Who Was Michael Jackson? The Truth Through A Daughter's Eyes


“He Was A Genius, He Was A Warrior..”

No doubt about it, Michael’s little girl Paris is growing up, and becoming a celebrity in her own right (though she has yet to prove if she has an iota of the family talent, but let’s cut her a break here. She hasn’t exactly had the chance to prove that yet). It is also without doubt that she has become, at only fourteen, a somewhat controversial and polarizing figure, one whose strong opinions on many subjects have invoked both admiration and ire with equal platitudes. But every once in a while, she speaks a truth with such passionate, commanding conviction and eloquence that it cuts through all of the controversy and arrives straight to the heart. Such was the case when someone very recently asked her on Twitter, “Who was Michael Jackson?” Surely this was a joke! But if this person’s intent was sarcasm, it was shot down instantly in a hailstorm fire of bullets-that is, bullets made of words. I have left her message here exactly as she wrote it-warts, misspellings, and all-because this was her message to the world.

“michael jackson was the king of pop rock and soul. he was a genius, he was a warrior, he was a prisoner in this hell hole we call society, he was the bravest man i’ve ever known, …

“…He Was A Prisoner In This Hell Hole We Call Society, He Was The Bravest Man I’ve Ever Known…”

he was an angel sent from heaven , not only was he the greatest and most talented man, but a philanthropist and a patriarsch for the jackson family. the glue that kept everyone together. he loved and cared for children and cared so much to make this world a better place!

“…He Was An Angel Sent From Heaven..”

he was goofy, crazy, hilarious, loving, kind, beautiful, lovable, incredible and the most loving father probably to ever exist…
i am so grateful and honored to have known him for over 10 yrs., he was my life, the only thing that really brought me true happiness
michael jackson was the greatest thing that ever happened to the music industry …. and my life

“…He Was Goofy, Crazy, Hilarious…”
“…He Was My Life, The Only Thing That Really Brought Me True Happiness…”


15 thoughts on “Who Was Michael Jackson? The Truth Through A Daughter's Eyes”

  1. “He was a prisoner in this hell whole we call society” I couldn’t have said it better! Amen Paris!!!! And thanku for this blog Raven. I can’t believe i’ve missed that comment! /Love from Sweden

  2. i just sat there and cried, tears running down my cheeks. What really put a lump in my throat was this–“i am so grateful and honored to have known him for over 10 yrs., he was my life, the only thing that really brought me true happiness.” If ever there was a man who deserved to be a father, and fulfiled that role so perfectly, it was Michael Jackson. It just doesn’t seem fair. He should still be here, with them. Sometimes life makes no sense. His passing is one of them.

  3. Hi Raven;

    Paris’ comments really lets us know she likely was very aware of the suffering her Dad endured. Nancy, I agree she summed up her Dad perfectly.

  4. I loved that! Paris is so eloquent, like u said Raven! I couldn’t have said it better! Michael we LOVE you!! I’m praying for you and your beloved and precious children!

  5. She speaks her mind regardless of what people will say. Maybe it’s her youth but I think it’s that she really has a lot of MJ in her. Her raw honesty is refreshing and good to see because it shows that she’ll be able to stand up for her Dad even more strongly as she matures. I pray she keeps her faith, her head, and everything her Dad told her all of which she says she remembers.

  6. Raven, Paris’s words are wonderful and reading them is like to see, finally, the true portrait of Michael. Thank you for having shared more than ever, I felt a shining emotion.

  7. What a daughter! Michael did an incredible parenting job instilling courage, strength, a sense of self and self preservation, loyalty and love. As an heir to both the legacy and fortune, I do hope as she matures she develops excellent analytical skills and and a good bs antenna. She will need them. I give Paris credit too because it is nuture and nature. Twitter spelling, grammar and punctuation aside, her wrtiting skills are quite good.

  8. I am near tears after reading this. Paris loves her Dad so much and I love what she shared about him. Anyone reading that will know who Michael is.

  9. This is one of the most beautiful and true statements I have ever read. What an amazing child to see her father in this light!

  10. Couldn’t stop crying from the heartfelt words saying who MJ was so beautifully, well done Paris. May your dad’s love continue to guide, comfort & give you the strength to believe in yourself & determination to succeed in all that you do with your life….Sally from down under.

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