Happy 10th Birthday Blanket!

Happy birthday to Prince Michael II, aka Blanket. Entering The Double Digits today! Let’s take a look back at the life’s journey of Michael’s little mini-me!

“Blanket” Jackson entered the world on February 21, 2002…and what a world it was for this little bright-eyed boy!

"Why Does Everybody Want My Picture?"


"How Many Of You Can Say You Got To Be Held By A President? But Look...Daddy Doesn't Even Trust The President To Hold Me Correctly!"


"All The More Reason Why The Hoopla Over This Was Ridiculous. Look How Strong Daddy Is Holding Me! I Just Remember Lots And Lots Of People Yelling At Us!"


"It Took A Long Time For Daddy To Get Me Calmed Down. But Hey, You Would Cry, Too, If Your Earliest Memory Was Martin Bashir Staring Down At You! That Was A Lot More Traumatic Than The Balcony!"
"The Most Important Thing Was That I Always Knew I Was Loved!"

To answer two of the most commonly asked questions about Prince Michael II (Blanket):

Why is he named Blanket?

Answer: He wasn’t. His real name is Prince Michael II. As for the nickname and why it stuck, Michael explained it this way:

“…it’s an expression I use with my family and my employees. I
say ‘you should blanket me’ or ‘you should blanket her’,meaning like a
blanket is a blessing. It’s a way of showing love and caring.”-Michael Jackson

"I Was 'Blanketed' With Love...So Save Your Silly Jokes About Washcloths, Quilts, and Comforters, Okay!"

And here’s a cute article on the name Blanket that you guys might enjoy, from an author who admits she used to make fun of Blanket’s nickname…until she had kids of her own!


"Hey, So You Think I Got A Funny Name? Well What You Gonna Do About It? At Least It's Not Apple, Or Moon, Or Dweezil!"

Next Big Question That Every Nosybody Wants To Know: Why On Earth Does That Child Hang Onto All That Long Hair, And Why Don’t The Jacksons Cut It?

Katherine Jackson recently provided that explanation, and it’s all that needs to be said!

“He doesn’t want to cut it, so I’ve talked to him about it,” his grandmother said. “He likes it long because his father wanted him to have long hair at the time, but there will be a day that he’ll have to cut it, I think.”-Katherine Jackson


"I Don't Care What Grandma Says, Rock Stars Make Lots of Money! Maybe I'll Be The Next Jonathan Davis...Korn, Look Out, Here Comes Blanket Jackson!"














Blanket’s world, along with his sister’s and brother’s, was forever shattered on June 25th, 2009:

"They Told Me That Daddy Just Went Away On A Trip. I Didn't Believe Them. I Cried A Lot."
"I Didn't Understand."


But life has moved on. When you’re only seven years old, the world is still a big, huge place to discover! And for the son of Michael Jackson, there are still many important life lessons to learn-and people to meet!

"I Hate Having To Dress Up In These Clothes!"
"I Didn't Much Like That Oprah Lady. Did You See Me Wipe My Nose Before I Shook Her Hand?"

These days, Blanket is looking a little less sullen about being in the spotlight!

"I Still Think It's A Little Weird That All These Strange People Love Us. But It's The Life I Was Born Into. "


"I Know Now That They Didn't Lie To Me, After All. Daddy Really Did Just Go Away On A Long Trip. He Went To Heaven. And I Know He's With Me Every Day!"


19 thoughts on “Happy 10th Birthday Blanket!”

  1. God, Raven…this made me cry and smile and laugh all at once. He looks SO much like Michael. He’d be so proud of them—anxious about their growing up so fast, but proud, nonetheless.

    What a great picture of President Clinton holding him!! I’ll never forget the expressions on both the President’s and Mrs. Clinton’s faces while they watched Michael sing Gone Too Soon. They were realyl moved by him. That pic of Michael and Blanket, side by side, is amazing. I loved all of them.

    Thank you so much for sharing this! It really made my day! Ten years from now we’ll look at Blanket and do a double-take, thinking Michael is back!

