The Blame Game: Who Are The Real Bad Guys In The Jackson Family Drama, And Do We Even Know Anymore?

The Reason Why We Care So Much, And Always Will

Now that the immediate drama of the Jackson family chaos is starting to wind down, I am hoping things can get back to somewhat semi-normalcy here. Of course, as we know, the drama surrounding the Jackson family name is never really “over”-it just dies down until the next chapter opens again.

They Became Famous As Brothers, As FAMILY. What Happened?

The real question now that remains is: Who to blame? Well, I wish I had those answers. I really do. But the honest truth is that we don’t know. For the moment, I’ve ceased updating the previous post because, to be honest, I’m at the point now of just sheer saturation. I will continue to post videos that encapsulate the news coverage and any major new developments, but for now everything  just seems to be the inevitable tabloid fallout of re-hashing and pointing fingers, trying to figure out who to blame. Who are the bad guys here? Who are the good guys? Do we even know? However, I can say that whatever conclusions one arrives at, there are certain undeniable factors which need to be addressed-and those are my concerns here for the moment.

When I first became a part of the MJ fan community (that is, in the sense of being an active member on the internet) I learned early that there are certain individuals whom we can clearly identify as “the enemy.” Now, that sounds like a contradiction in terms, considering that this is supposed to be all about admiration for a man whose catchphrase was, “I love you more” and who advocated a message of love and brotherhood. The very name of this blog comes from his phrase, “It’s all for love.” But let’s not forget the true connotation of that phrase. It was a phrase Michael would often use when gently chiding those around him, to soften the blow of some criticism. In This Is It, for example, whenever he would have to correct something that one of the backup performers or musicians had done wrong, he would say, “It’s all for love” which was to be interpreted as, “It’s all for love BUT…” (and then it was understood that what followed was going to be a stern critique of what they had done wrong). In other words, “It’s all for love” really became about “tough love.” This was how Michael disciplined his children, by all accounts, and it was how he instilled discipline and respect in those who worked with him or under him. He seldom had to raise his voice in anger, but people knew when he meant business. Fans are continually chided to “follow MJ’s example” although sometimes I think there is confusion over exactly what that means. Michael did advocate love and forgiveness, but he was also a tough person who did get angry; who did fight back; and who didn’t always forgive as easily as the hippie philosophists like to believe (the conditions of his will are proof enough of that). Just go back and give a good listen to songs like “D.S.”, “They Don’t Care About Us” and “We’ve Had Enough” if you think this was someone always advocating that it’s all about love and forgiveness.

This was something I touched on some time ago in an article I wrote entitled, “When It WASN’T Always All For Love.”

I learned early that there were certain individuals for whom the MJ fan community is almost universally united in their dislike. And I quickly learned why, if I wasn’t already aware. It’s easy to understand why people like Tom Sneddon, Diane Dimond, Martin Bashir, Evan Chandler, Janet Arvizo, Conrad Murray, etc., etc.. etc (for this is a very long list!) are so universally despised among fans. I once read a comment on a message forum that said (I suspect only half in jest) that being a Michael Jackson fan is all about “knowing who you’re supposed to hate.” But I think people who say things like that are missing the complexity of the whole picture. Michael Jackson’s life was an amazing life, full of success, triumph, and accolades. But it was also a life filled with betrayal, sadness, and pain. When it becomes very clear that there are certain individuals for whom we can unite and point that finger of blame-when we have clearcut villains-it makes it much easier. For several reasons. Not the least of which is this-having those clearcut “villains”; having those cleanly defined lines between who the “good” and “bad” people are, unites us in a common cause.

Family Is Not Supposed To Be “The Enemy”

But what are we supposed to make of it when suddenly the “bad guys” are Michael’s own family? Suddenly it is not so clearcut anymore, and those clearly drawn lines become blurred with doubt and confusion. This is what I see happening now. Not that it is anything new. Division within the Jackson family stretches back over decades. Even when Michael was alive, there were always family feuds going on. We can go back to the early 90’s, and there is Latoya publishing her infamous “tell all” book. There is Jermaine writing “Word To The Badd.” There is Latoya holding her 1993 press conference to declare her suspicions that her own brother is a pedophile. There is the constant rivalry between Michael and Janet as to who can command the biggest record deal. And on it goes.

Michael’s own feelings about Jermaine could probably best be summed up in this 1991 conversation with Glenda Stein. At the mere mention of Jermaine’s name, all Michael has to say is a sarcastic, “Oh god!” Or more like, “Oh gawd!” As in, let’s not even go there; the very name gives me a headache!

G: Are any of your brothers still married? Or, isn’t everybody married right now?
M: Well, they broke up but, Marlon and Carol have been, they’re trying to work it out. I admire Carol because Marlon was gonna divorce her but she still wanted to make it work.
G: And Jermaine, what is he doing?


Yet, as I’ve said before, when the chips have been down for this family, they have always come together. Look at Michael’s 2005 trial. Look at the Murray trial.

The truth is, this has always been a family with a very complex dynamic, and trying to unravel all the intricacies of that dynamic would require more aspirin than one body could possibly consume. The wisest are those who simply say, I’m not even going to try.

The Irony Of The Jackson Brothers Calling This The “Unity” Tour Hasn’t Been Lost On Anyone

Here is the problem, though. We now have Michael Jackson’s minor children at the center, and so a family drama that might ordinarily be “their own business” suddenly does become the world’s business. Michael’s three children are essentially orphans now-perhaps not in the traditional, Oliver Twist sense of the word, but orphans just the same. They have lost their only parent; one of them has a mother completely unknown to the world and most likely to himself; the other two have a mother who has never been an active part of their lives and has never had any desire to be. Yet these “orphans” need not worry, for they certainly have a very large, worldwide extended family who are looking out for them-and now that they are older, and have learned the power of social media, they are acutely aware of that fact.

Michael’s Kids Are Learning The Power Of The Media-Which Can Be A Double-Edged Sword

Whether this is a “good” or “bad” thing is a subject being fiercely debated, even as I write this. I only have to go to my Facebook page to see every side of this argument being waged. I think there are both pros and cons either way you look at it. On the one hand, the instantaneity of social media does make it all too easy for kids (any kids, not just PP&B) to run to Twitter with every perceived slight. We all know how teenagers can be. Refuse them their allowance, or tell them they have to do their homework before they can go out, and-lo and behold, you have become “the enemy.” Social media can provide a child the kind of instantanous support and villainy of their parents or guardians that is all too tempting and empowering for children at that age. In the old days, we huffed and fumed at our parents and called them names underneath our breaths, but we didn’t have outlets like Twitter to run to with every little whim. Sure, we had phones and we talked to our friends, but usually by the time it took to go to all the effort it took us to communicate in those days, the anger of the moment had already died down, or had been forgotten completely.

