Wade Robson: What The Heck Is Really Going On? Pt. 2

Happier Times
Happier Times

It has been awhile since I last wrote about Wade Robson. This case went silent for several weeks, and in the interim, attention turned to other topics. The AEG trial heated up. Paris attempted suicide. But then, on June 30th, there was another storm with the fake FBI file stories that began circulating in the UK press. Those fake files aren’t exactly a hot topic now, and have been pretty thoroughly debunked by Roger Friedman, Charles Thomson, and CNN (to the point that I’m not going to spend undue time going into the details of them) but just to summarize in a nutshell for those who aren’t closely following everything that happens in Michael Jackson news, on June 30th, the UK’s Sunday People broke a story that was essentially comprised of regurgitated, 20-year-old tabloid stories, concerning alleged FBI files (which, incidentally, were not FBI files at all) and alleging a figure of $35 million in payoffs to 24 families (a figure that even Diane Dimond admits could not be corroborated). Though basically a recycled hashing of old tabloid stories and interviews with “witnesses” who were discredited over twenty years ago, the Sunday People and its sister publication, The Daily Mirror, misleadingly published this story as if it were breaking news. In typical cut and paste fashion, the fake story then went on to be picked up by several other outlets, including The New York Daily News. It’s a shameful day when publications such as The New York Daily News resort to tabloid tactics; even worse when they do not even bother to check the validity of their stories-or even if their stories are, indeed, “breaking news”-or recycled garbage that is two decades old. Now, that being said, there are some interesting tidbits to come out of these “files” that will play into this series as I delve further into the history of Michael’s relationships with children, and Wade Robson in particular. But I will address those issues in due time.

In the meantime, are some of the best rebuttals of this fake story that never was:





The CNN article effectively squelched this story as far as mainstream media coverage. But what else is interesting about the CNN article (in an albeit annoying kind of way) is how Diane Dimond appears to back pedal in this piece from what she wrote in her July 1st Daily Beast hit piece, where she led her readers to believe that the Sunday People story had validity (only disputing the quoted numbers, which she said could not be corroborated) and protects the identity of her “friend” Paul Baressi, only coming around to pretty much ratting him out in the CNN piece. Boy, some “friend” Ms. Dimond must be, even to the ones she swims in the same polluted lake with.

“Since Barresi has fairly recently been stripped of his P.I.’s license, I can imagine that money has been tight for him,” Dimond said. “My best guess is that the UK paper offered Mr. Barresi several thousand dollars for his copies of the old Pellicano files.”

This brings me to my next point, which is that, validity of this story aside, some interesting patterns emerged that just might help shed some light on who, exactly, is responsible for this latest smear campaign.

BFF's. Diane Dimond and Paul Baressi
BFF’s. Diane Dimond and Paul Baressi

Let’s go back to Diane Dimond’s Daily Beast hit piece. Published on July 1st, just one day after the Sunday People story broke, and three days prior  to Alan Duke’s rebuttal, Dimond as noted was singing a decidedly different tune about her friend Baressi and his credibility:

Here’s what I know. The FBI files are still secret. The documents and cassette tapes reviewed by Sunday People were offered by a private detective who has been knocking around Hollywood with them for a long time. He remained unnamed in the U.K. paper and will remain so here, but he’s hardly a shadowy figure. I have known him personally for many years. 

I Have Nothing Against Gay Porn Stars, Or Any Porn Stars, For That Matter...Except When They Try To Pass Themselves Off As Legitimate Private Investigators.
I Have Nothing Against Gay Porn Stars, Or Any Porn Stars, For That Matter…Except When They Try To Pass Themselves Off As Legitimate Private Investigators.

So when Dimond wrote this piece published on July 1st, she was clearly slanting her reporting to make Baressi out to be a respectable private investigator, and only in the CNN piece, days later, does she admit that Baressi is actually an ex P.I. who was “stripped of his license” and probably hard up for cash as a result. Throughout the piece, she continues to refer to Baressi as a private investigator in the present tense. (Even the title of her piece is interesting, using the word “bombshell” to describe the Sunday People story-a word intended to convey this story as earth shattering news, rather than the decades-old story that it actually was).

