giving them?

Here are some additional photos of Dimond’s connections with, Zonen, Palanker, and Stacy Brown:

Zonen and Dimon are on the left, and Stacy Brown is on the right.
Dimond, Zonen, and Palanker.

In the following photos, you’ll see that Stacy Brown is friends with Susan Filan and Dan Abrams, who he worked with while serving as an “analyst” during the trial.

Abrams hosted his own show during the trial, and Susan Filan and Stacy Brown were regular guests. Here is Abrams’ speech from the Harvard Law School seminar in November 2005. (Mesereau spoke there as well.)

Here is Filan’s “closing arguments” for the prosecution at the end of the trial. Try to keep a straight face while watching it! (I’m going to add something for the record here: The act that the prosecution tried to accuse Michael of, of sticking his hands down Gavin’s pants to masturbate him…physically impossible. Trust me, anyone who has ever engaged in a simple, teenage petting session would even know this! The only way it can possibly work is…well, if the other party is completely willing and has their pants open. Otherwise, I’m sorry, no way-Raven).

Here are some photos of Brown’s connection to some of the aformentioned people:

Wow! Dimond is friends with pro-prosection entertainer Susan Filan! What a shock!

If you think that Star or Gavin have an ounce of remorse for what they did, think again! Here is a message he wrote to someone on July 10th, 2009 (from a now defunct account.)

Whew! Based on all of those connections, I think it’s time to update the flowchart from The Veritas Project! It’s waaaayyyy outdated!

See guys? This is post shows what can be accomplished when you use some good old fashioned detective work! Who would have ever thought that I would find recent photos of Gavin? I guess my new nickname should be Sherlock Holmes, huh?

In closing, here is a recent video of Gavin running and hiding like the coward he is (added by Raven):



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