BREAKING NEWS: Paris Suicide Attempt

“This Was A Serious Suicide Attempt; It Was Not A Cry For Help”-Howard Bragman, Jackson Family Acquaintance”


"She Has Everything, But She Has Nothing"-ABC News
“She Has Everything, But She Has Nothing”-ABC News

As of this writing, there are still conflicting reports all over the web. I’m not sure what to believe. Like all the rest of you, I am still piecing this story together. For sure, the fingers are pointing and the blame game is in full force. Since this afternoon, Paris’s suicide attempt has been pinned on everything from Michael’s impending death anniversary to the AEG trial, from Wade Robson’s allegations to online cyber bullying, from a fit over a Marilyn Manson concert to hurtful comments made about her new relationship with her mom Debbie Rowe.

Radaronline speculates that stress over the trial and Wade Robson’s allegations may have been what pushed her over the edge (but this has not been confirmed):

Paris Jackson Was ‘Emotionally Distraught’ Before Suicide Attempt, Doesn’t Want To Testify In Wrongful Death Suit

Splash News

Splash News

Paris Jackson‘s suicide attempt was not an overdose as a 911 dispatcher disclosed, has learned — sources say the troubled teenage daughter of late pop star Michael Jackson slashed her wrist because she was emotionally distraught over having to testify in the current wrongful death lawsuit.

“It absolutely wasn’t an overdose,” a Jackson family insider said.

“Paris didn’t take any pills, she cut herself and she absolutely didn’t have a temper tantrum about not being allowed to go to aMarilyn Manson concert, as has been reported. What’s more, she has never attempted suicide in the past.”

As reported, the 15-year-old was rushed to a Los Angeles area hospital in the early hours of Wednesday in what paramedics described as a response to a “person who apparently took some kind of medication.”

She was reportedly placed under a 5150 psychiatric hold for 72 hours — the same evaluation that Britney Spears went under in 2008 that allows for a qualified peace officer or clinician to involuntarily confine someone because it’s deemed they have a mental disorder that makes them a danger to themselves and/or others.

The shocking and sad incident comes soon after the civil trial commenced in the Jackson’s $40b lawsuit against AEG Live LLC, in which the famed music family claimed the concert promoter failed to properly investigate the doctor who was later convicted of her son’s death. AEG denies wrongdoing.

Paris was due to testify in the trial, at AEG’s request, but was “emotionally distraught about having to go to court. Paris wants nothing to do with the trial and is unwilling to do so.”

As Radar was first to report in March, Paris was deposed before the trial after AEG subpoenaed her. The deposition took place at a Los Angeles courthouse because older brother, Prince, had previously answered questions under oath at a lawyer’s office and “it didn’t go well.”

“Prince had a rough time during his despoition, so allowances were made to make sure it didn’t happen again,” a source connected to the case said.

“That’s why Katherine’s lawyers demanded that Paris’ deposition take place at the courthouse so the judge could intervene if it appeared to be getting too tough for her.”

A second Jackson family source told Radar the King of Pop’s only daughter was “nervous about the trial,Wade Robson‘s lies about her father and she’s been struggling to fit in at school.”

Robson, a dancer-choreographer who was befriended by Jackson when he was a child, is now seeking money from Jackson’s estate for alleged child sex abuse and called late pop icon “a pedophile and a child sexual abuser” in a television interview last month.

Howard Weitzman, attorney for the Estate of Michael Jackson, said that “Co-Executors John Branca and John McClain wish to extend their heartfelt thoughts and prayers to Paris Jackson during this very difficult time. The Executors are fully committed to providing Paris with whatever assistance she requires in dealing with this situation and will be there for her.”

If you, or anyone you know, is struggling with thoughts of suicide, please immediately seek help — you can speak with a skilled, trained counselor at a national Suicide Prevention Lifeline crisis center in your area, anytime 24/7 — call 1-800-273-TALK (8255)

Perhaps the safest thing to assume right now is that it could well be all of the above…and then some. No doubt, Paris is a girl with a lot on her shoulders-and has been for at least four years, when her world was shattered and she became, in essence, the “strong one” of the siblings, because she had to be.

They can’t even seem to get it straight if it was slashed wrists, or an Ibuprofen overdose, or both as has been reported by at least one source. The cut to the wrists has been reported as having come  from a kitchen knife to now, a meat cleaver. (Trust me, there is a HUGE difference when we go from a kitchen knife to a meat cleaver! A kitchen knife could be a small, paring knife. A meat cleaver is…gulp. THAT could do some real damage!). At latest update, it was reported by TMZ that she left a suicide note, but its contents are unknown.

It’s no wonder that we are getting so much conflicting information, with the family remaining mum other than this rather cryptic and troublesome statement:

“Being a sensitive 15-year-old is difficult no matter who you are,” the statement said. “It is especially difficult when you lose the person closest to you [her father]. Paris is physically fine and is getting appropriate medical attention. Please respect her privacy and the family’s privacy.”

and family acquaintances-or the ever present, unnamed “sources” running all over the place to this outlet and that one.

Apparently, none of them are getting the story straight. Perhaps they are as confused as we are.

Why is the official family statement troubling to me? Mainly because it is not the usual, overly optimistic kind of response we would expect if things really were “okay.” I think the immediate concern, of course, was to assure fans that she is alive and that her attempt was not a succesful one. But it still leaves a bitter aftertaste, because whatever crisis brought this on is apparently far from over.

I have decided to take a cue from Richard Lawson of The Atlantic Wire, who spoke some wise words today:

There’s no angle worth getting into — even continuing to criticize anyone else for how they cover the story would be further perpetuating public scrutiny of something that should really not be public, beyond maybe drawing some attention to the problems of mental health and suicide among adolescents. But, yeah, past that, there’s only harm to be done in discussing a story like this in any public forum, right? Anyway. Sad thing.

This really isn’t the time to get into the blame game, or attempting to analyze the reasons. There will be time for all of that later. Right now, all we need to know-and all we need concern ourselves with-is that Michael’s baby needs our prayers.

parisreddressSo I will leave the analyzing of her arms for cut marks and so forth to the sharks at TMZ. However, I do have some thoughts I would like to pass on. I think we need to keep in mind that there is a lot more to Paris’s life than being a Jackson, or even Michael Jackson’s daughter. The reason I am saying this is because everyone from the media to the fans seem to be jumping on the bandwagon of assuming it must all somehow be related to family issues. But Paris is a 15-year-old girl who is also undergoing all of the normal up’s and down’s of teenage life. She has her own issues-relationships, peer problems, and so forth-all of which may be compounded by being a famous celebrity’s daughter, but aren’t necessarily rooted in that as the primary cause. In many past tweets, she has hinted about relationship issues. None of it seemed that serious to me, but then again, how serious do these things ever sound to adults? As adults, we learn that no matter how bad things seem, they are only temporary bumps. Try explaining that to a 15-year-old, who lives utterly in the moment and thinks that nothing good or worth living for can possibly ever happen again.

Here is another painful truth. Although I follow Paris on Twitter, as do millions of others, I had pretty much stopped paying attention to her tweets after the whole “Grannygate” fiasco of last summer died down. Paris went back to tweeting her (mostly) inconsequential, inane teenage stuff, and on the rare occasions when I really peeked in, I rarely found much of real interest. (Perhaps this should be a reminder that 50-year-old women do not have much in common with 15-year-olds, and that is as it should be). In the last year, especially, Paris has gained a reputation as a bit of a…shall I say it? A drama queen. There. I got it off my chest. Not that I especially fault her for it. All of Michael’s kids have their own, unique personalities. It just so happened that Paris turned out as the flamboyant one who loves the spotlight and who adores attention-sometimes, I think, both negative and positive.

Remember the fable about the little boy who cried wolf? Tragically, what can happen when one cries wolf just a little too often is that, at some point, the world may stop listening. It is then that the wolf slips in for the kill.

everyone thinks i’m over dramatic when i’m upset but like when an octopus is stressed out it eats itself , so… yeah.

Today, Paris sent a wake-up call to the world that she was not crying wolf.

ETA: 06/06/13: Once again, my apologies for the interruption in my post. I had to re-type everything after it was accidentally deleted this morning. Here is the rest:

I am speaking on behalf of my own conscience. I had seen many of Paris’s tweets, including many of the same ones now being dissected by the media. But I had brushed most of them off as inconsequential; just Paris being her usual, melodramatic-full-of-teen/emo-angst self. There were the occasional nice posts about her dad, which I enjoyed, of course. But I seldom dug any deeper than the posts that occasionally popped up in my feed. I was content to allow the drama of “As The Paris Turns” to play out to its intended teenage audience.

In short, I am feeling somewhat guilty because I feel that I may have turned a blind eye to some of Paris’s most blatant cries for help, without even realizing it. Also, I was aware of much of the cyber bullying that she has been subjected to. But as Paris seemed to enjoy instigating a lot of the drama, I started to feel a bit of apathy creeping in. No one was twisting her arm to be on Twitter, or to make her life such an open book for all to read. She’s not a baby, and was well aware of what she was opening herself up to. By now, I had become accustomed to her habit of tweeting goth and grunge lyrics, as well as what seemed her whole, general adopting of the emo culture, lifestyle, and philosophy-in short, “life sucks.”  In the past couple of years, we’ve seen Paris go through enough phases to make anyone’s head spin-she’s been a preppie, a hippie, a wholesome Marcia Brady clone, a metal chick, an emo and just about every phase in between (not to mention, a hippie and an emo are about as polar opposites as it gets, yet Paris seems to have the knack for blending all of these interests and identities  seamlessly, and without pause for breath. She reminds me a bit of Roger, the alien character on American Dad who changes personas, on average, about twenty times per episode).

But sometimes it’s easy to forget that what she really is, underneath all of these shifting identities, personas, and bravado-is a child. A lost, scared, vulnerable child whose world was shattered way too young, and who is still struggling to come to emotional grips with what happened four years ago.

I have learned the lesson many times of what a dangerous emotion apathy is. Yesterday, I had to learn it again. Paris isn’t my child, but it gives me shivers to think that I might just as easily have been one of those parents to brush off my own child’s cries for help as just harmless teenage stuff-nothing to see here, people; let’s move along.

In the past 24 hours, the media has been focusing almost exclusively on her most recent, two tweets:

yesterday , all my troubles seemed so far away now it looks as though they’re here to stay

i wonder why tears are salty?

However, I was far more disturbed by a tweet a few days before, a tweet that haunted me for many days because I didn’t know whether this was just one more instance of the typical bullying she receives on a daily basis (most of which I know she is strong enough to brush off) or a more serious situation that was escalating. Ultimately, teen fights are a lot like cat fights-one has to use caution and judgment in deciding whether it is best to intervene, or to allow them to sort things out for themselves. The reason it bothers me now is because Paris had asked her followers to report this account. The account seemed to be from a rather deranged poster going by the username of LanasPopsi. I haven’t been able to find much info on who this lanaspopsi is. Apparently, many followers did as Paris requested, because the account has since been suspended. But what bothers me most now is that I know I saw this tweet, and did nothing-even though it laid heavy on my mind and heart for several days. Remember what I wrote about God talking to Michael? Sometimes we just know when God is speaking to us, telling us what we know in our hearts is the right thing to do.

But the only excuse I can offer is that I was too caught up in all that was going on in regards to Paris’s father-the AEG trial, the Wade Robson allegations, etc-to really pay attention to what was going on with his own daughter, or how any of this might have been affecting her. Sure, it’s easy to give lip service to that concern. But do we always live up to it? Looking back on how casually I brushed off some of Paris’s most blatant tweets, I am not so sure. I’ve had to do a lot of self reflecting today.

Let’s not forget that, right after the Wade Robson allegations broke, Prince also tweeted the lyrics to They Don’t Really Care About Us. As adults, we need to pay attention. The children are using song lyrics as shortcuts to conveying very real emotions that they cannot express in any other way.

