Wishing You Good Health and Good Spirits…Even If I Have To Kill You!


When The World Saw This Very Happy Moment For Michael And Janet At The 1993 Grammy’s, Few Could Have Guessed The Nightmare They Had Endured Just Months Before



OO-Los Angeles-From Holly Beckner, LA Deputy Attorney FBI Memorandum



“I hope this letter finds you in good health and good spirits..”

With that amiable greeting, a mentally ill man, falsely claiming at the time to be the son of mobster John Gotti, tormented Michael and his sister Janet for several terrifying months in the summer of 1992, before finally being convicted to prison for his threats in 1993. He would serve less than two years. Although the FBI investigation, arrest and conviction of Frank Paul Jones made some minor headlines in ’92, the case was for the most part swept under the rug and forgotten until the release of Michael Jackson’s FBI files in late 2010 would bring the case to light again. While most of the media zoomed in like hungry vultures to devour whatever the FBI files might reveal about the molestation allegations (only to end up sadly disappointed, as there was nothing substantial to reveal) I was far more intrigued by the bizarre series of letters from this man Frank Paul Jones, of which the release of the files also brought to light. I found them to be very revealing, not only of how a disturbed mind operates, but also as a very small glimpse into the price of fame. For sure, Jones’s distorted version of reality would be almost comically entertaining, were it not for the bone chilling reality that these were very real threats.

“This guy is serious business,” Michael was reportedly told when he showed the letters to authorities, at which point the FBI was brought in to investigate.

Frank Paul Jones 2010 Mugshot (He Was Arrested On A DUI)

Today I will continue my series on some of Michael Jackson’s most notorious stalkers, obsessed psychopaths, and extortionists with a look at Frank Paul Jones, aka Frank Gambini, aka Rev. Frank Gambini (a common trait among many of these people is to change names and identities-often). He also sometimes identifies himself as Apostle Paul. The major difference between Jones and, say, someone like Alexander Montagu is that, while Montagu appears to be a sociopath without conscience, Jones is truly mentally ill. By his own admission, he is bi-polar and was going through a manic episode at the time of the threatening letters in 1992. If his own writings are any indication, he also seems to suffer from extreme paranoia and other psychotic delusions. Bi-polar would be a condition that he shared with at least one other Jackson tormentor-Evan Chandler.


While bipolar does not in and of itself produce delusions in the same way that schizophrenia does, what often does happen when a person is undergoing a manic episode is that perceived slights and injustices from the past and present can take on exaggerated qualities. The condition is caused by chemical imbalances in the brain that cause one to swing from extreme highs to extreme lows, without the necessary medium balance that most of us operate on. A manic person almost always believes that every situation is ten times greater or worse than it actually is. Thus, a bi-polar person, for example, may have an e-book published, or be the author of a blog, and suddenly in their mind they are a best-selling author, a credit they have no qualms about palming off on the gullible! Or a passing suspicion about someone may suddenly become a conviction of truth in the afflicted person’s mind (often with no evidence or basis in truth other than that suspicion). Have you ever had the unpleasant situation of being in an argument with someone who absolutely swore up and down that you did something you know you never did, or who insisted on projecting motives onto you that you know were not your intent? Chances are, if that ever happened, you were dealing with a bi-polar individual!

Mark David Chapman Forever Changed The Way That Celebrity Stalkers Would Be Viewed

Now, before I get too deep into this, I just want to say that I have been a champion for the rights of persons with mental illness for many years. I have known many people with various forms of mental illness, including a sister who has been diagnosed as bi-polar and a good friend who has been schizophrenic since he was sixteen years old (and for which most of his life has been robbed as a result). My heart bleeds for them as it does for anyone coping with an illness that is beyond their control, and I have fought for the rights of the mentally ill just as I have for many injustices. A couple of important facts to keep in mind: Statistically speaking, most victims of mental illness are non-violent and not a threat to society. In fact, they are more apt to be victims of violence than vice versa.  Secondly, with the right combination of treatment and medication, most persons with mental illness can lead perfectly normal, productive lives. I just want to stress this so as to emphazise that my purpose here isn’t to belittle Frank Paul Jones for his illness, nor should he be held up as an example of what all mentally ill people are like. However, regardless of whether a person can help being the way that they are, it is ultimately the actions that person takes (or is capable of taking)which have to be weighed. The safety of society and of innocent people have to be considered above everything else. Regardless of whether a mentally ill person is in complete control of their faculties and impulses, it is often, as we know too well, the targeted victims who pay the price. In the celebrity world, the murders of John Lennon and Rebecca Shafer, as well as the attempted assassination of Ronald Reagen (carried out by John Hinckley to impress Jodie Foster) are all testament to just how seriously celebrity stalkers and threats to celebrities should be taken.