Not so these days.

But there is also an undeniable advantage. As Prince’s tweet on Thursday made all too clear, it means that it is going to be more difficult than ever for certain people to get away with bs. The old days of Jackson family drama-when everything could be kept neatly under wraps until/unless someone went to the press-are over. Now “going to the press” is as instant as hitting “Enter” on the keyboard.

For sure, certain Jackson family members may be thinking twice now about ticking off Prince or Paris! For better or worse, Prince and Paris, at least (Blanket remains quiet and out of the limelight) have learned the empowerment of the media. However, it might also behoove them to remember that it was this same media that helped make their father’s life a living hell.

Media, as always, is a two-edged sword. It can work with you. But as the kids will learn, it can also turn against you just as quickly.

Which brings me back to my focus of this article. It’s easy when the villains-the people we are “supposed to hate” are “others.” Outsiders. It’s not so easy when suddenly the “villains” are Michael’s own family; his own flesh and blood. And it’s not an easy thing to reconcile-at least not for me, and I’m sure I am not alone in feeling this way. There is just something very inherently wrong with the entire idea. It would seem that Michael’s family-the Jacksons-and Michael’s fans should be fighting on the same side. So why aren’t we?

Personally, I have never made any bones about the fact that I am a Michael Jackson fan first; a Jacksons fan second. Nevertheless, I have enormous respect for the Jackson family as musical pioneers and for what they have accomplished as America’s First Black Family of Show Business. Words like “American royalty” and ‘dynasty” are not just empty catch phrases when it comes to describing the legacy of the Jackson family (and for this reason alone, I really think they are much more deserving of respect in the media than what they’ve been given-but blame that on the PR spins that have been generated to make them all look like money grubbing fools. It’s the same ol’, same ol’ in America: Give a black person too much power or money, and someone is always going to be trying to tear you down).

But aside from that fact, there are also many old school Michael Jackson fans who are also Jacksons fans. There are fans who grew up with The Jacksons (not just Michael). There are fans still old enough to remember when it was Jackie Jackson and Jermaine Jackson that all the girls wanted to marry, and Michael was just the little kid brother. Where does this current division leave these fans, who still love all the Jackson brothers, not just Michael? Or for that matter, those who are fans of both Michael and Janet?

It’s a sad situation because, really, being a Jacksons fan shouldn’t be about having to choose sides in an all out family war. Nevertheless, we didn’t create that war. I would personally love nothing more than to be on the side of Michael’s siblings and for us to be united with them against a common enemy-lo, if only it were that simple! But when we see that the ones being hurt the most by this drama are also Michael’s own blood-his mother and his children-then it becomes a much more complex scenario.

And I think for most fans, when it comes to choosing loyalty between Michael’s siblings and his children, there really is no contest. A person may love their brothers and sisters. But they will kill and die for their children.

“Over the years we became a family, all of us. You are my family… My children are your children and all the children of the world are our children and our responsibility.”-Michael Jackson, 45th Birthday Speech

“If you continue with your lies I will continue with the truth”-Michael Jackson, Jr.

I think it is certainly very sad and unfortunate that this situation has come about. I can only speak for myself in saying that my utmost wish is for this rift to be healed, and for true Jackson family “unity” to be achieved. Jermaine Jackson should be that funny uncle that we affectionately (okay, sometimes not so affectionately) call “Jerm,” with the weird hairdo and a dozen fly-by-night ideas. But an outright villain, a nasty person who would intentionally put the well-being of his brother’s children in jeaporady? That is still a tough one for me to get my hands around. True “unity” in the Jackson family will probably always be wishful thinking. However, I do believe that over time, this rift will heal as so many Jackson family rifts have healed. We just have to allow this family the time and the space to go through that process, and it won’t happen overnight.

That being said, some things in all of this are still inexcusable. That the kids were left home alone with no contact with their legal guardian for ten days? Inexcusable. That the children were denied access to their grandmother? Inexcusable. That the kids had to go through this emotional trauma? Inexcusable. That these kids are being put into the center of a major family war with Michael Jackson’s estate? Inexcusable. These children didn’t ask to be born, and they didn’t ask for their father to die and leave them. They didn’t ask for his money, either. But Michael, being their parent, made sure they were left well provided for. In short, they haven’t asked for anything, but they deserve to live and to be happy in their life.

It is heartbreaking to see this family feud being played out. However much affection and respect I may feel for the Jackson family, my first loyalty is to Michael’s children. That’s just the way it has to be. I do not bear ill will towards Randy, Jermaine, Rebbie, or Janet. But I do think things have been very poorly handled and their antics certainly did not endear them to Michael’s fans this week.

Michael’s children are Jacksons, too (regardless of what some may think, but I’m not even getting into that issue here, as it is totally irrelevent). I have always advocated hard for them to remain with the Jackson family at all costs, because I always felt that their place should be with their father’s family. I always felt that it was important to send the message to the world that this family is all about unity-including their willingness to defend their brother and to show the world and his fans that they can take good care of his children. For over three years, with but one incident (the stun gun incident, which I think was largely a case of a story blown out of proportion by the media) Katherine seems to have done an amazing job-at any rate, certainly amazing for a grandmother in her 80’s, an age at which many women are in nursing homes.


Michael With TJ, The Kid’s New Guardian. It’s Still All In The Family…For Now

Now, for the first time, we’ve seen that bond seriously shaken. Hopefully, the new arranagement with shared guaradianship between Katherine and TJ will prove to be a win-win situation, and may lessen some of the stress Katherine has been subjected to. Let’s hope.

In the meantime, the issue of “who to blame” isn’t going to go away anytime soon, I’m afraid.

Next Post: Blame Whoever You Want-But Don’t You DARE Blame Michael’s Babies! (Are some actually going there? Yes! Wanna see me kick some serious butt? I can sure do it!).


58 thoughts on “The Blame Game: Who Are The Real Bad Guys In The Jackson Family Drama, And Do We Even Know Anymore?”

  1. 🙂 I loved the title of the next post!

    Seriously, I hv seen a horrible blog (michaelsguardian), I can’t believe she is a Michael Jackson fan…he would cringe! She defends Jackson family and says Michaels kids are jews (showing similarity between Arnold K and Prince Jackson) who were raised with bad values while somebody was keeping Michael drugged up! :-(( She says horrible things about Paris…God!

    Anyways, thanks for agreeing to kick the butt of such people!