But I want to get back to this LanasPopsi situation because I have a hunch this might be a more important piece to the puzzle than many realize. This situation apparently escalated on May 29th, a week to the day of her suicide attempt. I still don’t know the whole story, and going through the various tweets that flew between Paris and various supporters of this LanasPopsi (including one particularly nasty and vicious brute who calls himself AntiBullying, ironically enough) has raised more questions than answers about who started what, and who said what to whom. But in the end, I don’t think any of that really matters so much as what was said. What churned my stomach the most, as I read through this series of ugly tweets, is knowing that these were all ADULTS who were speaking in this manner to someone whom they clearly know is a CHILD. Guys, I don’t care what the situation is. There is absolutely NO EXCUSE for this kind of behavior on the part of adults, especially given how prevalent teen suicides have become due to cyber bullying. I have spoken out on this before, but it continues to sicken me to see how the anonymity of hiding behind a computer screen apparently gives some sick individuals free reign to let their alter egos fly-no matter who they hurt, or how old their victims are. 

Here is how the exchange played out. I have boldfaced the most atrocious of the comments, not to sensationalize, but just to show (for the average person who may have no idea) what this child is enduring from strangers on a daily basis. What you will see first, from Paris, is a screencap of the post from LanasPopsithat apparently started all of this (don’t worry if you can’t read it, I will post an enlarged image following the thread:


    @ParisJackson thanks for sharing this ,very important this get reported xo


    @ParisJackson you fucking ugly dyke leave my king alone


    @ParisJackson That’s my friend stop bullying him


    @ParisJackson: everyone please report @/LanasPopsi” lmao this not supposed to be funny huh?


    @sukdick4trukfit @ParisJackson Your name says “#stopbullying” but you’re saying mean shit to Paris? Wow


    @ParisJackson: What site are we reporting her on?


    @ParisJackson unfollow if don’t want any DMs you ho ass trick


    @BabyYoureSoPure @ParisJackson@LanasPopsi @LanasPopsi


    @RockinkajKat @ParisJackson Did it long time ago when she started ranting i just don’t understand acc’s saying stop bullying&they do most



    @ParisJackson you’re so rude he didn’t even do anything to you

  12. @NenehJackson @ParisJackson She is a liar what a Bitch picking on an innocent girl

Of all the awful comments made by this Anti-Bullying (or whoever the f*%^$ he is) this one, to me, was just absolutely heartbreaking:

“You’re such a bully. That’s why your dad is dead.” 

What kind of adult in sane mind says such things to a grieving child?

Okay, now let’s have a closer look at the words of this nutter LanasPopsi. This is what Paris was seeking to have reported on May 29th:

Pretty bizarre stuff, isn’t it? But what’s even scarier is knowing it’s only the tip of the iceberg.


I have heard all of the arguments that say Paris shouldn’t even be on Twitter. I agree-to a point. But is it also realistic to expect that Michael’s children should willingly give up all of the pleasures and freedoms that other teens enjoy and take for granted? I say yes and no. The simple truth is that they aren’t “normal”teens in the sense that they can enjoy the relative anonymity of most average kids. At the very least, having private accounts would be a good compromise. With that being said, it is true that Paris’s access to social media and her brash willingness to be the mouthpiece of the Jackson family has been both a mixed blessing and a curse. During “Grannygate,” many of us cheered on her bravado in standing up to her aunts and uncles.

But there is a downside as well, and I think we are seeing it now.

I am sure this will continue to be a developing story for several days, and I will continue to try to stay on top of it as much as I am able. It’s funny how things like this have a way of really putting our priorities back in order. Just a few days ago, my biggest concern here was keeping up with the developments in the AEG trial and the Wade Robson allegations. But all of that came to a screeching halt yesterday. The trial is continuing as I type this moment, and hopefully the present crisis will die down enough for me to get caught up with the details again in due time. But for now, I think we have much bigger concerns. As I said, it is in times like these that we learn what is truly important.

983855_543710639020487_2075340909_nLet me reiterate, for those who need this couched in plain English: Michael Jackson’s daughter was carried out of her home on a stretcher yesterday morning. Enough said.

There will be time enough for the blame game and the finger pointing. For now, all Paris needs from us are our prayers and well wishes for a speedy recovery. Michael once asked, “What more can I give?” Well, for now, our thoughts, prayers, and well wishes are all we can give-and it should be enough.

My prayer is that Paris can bounce back strong from this, and that it will only be a matter of time before she is once again making us cringe with her fashion choices and rolling our eyes at her latest hairstyles and musical choices.  Most of all, I hope she has many, many happy and productive years before she is reunited with her father in Heaven.5000_10151647314707888_1455140760_n


Michael will welcome her one day with open arms, I am sure. But let’s hope it is only after a full life of much love and many blessings. I know he would want nothing less.601038_498921353513647_445085582_n

And deep down, Paris-the little girl who once said “I want to be like you, Daddy” knows this, too. Let’s just hope and pray she will receive the treatment and guidance she needs in order to realize it.

I have hoped to accomplish many things with this blog. But writing the obituary of one of Michael’s children is not one of them, and I hope to God it never, ever comes to that.

Paris doesn’t need our fawning, nor our “tough love.” Neither extreme is an effective method for the healing she will need. What she does need, quite simply, are our prayers, our best wishes-and, yes, a little less apathy from those of us grown jaded with her teenage drama.

Life is too precious to take for granted. And I hope this will be a wake-up call to parents, teachers, and any adult in a position to intervene and make a difference. When does normal teenage angst cross the line into something much more serious? If you have to wait until you think you know for sure…it may already be too late.

UPDATE 06/07/13: I have been noticing something interesting about the media coverage of this story. It seems that part of the reason for all the conflicting stories about “why this happened” is that many outlets seem to be pushing a different agenda. Radaronline, for example, has been heavily pushing the “stress over testifying in the AEG trial” agenda, as well as emphasizing the Wade Robson allegations as a factor.

“Paris felt betrayed. Paris just couldn’t understand why Wade would make such outrageous allegations against her dad. She remembered him fondly and thought of Wade as an older brother when she was growing up. Michael had always warned Paris about opportunists that would try and make a quick payday of the Jackson name, but she was stunned that Wade was now looking for money from the estates — It really shook her up.”

Yet others are pushing the Debbie Rowe angle:

paris-jackson-debbie-rowe-wide-et (1)

The Daily Mail, meanwhile, has tried to spin it to make it all about the paternity issue again, and AEG’s threats to reveal the “truth.” (Sorry the link does not work when I try to paste it here).

Hmm. Really makes you wonder about the agendas of these outlets, as well as who their “sources” are and their agendas. It’s certainly feasible to think ALL of these factors could be playing into what is eating away at Paris. But it’s interesting that only Radaronline seems to be really beefing up the AEG angle. Any and all theories on this would be most welcomed!

On a related note, has anyone found it interesting that this is the SECOND major Jackson-related story that has broken in the midst of this trial, and which has served to divert our attention away from it? I’m not trying to imply that this was part of some conspiracy; what happened to Paris was a tragedy, pure and simple. But why do these things just keep happening in the midst of this trial? First we have Wade Robson all over the media, spouting allegations that-IF there was any truth to them-should have been brought about long ago. And now, just when it started to seem that AEG was being exposed, we have been diverted yet again by this tragic story.

Obviously, it doesn’t take much to figure how they are all inter-related, and how they have all combined to lead to the breakdown of a 15-year-old child. I believe that there is an obvious connection between the first, and that the second has been the unfortunate tragedy that has resulted. But the end result is the same. Why are the powers that be so determined that this trial is kept out of the headlines, in favor of all the diversions that continue to get thrown?

I don’t know. That’s just some food for thought.

On to other late developments. I’m sure you’ve heard about the bizarre tape recording that Conrad Murray made to Paris. As policy, I do not link to TMZ and I really do not care to give Murray any more of a platform than he already has. But here is a link to the transcript of that recording, if you’re interested. To me, it’s just plain creepy!

All I can say is, somebody please keep this guy away from Michael’s kids!

On a more positive note, this heartfelt reaction from Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush has been making the rounds. My two cents: Yes, it is touching, and obviously Billy Bush is genuinely shaken over the news. BUT…weren’t these the same people who were giving Wade Robson a platform just a few short weeks ago? (Excuse me for being the cynic that I am). However, I take this as a positive sign that there are compassionate people in the media who can learn from the mistakes that have been made. We are all just humans, after all, even though we sometimes have to be reminded of that fact.

A few more loose ends. Here is one of the more compassionate articles I’ve run across, which also highlights the cyberbullying issue:

Lastly, you had to know that this was coming:

It looks as though KJ’s custody and guardianship of Paris could be in serious jeopardy…again! Luckily, at 15, Paris is old enough to call her own shots. In three more years, she won’t have to worry about any of this! The downside is that three years is an eternity when you’re fifteen.

Lastly, I wanted to share this video of Raymone Baine talking about Paris. I know that Baine is somewhat of a controversial figure in the fan community, and I understand why. But regardless of whether you like or loathe the woman, this was such a sweet story about Paris’s love for her daddy!

 ETA: 6/11/13: I saw this link today, if anyone wants to contribute a letter to Paris:

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  1. When I thought it could not get any worse…and this is being reported the world over…

    I hope Paris is ok & I don’t know what drove her to this terrible decision but I sincerely wish that KJ would call off the case against AEG…I feel KJ is right in suing AEG & AEG pushed Michael to desperation but the cost of this trial might just be 2 much for the stake holders on the family side.

    Justice is important but Michael is no more…the emotional health of the family – children n Katherine her-self is more important.

    Oh God…pls end this all.

  2. How very sad. As if this child hasn’t gone thru enough pain in her short lifetime. This world can be cruel and exponentially cruel if your name is Jackson. I am stunned by the hater comments already being posted in reaction to Paris’ collapse. The children’s world was torn apart on 6/25/09 and then comes the KJ disappearance, the Robson allegations (can you imagine what P & P were subjected to at school??) and now all the shattering details of Michael’s last weeks and possible drug issues. My heart breaks for Paris and the boys. Michael is surely weeping…

  3. I’ve been wondering about the type of attention that kid has been getting, the good with the bad but neither seems healthy, just for the sheer amount of it. I really wish someone in the family gets their foot down en stop them getting on twitter, Oprah, promoting softdrinks, appearing in magazines etc. It’s hard enough being a teen as it is. No one.needs this kind of attention!

  4. It’s easy to lash out at the Jackson family at a time like this, but I think we can feed the hurt or feed the healing, you know?

    May God grant Paris strength, comfort and a sense of hope. May she feel the love her father has for her, and may she be bathed in light.

    1. To be able to feed anything you would have to have some kind of influence. I don’t have influence here but certain opinions when expressed often and loud enough, do as we have seen.

      1. What I meant by that is that we can spew negativity, judgment, even hate at ppl dear to Paris (Katherine) or we can send positive, healing energy to her. (this isn’t aimed at you specifically – some of what I’ve seen on twitter from self appointed MJ advocates makes me sick, much of it ending w/ #PrayForParis))

        Call it prayer, meditation, healing energy or the power of positive thinking – imagine if all the MJ fans who babble about L.O.V.E. and “don’t judge a man until you’ve walked in his shoes” got together for a day, an afternoon or even an hour and focused healing energy, love and light on Paris?

        1. I know for a fact what that kind of collective positive energy can do. It can perform miracles. I hope everyone will come together and do this.

  5. Never mind the soft drinks and twitter accounts. Paris has full access to everything nasty that has ever been said about her dad and his family, online or off. Including the most bizarre troll comments. That kind of slander could weaken the best of us–and she has tried to be incredibly strong, but the lies and onslaught are constant and have lately been getting worse. I wish her the best. She has been a clear and steady flame in defense of her father. May she succeed in everything she wants in her life.