Where this really gets interesting is when Dimond states:

“The unnamed private eye who provided the newspaper with his copies of the old files said he came forward after listening to Wade Robson, a one-time Jackson loyalist who now claims he was molested by the singer for seven years…”

Of course, just as she states, the suspicious timing of the Robson allegations, as well as the leaking of these UK stories, have led to conspiracy theories concerning AEG’s involvement. Dimond is clearly attempting to poo-poo these allegations. Well, she’s right in one aspect. This isn’t something that can be proven, but as I’ve said before, it sure looks and smells fishy as hell. But in the paragraph I quoted above, she is clearly attempting to make the whole thing look like a convenient series of coincidences and opportunistic timing, all as a result of greedy Katherine Jackson bringing on this lawsuit (how dare a mother seek answers for what happened to her son!).

But is it really? If we read between the lines of the above excerpt, it means that Dimond has clearly been in contact with her friend Baressi since this story broke. How else would she know he was inspired to come forward with the old files as a result of Wade Robson’s claims? The certainty with which she presents this information makes it clear that she has been in contact with Baressi since the story broke (or perhaps even before?) and knows for a fact that there was a definite connection between his actions and the Wade Robson allegations. (It is also worth noting that in the Facebook post below, she claims to have far more intimate knowledge of the contents of Wade Robson’s civil claim against the estate than what was made public).But could this have been more than just a case of opportunistic timing? Sure, it’s possible that Baressi heard what Wade Robson had to say, and, being strapped for cash, simply figured, Well, this is a hot topic right now. I’ll make some good off of this while I can. But again, the timing of it all seems very suspect, as well as the cozy intimacy of all these involved parties, all of whom seem to have a vested interest in the story in some way or another.

I find it very odd, for example, that it was the Daily Star, another UK tabloid, that broke the story within two days of Wade Robson’s lawsuit going public, that there were allegedly two more “victims” waiting to come forward, pending “what happens in the first action.” (So far, if any such “victims” existed at all, they have remained mum).

Even more bizarre, who had wind of this story even before it was published? None other than Stacy Brown, also a very good and personal friend of Ms. Diane Dimond, as I reported here:


For anyone who still does not realize just how tightly knit is the circle of Michael Jackson conspirators working against him, the following is highly recommended reading:



Note here how passionately  Diane Dimond and Stacy Brown defend each other in this Facebook exchange:

stacy brown comments about MJ on Dimond's page

Diane Dimond comment about Stacy  Brown saying MJ molested Taj

I apologize for including Stacy Brown’s slanderous comments here, but I did so for a reason: To show the full scope of what we are up against with this tightly knit group, who will go to great lengths, as we have seen, to defend one anothers’ honor. And now, it is this same group who are forming a protective circle around Wade Robson-and, I believe, going to great lengths to help secure his case. Well, it is understandable that birds of a nasty feather will flock together. But could something else more sinister be at stake?

Inevitably, every paper that published the fake FBI files story ended by reminding readers of the Wade Robson case. The MO, to me, at least, seemed clear. The purpose was to hammer home the fact that here we have even more, apparent corroborating “evidence” to make Wade’s story seem more plausible.

Well guess what? It wasn’t even 24 hours later that Wade Robson-who had been silent for weeks (on the advice of his attorney, or because no one after the Today show was interested in his story?) suddenly found a voice again. And, though various publications would later copy this story, guess who was the first to run with it? Yep, The Daily Mirror! Now you may ask, why is this story worth reprinting? Well, primarily for the passages I’ve highlighted, which I will explain afterwards:

Dancer Wade Robson has claimed the revelations of FBI files claiming Michael Jackson silenced child molestation victims proves he previously told the truth.

Robson ordered his lawyers to issue a statement after it emerged the FBI have boxes of reports covering Jackson’ inappropriate behavior and $35m worth of alleged pay offs to victims.