    Finally, don’t you think Michael’s “Oh my God” comment about Jermaine could be strictly in the context of the conversation (abt marriages and stuff) since Jerm was supposed to be quiet a flirt?

    1. I also find that Michael’s comment about Jermaine in that interview should be taken within the context (marriages and relationships).

    2. I agree concerning Michael’s comment about Jermaine in his conversation with Glenda. Although I don’t doubt for a minute that Michael had strong opinions about his brother Jermaine as it relates to many subjects in terms of this particular conversation I believe his comment was in the context of relationships and marriage exclusively.

      1. BTW I had mistakenly referred to her as Gloria Stein (I’ve corrected the error). For some reason, I kept wanting to call her Gloria all day yesterday, lol. It’s pretty easy to confuse the names Gloria and Glenda if one is not careful.

    3. Bluelotus, I know exactly what you mean concerning the blog you mentioned. Unfortunately, it’s not the first time she has insinuated things about Paris. It’s truly shameful. In light of that I will never mention her name or her fictional and conspiracy laden blog. I don’t want to benefit her with increased traffic and although I have no hostile feelings towards her as a person, I do have a deep sense of pity for her.

    4. I’m sure that probably had a lot to do with it, lol.

      Well, as far as that other blog, I haven’t seen what was written there. Isn’t that Bonnie Cox’s blog? She is, to my knowledge, very anti-estate so it doesn’t surprise me she would side with the siblings on this. However, my point is that it really doesn’t matter whether one sides with the siblings or is pro-estate. The fact is, Michael’s kids are innocent children caught in the middle of all this. I know they aren’t really “babies” of course-Prince and Paris are teenagers, but they are still children and the people who were most precious to Michael in his life.

      I was referring more to media articles I have seen that have blasted the children but, yes, any “fans” that are going there, I will take on as well because IMO that’s just not right. That isn’t to say that I totally agree that they should be running to Twitter with every piece of family gossip. Children still have to be disciplined. But that’s why children are supposed to be monitored by “adults.”

  2. thank you so much. I don’t know why some people think Michael was always in a zen like trance. Most of us know he got angry and his feelings got hurt. I am certain Michael forgave his family but the argument can be made that he didn’t forget.
    What most of us love most about Michael was that no matter what he always returned to the great love within him

  3. Raven said, “Next Post: Blame Whoever You Want-But Don’t You DARE Blame Michael’s Babies! (Are some actually going there? Yes! Wanna see me kick some serious butt? I can sure do it!).”

    I’m with you, Raven!

    It’s inevitable that as MJ3 get older and become more vocal in their opinions and actions, opinions and actions by the way, that might be contrary to the liking of some in the fan community or family friends, the more they will be open to criticism, some of which may very well be strong and strident.

    Well, it begins…..

    It has been reported that Gladys Knight (who initially discovered the Jackson 5 before Diana Ross was famously and wrongly given the credit) has been “trashing” Paris, saying she needs to respect her elders. Hmmm. True in principle, but a “family friend” such as Ms. Knight, should know better than to be remotely parenting Michael’s children from a T.V. talk show, especially since she didn’t witness events first hand. And even if she did she shouldn’t be discussing it publically. If she still is a “family friend” the only place to share her thoughts and concerns is with the family privately. I feel very strongly about that.

    As for the fan community I think it has been shameful some of the comments made concerning Paris & Prince. That said, this entire debacle has been a watershed moment for PP&B, P&P in particular. They have learned that they have power through social networking to potentially control the adults in their world. To clarify, I don’t believe that PP&B are the kinds of kids that spend all their time devising ways to torment people and intentionally cause trouble, not at all, however, I dread the day that this newly exercised power back fires on them. Besides, can you imagine being 14 or 15 years old and knowing that on any day a conflict arises your comments can and will be reported on through every major media network?? Yikes!!! One of the hardest things in the world, especially today, is to discern what to comment on and how. Very few adults are successful at this. Anyway, this particular incident involving Katherine and MJ3 found them Tweeting about it as a direct result of adults in their world (I don’t blame Katherine) not communicating to them necessary info they are entitled to know about their guardian. Even Judge Beckloff stated that a 3rd party had something to do the communication issue. In defense of Katherine, it appears she thought she had taken care of business in regard to her charges, however, they clearly weren’t told that they weren’t going to be able to communicate with her for 8 or so days!!! I truly don’t think Katherine intended for that to be the case. I think her time at this Arizona resort was being programmed by others who neglected to consider MJ3 back home. Watching her video statement afterwards was really heart wrenching as her emotions were clearly just beneath the surface. Instead of rest and relaxation, which she may have enjoyed at the resort, she came home to chaos, not to mention other people making major household decision w/o her permission. It’s my understanding that at least one of those individuals has been fired at KJ’s request. As the days pass I very much hope, as I’m sure we all do, that calm and normalcy is restored, especially for MJ3 and KJ.

    1. This is from Randy Jackson’s Twitter account and concerns actions taken involving certain individuals in Katherine’s household:

      Randy Jackson ‏@randyjackson8 (July 25, 2012)

      “I was on the phone at 9pm in Los Angeles, with my sister Rebbie, when my mother FIRED Trent and Security”

    2. I agree. As I said, it’s a double-edged sword and the kids will learn this over time.

      Even adults are guilty of the temptation to share too much personal info via social media. My younger sister is especially prone to this and I really wish she would chill a bit with it. Family dramas such as custody battles with spouses, etc really should not be played out for all one’s “friends”-many of whom aren’t really friends or family at all, but total strangers. However, I understand the lure of the tempatation. It’s that “instant gratification” that comes with being able to rally dozens to your side with only the click of a button. I do post some personal info, but for the most part, I use social media more as a networking tool than to talk about my personal life (which I seriously doubt most are that interested in anyway, lol). But if even non-celebrity adults find it hard to resist this temptation, imagine how empowering it must be for celebrity teens-celebrity teens who, of course, have all of the same raging and conflicting emotions as all normal teens, but with thousands of followers hanging on their every word. And I’m sure that a lot of their followers are no doubt media people who are just waiting to pounce on anything controversial that is shared.

      I will cover the issue with Gladys Knight and others in the second part of this post. While I understand the sentiment behind her comment-like Joe Jackson, she’s from that old school of authoritative discipline-I also agree that she’s commenting on something she really has no right to be speaking of. I don’t care how good of a friend she has been to the family, Michael would be FURIOUS to know she had made such a comment about his daughter.