    1. I think when she was little, she was probably shielded a lot more from some of the worst details. Now that she’s a wordly teen, with full-fledged internet access and (imho) way too much freedom on her hands, it’s anything goes. But everyone-including Michael himself-knew they couldn’t stay little and shielded forever. I am sure Michael was preparing them in his own way for all that they would be facing one day. To this day, Paris still has not revealed the details of their final conversation, in which he supposedly told her “everything.” That conversation was between the two of them, but I believe that part of it was that he was preparing them for what would come as they grew older and more aware.

      1. I concur with those who protest your “drama queen” comment. I think it’s simply Paris’ Aries personality. They can be stormy, want everything now, get revved up easily, don’t take no for an answer–in short, they are real firebrands. It makes them good pioneers, always on the social edge. Overlay those traits with the typical sturm-und-drang teen characteristics, and you have Paris. Of course she would experiment with her hair, clothes and makeup. With her father, it shouldn’t be a surprise. Nor should we be surprised if she will experiment with different life-styles as she matures. I like that she’s trying things out. Good grief, I know teenage girls who have a different neon-bright hair-color every week. I wish someone would tell her that internet trolls are best ignored completely. It’s not that she’s on social networks that’s the problem, it’s that apparently no one has bothered to teach her the best way to navigate through those shark-infested back-waters.

        1. You do make a good point. For example, Prince also has internet and social media access, but does not seem to encounter anywhere near the amount of trouble that Paris does. He either simply doesn’t invite as much controversy as his more outspoken sister, or has a stronger ability to let it all bounce off of him.

          Paris’s personality reminds me a lot more of her dad; that same combination of stubborn spunk and yet sensitive vulnerability. A lot of times I get the feeling that she courts controversy, only to be overwhelmed and emotionally hurt when she realizes she is not in control as much as she thought she was.

          1. Raven, Prince is not a gorgeous GIRL. She is a target b/c of her sex as well as her fiestiness. There is so much violence against women in this culture–women are OK to target–it is actually not only accepted but promoted in our culture in the media. How many movies are there where women are stalked like prey? And if a woman/girl is outspoken, fiesty, strong–she gets it worse.

        2. I agree re your analysis of her being an Aries. MJ had Aries rising–they have a lot in common. Yes, I agree she needs help navigating those horrible people. Personally, I think if there is not some way to NOT get those comments (as you can just limit contact to friends on FB), she should not spend time on Twitter as she is a sitting duck–a target for crazies. She needs to protect herself from that stuff. Would you put your finger in a fan and slice it up? No. The same principle applies here.

        3. I thought of the line from “A Streetcar Named Desire” when Blanche asks Stanley if he is an Aries. “Aries people are forceful. Dynamic. They love to bang things around.”

  6. I just took a full look at her “make-up video” posted on YT May 31, having paid little attention to it until today. At certain points near the end, the child looks positively manic! I agree with BlueLotus that Mrs. Jackson needs to drop this case and tend to her son’s wishes that she “guard” his children. Other celeb children have tragically lost parents and after the initial mourning, we hear nothing further from them. Michael’s children have been incessantly pushed into the public purview since his death, by either pro-active or inactive, well meaning or questionably motivated family members and outsiders. I had hoped that when TJ became co-guardian, Paris’ twitter account would be gone, but unfortunately that was not the case. The Murray trial was bad enough but necessary. Constant litigation is unhealthy even for adults. Look at the toll it took on Michael. Enough is enough.

    1. Well said. I agree 100%. At first I wanted the world to see the cowards at AEG for what they are. Now, I just want this trial to stop. It’s not worth it anymore. Paris needs help and she needs it now. No scrutiny. No judgement. No micro-analysis. Just love, understanding, encouragement and prayers.

      If Paris should come across this post at some time I would like to say, Paris, you matter and we know your pain is real, just like that of any teen, no matter who they are or where they live. Please know you won’t feel like this forever, it will get better. Prayers to you for healing inside and out. God bless.

    2. I actually have not watched it yet, either. I knew it was out there, but like I said, I don’t necessarily follow everything the kids do. With so much more “serious” news going on in the MJ camp, I just wasn’t taking time out for what seemed like “fluff” videos-i.e., Paris doing makeup, etc.

      I guess now I will have to check it out, although now in hindsight, I think everyone will probably be reading more into it than what is there. I remember just a few days ago, there was a write-up where she was praised for being so charming and funny in that video.

      Now it’s being analyzed for altogether different reasons.

      I will have to view it to get my honest take on it.

      1. I felt she was very insecure , in that video . Trying to talk and behave as if she were older but,helplessly, showing her fragility, vulnerability . But never thought about a possibility of what happened ! I never saw no one of these horrible ” bulling messages” you showed us ! It’s terrifying ! How somebody can be so mean , evil , under influence of jealousy and envy , it’s unthinkable ! But I just have to look a little behind to see what jealousy and envy did to her Daddy ! I pray to GOD for her life and her brothers’s to be out of reach of these spiritual ugly people !

    3. I just saw the makeup video. I thought it was cute. Paris is clueless about how pretty she is without the stuff, but that’s okay. I like how she’s clowning around. I’m sure that’s the way it went in the MJ household. I saw nothing manic here. The whole thing was sort of like goofing off in front of a mirror. The revealing bits are the ones she’s not even aware of. Her basic niceness. The naturalness underneath the “public” persona. That great bone structure. Those eyes. Her “kitchen.” One day in the not-to-distant future she will laugh about this demonstration because, as this video shows, she is now growing and maturing quite rapidly. It’s fun watching the process. It’s true, she was alone while she was demonstrating, probably by choice, but she did get several phone calls from what I assume are friends.

      1. I watched the make-up video and here’s what I thought about it. She is really exposing herself her and is that a good idea? She doesn’t know who is watching. She has an enormous amount of energy and vitality. She is brimming over and all that energy seems to be needing an outlet–I think there is some thought now of sending her to a school for the arts. I think that would be a great idea where she can develop her many talents. Find a channel for all that energy. I noticed the many deprecating remarks she makes about herself–I’m so not normal. I’m so weird. I’m not the brightest bulb, I’m weird, etc. She seems to put herself down a lot and anticipate that other people will put her down. This is not good and sad. She seems lonely and needs someone there to be with. She is used to having a nanny or MJ or people around and it seems she is all alone now. She clearly said in the video “I need help.” So maybe this was a message she wants to put out there. She seems very insecure and talks down about herself. She mentions that the people at school criticize her–she mentions they don’t like her ‘terrible taste in music.’ Last comment–I think she is wearing too much make-up but she is so gorgeous–what a beauty! She needs protection while she learns how to protect herself so she can develop her talents, her character in safety. Putting this on YT IMO is not safe. Just my 2 cents.

        1. I watched it in its entirety tonight for the first time also, and agree with everything you said.

          In no way could this be construed as a serious makeup tutorial, lol. It would be impossible to follow, as her “instructions” are all over the place! It’s nothing, really, but a vehicle for Paris to do what she does best, which is being Paris.

          Some of it also seemed very OCD to me. How much time, for instance, did she spend basically reapplying the same brush strokes to the same areas?

          I also noticed the many self deprecating remarks but it seemed to come from an attempt to convince her viewers (as well as herself) that she’s a unique person marching to the beat of her own drummer. However, she spends an inordinate amount of time and energy reminding people of that fact…a sure sign that she’s really not that secure in her own skin. People who truly pride themselves on their uniqueness don’t apologize for it. Her self consciousness shows through, which is a clear indication that she really does care what people think, and is very insecure.

          I’m of two minds on this. On the one hand, it was a fun vid but really, Paris is not doing herself any favors here. She is way too smart to play the role of some ditzy bimbo whose only interests are in fashion and makeup. Paris is better than this, and I think deep down, she knows it.

          Of course, if she is still interested in pursuing acting as a career, this video certainly proves that she can play the part of the ditzy bimbo. Perhaps that will be to her credit one day.

          But the problem is that she is putting forth this image of herself which many will think represents the totality of who she is. It doesn’t. I think this is a persona that Paris feels comfortable with, and since it wins her acceptance in certain circles, she has allowed it to consume her. But it’s not her. I think it’s an act.

          However, since it’s an act that has enabled her to successfully shield her pain for this long, it won’t come down easily.

          1. Raven, I feel you, but lighten up – Paris is fifteen, not forty. She likes to play with makeup. That’s what she’s doing here, no different from the hundreds of other young girls who post ‘tutorials’ on YouTube. In fact she didn’t post it; a friend did. Even in her darkest despair, Paris just wanted to have a little fun. Nothing wrong in that at all.

          2. Well, I said I’m of two minds on it because I can certainly see that it was meant to be fun-and not over analyzed. As I said before, people will read more into it now because of what has happened, and aside from her tweets, this is the most recent evidence we have to gauge what kind of state she was in just prior to this act.

            I still believe it’s a bit of an act. Paris has created a persona for herself. But considering she is the daughter of Michael Jackson, that kind of creativity is not unexpected.

            That isn’t really a critique, but I do feel she may be using this persona to mask a lot of pain beneath.

          3. Rather than an act that shields the pain, I think this was something that revealed the pain–all the energy that has not got a focus, the desire to connect, even by means of this make-up tutorial, and communicate what she is feeling and thinking to someone who will listen to her and pay attention to her, which MJ obviously did, but who is doing that now? Someone on TV (Billy Bush) said there is a lack of leadership in the family structure–over the issues of parenting (he is a parent and has a child at the Buckley school of the same age as Paris). I think he’s right. There is no leadership. The Co-Guardians have been AWOL in doing their job. Apparently TJ even lives 2 hours away now (that’s a 4 hour round trip to the house). The Co-Guardians get big bucks–TJ gets over 100k per year. They need to do their job, parenting, and do it better or be replaced by someone who can. Just my 2 cents.

          4. I know. I was shocked to learn he was living so far away. I didn’t expect him to be there 24-7 (he is only a co-guardian, after all)…but 2 HOURS away???

          5. I have yet to see the video but from reading about it, it truly sounds like a normal 15 year old girl having fun play acting and doing girl stuff. Aside from that it sounds like it also reveals something of her character, all good but with a dose of insecurity. Hmmmm. Certainly if you knew nothing else about her insecurity goes with the territory of being a teenager. That said I normaly would not see such a video (especially since I’m a long way from being a teen myself!) but I now feel compelled to see it, especialy in light of recent events which reveal something deeper than normal teenage insecurity. I wish young Paris the very best.

          6. Just finished seeing the video and to be honest it reinforced what I thought before seeing it and yes it’s definitely not a makeup instruction video as has been noted…:-) For the most part it’s just-for-fun teen goofiness. Also, despite the occassional self depricating remarks I would not have thought this was a teen destined to cause harm to herself in any way…or at least not from what is seen in this video. Her references to “being crazy” or “having a dark soul” or even being a “dim bulb” seemed very light hearted with no hint of being heavy or somber or anything beyond normal teen insecurity. Again just referencing this video alone so please correct me if I’m wrongly interpreting this. I do agree this is a bright young lady (NOT a “dim bulb”) with lots of extraverted creative energy and a hint of melodrama (said with a huge dose of kindness) that screams out for direction and focus and I agree the idea that there is a lack of leadership in her world is probably very true and is very troubling indeed. Earlier I had mentioned that I wanted to avoid micro-analysis so my apologies for lightly putting my foot in those waters. I continue to pray she has a speedy recovery and is able to get help to deal with her emerging demons. This is critical especially at her age.

          7. Just wanted to add…

            Raven said, “But the problem is that she is putting forth this [ditzy] image of herself which many will think represents the totality of who she is. It doesn’t. I think this is a persona that Paris feels comfortable with, and since it wins her acceptance in certain circles, she has allowed it to consume her. But it’s not her. I think it’s an act.