The saga of Frank Paul Jones’ harassment of the Jackson family is outlined fairly well in this 1992 LA Times article from Josh Meyer:

Obsessed Janet Jackson Fan Now Faces Federal Charges


At the request of the Los Angeles city attorney’s office, federal authorities have filed charges against a man they say stalked pop superstar Janet Jackson, claimed to be her husband and threatened to kill her live-in boyfriend.

Frank Paul Jones was arrested June 22 by a security guard as he made threats in the driveway of the Jackson family compound in Encino. He has been in custody ever since, charged with seven misdemeanors, including trespassing, making terrorist threats and stalking the 26-year-old singer.

Since his arrest, local authorities have uncovered alarming letters in which Jones vowed to go to great lengths to get Jackson’s attention, including committing “mass murder at a Michael Jackson concert if necessary, in an attempt to murder Michael,” according to an FBI affidavit.

Concerned that misdemeanor charges would not be enough to keep Jones away from Jackson, the city attorney’s office asked the U.S. attorney and the FBI to step in and take over the case.

On Tuesday, the U.S. attorney’s office charged Jones, 33, with one count of sending threats through the mail. If convicted, Jones would face a maximum of five years in federal prison and $250,000 in fines. His arraignment is set for today.

Assistant U.S. Atty. Gregory W. Jessner said authorities hope to keep Jones in custody while they continue their investigation. Jessner said he expects to file more felony counts against Jones by the time the case is presented to a federal grand jury in coming weeks. “It’s serious enough for us to take the case,” Jessner said. “It did go beyond simple, nasty letter writing.”

Although Jones was not violent at the time of his arrest, authorities said he also made threats against Jackson’s brother Jermaine, who with Michael Jackson and three other brothers made up the pop group the Jackson 5.

Jones also traveled from his home in New York to the White House in May to threaten President Bush as a way of attracting Jackson’s attention. He was arrested and ordered hospitalized but was released shortly afterward and headed for Los Angeles in search of Jackson, authorities said.

Because federal authorities stepped in, the city attorney’s office on Wednesday dropped the misdemeanor charges, said Deputy City Atty. Holly Beckner.

“We felt he was very dangerous to her and to the general public,” Beckner said. “We felt he could just go off. This is a man who traveled over 3,000 miles to do this.”

Deputy Public Defender Mark Chassman, who had been representing Jones on the misdemeanor charges, said he would not discuss the case, or his former client’s “state of mind or temperament.”

“But I was very confident in his defense,” Chassman said. “There is no reason I know of why the city couldn’t prosecute the case except that they thought they couldn’t win.”


On August 11th, Jones pleaded not guilty to the charges:


On October 14th, Jones was declared mentally unfit to stand trial:

ENCINO : Suspected Stalker Held Unfit for Trial

Community Briefs / VALLEY NEWS

October 14, 1992|JULIE TAMAKI

A federal judge ruled Tuesday that a New York man charged with stalking pop singer Janet Jackson is mentally unfit to stand trial.

U.S. District Court Judge Andrew Hauk determined that Frank Paul Jones, 33, is not competent to stand trial based on a psychological evaluation submitted by his attorneys. Prosecutors also agreed that Jones is mentally unfit to stand trial.

Hauk ordered Jones sent to a federal Bureau of Prisons mental hospital, where another evaluation will be conducted within four months to determine whether he could stand trialthen.

Jones was arrested June 22 as he stood in the driveway of the gated Jackson family compound in Encino, authorities said.

Jones faced a one-count federal indictment charging him with sending 40 threatening letters to the 26-year-old singer that allegedly contained threats against her, her boyfriend, her brother, Michael, movie director John Singleton and President Bush. The federal charges carry a maximum 20-year prison term.