  4. Raven, the siblings and Katherine are all to blame for everything you called inexcusable above, it is clear to me.

    Katherine as mom and grandma always failed to protect the minors from adults in the family, in the past, Michael from Joe, now PPB from her other children – I’m not saying that his siblings are abusing his children, but clearly what they are doing hurt the children hard!

    I understand that she can’t take sides in the family, but she has a legal obligation to protect PPB. In the past, even if she was unable or unwilling to stop Joe, at least she was there, accessible to her children, this time, even access was denied to PPB. INEXCUSABLE.

    1. I believe Katherine’s biggest problem for her entire life has been being too passive (sometimes passive-aggressive). She seems like a very sweet person, and in some ways, a very strong person, but I think she is easily led and, rather than facing up to unpleasant situations, would just rather simply not deal with them. It was a trait she seemed to have passed down to her son Michael, as I saw a lot of his mother’s same passiveness and passive/aggressive behavior in him (same ability to be easily led; same unwillingness to face up to unpleasant situations; and, like her, would often allow situations to build up until he lashed out in inappropriate ways, rather than just meeting the situation head-on to begin with).

      However, the one thing we can say in Michael’s favor is that when it came to his children, he went above and beyond to create a stable and safe envionment for them. To some extent, that involved isolating them (the very thing that the media always attacked him over) but as we see now, he was smart enough to know that creating that isolated environment was crucial to the children’s safety and well being.

      I know that Katherine loves her grandchildren but she also has eight other children besides Michael and twenty-seven grandchildren, and this isn’t even counting great-grandchildren. She’s never going to be able to provide the kind of full attention that Michael was able to give them, even if she was forty years younger. Add to that her advanced age, and her overly passive personality, and you get what we saw this past week.

      Michael always said his mother was a very strong woman. I believe he was looking at it in the sense that she is someone who has survived and endured a lot-and in that regard, she has. But I think she has a lot of vulnerable qualities as well.

        1. Perfect analysis of KJ (in as much as can be done with the data available). The thing is you said is that she has 8 other children whose interests and wishes she has to take care and probably in some situations cannot ignore. This is esp. true when a person becomes old; as young people most parents are able to hold their own but as age advances it is the children that become a superior authority…the old person becomes vulnerable. This is universal, I see it happen in and around my family…the old parents usually tow the line because “they need the children now more than ever”!

          Sad but true…

  5. Thank you AllForLove for this post. This past week has been draining. I love this family, warts and all, and I hope only for the best for them. I love Katherine and Michael’s children even more and hope they stay safe,healthy and protected. I get a good feeling about TJ and I hope I am right about him. I hope he can help Katherine’s final years be a little less stressful and the rest of the children’s growing up years be as happy and normal as possible. I wish only the best for this family and hope they can heal themselves and move on.

  6. Again the Media is doing what they do best when it comes to someone named Jackson the famous is made infamous. People become caricatures lives and careers are being destroyed. Who knows the truth, we do not. Again any voice of the supposed “monster(s)” are cut off in mid sentence, drowned out with pseudo righteous indignation from the Media. How many believed LaToya? I mean what loving Sister would say such a thing about her Brother? How many still prefer to believe she was made to recant?

    1. The media’s problem is that once they make up their collective minds about how something is, that’s the way it is. Period. I was watching a show on the Jackson situation the other night where they said, “To understand this situation, all you have to do is follow the money.” No, they are SPECULATING that it’s all about the money, but they need to stop just assuming that they know that for a fact. They don’t.

  7. Forgive me for introducing something totally unrelated to the current topic but I just learned that Michael’s old school, Montclair Prep, has closed it doors for good as of July 15th.


    This is from Montclair’s web page:

    “Montclair College Preparatory School was founded in 1956, by Dr. Vernon E. Simpson. Behind his guidance, dedication, and passion Montclair Prep grew to become one of the oldest private secondary schools in the San Fernando Valley. The “Prep” provided students with an enriched and nurturing environment where they could grow intellectually, socially, and emotionally. However, due to declining enrollment upon Dr. Simpson’s passing in 2008, poor economic conditions and the inability to obtain endowments over the last three years, Montclair College Preparatory School will be closing its doors, effective July 15, 2012. ”


    1. Thanks for the info, Sandy. Actually, I can probably move this to the post on Michael’s honorary degree, where it is more relevant to the subject matter. But yes, it’s sad to see Montclair closing its doors after all these years.

  8. Raven forgive me, I would like to express the concepts and thoughts that are not in line with yours. I would however point out that this are my personal feelings and thoughts that I hope will not offend anyone, because they rely on “feel” and not really known and studied, and certainly far from reality.

    You say: “I Have enormous Respect for the Jackson family as musical pioneers and for what they have accomplished as Black America’s First Family of Show Business.” Sure, but at the same time that they personify the “show business” make me always think they moves more by economic interests that by good and pure feelings.

    I do not know how to express the concept well in English but it seems unrealistic to think that by just such a family can get “the message to the world That this is all about family unity-Including Their willingness to defend Their brother and to show the world and His fans That They can Take Good Care of His children. ”

    I want to start from beginning, from the exploitation of a band of children, and then a younger child, only 5 years, used to rise early bussinsess. Honestly I’ve often thought of Katherine, to how she could afford and let her children were exploited so well. Michael in particular, so small, always out, I want to talk about heedless brothers in night clubs,I want to mention the many books, shows, interviews, demonstrations, first and after Michael death , it’s difficult to think anything has been done for intellectual clarity.
    Michael had flair and skill in business, but never gave the idea that what was more important in life much more. And perhaps this contributed to make himself feel an alien.

    I want to talk about what Michael felt about it and often voiced, its diversity and the clear diversity instilled in her children. Have you read the words of Prince when he says he says “As long as I can remember my dad had repeatedly warned me of certain people and their ways.”

    It is clear that I speak without real reference but only for feelings external and distant.

    I just wanted to convey these sentiments and also a question: what about Joe Jackson?

    1. Joe has remained very quiet on all of this-some say, too quiet. But we all know where his sentiments lie when it comes to the family vs. the estate.

      I respect the Jacksons for what they accomplished professionally. As people, of course, I don’t know them. I have met some of Michael’s family, and they seemed like nice enough, down-to-earth people, but how much can one really know from a few brief encounters in a public setting?

      The argumenet of child exploitation almost always crops up whenever there are successful child acts or successful child stars (and not without merit, usually). I know all of the stories and everything that has been said about the Jacksons. I know the words from Michael’s own mouth. So no, I don’t make any apologies and I don’t whitewash the truth. Part of the price Michael paid for his early fame was the complete loss of his childhood. He spent many of his formative years in places that no child should have been in (seedy strip clubs; rough bars, etc). He saw things that no child should see. He experienced things that no child should ever experience.

