Taj Jackson Revelation Solves "Mystery Letter"

Two handwritten notes from Michael have gotten a lot of publicity this week. I will address each in their own, separate posts.

This Letter, Written By Michael And Addressed To His Sister-In-Law DeeDee, Has Long Been A Source of Mystery To Fans And Detractors Alike
This Letter, Written By Michael And Addressed To His Sister-In-Law DeeDee, Has Long Been A Source of Mystery To Fans And Detractors Alike

While the Wade Robson revelations shook the fan community, they also inspired Michael’s nephew Taj Jackson to bravely step forward with his own revelation. Taj revealed on Twitter that he had been a victim of child sexual abuse-molested by his own mother’s brother! The revelation came via Twitter, within only hours of Wade Robson’s Today Show interview.

taj jackson tweets

I applaud Taj for coming forth, and speaking his truth. (Hmm. Wonder if this was quite what Wade was bargaining for when he said he hoped to inspire “other victims” to come forward. Somehow, I don’t think so!).

Taj Jackson-Child Sexual Abuse Survivor
Taj Jackson-Child Sexual Abuse Survivor


But I am also glad on another level, because this finally clears up a decades-old mystery that has puzzled both fans and detractors alike. What exactly could have compelled Michael to write such a seemingly bizarre letter to his late sister-in-law DeeDee, advising her to protect her sons since child sexual predators can even exist within one’s own family?

The letter reads:

DeeDee, please read this article about child molestation, and please read it to Taj, TJ, and Taryll, it brings out how even your own relatives can be molesters of children, or even uncles or aunts molesting nephews or nieces, please read. Love, MJ.

For years, MJ haters and detractors-as well as those who are simply skeptics-have asked the question: Why would Michael write such a thing? Of course, we all know where they have tried to go with this for years, and it’s a very sick place indeed. I recall, in fact, having a very drawn out debate with one detractor that went on through many PM exchanges, all over this very letter.

Tito and Delores (DeeDee) With Baby Taryll.
Tito and Delores (DeeDee) With Baby Taryll.

Her line of reasoning was that Michael-in the best Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde fashion-was aware of his “darker nature” and sought to warn his sister-in-law, in the way that some serial killers, I suppose, might warn their potential victims in a moment of clarity.

While I never bought that sinister explanation, I had to confess that it still left a puzzling, nagging question. Why did he write it? I felt all along that this probably pertained to a private family matter, but with no smoking gun and no apparent motivation, it remained an intriguing and troubling mystery-until now.

I am so proud of Taj for coming forward, even though it must have been very humiliating to “out” his own uncle this way (Taj, Taryll, and TJ have always been very protective of their late mother’s memory, and anything that might potentially tarnish it. While Jackson proponents have been quick to point out, “His abuser WASN’T a Jackson!” we have to keep in mind that, for Taj, this is still family-and still just as painful, regardless of which “side”).

But I am also thankful that he has finally cleared up this mystery, hopefully for once and all. His words confirm for us the Michael Jackson that we, his fans, truly believe he was-a compassionate and caring soul who was always looking out for the welfare of others.

There is also an important parallel here. It shows that Taj, at some point, must have confided the abuse to Michael. This is not dissimilar to other stories I have heard, such as Jordan Chandler confiding in Michael regarding Evan’s physical and psychological abuse of him (and while there is no evidence that Evan sexually abused his son, there is certainly plenty of evidence that Evan was abusive to his son in other, just as fundamentally damaging ways). Michael, it seems, often found himself in the “Big Brother” role; occasionally, even, the substitute father role. He was evidently someone that youngsters felt comfortable confiding their troubles to. (I think, more often than not, this probably caused troubles for him!).

In addition to being a willing ear and shoulder to cry on,  it seems he was willing to take an active stance when necessary. This letter seemed to be his way of telling his sister-in-law to open her eyes. How must DeeDee have felt to know her own brother was molesting her son? Or did she ever know? It seemed Michael may have been using this letter as a way of breaking it to her gently. Maybe he hoped that reading it would trigger enough red flags for her to take the necessary precautions. Or perhaps she did know, and was just having trouble getting her hands around it.

This isn’t something to brush off lightly. Families have been ripped apart, at the seams, over just such issues. Trust me. I know.

Taj Lost His Mother In What Was At First Believed To Be A Tragic Drowning Accident. Years Later, Her Boyfriend Don Brohana Was Convicted Of Second Degree Murder
Taj Lost His Mother In What Was At First Believed To Be A Tragic Drowning Accident. Years Later, Her Boyfriend Don Brohana Was Convicted Of Second Degree Murder

As I am sure most of my readers are aware, DeeDee (Delores) Jackson, Tito’s ex-wife, died in August of 1994 in what was originally ruled a swimming pool accident. But four years later, in 1998, Donald Bohana-a man she had dated for three months- was convicted of her murder.


Taj Jackson is proof that being born into fame and money does not guarantee happiness. By the time he was a young adult, he had been both a victim of incest and, along with his two brothers, had tragically lost his mother.

Michael Always Had A Soft Spot For His Brother Tito's Sons
Michael Always Had A Soft Spot For His Brother Tito’s Sons

I’m sure Michael loved all his nieces and nephews, but I think the loss of their mother may have been one reason why Michael always had an especial soft spot for Tito’s sons.

Now we may have an even better understanding of why he was so protective of these boys, and went to such lengths to take them under his wing.

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  1. Raven, earlier today there was a shocking twist to this story. Stacy Brown, the “journalist” who co-authored the trash book “The Man Behind The Mask”, stated on FB that in 1999, Jermaine Jackson and his then mistress both told him that Taj was molested by Michael Jackson!