  2. hello to everybody,
    First of all excuse my English, I’m Swiss, but the English do not write very well.
    I am sure to be the victim of bad and distorted information about MJ and I appreciate websites like yours to try That an illuminated area remained obscure for Several reasons. I think I love MJ and his music and I think I used to share the Efforts to “rehabilitate” his art and his person. But I want your kind an opinion on an issue “personal”.
    How can a man of genius, serious, affectionate father, a man who has-been through a lot, a man who wants to take the stage – great! day how he died? Although suffering from severe sleep problems, how can a reasonable man with three young children in the home indulge in a sleep induced by anesthetics used in surgery? How severe can be a dependency? This picture is so far away from the idea of MJ as I have in my head …

    A man, an artist serious, capable of growing well then .. leave His children and His Life In The Hands Of These dangerous drugs, a doctor, I doubt ..

    Forgive me, maybe I am a layman and I Should not even ask ..
    I want to make you my compliments for your work and your dedication, Lorenzo

    1. In response, I’ll just echo what prosecuting attorney David Walgreen said in his closing arguments of the Murray trial (and I am paraphrasing, but this was the gist of it): Michael Jackson did not intend to die. He trusted Conrad Murray to ensure he would live to see another day; that he would have another day to spend with his children.

      That being said, did Michael make some poor personal choices? I’m not naive enough to try to argue that he didn’t. Conrad Murray’s criminal negligence was the direct cause of his death, but obviously that death was symptomatic of many other issues in his life. It didn’t have to be, and that is the tragedy of it. But I don’t judge Michael because I didn’t walk in his shoes. Just as with what happened to Whitney Houston, it’s easy for some to get caught in a downward spiral.

      But Michael loved those kids better than life and I know he would never have intentionally done anything to take himself away from them.

      Despite whatever circumstances led to his death, we have to keep uppermost in mind that this was a homicide and that a man was convicted for it.

    2. Lorenzo, if you live in Switzerland, do you speak German or Italian? If you speak German: I have written a little book in German about Michael that explains a lot of the things you want to know. If you are interested you can have it as a gift. I did it just to educate people in Germany about Michael. Maybe Raven can give you my e-mail address.

      1. With Raven, you’re right, it is not fair to judge. The pain is often due to inappropriate thoughts.

        And thanks to Susanne, I do not speak German (I understand a little but not enough to read a book), but Italian. I would be happy to have your mail and also be able to read your book, if it were written in English.
        Thank you and good continuation to all of you.

        1. I’m sorry, Lorenzo, I don’t have it in English. I think it would require an English native speaker to translate it properly, my English is not perfect. But after all you will find all the necessary information on blogs like this one. And Raven answered brilliantly. One thing is for sure: Conrad Murray used Michael’s vulnerable situation for his benefit. That’s my conclusion from the trial. If he had been honest with Michael about the dangers of his “treatment”, Michael wouldn’t have allowed it.

  3. Isn’t it amazing that the DEEDS of one man can have thousands upon thousands of people rooting for his children while he is gone? The seeds of love that their father laboured to plant are blooming and blanketing them all…

    Meanwhile, have you see this Raven the Circle of life song? Please watch the whole song again and take note from 2:54 to 3:40. What does this remind you of? Was Blanket not shown to Michael’s fans over the balcony in the same spirit? Michael – The King and We his subjects in L.O.V.E. 🙂

    I am so tender overfilled with L.O.V.E. Happy Birthday Blanket. God Bless You and may you be guided to a beautiful life.

  4. Wonderful pictures, what a fine looking young man, and while he probably will need a haircut one of these days, I sure hope it stays “long”. I really laughed at the comment about wiping his nose before he shook Oprah’s hand! Having watched the interview several times, in conversations with others who also watched it, no one mentioned Blanket’s gesture and I was beginning to think I was the only one who noticed it! Can we say resoundingly that Blanket is a good judge of character? Thanks again for such an uplifting post here.

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