What A Difference 15 Years Make…Or Do They?

 You’re still precious, even if you’d hate me for saying it! Happy 15th birthday, Paris Jackson!















4 thoughts on “What A Difference 15 Years Make…Or Do They?”

  1. I think she’d definitely be giving her Daddy a challenge. He was quoted as saying, “Girls are tougher than boys to raise.” Yep! She’d be keeping him steppin’, although I’m sure he’d realize that she is her own person and entitled to explore (within reason, of course) the right to challenge and make sense of life. I don’t think we need to worry about Paris. Michael raised her with the right stuff. She knew spirituality, creativity, humor and most of all LOVE! Happy Birthday, Paris! Show the world that you are the daughter of a great man and won’t stop til you vindicate him once and for all! God bless you and protect you always! P.S. Love your “edgy” look.

  2. If there was ever a daughter created to vindicate her daddy, it’s Paris. She’s beautiful, intelligent, unflappable, savvy, strong & unafraid. She adores Michael and will be his best warrior. Happy Birthday, angel girl!

  3. Happy Birthday Paris. Daddy’s one and only princess. He would be so proud of her. I have no doubt that she will be doing great things in her life.

    Love you Paris.

    Love you always MJ, RIP.

  4. Happy 15th Paris! Cannot believe Michael’s baby girl is already 15. I read on an MJ forum that Paris spent the day with her mother Debbie. So happy they have a relationship!

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