            However, since it’s an act that has enabled her to successfully shield her pain for this long, it won’t come down easily.”

            Yes, and this is analogous to the heavier use of make-up and frequent changes in hair style/color. Partly normal teen experimentation, partly an external mask that can also be used to shield from pain.

  7. O my God, if this is the truth, my heart is broken by sadness and compassion … Poor, sweet girl … Please, no judgment, no preaching, we must all remain in love and embrace her with all the strength of our compassion, our desire that her pain subsides, she can live quiet, she can overcome and to be herself the height of her opportunity.

  8. I feel the AEG trial with the latest extortion accusations may have been the tipping point for Paris who may believe they are responsible for her father’s death. The Press, of course, are not printing that. Absolutely horrendous and unjust lies from the tour promoter may make them stop and think about what they are saying, but I doubt it. Perhaps they should stop now, admit the seemingly obvious truth and pay up as they can afford it, so that a young 15 year-old daughter can be spared having to testify when she is much too young anyway to go through all this. All they are doing is making it worse for themselves in the end, and everyone else involved. The price is too high. I hope Paris, Prince Michael and Blanket get the strength and support they need.

  9. Well, it is certainly good NOW that people are talking about ‘no blame’ when before that’s all that was going around, pointing fingers at who is EVIL, etc. I am not God so I can’t decide who is evil, but the person that posted those horrible comments to Paris would be at the top of my list of people who need a correction (at least). I do not have a Twitter account altho now I wish I had one and could have posted sweet words to Paris and also reported that person who said such hurtful and cruel things. There is a lot of ugliness in the world coming from human beings, and that’s why getting away from it is necessary. I am so unfamiliar with Twitter, so I am not sure how it works, but on FB you have friends and can designate that you will only have your posts made available to friends and that only friends can comment on your wall. Maybe if Twitter has this, Paris would need to use the filters they have like that for her account. I know even in blogs or fan forums, you have to go thru a certain period before you are granted unfiltered access.

    It’s good to think some of the everlasting blame will die down, even if for a little while. Paris has been blamed enough. There is so much unrelenting judgment. Please let’s not call each other EVIL even if you disagree with what someone says.

    And as far as ‘drama queens’ I think MJ’s fans take the cake, sorry to say, but many fans are obsessed with the fighting that goes on, the unfolding sensationalism, it’s like one big soap opera and taking sides. Yes, take sides if you want but keep it in perspective with a view to what is really important–L.O.V.E. for Michael, for his kids, for the earth, for each other–make it a better place–be god’s glow–all these beautiful messages. Peace.

  10. why isn’t lanaspopsi being found, charged, tried and convicted of what is a CRIME if anything is – against a CHILD? I hope no time is wasted citing 1st amendment/freedom of speech crap, what this truly depraved person did is assault. period. it is long past high time for this type of bullying assault to be handled by the criminal justice system, since crime is what it is.
    I personally find it objectionable when we “adults” label teenagers the way we do – drama queens etc – because of the hypocrisy of it. We were 15 and no less “dramatic” at one time and it strikes me as not adult ENOUGH, to dismiss them as that. I don’t think they are drama queens, I think they are TEENAGERS. and if we weren’t as smugly and none too maturely dismissive of their pain, we – as you have pointed out Raven – would catch and support them soon enough to prevent such ghastly consequences, such as wrist-slashing, a lot more frequently. I say we because I’ve been an eye-rolling hypocrite in that regard often enough myself.
    I feel shame now, and I’m glad I do. Its so much more adult than smug dismissiveness of 15 year olds – who in my opinion certainly ARE babies, especially compared to those of us who’ve passed the half century mark. Not only do I agree this is no time for the blame game, I’m not sure there will ever be a time for it regarding this incident. I join you Raven and all others who are praying for the child Paris Jackson. Michael Jackson pointed out we are all responsible for all children, and not just our own

    1. I use the term “drama queen” for Paris with utmost affection and no malice or ill intent. It’s just being honest and calling it as I see it. She does like attention and she does like drama going on around her-and in most cases, loves being the center of it. That’s not a criticism but it’s necessary in understanding where I was coming from. I think a lot of the signs were being ignored because it was easy to say, “Oh, that’s just Paris being Paris”-which is why I used the little boy who cried wolf analogy. Girls that tend to be what I call “drama queens” usually have a lot of traits in common-high intelligence and high spirits among them, who usually are in need of healthy outlets for which to burn all that creative energy. It’s when they don’t have those healthy outlets that trouble can result. The teen years, in fact, are the height of the “drama queen” years for most girls. I know. I was once a 15-year-old drama queen myself. I loved nothing better than seeing how many people I could get to pity me. Of course, my underlying issues were very real. But still, I did a lot of things that were immature-threatening suicide just to get reactions; skipping school; manipulating adults when I learned I could, etc. So yes, I do remember absolutely what it’s like to be that age, as well as remembering why I did the things I did.

      Michael said that his children were our children. I know he didn’t mean that literally, of course, but in the sense of being a global family. Paris is not my daughter but it scares me to think that this could have just as easily been my child, or one of my students. This is why I wanted to be absolutely honest in laying it out there, because we live in an era where we can’t afford to be dismissive of our children’s pain, or to say, “Well, that’s just my Susie being her usual drama queen self.”

      Some people are debating whether this was a “real” suicide attempt, or just a bid for attention. But the way I see it is that it doesn’t really matter. If a teen goes this far as a means of getting attention, it still denotes a very serious, psychological issue going on. Children who act out in this manner are usually feeling unloved or are trying to fill a void.

      Additionally, I think it is wrong for people to try to invalidate Paris’s emotions by saying it was just for attention. Maybe. But obviously, this was serious enough to require medical treatment. What if something had gone wrong-if she DID accidentally cut too deep, or had lost too much blood? Then it wouldn’t exactly matter what the intent was, as the end result would be the same. So I really don’t see the point of those who argue whether it was a cry for help or an actual suicide attempt. Both actions come from the same place-and what’s worse, can have the same results.

      1. Raven, you know I love you and your blog so much so please don’t take it amiss if I say I think the ‘drama queen’ phrase is not helpful and while you are not using it to dismiss or disrespect Paris and the real pain she is going through, other people are.

        1. This is precisely, however, one of the dilemmas I so often face here-whether, for example, to speak out honestly about certain things I feel, even if I know those things may be controversial to some of my readers. However, if I can’t be honest, it defeats the whole purpose of what I’m doing here. The point I hoped to make is that I had started to see Paris somewhat in that light, and it was for this reason (well, one reason) that I had stopped paying too much attention to her tweets. Thus, this was a bit of a wake up call for me in realizing we can’t afford to be apathetic to what our kids are going through-any kids.

          I do appreciate all feedback, though, critical or otherwise. Often, I am writing these pieces totally off the cuff, and especially with such an emotional story as this one, I am sure it may be obvious that I am working my way through a lot of emotions as I write it. Words do have a lot of power, and when they don’t come out exactly as we mean them, can also be misconstrued. I certainly apologize if the term offends, but again, it came off the cuff as an honest reaction to a lot of things I have been observing about Paris in the last few months. The danger is that I think it cloaked a lot of what was really going on with her.

          1. Yes, I appreciate what you are saying and your honesty. I think we are all working out our thoughts and feelings, finding our way through this. I guess I focus on the way Paris is targeted as a girl/woman and it is really the ugly side of our culture that promotes this. I can’t even think about what that guy did to a 5 year old–so horrific. Yet to me there’s a watered-down version of the same kind of violence in attacks on Paris and the term ‘drama queen” is targeting females with the word “queen.” Would we say ‘drama king” and would it mean the same? No. I appreciate your honesty and the way you accept the honest responses of your readers. T

            he online comments both by journalists and readers are pretty disturbing. They harp on her DNA etc as if that is the main point! It’s like the elphant man’s bones, the hyperbaric chamber, stuff that sticks in people’s minds clogging up the drain so to speak so nothing can get through–what the hell does the girl’s DNA have to do with ANYTHING? What does MY or YOUR or ANYONE’S DNA have to do with anything–sorry but it upsets me that people can’t get over this.

          2. @Raven
            I do not want you to ever stifled your conscience. You won’t be doing your readers a service. I used to read many MJ blogs, but now I am just down to 1 and a 1/2, yours being the whole number. I find you to be reasonable and practical. I for one do not want to read a blog where the sun shines out of MJ’s ass, and there is no deep thought, or where a random string of events are thrown together to create so call facts. Needless to say I don’t want to read hateful rants either. I agree with IUTD, and that you did not mean “drama queen” in a derogatory way b/c that is not your personality.

          3. Thank you, Teva. From the beginning, I have really tried to just make this a place where someone who is interested in reading about various facets of Michael’s life and art might find something of interest to them. I’m not preaching any agenda; not pro or anti anything. Just a person who loves Michael and has researched him enough that I love sharing what I learn with others. I know that what I write won’t always jibe with what people want to hear (usually it does because we are all fans, and thus on the same page) but I always keep in mind what Michael really meant when he said “It’s all for love.” It was a line he usually gave when he was criticizing the person, as a way of mitigating the sting of the criticism, lol. It meant, “I am saying this because I care-and because I care enough to tell you.” So I have always taken that same approach, more or less. I try to keep it positive here because Michael Jackson has certainly been torn down enough, and as Rev. Gross is fond of saying, it is time to build him up again. I agree!

            But I also want to understand him from an honest perspective-which, of course, extends now to include his family as well.

            However, I have learned the value of respecting all opinions. In the past, I’ve seen so many blogs where the person basically says, “I’m going to delete any comments that argue with me about this,” etc. Something I’ve learned over the past four years is that in a fan community as volatile and in flux as this community is, it doesn’t pay to burn bridges. That person you disagree so fiercely with today, may be the person who most has your back down the road, when it’s another day and another issue. So I think it pays to keep those lines of communication open. Sometimes the comments here force me to go back and reflect on things, not necessarily to change what I think or wrote, but to see something from a different perspective-or more aptly, to better understand how a thought I had while sitting here, in my little room, is now being understood and interpreted by readers all over the world, in many different languages. One word can convey something totally different to different readers, depending on how it is interpreted, the context in which it is used, and the reader’s cultural background. It is something I am always sensitive to.

          4. I agree with Teva. I to used to read many blogs and now only focus on a couple. Raven, your common sense, smart and honest way of looking at issues is always a breath of fresh air and why I’m always drawn to your well written blog.

      2. I really agree with that – children who are vying for attention slam doors and such, and if the lack of attention is so great they feel they need to cut their wrist to get some, that is very serious stuff and should be minimized in NO way whatsoever. It is beyond sad for a child to feel that is necessary.
        When I watched the adorable and funny video of Paris and her makeup, it struck me more that she is not so much an attention-hogging drama queen as she is a born entertainer in a lot of ways, with a mind running so rapidly sometimes she can hardly keep up to it – and a chip off Michael’s block if ever there was one. Her innate sweetness shone like a beacon as well. Its painful to think of her possibly not having enough love and pride in herself right now to not resort to attempted suicide – but such is too often the treachery of adolescence, especially of one riddled with trauma and abuse, as you sadly only know too well yourself, Raven.
        thank-you so much for this outstanding environment you have created here for those of us involved in seeking justice for Michael – and all. As for our responsibility for all children, I think MJ did mean what he said somewhat literally. I know I believe when it comes to children we DO all have a collective responsibility and I will tell you I am not afraid to dial 911 when I become aware of the maltreatment of any child in my environment, and to get social services involved. Over my dead body will some neighbor or what have you, be throwing their children against walls or any other such practice, and get away with it.