      Yet, conversely, he always made it very clear that it was HIS decision to perform. He loved it from a very young age, and in fact, begged his parents to be part of the group even though they felt he was too young. He said many times that he never regretted being a performer, even though he acknowledged that he paid a heavy price.

      We can argue that none of these things were in his best interests as a child (or for his brothers, either, for let’s not forget that they were just children at this time also) and if his parents hadn’t pushed this, then yes, he might have had a more “normal” life. But then again, he could have also ended up dead at a young age on the streets of Gary or in jail. At any rate, none of us would be here celebrating him now, because the Michael Jackson we came to know wouldn’t exist for us.

      I don’t think that Joe and Katherine were anymore to blame than most parents would be if they were very poor and suddenly realized they had very talented children who could be their ticket out of poverty. But Joe was unusually driven (we’ve all heard the stories!) and seemed to take it above and beyond. If you click on the video I posted (and the other parts, which are available on Youtube) Michael is describing some of the most awful things imaginable for a child to have to go through.

      So in a way, yes, this was the tragic pay-off for all this family accomplished in the way of fame and fortune and opening doors.

      I think my own feelings on the Jacksons are ambivalent much because Michael’s feelings, likewise, were often ambivalent. He loved his family fiercely, but he also fought with them just as fiercely. He forgave a lot, but didn’t always forget. He loved them, but in his last years, kept his distance (of course, the family maintains this was a result of the people around him who were influencing him, but I am not sure I totally buy that. I believe he did want that distance between them; he told those around him, who were simply acting on his orders).

      Some of what has been said about the family through the years has been justified. A good deal of it has not been. As always, it’s hard to separate fact from fiction, and even when you have certain members talking (saying this or this or this happened) there is no way to really know how much is truth, how much is exaggeration, and how much may be an outright lie. In making that determination, I usually look at a number of factors (for instance, if two or more siblings have corroborated the same story, I pretty much take it to be true, even if they may have recanted later). Interestingly enough, Jermaine, who has been one of the most staunch defenders of his father in recent years, nevertheless actually confirms in his book that physical abuse occured, thereby negating pretty much everything he has said in Joe’s defense for the last several years. I still haven’t finished the book yet, but I plan to do a full review when I do. However, I did skim through that part of the book and thought that was really interesting. I always believed Michael, and to be honest, I believe Latoya. Marlon said once that he remembered seeing Joe holding Michael upside down, beating him.

      Even the movie “The Jackson: An American Dream” (which the family, including Joe, approved) depicted him as a very stern and driven father who loved his kids, but also had serious control and anger management issues.

      This is also partly why I believe Michael was so devoted to his mother and looked past many of her own flaws, which as a child he probably could not see. He only knew that Katherine’s unconditional love was a haven and a safe place-the complete opposite of Joe (it’s sad in a way that these kids grew up with such extreme polar opposites as parents, rather than two parents who could have given them a more equal balance between love and discipline).

      One of the other things Jermaine mentioned in the book was that when Katherine was working late nights (she had taken a part time job at a department store to help make ends meet) Michael would rush to meet her at the door when she came in at night, and would wrap his little arms around her leg, clinging tightly. That is very telling, for what it says is that Michael was very insecure without her presence in that home. Interestingly enough, I read one news account that said Blanket’s reaction when Katherine returned home this week was very similar (he clung by her side like a shadow until it was time to go to bed, the story said). I had a very sad sense of deja vu reading that, as it reminded me so much of what Jermaine said about Michael at that age.

      Somehow, all of her kids and granddkids sense in her a kind of rock that they can lean on, and a cleft to hide in. She’s always been sort of like the calm amidst all of the family chaos.

      I’m sure I have strayed somewhat from addressing your comment, but I think this really goes back to exactly what I was saying (or trying to say) in the article. It’s really not easy for me to reconcile all that I feel in regard to The Jackson family. That is not a cop out answer; just an honest one. Perhaps I am torn by the public persona of the image of them that I grew up with (we all loved them as kids growing up in the 70’s) with some of the harsher truths that have come to light since (the things we don’t necessarily want to believe).

      But if you remember the climactic scene at the end of “An American Dream,” it shows all of the brothers performing together at Motown 25. From the audience, Joe and Katherine look on proudly, and you see it in their faces: “Those are our boys!” You look onstage, and you see all of the brothers-including Michael-standing proud and strong. Together. And you realize, this is a family that has endured so much together, and have been so torn apart by strife, but here they are. Standing proud; undivided; unconquered.

      It’s the fairy tale ending, of course. But deep down, I think it is what we all wish for.

      If only real life could match the fairy tale!

      1. Raven I heartily thank you so much for your answer, I feared, also because of language, of not being able to communicate what I meant and I think, instead, we feel the same sensations.

        “I think my own feelings on the Jacksons are ambivalent much because Michael’s feelings, likewise, were often ambivalent. He loved his family fiercely, but he also fought with them just as fiercely. He forgave a lot, but didn’t always forget. He loved them, but in his last years, kept his distance…”

        At the bottom is not so for all of us?

      2. The Jacksons would have had no future in Gary. As u mentioned..either death or jail…or a drug peddler…these were very likely possibilities. I saw on youtube a very recent of Gary and God it was such a ghost town…looks like a bombed town…mills closed down long ago and white people left and now only black people living in such hopeless condition.

        I am glad Joe recognized the talent in his children and pushed them to excel and make a bright future for them-selves but I wish he was not so harsh…

        But once asked if he would like to change something about his past…he said no absolutely nothing…because of the all the pain he endured, he said he could feel the pain of others and empathise with them!

        1. @BlueLotus said, “But once asked if he would like to change something about his past…he said no absolutely nothing…because of the all the pain he endured, he said he could feel the pain of others and empathise with them!”

          So very true!!! I also remember Michael saying this on more than one occassion. It shocked me at first but then I understood. To add I think Michael very much identified with many of the giants in the world of art (music, painting, drama, poetry, etc.). Many of which endured great pain and anguish and turned that intense emotional experience into some of the greatest art known to mankind.

