Happy 15th Birthday To Prince Jackson!

In one of the few truly insightful moments of the Martin Bashir crock (those rare moments when Bashir actually allowed Michael to talk, rather than manipulating the questions or inserting his sinister voice overs to tell viewers what to think of Michael’s answers), Michael revealed a very touching story about the day his eldest son was born.

For those who don’t know, Michael actually helped deliver all of his children! The first thing he thought when he saw Prince’s head come out was that his head was shaped just like Michael’s grandfather Samuel. But then something terrible happened.

The child wasn’t breathing properly.

“We can’t let you take him home, Mr. Jackson. There’s something wrong. We’ll have to keep him.”

"I Prayed To God, 'Please Don't Let Me Have A Sick Child!"-Michael Jackson

Michael described that evening of anguish as a million fearful thoughts must have raced through his mind.

“I prayed to God, please don’t let me have a sick child.”

Fatherhood had not come easy for Michael Jackson. Debbie Rowe had already lost their first child to a miscarriage. A year later, daughter Paris would suffer a complication at birth when her umbilical cord nearly choked her (she was a backwards baby). Now it seemed a dark possibility that his son might not make it.

But after a dark night of weeping and prayer-a night that must have lasted forever!-a nurse finally came in with the great news. “You can take him home now. He’s going to be fine.”

Not Sure How Prince Probably Feels Now About This Photo Being Seen By The World But i Think It's Too Sweet For Words!

By age two he was already an ace chess player; by ages five and six an accomplished ball thrower and informed movie critic (just ask Steve Harvey and Martin Bashir, lol!).

Fifteen years later, Prince Jackson has continued to do his father’s legacy proud. He is an articulate, bright young man who wants to direct films-and has quite an eye for the girls, so we’ve been told. He is carrying on his father’s concern for the welfare of our planet and each other.

I think he will continue to surprise us in many quiet but assured ways as he continues on his life’s journey.

Although this day is saddened by the loss of Whitney Houston (I can’t help but think of the agony her own daughter must be going through) it is a comfort to know that our children will carry on. I think of one of my favorite movie lines, spoken by the character Melanie in Gone With the Wind even as she knew her decision to have another child would probably cost her her life: “Children are life renewing itself.”

God bless you, Michael Joseph Jackson, Jr. You have stood strong through the loss of your father and all you have endured. We know that today he is very proud of who you are!


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