    I’ll email you the screenshots so that you can add them to this post, or a future post. In the meantime, check my twitter timeline to get up to speed with all of this. Everything moved at 100mph today!

    1. BTW I do not believe for an instant that Taj would accuse an innocent person (his dead mother’s brother) to cover for Michael. That just doesn’t make sense.

      In fact, if he was covering for Michael, the sensible thing for him to do would have been to continue to keep his silence. He wouldn’t have been drawing unneeded attention to the matter by tweeting about it.

      To me, his actions and words are the hallmark of someone who is telling the truth.

      I am getting more and more bad vibes that Stacy Brown may just be at the heart of a lot of this. As they said in Hamlet, “There’s something rotten in Denmark.” At the very least, he sure relishes keeping the pot stirred!

        1. I’m not sure which mistress Stacy was referring to but if he was referring to Margaret Maldonado,then he is in for a shock if he hasn’t read her book as she only has nice things to say about Michael.She even talked about that episode that Taj was talking about but what she said in her book is that there were unfair rumors towards Michael about that issue and that Michael was innocent as he was a great uncle even to her own children.

          1. He wasn’t talking about Margareth but about Lawanda. It’s the text.

            In an earlier interview he accused her of writing the infamous 2006 Jermaine Jackson book proposal.

    2. I won’t even contemplate “what ifs” in the case of anything Stacy Brown says, because he’s such an obvious liar. I agree with Theresa B – fans should stop paying attention to him and his ilk. No one pays attention to this moron but fans. Do we really have to?

  2. Taj Jackson is a fine young man and is very lucky to have his Uncle Michael watching over him. He is very courageous to share this painfull and private experience with the public. Stacey Brown demeans this you man with he lies. I keep watching twitter and it feels like MJ fans spread every tabloid lie like wildfire. We are the ones who read the filth spread by creeps like Stacey Brown and Dimond. We pay them with our “clicks” and send their baseless accusations into cyberspace. Levin, Brown, Dimond and countless others must really love this right now.

    1. It’s frustrating no end to see fans being the ones who spread this BS, do we need the haters to get more ammo and encourage them further? Exposing Stacy is one thing, but people really need to think before they post these things everywhere.

  3. Ah, yes, that must have been what LunaJo’s message to Stacy Brown was all about today when she said, “You don’t know as much as you think you know.”

  4. What is the relevance of this man to give him a platform.
    He makes a joke of a serious matter. I feel for Taj and for anyone for that matter who has the courage to speak up about such an awful and very personal experience.
    Its bad enough he felt compelled to do it.
    I never hear anyone refer to SB or DD but MJ fans.
    He is a despicable human being who deserves no attention at all.

    1. I think Dimond is (or was at least) a bit different. She sometimes needs to be called out because she does have a bigger audience, appearances in the mainstream media etc, where she spreads her lies. If she tells a lie in front of a bigger audience, in an article or on a TV programme, I think it’s OK that fans call her out on it. But I don’t think we should react to her tweets and much less to Stacy Brown who is absolutely an irrelevant factor in the media world as a journalist. What else does he write about than trashing MJ?

  5. Oh Taj, thank you for your courage and bravery in order that the Truth be known about your Uncle Michael. I sincerely wish that you didn’t have to be put in this position. Even Prince posted on twitter, the phrase, They don’t care about us. I pray that you take comfort in this, weeping may endure for the night, but joy comes in the morning. The joy of the Lord is your strength. God bless <3 Taj Jackson!

    1. Gloved 1 ,thank you for reminding that this is about Tajs awful experience and about Michaels compassion and support.
      I wonder if the defenders of Wades truth also acknowledge Tajs and Michaels truth.

  6. I heard someone bring up the prospect of Wade doing an Oprah interview and my stomach turned too fast. Just…ughhhhhhh, the very thought makes my skin crawl. Just imagine Oprah’s famous ‘concerned and sympathetic’ glance. *weeps*

      1. That women’s skirt goes where ever the wind blows. However, perhaps then KJ will finally decide to remove this buttlicker from the family environment for once and all.

      2. What I think is beautiful is that Michael didn’t ‘out’ Taj in order to clear up the cryptic tones of the message and provide clarity to detractors and fans alike. He allowed Taj to come forward when he truly felt it was necessary. Was the letter used against him in 2005?

        1. I don’t believe so, Yasmin. But Diane Dimond made a false accusation on Hard Copy that Michael had molested his nephews based on an alleged tape that had been seen by Victor Guiterrez. Dimond got her information from Guiterrez. But there was a huge problem: The tape didn’t exist. This was what prompted Michael’s lawsuit against Victor Guiterrez and Hard Copy. He sued Diane as well but she was able to get off on something called “journalistic integrity.” (Right). Guiterrez was ordered to pay $2.7 million to Michael, but he left the country to avoid paying up. Diane Dimond continues to be snuggle buddies with Stacy Brown, who is trying even now to dredge up these old stories in order to cast doubt on Taj’s current story. Under attack from fans, he tried to back pedal and say he was only repeating what Jermaine and Jermaine’s mistress had told him. He said he never “reported” that information (as if, somehow, he believes that the stuff he puts out on Facebook and Twitter isn’t going to be seen by anyone, despite the fact that he’s a public figure).

        2. No it wasn’t used but it was hawked out by them around 2005 because Vaccaro had sent it to Diane Dimond who sent it to Sneddon and of course the media circulated it as though it were a sinister creepy note.

          It says a lot that in ALL of MJ’s things – in this one family vault and in the raid in all the properties associated to MJ, this kind of thing was considered some kind of “evidence” against him, as opposed to any actual real evidence like love letters, photos, journals, notes, voice mails, videos, anything. One post it note in a family vault.

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