  9. I agree with most of what you said. From listening to the Glenda tapes and other snippets, I gather one of the reasons Michael kept his distance was because certain members of his family continuously hit him up for outrageous sums. I bet if you added up all the money he spent bailing out his kin, it would be an eye-opener. It must have been especially hard for him after the expensive 2005 trial, when his career was seriously damaged and he no longer had a large income to rely on. Yet up to his death he was still expected to meet the family’s expenses.
    Just think what would happen to Katherine’s finances if Michael’s children were no longer with her. Not even Janet’s millions would be able to take up the slack for very long in that scenario. One of the reasons the inclusion of TJ is acceptable to Katherine is that this way she can have her cake and eat it too, although it is also true that she really deeply loves them and treasures them because they are the only thing she has left of Michael.
    I hear some fans say the Jacksons should take the cell phones fromm P&P and close their twitter accounts. That kind of isolation would have worked only if they were still being home-schooled. Now that they interact with their peers their participation in social media is a given. They would be considered very odd if they weren’t up on those things. Besides, after Prince’s reference of “my father warned me . . .” I am only too glad they have the means to communicate with us.
    If they have free internet access, most likely they are already reading sites such as this one, including all the judgments passed on them by fans who do not really know what kind of family dynamic they’ve been dipped into. Just yesterday I encountered the old “I wish someone would change Blanket’s name . . . ” which is actually a negative statement and none or our business.
    So, Prince, Paris and Blanket, if you ARE reading about yourselves online, at least do yourself a favor and keep away from the comment section of TMZ. And no matter what you decide to study in college, add some financial management courses so you can be hands-on with your inheritance even before you come into full possession. I have absolute faith that whatever field of study you choose, you will be awesome, for you are multi-talented just like your dad. I, for one, will watch with delight as your chosen career (or careers) unfold. And I will always be on your side.

    1. Thanks, and I agree with everything you’ve said. BTW, whoever made that comment about Blanket’s name is ignorant. They should know that isn’t even his real name. You can’t “change” a nickname (you can drop it, I suppose, but it’s not like he can go down and fill out some legal document to change it, since “Blanket” isn’t going to appear on any legal document regarding him, lol).

      It would be nice to know if they come here but I guess I would probably never know if they did, lol. Even if they left a comment I would probably figure it was just an imposter.

      When Michael lived, fans always wondered if he visited the fan sites and if he ever read any of the threads. I’ve heard that he did, but always under cover, of course. But I always keep uppermost in mind that one never really knows who’s lurking.

    2. @Max said, “So, Prince, Paris and Blanket, if you ARE reading about yourselves online, at least do yourself a favor and keep away from the comment section of TMZ. And no matter what you decide to study in college, add some financial management courses so you can be hands-on with your inheritance even before you come into full possession. I have absolute faith that whatever field of study you choose, you will be awesome, for you are multi-talented just like your dad. I, for one, will watch with delight as your chosen career (or careers) unfold. And I will always be on your side.”

      Well said! I’d like to echo your words to PP&B and add my own to them personally…in a matter of speaking…:-)

      I’d also like to emphasize to Paris, Prince & Blanket as you watch, read and listen to the media, from whatever source, it’s clear you’ve already become aware of ignorant people saying hurtful and negative things about you and your family. I very much encourage all three of you to NOT spend a second of your time on such things. Don’t give ignorant people the power to bring you down. I can’t begin to stress how important this is. Of course, such people don’t know you or your family, are often looking for attention (the wrong way!) and as such will never be worth your time.

      Oh, by the way, Max already mentioned this but taking a few financial management courses in time is strongly recommended…in fact it’s never too early to learn how to manage your money and it doesn’t have to be a college level class to start with…:-) Although others will be managing your money to varying degrees over the coming years, even after you come into full possession, it is very important to have a solid understanding of what they are doing so you can be hands-on with your inheritance. Granted this kind of knowledge does take time. That said, never blindly trust anyone with your money!! No matter what!! Such knowledge will serve you well for the rest of your life!!

      At the end of the day, all three of you, like all kids, are still in the exciting process of learning your own potential. Sometimes it can be painful, as we all make mistakes (don’t dwell on those!) but more often it is a wonderful time of discovery!!!…:-) Cheer each other on during the successes, including your own, and be kind to each other during the stumbles, especially your own. I look forward to each of your successes no matter the scale as I’m confident there will be much to cheer about in the months and years to come!!!…:-)

      Wishing all three of you the very best life has to offer!!!!

    1. Lol, that was my first thought as well on seeing this. Since when has Stacy Brown been a “friend” of the Jackson family (except for Rebbie?). And I wonder what Rebbie is making of Stacy basically demonizing Janet for being involved in the same plot as Rebbie (not to mention his characterization of Janet as “the only sane one.”).

      Here we can see that Stacy Brown-this so called “friend” of the family-spends most of his time hobknobbing with Michael’s enemies.

      1. This article has a lie already debunked(apart from other possible lies): Neither Paris nor Janet slapped the other! But then perhaps people like Stacy Brown cannot write without falsifying something!

  10. @Max, interesting article you linked from Stacy Brown in NY Post. NY Post has deteriorated into tabloid status over the years, and I agree that Stacy Brown may not be considered a friend of the Jacksons; but the article does make sense. So I wonder if it’s true that Branca “ultimately approved” paying back child support from Estate funds for them both! What would be the precedent for doing this? Michael always bailing them out in the past? To accommodate Katherine? I had read several sources stating R&J had made these requests of the Estate but surmised the Estate refused them. If true that the Estate paid these sums, it would somewhat explain why, now, these two are so consumed by their own false entitlement, at the expense of Michael’s children.

  11. If Randy had managed to install himself as guardian with an eye to taking over the Estate, there would not have been an Estate by the time the kids became of age.

    1. Will the brothers and sisters ever relent?

      We used to say that kids are growing up too fast, this time I’d say the kids are not growing up fast enough!

  12. If the estate really did pay Randy and Jermaine’s back child support, that money should have been turned back over to the estate anyway. Alejandra and her children were supported by Michael for years. It’s possibly the first time in history when a man was ordered to foot the bill for his brothers’ offspring, when the court accepted Randy and Jermaine’s argument that parking their shared baby mama and their kids at Hayvenhurst constituted support.

    BTW Gary is no garden spot, but today’s Chicago Suntimes has a story on a group of gifted and talented black kids from Gary who have stuck together from middle school and have all just graduated from college, with honors. When the Jacksons were in Gary last year, Prince spoke of how they loved being there, because people were so nice. And Evelyn Holmes of ABC scored a first – she got Blanket to speak about how it was good to see where their Dad grew up.

    1. There is still a lot of talent in Gary. I saw some amazing kids perform when I was there.

      I’ve noticed whenever they show that clip of the kids at the Jackson house, the camera always zooms in on Blanket. I think it’s because they all caught on to the same thing we have been thinking all along…that is little mini MJ!