He was finally sentenced in July of 1993 after several months of treatment in a North Carolina federal correctional institution, after which it was deemed he was finally competent enough to stand trial. He was, however, only convicted on one of the four counts for which he had been charged (sending a threatening communication) and for this, was given only two years.


So what exactly did his letters consist of?

The letters that received the most media attention when Michael’s FBI files were released were the following, which I have transcribed here (as unfortunately I do not have a way to scan the images from the FBI file):

To All Concerned Parties:

I hope you receive this letter in good health and in good spirits:

I decided since nobody is taking me serious, and I can’t handle my state of mind, that I am going to Washington, D.C. to threaten to kill the President of the United States George Bush.

If they do not arrest me or solve my problem, I’m gonna attempt to kill President George Bush. No answer from______ is the only wrong answer and I will not accept it. I would would {sic} be a fool to try to harm her. She isn’t my enemy, it’s the people in between me and her.

PS. I Dear {sic} you to call this a bluff-Frank Paul Jones

http://www.fbi.gov/fbi-search?cx=004748461833896749646%3Ae41lgwqry7w&cof=FORID%3A10%3BNB%3A1&ie=UTF-8&q=frank+paul+jones&siteurl=www.fbi.gov%2F#output=xml_no_dtd&client=google-csbe&cx=004748461833896749646%3Ae41lgwqry7w&cof=FORID%3A10%3BNB%3A1&siteurl=www.fbi.gov%2F&ie=UTF-8&q=frank+paul+jones (p. 22)

Jones Was Arrested In Washington Where He Had Threatened To Kill George H.W. Bush

I find the choice of words a bit interesting in the above letter, since he never actually says his intention is to kill George Bush, but rather, that he will “threaten to” and “attempt to” kill him. He seems to be purposely leaving himself some wiggle room; perhaps he was simply seeking attention; perhaps he was misguided enough to think that by wording it thus, he could create a legal loophole for himself should the letter end up with authorities, as he had to know it would. However, as emphasized in the LA Times article, the mere fact that Jones traveled over 3,000 miles to actually put himself physically both at the White House (where he was arrested) and at the Jackson home in Encino (where he was also arrested) put his “threats” in a whole different light-one which definitely couldn’t be ignored!

Then there was this one, dated 5/18/92, of which this excerpt was quoted and re-quoted on many news sites:

So I decided to go to the FBI today, if that doesn’t work ill {sic} go to the CIA, military intelligents, on up to the President of the United States of America, and if the chain of command doesn’t work, I will resort to violence, to bring attention to my problem. I’ll commit mass murder at a Michael Jackson concert, if necessary, in an attempt to murder Michael, then you will have to deal with my situation in the public eye.

Now the issue with _____ is love-vs-being used, with Michael Jackson and John Gotti it’s about financial compensation. I told you what will happen to John if he doesn’t pay up, Michael I will personally attempt to kill if he doesn’t pay me my money. If I’m crass then I’ll go to jail, if not then everybody will know the truth. “But I can’t live like this any longer.”

(Read: Ecc: 7:25:28)


_________ (Frank Paul Jones)

http://www.fbi.gov/fbi-search?cx=004748461833896749646%3Ae41lgwqry7w&cof=FORID%3A10%3BNB%3A1&ie=UTF-8&q=frank+paul+jones&siteurl=www.fbi.gov%2F#output=xml_no_dtd&client=google-csbe&cx=004748461833896749646%3Ae41lgwqry7w&cof=FORID%3A10%3BNB%3A1&siteurl=www.fbi.gov%2F&ie=UTF-8&q=frank+paul+jones (p. 63)