        1. Gertrude said, “Raven, thank-you so much for this outstanding environment you have created here for those of us involved in seeking justice for Michael – and all.”

          Couldn’t agree more…:)

          1. Yes, thanks, Raven for this wonderful, excellent blog and for all you do to make it that way!

  11. Am I the only one who thinks Paris’s suicide attempt had little/nothing to do with AEG?

    There is obviously a disconnection/alienation between her and her family. Someone on HLN pointed out she called a suicide hotline for help which is interesting because Prince was in the house, so was Grandma, what about TJ why not call him, or her Mother? She could have called her BFFs, but no she chose to call strangers. ..and who keeps a suicide hotline number handy? I don’t think she wanted to die, but she also didn’t want to reach out to her inner circle either.

    We don’t know what was the straw that broke her resolve, but she didn’t wake up one day and decided to take her life. Most likely it was a pressure building for a long time. Ever notice the subtlety in the media? Notice how they refer to Debbie Rowe as Paris’ BIOLOGICAL mother all the time? I don’t see them referring to Katie Holmes as Suri’s biological mother. It is to make the insinuation of her parentage. I think of the things that have come up over the years if it were me that would have been the most hurtful.

    1. @Teva, I’ve wanted to comment so often on the rags referring to Debbie as Paris’ BIOLOGICAL mother. It brings me up short every time I see it. Is Beyonce called Blue Evy’s BIOLOGICAL mother? What about Jennifer Lopez? Is she the BIOLOGICAL mother of her twins? And I find it to be not so subtle; it’s very “in your face” in my opinion. Paris, for many months, has posted questionable and ever changing pictures of herself, taken by herself, every time her hair color changed, became shorter or spikier, wearing torn jeans, othic styles, disturbing yes, but maybe not as disturbing as the fact that she was always alone, always had time to do these things alone. She had twitter friends (from school), all of whom have disappeared from her timeline over many months. I agree this has been escalating for a long time. I think of Michael’s lyrical answers on the History Album to the tormented life he was forced to lead, personally I didn’t really, really listen to the words until after his passing. Just as we are all reflecting on Paris’ social behavior over these months, now with such hindsigt.

    2. “…Notice how they refer to Debbie Rowe as Paris’ BIOLOGICAL mother all the time? I don’t see them referring to Katie Holmes as Suri’s biological mother…”

      Yes. Not only have I noticed it, but we were even joking about it the other night. “My gosh,” I said, “they make it sound like Debbie was nothing but some sort of milk cow.” (Well, I guess in a way, that is true, but still…). It wouldn’t kill them to simply refer to her as Paris’s mother. The only possible justification for referring to her as “the biological mother” would be if Paris had been adopted or raised by a stepmother. If Michael had married again, for example, I could see it because the distinction would need to be made between the biological mother and the adopted or stepmother. But that is not the case here. There was no other female parent or “mother figure” ever involved, so the constant need to refer to Debbie as “the biological mother” is really pointless.

    3. Paris has tweeted the number to a suicide hotline before, she’s tweeted about suicide and bullying in teenagers.

  12. Previously haters from Topix and MJFacts have said other things to her – one spammed MJ’s autopsy photo to her incessantly, others posted death and rape threats, another sent her pornography. We reported them, but they always came back. I can see they do bother her because she seems to especially monitor them and she does respond to the ones who endlessly tweet her the same awful things.

    I just hope this is some perspective for everyone who has decided to behave certain ways until now. Michael’s last few weeks were a life and death situation and people let it build up from years and years of incessant terribleness to him. Now Wade Robson, the family, AEG, the MEDIA, all of them have to deal with a reality they have created.

    I only wish I knew a way to make this all stop.

    1. I don’t get what is with the mindset of those people. They feign concern for children (supposedly, the children Michael “molested” which they justify as their reason for hate) and yet they think it is ok to torture a child; perhaps even drive her to suicide. They would sit back and laugh if they did. They are pure evil with no heart, no soul, and instead of making an example of standing for good-as one would expect child advocates to behave-they stand for nothing but evil. I’ve said before, many times, these people do not care ANYTHING about children-ANY children. They use that as an excuse to hate. They are people sickly obsessed with Michael Jackson and his family. They spend more time on MJ message boards than the fans do. They are at it morning, noon and night. Many are the same ones who have been at it for years. They stalk fan sites, gathering info. They even pose as fans-wouldn’t be shocked at all if some of them are right here, posting amongst us. Most of them are sociopaths. They are not advocates for anything except evil, and their actions continuously prove it.

      1. I agree there are people obsessed with the Jacksons and MJ and can’t seem to understand their own lack of care for children and the hypocrisy of their attacks on MJ, his children, his fans and so on. I see some of their acts as evil, like the Twitter posts you showed here, but I can’t judge the whole person as evil b/c there may be some good acts that they do in other areas of their lives–it may be, I can’t say for sure evil permeates their whole behavior or mental state. There was a story I heard once about a woman who had done nothing good in her life but one day she had given a hungry person a carrot, and in the story, that one good deed enabled her to go to heaven. It was just a story but it had a good point IMO that our good deeds, our good acts, are also important as well as our bad deeds.

        1. That’s true. It’s just that some of these people seem so evil in their online lives, and how they conduct themselves, that it’s hard to imagine them as having any redeeming qualities beyond that.

  13. dear Paris are sad every time I see a life wasted away, a life in which the path of love is not able to pass. Take care of yourself every time you growing desire to change the wrong things in the right things remember that the first revolution to do is inside if Whenever you feel lost confused thinks the trees the way they grow. Remember the way they grow a tree with lots of foliage and few roots are uprooted in the first gust of wind Roots and foliage should grow equally you have to stay in things and, above, the only way you can offer shelter.And when in front of you will open many roads and you will not know which one to take, do not take a chance, but sit back and wait Breathe with the depth confident with whom you breathed the day you came into the world without facts distract from nothing and wait, wait again.’re still in silence and listen to your heart. When he speaks to you get up and go where he takes you From the heart of a mother to your’re always in my thoughts

    1. That’s beautiful, Carmen–thank you. Trees also turn to the sun light, reaching towards it, while still growing those deep roots.

      1. thanks Iutd… you should know that after a long dark night, there is always the dawn that colors the horizon, the scent of new day begins in charge of love, joy of living to fight to win <3

  14. “But Paris is a 15-year-old girl who is undergoing Also all of the normal up’s and down’s of teenage life. She has her own issues-relationships, peer problems, and so forth-all of Which may be compounded by being a famous celebrity’s daughter, but arent rooted Necessarily In That as the primary causes. In many past tweets, she has hinted about relationship issues. None of it That Seemed serious to me, but then again, how serious do these things ever sound to adults? As adults, we learn That no matter how bad things seem, they are only temporary bumps. That Try explaining to a 15-year-old, who lives in the moment and utterly That thinks nothing worth living for good or can possibly ever happen again”.

    This is very true, Raven.
    But it is not true for those who have not – as Paris – a past without trauma.

    I think her dad for her represented not only the reference parent – but an entire world.

    A world that is crumbling beneath her feet and in the most brutal way possible and at an age crucial.
    She was not living on the outside, she has not been able to fortify his bones for well to live outside with strength and determination.
    One can imagine that life transition has had this child in these only 4 years?
    She is fragile under an appearance of arrogance and desire to surprise.
    She is a teenager that in psychology is called “missing”.

    Kurt Cobain is Jesus because it is beautiful, young and, above all, dead, like his dad.

    He represents an abstract ideal for her and yet specific.
    I would know how to help her, I’m sorry I have no chance to do it.

    I hope she will have good specialists at her side and if so she will be able to build a strong skeleton for her body.

    A skeleton of real life, real people, good and with good will. Greetings dear little, I know you can do it.

    1. The “Kurt Cobain is Jesus” remark could have been a glaring red flag. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Nirvana and I think Cobain was a genius. His art is certainly worthy of admiration, and as a human being, he had many admirable qualities as well. Like so many, however, he was a lost and vulnerable soul. What has concerned so many parents ever since Cobain’s suicide is that, being the role model that he was to so many teens-especially teens who are going through dark and troubled times-his suicide may seem like an attractive way out.

      As an adult, I can appreciate his music as art and still separate that from my life in the real world. Kurt Cobain is actually of my generation, and so I can relate to much of what he sang about because Kurt and I were going through a lot of the same things at about the same time, and yes, there WAS a time when I was much more vulnerable and prone to live my life by the lyrics I listened to and the rock stars that I worshipped in place of real guidance. I am not in that place anymore, but Paris still is. Again, this is not so much a criticism of the music (I love all kinds of music) but with kids, you have to know that they are in a stable and healthy enough place that they aren’t going to become prey to anyone’s influence. Kids who are comfortable with who they are can enjoy listening to most anything, but when it seems like they are using the music as a substitute for something else-or trying to fill a void-that should be a warning sign.

      I know that as Michael Jackson’s daughter, she doesn’t necessarily want to just listen to her dad’s music all the time (besides having heard it all her life, that wouldn’t be healthy for her, either). But Michael’s music was mostly about positive messages, and I wish she would take a cue from that and let that be the guiding force of her life, rather than all of these I-Hate-Myself-And-Want-To-Die people. Again, this is hard for me to write because I actually like many of the same bands that Paris does, but there needs to be more of a balance and it seems with her, that it has gradually tipped toward the dark side. I just wish she would come back to center a little bit.

      Of course, blaming music is too easy of a cop out. It’s not about the music. Obviously, there are much deeper issues in her life. But I do know that when teens are going through troubled times, the influences they are under can be what tips the scales.

      1. These are my PRE-suicide impressions of Paris. I have always maintained that out of MJ3 Paris was the most at risk. I clearly remember a Skype conversation 2 years ago with another fan, and she was telling me Paris was the one we least have to worry about, and I disagreed – I said she was the one we have to worry about the most because with a personality like hers you could either become an Oprah Winfrey, or a train wreck. Personalities like hers usually don’t have a middle ground.

        From Reading Shumley’s (tape conversations of Michael), Frank Cascio’s book, and Paris’ tweets I always saw her as sweet and charismatic but willful, and willful personalities need a firm hand. It is a difficult task b/c you want your child to spread their wings, but they also have to be reigned in, and the problem is where to draw the line.

        I am ambivalent about Debbie Rowe being given primary custody of Paris. On one hand Debbie is her mother and she is tough, and being around animals is always good for children. On the other hand Debbie and Paris have too much of the same personality, they are both brash and take-no-prisoners. Who know?

        1. …I mean to say a typical teenage mother-daughter fight between Debbie and Paris could be bad because they are so similar. …IDK.

          Paris is a far cry from where Drew Barrymore was at 15, but looked out great Drew turned out. As a teen/preteen Drew was a drug addict, and she tried to commit suicide several times, but she got help, and now she is a successful actress, business woman, and mother!

        2. We are not able to fully know our self even! Imagine a girl like Paris Jackson!
          She has been dramatically touched to a terrific episode for her, as he said shortly after Raven “… he was the center of Paris’s world. She loved her daddy More than anything on earth-and Has not Been ashamed to let the world know it ….”

          Raven, your doctor, about anti depressants is right, but you’re right, too.
          They (the drugs), must keep away the emotions and create a filter that can remove pain but also joy and happiness, in short, they tend to keep away from … ourselves!

          But I do not think (and of course I may be wrong big time!) that about Paris is a problem of depression. I believe that when she was a child, she was very to empowered by her father and when she lost the father figure who empowering her,she found itself in a kind of involution and regression that does not fit his personality.
          Launched in a world of fools teenagers (as they should be!), she probably has deconstructed and she is no longer able to be fully realized in itself and its role.
          View as vague between mile topics on Twitter, like flutters and how attempts to connect to a reality of hardness and monstrosity trying to turn into identity?