      Remember that old movie tag line, “Garbo Speaks!” which they used to promote Greta Garbo’s first talking feature. That should have been the tagline for that story, lol. “Blanket Jackson Speaks!”

  13. I’ve always held the believed that the reason/motive for janet’s involvements with her two brothers and sister in this mess is because she wants to avoid being the new cash cow for the rest of the family like michael was,besides people seems to have forgotten that janet even collected the money she lent michael’s estate for that memorial that was held at the staple centre.

  14. I am super tired and sick of the business being aired out in the public. I also don’t believe in children being on Twitter. Paris is way too young to be cursing, airing her business, and sending mixed messages to the MJ Fan community online. I truly am sick of this mess and I hope that it isn’t too late, now that the estate has banned so many of the Jacksons from the MJ3 home. I pray that Katherine doesn’t suffer behind all of this drama!

    1. I know. Imagine how stressful it must be to have your own family divided, to the point that three of your children are “banned” from your own home.

  15. As a person who has lived through a family where there was a dysfunctional marriage and neglect and abuse of children, I have a strong reaction to all this and to seeing Michael’s children in the middle of it. From my perspective, which includes my experience, my therapy to try and heal, and my study of this issue, the Jackson family was pathologically unhealthy for children to grow up in and resulted in scarred and damaged people as a result. One of the features of child abuse is that the child are not supposed to let on to anyone that this is going on. They are not supposed to reveal this ‘family secret.’ In fact, they are supposed to act like everything is ok, normal, and that they are happy. That’s why often the neighbors have no clue what is going on. There is a code of silence. Michael broke that code, and it was a sign of his health and his healing, when he began to talk about the abuse and to write about it too. However, when a young child is supposed to deny their own pain and act like evrything is fine it creates psychological damage, confusion, and even an inability to experience emotions. It has deep effects. So from my perspective, the 9 Jackson children were deeply damaged b/c they were raised in a family where they were verbally and physically abused and neglected.

    We see from their statements after Michael’s death that both parents, Joe and Katherine, are in denial that there was abuse and neglect in their home. In fact, they both have defended their actions. Katherine is seen as the good person, the ‘matriarch,’ but in my eyes, having experienced a mother who not only did not protect me but did not acknowledge that I was abused, traumatized, neglected, I see her as an enabler. Her complicity allowed the abuse to continue, resulting in great pain to her children, esp. Michael, who was the lead performer and the youngest. When I tried to talk to my own mother, years afterwards and after I had gone through much therapy, she could not handle it. She could only say over and over, in so many words, I did the best I could, and I loved you the best I could. When I tried to go deeper, she would fall apart and cry. She could never see her own role–my dad was always the bad guy and she was the angel. I see the same dichotomy in the Jackson parents. But it takes 2, as they say, one to abuse and the other to look away and allow the abuse. I cannot tell you the suffering this causes the children. People need extensive therapy to recover. I am just glad I survived, as there were times I did not think I could. Michael had a lot of strength to overcome all that as much as he did. Going back into the family dynamic once you have seen how the damaging it was, just replays the emotions and the experiences, so it is no wonder he distanced himself. I just feel so bad that the kids are now in the middle of this. I wish Michael had not picked Katherine as the Guardian. I hopoe this Co-Guardianship will help, but it looks like an ongoing battle is being waged and is not going to stop. The judge has a big responsibility. personally, I feel, esp.given the past 2 weeks and her denial that she did anything out of line, that Katherine would not be Guardian anymore.

    1. Thanks for sharing, and many hugs. I know what you mean. I, too, see many of my own family dynamics in the Jackson family (an abusive father and far too passive mother who enabled him). Like Michael, I’ve had to struggle with issues of forgiveness-including whether to forgive at all. Although I think Katherine probably stood up to Joe a lot more in private than we’ll ever know, she has remained staunchly in denial publicly. We don’t know the whole story of what went on at home, behind closed doors, but it does seem that publicly, at least, she has been unwilling to “break the code.” The same pattern seems to be repeating itself with Michael’s kids. But every single child that has been raised under her seems to absolutely adore her, so my guess is that there has to be something to be said for that. I’m not sure if it is just because she was so opposite from Joe (soft and loving, as opposed to harsh, strict, and cold) or if there really is some deeper quality of strength there that they have been privy to see and to know more than us.

    2. Hi, Iudt, I agree with much of what you said and I also I agree with Raven when says about Katherine “if there really is some deeper quality of strength there That They Have Been privy to see and to know more than us.” And I am very sorry for the children of Michael.

      But just last night I was reflecting on an extraordinary thing that these guys have done.

      At the beginning of all the drama I felt bad that Paris showed family problems so publicly, it seemed yet another Hollywood-style event.
      With each passing day and with all of the whole affair more clearly, I realized that these two older boys (Prince and Paris) have acted in an extraordinary and revolutionary manner.

      They most likely have found themselves in a situation interlocking, in which could have get caught for a long time. They could have easily be manipulated, or have a passive and depressed attitude.

      And instead, they have acted beyond the barriers of their family space, they have passed the feuds and strange positions taken by all family members and they are released, throwing a fish hook in cyberspace, launching almost a cry of help, or at least, a manifest of the hardship and blatant violation of their life.

      This operation is fantastic! These children are not children “violated”.
      Probably thanks to their past, their minds are ready and responsive, they know something more than the past generations, compared to Michael and so many other children who lived abuses, violations and damages.
      They know how to communicate. And they have the material and moral resources to do that, resources that maybe we did not have and know, instead they know well, resources they use with a critical and judicious manner.

      I believe that no family will be able to walk on their heads, I have acquired with this matter a great admiration and confidence.

      I think they have done something great, out of the usual logical and that alone they have made a clear example of how to respect the guys.

  16. @iutd, I was so moved by your comments; it seems only those who have suffered as children, as Michael suffered, can truly understand. The passivity of one parent does enable the aggression of the other, just as the mate who tolerates drugs/alcohol enables that activity. I believe the other children to this day think highly of their mother, as Michael surely did, because in some respects she was their savior, their rescuer. I’ve been reluctant to say so in comments, but I do agree with you that I wish Michael had chosen someone else as guardian of his children knowing that (although Michael had forgiven him) his father would have some degree of presence around them. And considering the apparent state of mind of most of his siblings, still in denial/recovery from past abuse and, it appears, to this day unable to reach acceptable levels of truly emancipated adulthood. JMO, but I think his choice of guardian came from the place of having no one else he could “trust” to the degree he trusted his mother to do her best under these difficult circumstances.