For those of you not as familiar with the story of Frank Paul Jones or how the drama unfolded, it seemed that Jones was operating under the delusion that he had married Janet Jackson when she was only thirteen years old. Believing that he had been “used” by his “wife” seems to have been what fueled most of his jealous anger, but somehow this also became entwined with a desire to extort money out of Michael. Jones would later deny that he had any such obsession with Janet (he would claim this was a rumor started by Jermaine, although the evidence of his words in the letters speak for themselves) and that his sole motivating factor was to get back his share of Michael’s estate (to the tune of $500 million) that was “rightfully” owed him. Wow, considering that Michael Jackson’s estate is only worth about $500 million right now that’s a pretty steep asking price-the whole kit and kaboodle, so to speak! I guess all of those years of singing, dancing, touring, and recording meant nothing-it was all the work of Frank Paul Jones! (Actually, he says yes, as a matter of fact!). But I am getting ahead of myself here. I will cover all of this when I get to what Frank Paul Jones, alias Frank Paul Gambini, has been up to lately-and boy, his current activities, though law abiding enough, are certainly every bit as colorfully bizarre as his past! (And, even more disturbingly, he is still every bit as obsessed with the Jackson family).

Janet In 1992, At The Height Of Jones’s Obsession With Her. He Was Convinced They Had Married When She Was Only 13

In this letter dated July 2nd, 1992, Jones informs someone that he will protect the Jackson family even “if it means killing them.”

Now trust me on this________ the only way out for the Jackson Family is through me, you can’t get security to protect them from me, because im {sic} responsible for their security.

My interest is that half of Michael Jackson’s estate is mines {sic}, my proof is if he doesn’t pay up I’m going after him. (This is underscored in the original document).

They controlled me because of my love for_______ but now if_____ leaves me, not only will she be a broke bitch by my doing, but the Mafia will kill her, because she was unfaithful and they have no more use for her. If she accepts me, she will be protected, because they cannot bring harm to my wife, because if they play killing wife games, they must remember that, (“I hate to say it but it’s true”) im {sic} the number one killer, but hey, for the most part I did it for the government, that’s why I was granted legal immunity. As for why didn’t anybody know? (Read: MK: 6:4-6). My sister is also confussed {sic}.

For The Jackson Family, I will protect them even if it means killing them.-Frank Paul Jones

http://www.fbi.gov/fbi-search?cx=004748461833896749646%3Ae41lgwqry7w&cof=FORID%3A10%3BNB%3A1&ie=UTF-8&q=frank+paul+jones&siteurl=www.fbi.gov%2F#output=xml_no_dtd&client=google-csbe&cx=004748461833896749646%3Ae41lgwqry7w&cof=FORID%3A10%3BNB%3A1&siteurl=www.fbi.gov%2F&ie=UTF-8&q=frank+paul+jones (p. 73)

“My Interest Is That Half Of Michael Jackson’s Estate Is Mine. If He Doesn’t Pay Up, I’m Going After Him”-Frank Paul Jones


His belief that he owned half of Michael’s estate and the ability to control his assets is further revealed in this brain twister masterpiece from 5/19/92:


I hope you receive this letter in good health and good spirits:

Fuck your fax paper, this is important.

I decided rather than let _____ get killed for leaving me, im gonna kill whoever tries to take her from me, im not taking no for a {sic} answer, because aside from the front off, I don’t think I can honestly let go, and she knows this, and is taking advantage of it.

I’m sorry but before I let them take______ from me, the woman I worked all my life for, dreamed about, and waited all my life for, before they take her they will have to kill me or be killed.

As I said concerning Michael and John, it’s business. intill {sic} I get into the scene, Michael really can’t control his own assets. And the Jackson family should be with me on this, because Michael has to give each one of his brothers and sisters 10M on that day, as a settlement. They don’t have to be angry with him, he wasn’t in a position to give to them as he would have liked to.  As for _____ I don’t know what to say. (Read: Gen: 29: 15-30).

This is what these Jehovah Witnesses {sic} pulled on me and still don’t want to pay up, but he’s out of daughters, what he {sic} gonna do now, throw in a grand daughter?

Ask____ does she know___________. Am I crazy?

Maybe but im no fool, im sorry but________ is a bugged out bitch, the shit she took from punk ass______ now______is a dead man.

http://www.fbi.gov/fbi-search?cx=004748461833896749646%3Ae41lgwqry7w&cof=FORID%3A10%3BNB%3A1&ie=UTF-8&q=frank+paul+jones&siteurl=www.fbi.gov%2F#output=xml_no_dtd&client=google-csbe&cx=004748461833896749646%3Ae41lgwqry7w&cof=FORID%3A10%3BNB%3A1&siteurl=www.fbi.gov%2F&ie=UTF-8&q=frank+paul+jones (p. 74)

And excerpted from a letter also dated 5/19/92:

I hope you receive this letter in good health and in good spirits:

I didn’t get any news, which is good news, when you’re expecting bad news.