          1. I was just looking at some old photos of the kids earlier today. It’s amazing to think that this was Paris, just three short years ago!


            In three years she has gone from that little geeky girl to:


            Yes, you could say some of it is just growing up and getting older-becoming a teenager. But this is such an extreme transformation (even if, albeit, it has played out very gradually in many stages) that it’s almost hard to believe it is the same girl.

            So which image best represents who Paris really is? There has probably always been a little of both in her, at all times. But I think that little girl in the first picture is closer to who she really is, and still is, deep inside-that smart little girl who loved to read books with her daddy, and who seemed to the world so earnest. I could have seen her going to college and becoming a doctor.

            But somewhere along the way, her life has taken a very different path-and I am still not sure she is under the healthiest influences right now (referring here not just to her music, but her peers in general).

            However, I will say that after coming away from an article today where almost 95% of the comments (that is, the ones that weren’t trashing her) was someone trying to tell her what she needed to do with her life, I have sworn more than ever to back off and not do that-so I will refrain from saying anything further, lest I fall into that temptation.

            It has to be confusing enough as is to be 15 years old and having been through all that she has; let alone having a million strangers trying to tell you what you need to do.

            I’ll just continue to pray that she will come through this and bounce back strong.

          2. Very well said, Raven. I agree with your observations especially when you commented on not telling young Paris what to do with her life. Of course there will be even more changes in the next three years and I pray, we all pray, that she will be given the help she needs now so she can put recent events behind her and move on.

      2. The Kurt Cobain is Jesus thing looked like it was Paris and her friends joking about how some fans react, her friend acting like “OMG that’s so true!” etc. She is a fan, but I think that was supposed to be tongue in cheek.

        1. I thought she did it as a joke also. I really don’t believe Paris thinks Kurt Cobain is Jesus. I think it was a spoof purely for her followers. The friend’s over-the-top valley girl antics says it all.

        2. Perhaps. But just as with their father, these kids will have to learn that anything they say-even in a joking regard-is now going to be scrutinized, analyzed, and potentially used against them in the media. Kids will say melodramatic, over the top things sometimes which are meant to be tongue in cheek.

          But this goes back to the very reasons why I just wasn’t paying as much attention to Paris’s twitter and a lot of the stuff she was posting before. It seemed to be mostly kid stuff being played out for its intended kid audience. And while I care about Paris because she is Michael’s daughter, I didn’t see the voyeuristic need to keep up with every little thing she commented or tweeted. Now we have people over-analyzing even some of her most innocent comments, which probably meant nothing at the time. Going back through her tweets now, in hindsight, a lot of them do seem troubling but a lot of them are still just Paris being Paris.

          I think what’s important here-or to any situation like this-is establishing what the person’s normal base line is. Once you understand what is “normal” for them, you are in a better position to judge when that line has crossed into something else. For example, when my sister was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, I knew that “some” of her behavior was off, but I also knew that a lot of her behaviors that the doctors were attributing to mania were part of her normal base line-she had always had a sort of manic quality about her, which came from her creative energy (very much like Paris). I was worried that, in trying to treat her, they would insist on changing her entire personality-not being content to stop until she was like some basket case. Perhaps, in truth, she’d had this illness for so long that a lot of what we thought was “normal” for her was, in fact, the illness. And mental illness, like any other disease, can progress over time.

          I remember once, after being treated for major depression, I told my doctor I didn’t feel like “me” anymore. I felt better, but I also felt like a person who was a complete stranger to me. I didn’t even recognize my own thoughts! He said, “That’s because you’re no longer depressed.” I said, “But I never felt like this, even when I was a little kid!” He said, “Which goes to show, that’s probably how long you’ve been depressed.” That was a real eye opener for me!

          It is always so hard to say. What is “normal?” What is “not normal?” Where do we draw those lines?

          1. The funny thing is there is no such thing as ‘normal.’ There is average, which is a statistical mean, but the concept of what is ‘normal’ is just a creation out of someone’s head and has no relevance to the real world in which we are all different individuals needing to develop our own selves and never be told what is ‘normal’ to think, feel, and act. We are not clones of some normal ideal and never will be–thank goodness!

  15. Last night I was following the twitter feeds of the trial along with other readers’ comments, and up comes a retweeted picture of Paris in her hospital bed! It seemed to have been taken surreptiously using a cell phone by someone who was in her room. The names of several family members were reported earlier yesterday as having visited her, along with one close family friend. There were several twitter exchanges in attempts to have the picture taken down and I don’t know whether that was successful. My thought was that it should be reported to the hospital as a HIPAA violation, no matter who took and posted it. I hope it’s gone.

      1. Raven, today the photo seems to have been removed. Additionally, through some twitter comments, we are reminded that Paris does not currently have black hair, the photo appearing yesterday as the hospital bed photo showed her with black hair, so an obviously a doctored photo to further stir the pot.

  16. Sometimes the true effects of grief do not materialise until some years after the loss of a loved one. I feel that for the last 2 years at least, Paris has been trying to convince herself ( and everyone else) that everything is OK by her normal ” slightly quirky and sometimes stroppy ” behaviour expected from a teenager.

    Deep inside she must still be shattered and broken hearted by her beloved Daddy’s death.Maybe the accumulation of past events, topped off by those most recent, and an ever increasing awareness of how he was really treated, are just too much for her to bear, and she has just caved in to despair.

    Perhaps she feels the only way to deal with her loss is to be with him.
    Of course I do not really know the reasons for her actions ,as do none of us. All I can see is that she is really hurting.

    It’s all so very sad, and I hope she comes through this, and is given the love and support she deserves, and that she will find that life is really worth living, with all it’s joys and heartaches thrown in .Her Daddy knew that better than anyone.

  17. We will never ever know the extent to which some people have gone in their attempts to kill the love these children feel for their father. To wound and crush their self-esteem. None of us can ever know, because we are neither MJ’s Kids nor family.

    We have the luxury of leaving home interacting with people without concern of their intentions. (are they friend or foe?) (will they sell anything I share with them?) (do they like me for myself or my Father?)

    Keeping them home schooled for a while longer was meant with voluminous public disapproval. Showing her collarbone, wearing a bathing suit in her home, cutting her hair, playing sports, not connecting with her Mom, connecting with her Mom. The list is too numerous and the demands made by the public were unrealistic and a burden no child should have to know of let alone carry.

    The cruel, unjust and judgmental spew leveled at them is world wide. It is inescapable. The filth and questions asked is something we do not wish to contemplate, but here is another example. Milder than some I’ve seen, but what should not be allowed to be published anywhere. This is not freedom of speech it is harassment plain & simple.

    1. Thanks for the link, Dialdancer. The comments directed at Paris and about Paris are, as you say, appalling. I guess if these people think MJ WAS a molester, that makes it ok to hate and want to demean and destroy his daughter, who after all, had nothing to do with the sins, if any, of her father. The person who wrote the blog article had an excellent understanding and made his points very well.

      I do think there is something wrong with a society where people do these things and are not stopped either by their own conscience or by any barriers on the various social media sites they use. There is usually a report button–but can’t these comments be reported and the people’s accounts entirely and permanently blocked by the various sites?? It would seem they have lost the privilege to post on those sites by their comments–so hateful and yes, evil. I think the vartious sites are not doing enough to completely remove these people from being able to post–block their IP location.

      1. Haters resent Paris especially because she has always been her father’s most vocal and ardent defender. Ever since she spoke up at the memorial, people have been giving her flack. Did you see the CNN video of Raymone Baine talking about Paris? I posted the link in the “Update” segment of the article (I was not able to embed it; that usually only works for YT clips). She said that Paris loved her daddy so much that, everywhere they went, she would beg him to buy his own CD’s for her! She was his biggest fan. And as the world has come to know since Michael’s death, he was the center of Paris’s world. She loved her daddy more than anything on earth-and hasn’t been ashamed to let the world know it.

        Thus, I think this is why Michael’s haters love to especially go after Paris and to try to tear her down. Evidently, for them, there is something imminently satisfying in destroying this child and her ‘illusions”-because that’s what they see themselves as doing.

        1. Raven, I have been thinking about that moment at the Memorial where she was on stage and took the mike. Yes, everyone was shocked and saddened (I really cried when she cried) to hear her emotion, her grief, her defense of her dad–“the best dad you could ever imagine.” But now I look back at it, it was not a good thing for her. I even started to wonder if the kids should have been at the Memorial. Maybe they should have watched it on TV like the rest of us? It was very intense, esp. for Blanket, who might have been confused about the whole thing. Well, this can be debated of course. But I am feeling pretty convinced that Paris speaking out like that and being encouraged to do so by people around her (speak into the mike, etc) was a terrible idea for her. It was the first exposure of the kids to the whole world and Paris was the one who was most outspoken and visible and has been from then on the one targeted. I just think that it was not a good idea to let her speak out to the world like that. It started the whole exposure that has been pretty much a tidal wave since the Memorial to the feeding-frenzy now. While she is exposed to the world (and the Twitter bullies) a recent article said she was isolated at home, stayed in her room a lot with no one to relate to. Prince has a drivers license and a car and a girlfriend and isn’t home much. Blanket is too young for her to be with all the time. So she has been depressed and alone. Isn’t there an irony that the AEG trial is about negligence that caused the death of MJ, and now his daughter almost died as well, possible due to negligence, not having her needs met, her real needs for someone to love her and listen to her. I agree that she looks like a totally different person now. She would not IMO look the way she does now if MJ were still around. The kids said he was strict. Apparently, the kids are doing what they want and are not being protected from whatever is out there that can hurt them. They need adult guidance that it seems they are not getting.

          1. From all accounts, Katherine tends to have a very passive-aggressive personality. Which means she probably nags a lot about Paris’s behavior, but doesn’t do anything about it. Strong willed children will learn pretty quickly that they can run all over someone like that. When KJ was younger and raising her own kids, perhaps she had more energy to be on top of things. But she’s just too old now, and too passive to really handle a strong willed child like Paris.

            Obviously, all the Jackson kids seem to absolutely adore their mother, including Michael. I do think Katherine has a lot of strengths. For sure, she was a good provider for her kids, and an emotional haven against Joe’s rantings. But she was never a strong disciplinarian (when she was raising her own kids, that role was left to Joseph) and now she also has the disadvantage of advanced age. From all indications, she isn’t happy with Paris’s choices, but either can’t or won’t do anything about it.

            Yes, Michael was pretty strict on those kids, from all I gather. That’s why I don’t know whether to laugh or be angry when I read comments that say, Well, what happened to Paris was a result of how her dad raised her, letting her do whatever she wanted. WRONG. Michael did spoil Paris to some extent because she was his little princess, but she did NOT just get to run wild or do whatever she wanted, when she wanted. Everyone who knew Michael and saw him around his kids knew that he had strict parameters and rules that the children had to follow.

            This is why I believe that even if Michael had lived, he and Paris would have eventually butted heads a few times. But that’s all part of parenting. Sometimes those heads have to roll, for the children’s own good.

            Even if it may take them a few years to appreciate it.

          2. Gloved, I didn’t say she was forced. I am suggesting whether she wanted to or not, it was not a good idea for the adults there to allow and encourage her as it opened the door to the media focus on her. I sometimes wonder if I am speaking a foreign language as I can’t seem to get my point across no matter how hard I try to be clear.

          3. I, for one, am certainly glad that she did speak up because the world needed to hear what she had to say that day. But whether it was, in the long run, good for HER is another matter. I can’t say because I don’t know Paris and don’t know her psychological makeup well enough to say, in hindsight, whether it was good or bad for her. Up to now, I always saw her as “the strong one” of Michael’s kids. But speaking at the memorial that day put an intense spotlight on her that has never dimmed since, whereas her brothers have had the benefit of being a bit less in the spotlight. Paris’s outspokenness continues to be a two-edged sword for her, a quality that is both blessing and curse.