    1. I think you hit the nail on the head June. Katherine was the only person that Michael felt he could “trust” to take care of his children. I always have felt out of the two people Michael designated as his choice of guardian for his children, Diana Ross would have been the better choice. Katherine too often as allowed the kids to be in public situations that I believe Michael would never have approved of. I believe Katherine has a good heart, but like Raven said there is a passivity to Katherine that has always concerned me. I raised these concerns sometime last year and I was kind of shouted down at the time. I understood that because everything was still pretty raw and Katherine was Michael’s choice of guardian and it was hard to question that at that time. It has always been interesting to me that not one sibling was mentioned as an alternate guardian. In most families, at least one sibling is usually considered as a guardian and Michael had quite a few to choose from. Frankly, I was shocked to hear that Michael had paid his siblings child support. My understanding is that now the estate is taking over that task. That is shameful. Do these father’s not having any pride? I am taking to heart the last twitter we heard from Prince about his father’s warnings of some people in his family. I believe Michael loved his family, but didn’t trust them and felt they only wanted from him like most those around him. I can only imagine the family drama that will take place once Michael’s children become adults and can take more control over the estate.

      1. I can tell how painful it must have been for Michael to realize that he had almost nobody he could entrust with taking care of his most loved ones, in case he is no longer there for them … I feel exactly the same pain, this happens to ordinary people, too.

        Yes, Katherine allowed too much media access to Michael’s children, especially from Oprah!

  17. On Huffington Post, it says that Star Jones is now trying to walk back her remarks about Paris Jackson. Seems Ms. Jones, like so many others, can dish it ojt, but she can’t take it. Wonder when Gladys Knight will apologize for going off on Paris over a lie?

  18. Thanks, Raven and June, for your kind words. It is not easy being a lonely and confused child when the family you are part of is the source of your pain and you have no one to talk to about it. It is a strange world where the ones you need and even love, (although there are other emotions aroused too), are the ones hurting and abandoning you, just not there for you, and you don’t understand why. Michael was so appreciative of his mother b/c she gave him love when others didn’t or couldn’t. But I think he went overboard when he said she was ‘perfection.’ This was a sign to me that he still had unresolved issues about what happened to him. I hide my pain too, just as I think Michael did much of the time. It is not easy to look at the pain, much easier to pretend it never happened! He did finally acknowledge it though. I think of the words to the song ‘Don’t Walk Away,” when he sings about ‘I just don’t have the words left to say, I try but all my pain gets in the way,’ and also, ‘why all my dreams been broken.” I also understand how he turned to animals for comfort–and I did as well. Animals can give so much love that people can’t or don’t. I agree too, Nicoletta, that Michael’s kids have shown a lot of strength and independence. They had a loving foundation in their life with their Dad. He emphasized love b/c he knew how hard it is to live without it and how essential it is to a child.

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  20. Raven have you read Katherine Jackson’s court declaration about the events surrounding her ordeals in the hands of her children.

  21. I agree with much stated here. However, it is important to note that this is not uncommon for large families. My father comes from a family of 6 boys and 3 girls and another boy who died as an infant. When my grandma was alive, she had Alzheimer’s. The oldest sister came from several states away and took her to care for her. My grandma wandered off and was missing for a week. My dad and siblings kept calling and asking to speak to her. My aunt always said she was asleep or in the bathroom. Eventually, she was found and had a serious infection from which she died. My dad stopped talking to that aunt because she was spending grandma’s social security while she was missing and made no effort to find her. Fast forward a few days later, a brother died and that same aunt decided to take over, traveling again nearly a thousand miles to be a royal pain in everyone’s behind despite the fact he had an adult daughter. And a few years ago when another brother was dying from cancer, same aunt took him away to a different hospital a thousand miles from his five kids and wife. When the docs told us there was nothing they could do, my aunt said she wanted to try a treatment that would only extend his life a few weeks but if it failed would kill him immediately. I said that his kids and wife should make that decision. My aunt went and had my uncle declared incompetent and named herself as guardian over his affairs. When they gave him 48 hours or so, I again said to call his family, she said they didn’t deserve to know. So I called. My aunt calls my mother, tells her I was out of line and had me banned from seeing him and saying goodbye. Her daughter blasts me on social media, to which I didn’t respond. Same daughter then sends an email to all the cousins (43 total) to donate $100 each to pay for a tombstone for my grandma who was buried 5 years prior. I actually did what Prince did, but I told the truth. I replied all and asked what happened to the check the uncle that just died gave my aunt to pay for the tombstone. I was there when he did it. And so now since then (which coincidentally happened around the same time of this Jackson incident) there is a rift between siblings, cousins, etc.

    I have always said we are a black family like the Jackson’s: all the drama, none of the fame. But what I have learned is that none of this is uncommon for large families. Just like the Jackson’s, we have so many people with differing personalities and motivations, to expect cplete unity all the time is an absurd idea. There is always at least one jackass aunt/uncle in the bunch and at the heart of it a matriarch, like my grandma, like Katherine, who loves their children and even when they do wrong continue to bail them out or enable them, even at the expense of their other children.

    I don’t go around that part of my family much and it is by choice bed I am an adult. But, I can see why MJ kept a tight reign on the exposure with his children. I can also see that now, since only one remains a minor, the two oldest can choose for themselves what that contact will be. Michael said it best when asked about how close he was to his siblings. He said that in a family so big, sometimes you are closer to one or more at any given time, depending on the circumstances and their availability as well as your own.

    Old hurts fade, but human memory is such that we may forgive the pain inflicted upon us by family members, but we always remember. And when you have be burned more than once, you still love them, but you learn to proceed with caution. I think PP&B will learn this with their family members and with the public, as well. Tough lesson for kids who’ve lost so much.

    1. I agree. The Jacksons are, and have been for many years, a family made up of many factions. And those factions have periodically shifted through the years.

      I am glad that Prince and Paris are now old enough that they don’t have to be pawns in the family drama-though, of course, they, too, are Jacksons and will align with their own factions within the family as they see fit-or distance themselves altogether. So far, they have remained loyal to the family despite all the inside up’s and down’s and I think that speaks volumes.

  22. I will add just one thing. If Michael would not protect kids with money, they wouldn’t put even eyes on them. And we all know that’s truth. It’s clear why he left mother 40%. Because he knew that she will do it for money. Of course after she dies, 40% goes to kids. I won’t go into deep discussion, but I personally think kids are not his biological kids, for me that doesn’t count. Now all of you imagine how family feels? Lol… Michael give them his last and final lection, sadly with his death. Even his death they exploited… Coffin with his dead body to public view??? From that moment I clearly saw who all of that people are. I feel nothing but compassion and love for Michael. They abused even his body.

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