Concerning an argument that I’ve been addressed with:

Where is my proof? How can I say that half of Michael Jackson’s estate is mine without documents to prove it? Where is my certificate of marriage? If I hire a lawyer can he present my case?

ANW: My claims are based on the fact that “I Am” the Son of Man with legal immunity (illegible). Therefore the (courts?) that would normally apply, do not.

http://www.fbi.gov/fbi-search?cx=004748461833896749646%3Ae41lgwqry7w&cof=FORID%3A10%3BNB%3A1&ie=UTF-8&q=frank+paul+jones&siteurl=www.fbi.gov%2F#output=xml_no_dtd&client=google-csbe&cx=004748461833896749646%3Ae41lgwqry7w&cof=FORID%3A10%3BNB%3A1&siteurl=www.fbi.gov%2F&ie=UTF-8&q=frank+paul+jones (p. 74)

Well, one can only imagine how claiming to be the “Son of Man” would hold up in a court of law! I think we can safely assume that Michael’s assets and half of his estate were never in any danger of going to Frank Paul Jones! But the threats to Michael’s life, as well as those to Janet, Rene, and John Gotti, were very real.

And what I have transcribed here is only the tip of the proverbial iceberg. The letters in their entirety-occasionally hilarious; sometimes sad, but always very disturbing would, as I said before, make for one entertaining soap opera were it not for the fact that this man was toying with the lives and psyches of real people. In the course of the letters, he scolds Janet for her unfaithfulness, gives her advice on how to properly conduct herself in show business as his “wife” (in one letter, he tells her she has gone too far in her videos and concerts. He lays down the law as to what is and is not acceptable behavior to him. “You can be friendly and professional,” he lectures sternly, but warns her not to disrespect him).  He also blames much of it on Janet’s “confused” sexuality, and threatens to kill all homosexuals (although rumors that Janet is bi have been circulating for years, in this context the threats really make no sense since Janet was supposedly with boyfriend Rene Elizondo at the time). He provides almost paternal instructions on how Janet can make the break from Rene and what they will do as a couple about the house (“we can burn it down,” he says). Michael, meanwhile, is urged at one point to “be for real”  and to make no further major purchases “other than that house I put on order.”

The Threat To Michael And Janet Was Considered Serious Enough That LA Deputy Attorney Holly Beckner Fought For Jones To Plead Guilty And Serve Court Ordered Treatment Rather Than Straight Jail Time. Even Then, She Feared His Release Would Be Too Soon

Deputy Los Angeles Attorney Holly Beckner stated in a memorandum submitted to the FBI that there was sufficient reason to feel that Janet Jackson and “to a lesser extent” Michael Jackson were in danger, especially given that even if Jones pleaded guilty and was  sentenced to court ordered mental treatment, the most time he could be put away was one year.

http://www.fbi.gov/fbi-search?cx=004748461833896749646%3Ae41lgwqry7w&cof=FORID%3A10%3BNB%3A1&ie=UTF-8&q=frank+paul+jones&siteurl=www.fbi.gov%2F#output=xml_no_dtd&client=google-csbe&cx=004748461833896749646%3Ae41lgwqry7w&cof=FORID%3A10%3BNB%3A1&siteurl=www.fbi.gov%2F&ie=UTF-8&q=frank+paul+jones (p. 79).

(However, as we will discover in Part Two, Jones swears now that it was never really about Janet at all; it was always about Michael and what he apparently still feels-even now-is rightfully owed him!).

If you are interested in reading all of the letters from the file, or seeing the actual copies, you can access them via the FBI webpage link I’ve provided above. However, I also found this video on Youtube which does a nice job of compiling them:


But who was this man, Frank Paul Jones, really? More importantly, who was he before he took to stalking the Jackson family as a major profession?

Some interesting clues are provided in the letters themselves. In keeping with the almost picture perfect profile of an obsessed stalker, Jones seemed to be a loner and a bit of an outcast. “I’m 33 years old and never had a relationship in my life,” he said at one point in the letters. “I can’t even slow dance.” An interesting confession from the man who was nevertheless attempting to convince all concerned parties-including himself-that he had been married to Janet Jackson since she was thirteen years old!