          4. @iutd, I agree with you about Paris speaking at the Memorial. Although it appears she wanted to do it, and her words were a true testament to her father’s parental love for her, it opened her up to the media at what would seem a most vulnerable time. I’ve checked her tweets enough to see that friends she actually knew have dropped off, although there is still lots of foller contact, and it does appear that for months her own tweets are tinged with sadness. And it’s so detestable for some rags to attribute her present difficulties to her ‘isolated” childhood with Michael. She and her brothers didn’t even have a chance to live out their childhoods with their father. I heard an interview of Paris praising Neverland saying “that’s where we were raised”. Yes, and left when she was just seven years of age.

  18. Raven, thank you for the video with Romana. Paris was just so sweet when she was little! He was her world and she was his! I have an update on Paris. She never wanted to die, she just really misses her father! Paris has been withdrawn from Buckley. She may be homeschooled or go to a performing arts school. Paris we’ll be praying for you, lifting you up! I wonder if she’ll still go and live with Debbie this summer. Paris will never forget those cherished memories of her father, perhaps it would help her to be reminded of them from time to time. I like Debbie’s stance on the whole thing, protecting her children from the, “vultures” i.e. the media. I don’t get why some fans are so critical of her wanting a relationship with her daughter. They act as if she’s got some alterior motive or something. I get there’s money involved but still, leave them alone and let them enjoy each others company without constant scrutiny in the public eye. I also hate that Debbie is referred to as Paris’s “biological mom”–it drives me up the wall! What do you guys think of the supposed fight between Prince and Paris? i think that’s just media hype to me. I do wish we knew the truth concerning Prince and Paris’s relationship though!

    1. It could be true that Prince and Paris are disagreeing over this issue. But there’s a huge difference between having a disagreement and an outright falling out-which is how the media is spinning it.

      I see nothing wrong with her bonding with her mother, either. She IS her mother, after all. It’s not as if Paris being disloyal to her father. But the girl deserves a chance to get to know her mother as well. To me, that’s an excellent example of a private matter that fans and media need to stay out.

      Again, there’s no need for the constant “biological” reference, given that there is no stepmom or adopted mom in the picture.

  19. Meanwhile Blanket pulled a little practical joke on twitter, pretending he had his hair cut off (just kidding!). We have have just been getting a glimpse at his talent, lay low but in a case of crisis pop up just for a bit to make people laugh. I hope he doesn’t get glued to the dark side of the net. Bless you, young man;-)

      1. @realblanket, looks genuine. He seems to visit infrqueny. Abandoning it from time to time when he doesn’t lime the behaviour on there, but now he’s back. He ssems to take the positive approach, joking around a little, retweeting stuff he likes or make him laugh. He just generally comes across as a smart funny kid that could be wise beyond his years.

          1. There were a number of tweets about that too. On the net you can never be sure but at some point he complains about that, he needs to be verified because he’s famous and he feels he is not. I think some people actually offered to verify him. If you reed all the tweets over time it feels genuine, or there’s a really good writer with sympathy for the family doing this. What are the chances….

        1. I haven’t seen his twitter, but I feel Blanket is full of surprises. People tend to peg him as a quiet and shy child. He is-but only in certain company, or when surrounded by strangers. When he’s comfortable in his environment, he’s a bit of a little screwball-and very sly.

  20. Just read on CNN that Philips (AEG CEO) confessed to slamming and yelling at Michael before the This is it announcement. Point is if they really found MJ in such a bad state why not pull out after all this was right before any pennies were spent or tickets sold. These people really pushed Michael to death, have no doubt about it.

    Just made me so sad!


    2. Hi, Blue Lotus, it is good to hear from you again!

      I have seen those reports. While throwing someone in a shower and slapping them around was a common method of sobering someone up in the old days, I can’t see any justification for violence in this situation. Being a business partner did NOT give Randy Phillips a right to put his hands on Michael, in any shape, form or fashion. Heck, in this day and age, teachers aren’t even allowed to paddle students in a classroom; an employee can be fired and even sued for patting an another employee on the bottom. I really don’t care what the circumstances were. Phillips had no right to do that. It’s sad to think that Michael spent most of his childhood being beaten and slapped around if he didn’t or couldn’t perform, and at the end of his life, was having to endure the same treatment-at age fifty!

      1. Thanks for the reply Raven. I just log in every morning and type Michael Jackson n quickly read the link headline to see if all is OK!
        Thanks for the good work yo do, this is the only sane place on the internet left about MJ!


      2. Oh what a tangled web they weave!! Paul Gongaware has said that Michael was not drunk. Michael hugged him when he entered the room and did not even smell of alcohol. He was (naturally)very, very nervous, had forgotten his glasses,and was concerned he wouldn’t be able to read the auto cue !. They all had to help him get himself together ,but this seems a far cry from some of the more “drunk and despondent” revelations.

        Interestingly I saw a clip of Dermot O’Leary (who presented Michael at the “This is It” announcement)speaking about Michael. He also mentioned about the autocue !.. doing the typical high pitched imitation of Michael’s voice.It was all very good natured . He said something like when they hugged “boy.. he was ripped “. I’m sure he would have said if he thought Michael was drunk ,and I can’t imagine Michael getting too close to him if he knew he smelled of alcohol. ..

        Dear me Michael.. the very mention of your name either brings out the best or the very worst in people.. what is going on ??

        Somehow I don’t think we will ever get the real truth, but I feel that the last few weeks of Michael’s life were pretty miserable. He must have felt the weight of the world on his shoulders ( and now it seems that Paris still feels that weight )

        1. I know. The testimonies are very conflicting.

          I didn’t think that Michael seemed drunk at the press conference, and if he’d been THAT drunk just an hour or two before, I believe it would have been obvious. But something about his behavior-his mannerisms, etc.-did seem a little “off.” It seemed to me (this was just my impression) that he was putting on a show of bravado for the fans’ benefit, but you can sense the tension and even anger beneath. Well, if things had played out like we’ve been hearing, then no wonder. He had to have been thinking, am I in a partnership, or am I a menial slave?

      3. @Raven, I was struck by the idiocy of Phillips so freely emailing Tim Leiwicke, his boss, re every detail of his “drunk and despondent” day with Michael on June 5. But then I thought, hey, maybe this self-described schmoozer is attempting, while befuddled with nerves, to show his boss that he is really on top of things, I’ll take care of it, I got him showered and dressed, I slapped him to get him going, look at me I’m the greatest, in other words being a master at self-promotion re handling a difficult situation, trying to schmooze up to his own boss, yeah, I’m your man, look at how masterfully I handled this mess, etc., etc. And, on the stand, Phillips admitted that he might have exaggerated the situation that day. What other possible sane reasoning could prompt Phillips to reduce these surreal circumstances to writing? If he was simply attempting to explain their delay in arriving at the O2, one would think that even Phillips, the master mover and shaker, could have come up with a more rational explanation.

        1. It seems to me a chain of “good ol’ boys” winking and nudging at each other. “Yes, this is what we have to go through to get this guy to do this and this,” etc.

      4. Raven, “It’s sad to think that Michael spent most of his childhood being beaten and slapped around if he didn’t or couldn’t perform, and at the end of his life, was having to endure the same treatment-at age fifty!”

        The seeming reality of this struck me hard. As a young adult and able to call his own shots I’m sure he thought he had forever left behind the bullying he had received as a child. The idea of this being revisted on him at 50 is heartbreaking. Especially now that Phillips is insisting that Michael was not the “drug addled 5 year old” as portrayed in the press. No, infact he says MJ was a kind, yet forceful and sophisticated businessman. Phillips, Gongaware and thier thick headed “good-ol’-boy” buddies reak of arrogance and I’m disgusted with the lot of them.

          1. For Phillips to make this statement really muddies the waters, partly because it jibes with what I know and believe to be true about Michael. But then, how to reconcile this with the opposite picture that is being painted? The question many will naturally ask is: How could a “forceful and sophisticated” businessman be subjected to this kind of treatment?

            They want to paint the picture of someone they couldn’t possibly control, bully, or take advantage of, while their very testimony (Phillips, Gongaware, Trell, etc) makes it blatant they were doing just that.

            Personally, I don’t think the two are mutually exclusive. It is possible that Michael, who HAD been those things for most of his adult life-a successful and “forceful” businessman-now found himself in a situation where he was backed into a corner.

            Phillips is feeding a lot of fans what they want to hear, but I’m not going to fall for his propaganda. Too much of the truth is already out of the bag now. I don’t need Randy Phillips to tell me Michael was a great businessman. I already know that. What I would like to know from Phillips now are some answers as to why this man with so much business acuity ended up reduced to the state he was in.

          2. How did MJ end up in that situation? Here’s my 2 cents. IMHO he should not have left Neverland after the trail and his not-guilty verdicts. He became a man without a home, without a base of operations, without the friendships he had developed close by, he became as he said to Phillips where they both cried–a ‘vagabond.” Phillipos also said he thought MJ was ‘bone-weary from travelling’–and I think that was true. I know Mez adviosed him to leave NL as he believed that Sneddon would keep trying to tyrap MJ but in hindsight maybe that was the lesser of the evils b/c by leaving NL he really lacked a coherent business operation as well as a base. I believe MJ like to travel but he liked and needed a home base to return to–a HOME. His kids needed that too and he keenly felt that he was not giving them that. Ok–here’s my second point, related to leaving NL, MJ’s business operations, management fell apart. When you are overseas it makes it harded to keep tabs on ‘your people.’ He got in hot water with the sheik and then was faced with another expensive lawsuit. He had to rely on lawyers for the Prescient lawsuit. He was out of touch and relying on otherts without being able to monitor them. He had demands on him due to his hosts wanting him to do this and that for them. As a guest he had less freedom than a homeowner.

            It is clear from Phillips testimony that MJ’s organization from the word go was in disarray. The Marcg press conference–who was there with MJ in terms of staff? other then bodyguards and the nanny–it was ponlky Tohme and Phillips. So now we know why MJ sounded rambling at the press conference–no one had written a script or rehearsed it with him. Philliops said he wrote a few words on the way to the event. This is complete lack of orgamization. Then fot TII, no stable manager–Tohme fored, DiLeo was there but in what capacity, Leonard Rowe trying to say HE was MJ’s manager. Without a good manager to be in your corner, without a good organization, things get very messy and the artist is vulnerable and unprotected. Who was his spokespertson? Raymone Bain was gone. Even Grace R. was gone–apparently b/c she didn’t want to take a pay cut. When the protective walls come down that surround an artist, it is not good. As another example of the disarray, Phillips said MJ was trying to get his armband fastened and couldn’t do it, so they called the hotel engineer?? Another example of a lack of preparation for this important press conference. I had to go back and see the video and see if he had the armband on–he did. Phillips said they were late but were held up further by the delay over the armband. This is why to the media, the press conference was not a success (although Phillips said he was glad it went as well as it did and he was happy with it). To the media, MJ sounded off, not organized, rambling. I know it didn’t hurt the ticket sales, but it hurt him in the media, which always is looking for anything to attack him over.

            It’s clear the media attacks about MJ’s health leading to TII and his death affected the show’s ability to get insurance coverage. The media was undermining the comeback tour (of course). I think the obvious lack of professionalism in the press conference (2 hours late, rambling discourse) gave them a basis to start criticizing him and also attacking his health issues. Just my 2 cents.