Perhaps some of the most revealing information can be gleamed-if one separates the chaff from the wheat-in a blog entry from NaQuila Hardy. Hardy, an aspiring singer who hooked up with Frank “Gambino” (Jones) as an apparent co-producer of her music via Gambini Productions, seems to have finally superceded Janet Jackson to become Jones’s “real” love-at least for now. Hardy writes a blog entitled “A Good Woman.” I really do not know how much stock to put into it, as Ms. Hardy seems to rival Jones when it comes to delusional ramblings (let’s just say they seem to be a match made in Heaven!). Apparently, we can add Frank Paul Jones-along with Conrad Murray and Alexander Montagu-to the list of sociopathic and/or psycopathic men in Michael Jackson’s life who nevertheless have the love and support of at least one blindly dedicated woman behind them.

Frank Paul Jones, Not Yet A Criminal But A Very Sad And Troubled Young Man When This Military Photo Was Taken

Nevertheless, her “biography” of Frank Paul Jones contains much information that we can probably safely say is factual-to a point. Born in Queens, New York on March 4th, 1959, Jones was, according to Hardy, raised in an environment infested with corruption and mafia crime. He came from an abusive home in which his father, Frank Clark Jones, regularly beat his mother Blond Eve Austin Jones. Although at times Hardy comes off as an irritatingly naive and blind apologist for Jones, her account does provide some revealing insight into the forces that shaped the man that Frank Paul Jones would become:

As a child his father Frank Clark Jones was very abusive to his mother Blond, for reason’s he never understood. Though he was not abused he felt he was raised in an abusive home. He was a very smart child academically, however when he was 11 years old his mother had a disabling stroke that she never recovered from it and was pronounced dead when he was 16 years old. He blamed his father for her demise and could not find it in his heart to forgive him. He remembered when he was 11 years old and woke up for school and was told by his sister Lujuana his mother had a stroke, he realized it was not a dream and she was carried out of the apartment that night. He went to the mirror in the bathroom, banging his head against it cursing God saying, “I hate you God,” over and over. He was traumatized as a child.

He said on that day he may well have been cursed by Satan, because he hated God for taken the health away from his mother. As a result his interest changed and his grades went down in school. He eventually started congregating with the more sinful group of people and by time he was a teenager at about 14 years old he started to abuse drugs and alcohol. By time he was 15 years old he was drug dealer and the deterioration of his character continued.

His father realized he had a problem and would always tell him to search for the truth and that your worst enemy was yourself.

His father got fed up with his anti social behaviors and his evil ways. As Rev. Jones then Paul Castellano was going up against God and all of God’s people, he joined the Army at age 17 years old. He was involved in covert operations since the age 17 with the federal government again so he claims. It is a known fact he enlisted three times and his military record until now have been unobtainable to the Department Veterans Affairs in his claim for compensation that is over 20 years old. He claims the reason is National Security, whereby the VA simply could not obtain his records from the Department of Defense for 20 years and counting.

He served the United States Army 3 times between 1976 and 1987. In between his enlistments he never could function properly in society, engaging in criminal activities and never hold a job very long. By 1989 he reached his rock bottom and found God again. He had a spiritual awakening as a result of secret fellowship, however his troubles where just about to begin. After he came to his senses and accepted God’s greatness and mercy, he had what he called a revelation of self, code to society a nervous breakdown.

When he entered the hospital for help with personal problems, he could not remember the day before. All of his memory was blank. It was like he was just born and barely knew has own name. But it started to come back to him little at a time. He lived in a homeless shelter in Long Island City aka BAVR (Borden Avenue Veteran Residence) and one night he was told his father had a heart attack and he had to go to Florida. He realized his anger with his father was too long and to love himself he had to let go of the anger and hatred. He packed the little he owned and went to Florida to see about his Father. His father died about a week later and he moved into the family home.

He knew he would not stay long, but had to survive in a town of few opportunities. So he went back to school and got a full time job. All he did was studied, eat and slept but he was tranquil. Then the day of blessing or curse came upon him. He found out who he was in a vision as describe by him.

“I was watching a music video by a popular artist, I had a vision and saw my whole life pass by him and remembered everything that I did and happened in my life.” He realized he was Paul Castellano and Gambino Family made man and the successor of Carlo Gambino. When he revealed these visions to the world he was not received and was called crazy by everyone to include his own family. He was told that he was delusional. That is when he took on the name Frank Paul Gambino. He claimed he was the Son of Carlo Gambino and the successor of the Gambino Crime Family. Still his troubles where just beginning.

In 1991 he was arrested for threatening to kill President George H.W. Bush Sr. Somehow he got out of that one after a 16 days stay at Saint Elizabeth Hospital. But it did not stop there he was again arrested in California for threatening members of the Jackson Family and recently in an approximately 200 pages document in the investigation on Michael Jackson’s death, he was found to have been under investigation concerning the death of Michael Jackson by the FBI. The article was released by TMZ. Frank Paul Jones on TMZ web site:

For 20 years Frank Paul Jones was called insane by the masses and until this day to some degree he cannot shake off the past. Many people judge him by the false media.

He says he is no longer interested in the Jackson Family and found love with NaQuila, who he did production work on an album for. He currently lives in Florida and is trying to put the past behind him. His mission in life now is to do community work and try to help people. He feels this is a 180 degree turn for him as for most of his life he hated God only to realize he is a child of God. He feels like he is God’s prodigal Son. He will come in the name the Apostle Paul.-Excerpted from “The Biography of Frank Paul Jones,” by NaQuila Hardy


It is interesting that NaQuila Hardy (if indeed this is even her real name, or if she even really exists!) admits that Jones was someone who could never function properly in society, engaged in criminal activities, and never held a job. These are all classic symptoms of sociopathy.

This statement, to me, is especially interesting, in light of all that would transpire afterward:

Then the day of blessing or curse came upon him. He found out who he was in a vision as describe by him.

“I was watching a music video by a popular artist, I had a vision and saw my whole life pass by him and remembered everything that I did and happened in my life.”

The timing of this “revelation” would have taken place just prior to the events that would unfold in ’92.Hardy mistakenly refers to the threat to kill George H.W. Bush, Sr. as taking place in ’91, rather than ’92. All the same, this would have put the time of his revelation sqaurely in the time period from between about 1989 to 1991. So, then, could the artist referred to in the video be Michael Jackson? I am guessing for sure it was either Janet or Michael. If so, this was most likely when the seed was planted that led to the bizarre string of events in ’92.

Her account also touches on something that would become a source of much confusion for fans in late 2010, as a rumor began to circulate around the internet that Jones was actually being investigated by the FBI in connection to Michael Jackson’s death!

As Frank Paul Gambino, One Of His Many Aliases

So…truth, or an internet hoax (one that Jones himself seemed to take no small role in spreading, despite his protestations of innocence?). I will look into these answers in Part Two, and will also take a look at what Jones-aka Frank Gambino-has been up to lately. He seems to be very adept at keeping the Death Hoax believers happy-or at least giving some of them plenty to think about! And as we will see, I really don’t think he has done much to “put the past behind him” when it comes to his obsession with Michael Jackson. Here is an excerpt from just one of his latest rants, written during the Conrad Murray trial:

He owed me a lot of money as the Jackson family has the masses to include people close to me thinking I am crazy and was a stalker.  Michael Jackson’s final destiny was by the content of his character.  He was a low life scum of the earth thief.  However, I still want my money, all $500 Million dollars.-Frank Paul Jones


UPDATE (7/12/12): I have made the decision that there will be no Part Two to this article, for the reasons I have given in the comment section in response to Simba.

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  1. You judged the messenger and missed the message. If you want to psychoanalyze me, you have to go far beyond Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson or NaQuila L. Hardy for that matter. Go to John A. Gotti page on Zimbio.com, he has some fine articles about me and by me on his page. You missed the message! But since your article was not all negative, as you showed empathy; I will assist you in gaining a clearer picture in what may seem to be a great big delusion.

    First of all, NaQuila exists and you know it. Was that a throw off? She is on Facebook for Christ sake, so what kind of journalist are you? A “best selling author?” What kind of research did you do but read my blogs and take my words verbatim and then add your two cents?