          3. iutd, I agree with your assessment with additional thoughts concerning leaving NL. As we all know the experience of the trial was intensely draining and the choas was still fresh in everyones memory especially Michaels. Although TM strongly suggested MJ leave NL I also feel MJ desperately wanted and needed to leave at that time for financial and emotional reasons. NL at its peak cost Michael $10 million/yr to maintain which he couldn’t afford anymore which leads us to Tohme Tohme and Colony Capital. Also, what was once an idyllic sanctuary had become a place of very painful memories especially after some 70 police detectives ransact the place to gather so called “evidence” against him in 2003. (Why they needed 70 I’ll never know!?!) I also believe that after Michael came back to the states he had no intention of living at NL, at least not in the short term, and was infact shopping for a new home, perhaps in Las Vegas, to raise his family and re-establish his own business connections. Although Michael was never technically broke his financial situation was clearly not as fluid as it once had been so any purchase of property had to be put on hold…that being said he did manage to secure the purchase of a new publishing catalog, I believe in 2007, that included the music of M & M. Always the businessman planning for the future!!!

          4. I always enjoy pointing out how he “owned” Eminem at the last, after “Just Lose It.”

            Justice always has a way of coming around.

          5. Yes, I always enjoy pointing that out too!!…:) Just realized I spelled Eminem’s name wrong. Ooops!!…:)

  21. Which maxe me wonder.. How does the justice system work in the USA. Is the plaintiff’s presence required at all times? Can this case go on if KJ is less available. Can other chosen representatives sit in for her?

    1. I don’t think KJ’s presence would be required at all times. Obviously, the trial has been proceeding for the last several days without her. I’m sure the judge is very much aware of their family crisis. But how far that may go in “excusing” her non-presence, I don’t know. Katherine has been there faithfully every day up until this crisis, so I can’t imagine the judge would hold it against her. I believe it would be possible to have a representative to sit in for her. However, there may be others who are far more informed about this than me; if so, please feel free to weigh in.

  22. Wade became almost a child abuser himself the minute he made his claim. Although we know Michael could not have done what he was accused of , it is difficult to prove to the gen. public. There will always be some doubts. But is there any doubt about Wade having done something you could call “mental child molestation”?. What a stupid thing this man did , to torture Michael’s children with his public appearance and calling their daddy names. I don’t care what his motivation is, he has (morally) no right to do what he did, the way he did it ! It looks like selfish, and without consideration. He has freedom of speech, yes, but here is the point : everybody think they can say whatever they want, and if you see these horrible tweets Paris received, you cannot imagine what kind of people are walking on our beautiful planet.
    And we should stop thinking that Paris better not be on twitter. We have to act against those that have no idea how to behave in a civilized and decent, compassionate world (or how it should be). It’s the adults that are to blame for most if not all of the bullying. And I am ashamed that some (many… ?) Michael fans also act very rude, not only to Dr. Murrey or AEG people, but also to family members/friends and fellow fans.
    I try to not be offensive to anyone, and it IS very difficult (see my own words about WR). But at least we can make an effort. What I read in those tweets that Paris received, it is totally the opposite, and deliberately done to hurt people as much as possible. What a shame that a beautiful tool like Internet is used for such dark purposes. Shame on us people !
    I think I can understand Paris full 100%.
    And about AEG and their claim that they have proof that Paris is not his bio daughter : here you see what is important for them : money over the happiness of Michael’s children. There is no need to even mention anything about that. Not by AEG, nor by the media. But they all have no respect for people, we indeed saw it in the mails they wrote about Michael. “the love of money is the root of all evil” Money and Ego !!! I despise it !

    1. AEG has made no such claim about Paris’ paternity. I suspect that story originated with “Jackson family source” Stacy Brown, who has crafted an entire career out of his sick obsession with hurting the Jacksons. But Randy Phillips and company probably like the rumor being floated around. Anything to destabilze Paris, who will be a powerful witness against them.

      1. As much as I loathe all of what I’m hearing about AEG, I do not think they are responsible for this claim, either. There is absolutely nothing for them to be gained in this case by “exposing” the kids’ paternity. Even if Michael is not their biological father, it doesn’t change the fact that he is still their LEGAL father and, as such, the children are entitled to all rights therein. So from a legal standpoint, there’s nothing to be gained by bringing in such evidence, except to humiliate. And while I wouldn’t put that above them, I just don’t believe those stories are coming from the AEG camp. I agree it sounds more like the work of Stacy Brown.

        I DO think there is a connection between AEG and Wade Robson’s claims, however. To what extent, I don’t know.

        1. Alan Duke of CNN reported that AEG’s lawyers did plan to question Paris about her “alleged relationship to Michael Jackson”. Now what the hell is that supposed to mean?

          1. @Simba, Alan Duke of CNN, as well as others covering the trial, either through tweets or articles, do so with their own slant. I believe from having read other articles, that the original source of info that AEG planned to question Paris about her “alleged paternity” is not AEG or their attorneys. I truly hope Paris is not called as a witness at all; however if she is the crux of her testimony will be on other issues hopefully relevant to the “hiring and supervision” of Murray, as this issue is supposedly what the case is all about.

        2. I cannot understand why some fans say, “even if MJ is not their biological father…..” . To insinuate that is to say that MJ lied to us and did it intentionally. Something MJ would not do out of respect, love , and trust he shared with his international fans. We need to be very careful about the media propaganda machine and how they operate. MJ once quoted Adolf Hitler when he said that to sell a big lie all you need to do is repeat it over and over again and people will believe it. The media is very powerful, cunning, calculating, and influential and I see that even fans are not immune to their sly machinations. I just did not expect to read the above quote from a  hardcore researcher with common sense on MJ’s life. If one applies simple logic, reasoning, and common sense you will conclude that the whole paternity is just tabloid sensationalism, bullying, and a sly attempt to continue the gay, self-loathing black male, pedophile freak caricature narrative about MJ that they themselves have created and promoted. And also, the possibility of their assertion having any substance or veracity is zero. Alll these media whores do is pontificate and create drama with no real proof just for rantings and big revenues, but they fail to realize that 2 teenagers are being affected. It is sad and unfair that MJ is the only male celebrity that the media has scrutinized in such a despicable and disrespectful way as to plant in the minds of people that he was incapable or didn’t want to father his own kids. This abuse escalated to this level only after MJ died. Why didn’t these so called “sperm donors” speak up and sue MJ when he was alive considering that MJ had been sued for everything under the sun except for the paternity of his kids. If MJ fans doubt MJ’s own words regarding the paternity of his kids, we not only give the haters more ammunition, but we may also start to doubt MJ’s consistent words of innocence as to the allegations that were also never proven. But did that stop the media from giving Wade a platform to disseminate his lies? The whoever WR debacle is just another low attempt to sell a ‘”big lie” by repeating it over and over again so people will believe it. There are people who do not want MJ’s legacy restored and they are jealous of his lucrative estate and will do anything to destroy him. So as MJ fans and advocates, we need to be aware of their evil agenda along with their crafty implementations. They are trying to reach and brainwash the fan community with their lies because the already have most of the public believing.

          1. I made the point for one reason and one reason ONLY: To say that the biological issue has NO relevance to this trial or its outcome.

            I have always stood by the fact that I believe these are Michael’s children. Until/unless definitive evidence says otherwise, I’m not going to go around speculating whether they are or aren’t. But I don’t think there’s anything wrong with saying even IF AEG thinks they have such evidence, what difference is it going to make to the outcome of their case if they are nevertheless Michael’s legal children?

  23. I am watching Access Hollywood and they just played the 911 call from June 5. Breech of privacy anyone? I’m not even surprised anymore.

  24. Regarding the link for letters to Paris. I was impressed that the participants were almost all young women and not baby boomers like many of us. They are very touching and sincere. Made me smile and shed a tear. I hope all of our positive energy for Paris reaches her. Perhaps just wishful thinking on my part.

    1. I’m sure she will read them all. One thing about this type of confinement-and it is something I know from experience with loved ones: It gets pretty boring, and one has a LOT of time on hand. And any link to the outside world is cherished. It’s a bit like being in prison, only without the stigma of having committed a crime. But all your freedoms are very much restricted. Right now, I am sure her internet access is limited to what she can see and read during family visits-provided THEY are able to maintain access to their cell phones, etc. Usually friends and family can visit in a lounge or lobby area that will allow limited access to these things.

      I’m willing to bet that the high point of the day for her is when someone visits and shows her those messages.

      Otherwise, there’s certainly not much to keep a 15-year-old entertained in a place like that.

  25. I think some people are still mad at the kids for being born at all and some just transfers the hatered they had for michael jackson onto the kids.

    1. Yay to going home! I just hope going “home” doesn’t trigger all the bad stuff that led to this.

      It may be good for Paris to have Grace back in her life. She was always a strong mother figure to those kids. I hope this is a good omen that she’s back in the pic.

      1. Yeah, I hope she’s back in their lives also. I posted this on another forum and this is what one fan said:”There is such a constant flow of people in these kids lives. Different security, different nannies, different staff. They dont have anything stable. Yes they may be in the same house but the continuous change of faces cannot be good for them. People need stabilty especially teenagers and it is becoming more and more evident that Prince, Paris and Blanket do not have that.”

        To me, it seems like they need constant maternal and paternal figures in their lives–at least at this stage in their development. I’m no child psychologist but this might do them some good. I hope Paris gets a new set of friends also, friends who like her for who she is. I wonder if she and Michela Banks are still friends.

        I remember last year during the crisis of Katherine being gone for a few days, it was reported that Prince, Paris and Blanket were mourning their dad all over again; maybe this is something Paris hasn’t recovered/healed from. But I’m glad she’ll be home! And then I just saw this article after writing this (sorry it’s from tmz):

        I don’t know how credible some of the things in the article are. And this coupled with what Romana Baines said about how much Paris loved her father! It hurts to see her like this. Perhaps they should give less interviews, until they’re over 18 at least.

        1. They do need the stability of two parent figures. Even with Michael raising them as a single parent, there were always strong female figures in the household. They are lacking a lot of that guidance now. Unfortunately, after four years of this kind of instability, I think it may be too late. The damage is done, at least for the older two. I think the best we can hope now is that somehow they will be able to make the best of their remaining teen years as they transition into adults.

  26. @Raven June 13, 2013 at 12:58 pm

    “What I would like to know from Phillips now are some answers as to why this man with so much business acuity ended up reduced to the state he was in.” – Raven

    Raven, I could answer that for you in one word “money”, or the lack thereof. If Michael had the financial resources a lot of things he would not have had to take .For example the main reason he decided to go back on tour was to earn a living he did not have a retirement fund set aside to draw from in his elder years. Therefore, a tour is a fast shot of cash.

    Having to go on tour again led to the hiring of Conrad Murray -enter the propofol.

    Did Michael have a lawyer at the signing of his contract with AEG? If he didn’t why not, why was Joe Jackson there going over pounds vs dollars with him. This was a man who at his height of fame demanded the best of each profession to work with him. What’s he doing with Lenard Rowe as a manager? Even chef Kai Chase was release because he could not afford her, and was only brought back after AEG was paying her salary. You want to know how Michael Jackson ended up this way? Follow the money, or better still the lack of money.

    1. Very true. He really did not even want to tour again. Of course, every tour was always going to be the last! But this time, his back was really against the wall.

  27. I hope the TMZ story about Paris leaving LA for awhile is true.

    I can’t imagine being Paris and reading & seeing the people her dad called friends betray him like that. Paris said on twitter that Mark Lester was her godfather. OMG this is someone she grew up knowing, and then to see him give interviews saying he is her biological father. Or, Arnie Klien, the kids knew him as their dad’s friend and for her to hear him go on about being the baby daddy is … is … beyond.

    Sadly for Paris and her brothers the bullies have A LOT of material to work with.

    1. Well all of Michael’s children banned AK from their lives after Paris found out what he said about her father being gay and having him and others as lovers!

      – May 16

      reported that Prince and Paris have banned Klein from their lives after learning about Klein’s involvement in the Jason Pfeiffer story. Fans who have since chatted to them on AIM have confirmed that Prince and Paris wish to have nothing to do with Klein after the comments he has made about their father.

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