    In any case my writings were almost always symbolic. As I was talking to the Government throughout my journey over the years and they understood what I was saying at the time. I wrote a vision as I saw it, often as another person. So who was the Jew, who was the Christian and who was the Muslim? You do not even know what I am talking about anymore! This is bigger than love, money and sex. But I am not going to try and prove anything to you as those days are over. You are not as smart as you think you are nor am I as crazy.


    1. Hi Frank!

      Well, I will be sure to check out John Gotti’s page; thanks for the tip!

      My intent with this piece was not to tear you down, but to expose the story of what went down in ’92 for those who may not be aware of it. I actually do, to some extent, empathize with your problems you were going through back then. I have had enough personal experience with mental illness to know how devastating it can be, and how it can rob a person of their life but I do not condone what you did to Michael and Janet, which you know had to have caused them a lot of duress. To your credit, at least you’ve never attempted to deny or whitewash the things you have done, and for that, at the very least, I commend you. However, I will repeat, I do not condone your actions. Mark David Chapman killed John Lennon. There was no reason why your threats to Michael should not have been taken seriously. Whether you meant what you said, or ever intended to carry those threats out, isn’t the point.

      My purpose here is to expose what MJ had to deal with as far as people who threatened him, extorted him, or attempted to fabricate false allegations against him (or all three). Like it or not, Frank, you were part of that. It wasn’t as if the guy didn’t have enough crap in his life to have to deal with.But like I said, at least you have never tried to hide it or deny it. Not that it would do you any good if you did. The letters in the FBI file speak for themselves-and they speak loud and clear.

      I am really not trying to “psychoanalyze” you other than attempting to understand what drove you to the actions you took in 1992. I can assure you I have no interest in your life or your doings or anything beyond simply trying to understand what your obsession with the Jackson family was all about. You say this is bigger than them, whatever that means, but I really have no interest in this other than as it pertains to Michael and Janet. I really could care less whether NaQuila Hardy actually exists or not. I only made that comment because I couldn’t help noticing that her writing style is very similar to yours. A Facebook page doesn’t really prove much, as anyone can set up a fake profile. But…what do I know? If I’m wrong, then I apologize; in the end, it is really irrelevent to me as NaQuila is not my concern. My interest in you, your story, and/or anyone connected with you begins and ends with Michael and the events of ’92.

      The “best selling author” remark was just a generic example.

      I don’t bear you any enemity or ill will. Just trying to understand why you felt the need to take the actions that you took against Michael, Janet, Rene, etc. I sense you’ve had a lot of sadness and some very difficult circumstances in your life. No, I am sure I don’t know the whole picture, and to be honest, I probably don’t want to-let’s just leave it at that.

      “You are not as smart as you think you are…” This is not about being smart, or clever. It’s about what you did to Michael, which is already public knowledge. I haven’t stated anything here that anyone can’t gleam for themselves from reading the FBI file or articles available on the internet, so it’s not as if I’m trying to be smart OR clever. Just reporting the facts as they are known.

      “nor am I as crazy.” Well, I’m sure there is probably some truth to that.

  2. Raven – with all due respect, and understanding what you hoped to accomplish, I think this post is a bad idea. I have also had experience with those struggling with mental illness, but the struggles of those who love them, and have to deal with the fallout from their actions, are just as great, if not greater.

    This person takes no responsibility for his actions. I fear that you have simply puffed up his sense of importance, and validated his delusions. Perhaps you can delete his name, photo, and all identifying info. That way we would still know what Michael and Janet went through at the hands of this individual, but he would remain in obscurity, where he needs to be.

    1. I believe the decision I have made is that I will refrain on my original idea to do a Part Two to this piece. My initial thinking was that the rumors of another FBI investigation into Franks possible “involvement” with the death of Michael Jackson was worth looking into, as I felt it was something that needed to be clarified. However, I think most reasonable people will reach the same conclusion as I have, which is that this was a false rumor possibly fueled by Frank himself-or just another delusion. I will probably allow this post to stand, as I accomplished my goal with this piece, which was to simply shed light on what occurred in ’92. And with that, I will close the chapter on Mr. Jones, hopefully for good.

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