The famous child dancer is suing Jackson’s estate claiming he suffered sexual abuse over several years at the hands of The King Of Pop over several years.

His legal team plan to contact the FBI to access the files, which were gathered during an investigation into Jackson’s own private investigator Anthony Pellicano.

Jackson’s attempts to silence children he allegedly molested could bolster the lawsuit brought by Wade, who actually defended the performer in court during his 2005 child abuse

Choreographer Robson’s litigation counsel Maryann R. Marzano of Gradstein & Marzano said: ‘These revelations confirm what we’ve been saying: that Michael Jackson was a pedophile and Wade Robson was one of his victims.

‘To continue to deny this, defies both common sense and common decency.’

A source close to Wade added: ‘The information in these files could provide many leads both for witnesses in the case and background information on deals we may never have heard of before.

‘Wade wants his lawyers to go through the papers page by page.

‘In these types of cases the technical aspects of the lawsuits are as important as the information.

‘Wade has been subjected to much abuse and attacks in recent weeks over his lawsuit. 

‘Wade feels this paperwork shows he is telling the truth. 

‘And the emergence of this report goes a long way to show the world he may not have the only one to suffer. ‘

It is a rare move by Robson, who since his Today interview, has shied publicity.

Talking to Matt Lauer he claimed: ‘This is not a case of repressed memory. I never forgot one moment of what Michael did to me… But I was psychologically and emotionally unwilling to understand that it was sexual abuse.’

‘He sexually abused my from seven years old until 14. He performed sexual acts on me, and forced me to perform sexual acts on him.’

Robson says Jackson was an amazing talent, but ‘he was a pedophile.’

A former child friend of the singer, Wade has ordered his lawyers  to contact the FBI about secret documents compiled by a private investigator that reportedly revealed Jackson spent $35 million to silence 24 boys.

Robson, 30, sued the Jackson estate in May, seeking court approval to file a late claim for seven years of alleged sexual abuse that occurred when he was a starstruck boy palling around with his idol.

The report details how many children and their parents allegedly accepted secret cash payments from Jackson to keep quiet about molestation.

The hush money ranged from $2 million to one family to $20 million to the family of Jordan Chandler, the source said. Jordan, who settled a claim against Jackson in 1993, befriended the Thriller singer when he was 13.

Jackson’s estate says that Robson’s allegations are completely false, and added: ‘they are outrageous and sad.’

In 2005, Robson was a key witness who helped clear Jackson of molestation charges. He now attributes the favorable testimony to Jackson’s ‘brainwashing.’

On Saturday after the report emerged a lawyer for the Jackson estate refused to comment.

Jackson’s controversial past was raised to the top of the news agenda, while his family turned out for the premiere of his latest show. Michael Jackson One features his music and performances intertwined with Cirque Du Soleil performances.

The sold out show features a storyline focusing on Jackson’s lifelong battle with the media.
Meanwhile, Michael’s ex Debbie Rowe thanked supporters of her daughter, Paris Jackson, 15, following her suicide bid June 5.

Rowe tweeted: ‘My daughter has asked that I extend a huge thank you for all of your thoughts and prayers and support. She is strong like her father.’

Meanwhile attorney Tom Mesereau, who who successfully defended Michael Jackson at the 2005 molestation trial, denied his former client had paid out the money.

He told Radar: ‘The FBI never had any files alleging that Michael Jackson had sexually abused 24 young boys, because it never happened.’

I don’t know about you, but something about this article’s frequent insistence that the previous story of the phony FBI files could somehow bolster Wade’s case strikes a chord of both desperation and transparency to me. In the first place, why would Wade insist that any such claim of Michael paying out over 35 million to “silence” victims would make his case more credible, since he remains adamant-even now-that he was never paid any money?

He also said that his confession isn’t motivated by the money – saying Jackson and his lawyers never offered to pay him any money to lie under oath over the years.


True, some might call this splitting hairs. I can just hear the detractors already. “What difference does it make if Michael Jackson paid off Wade and his family or not; the point is that he supposedly paid off 24 other families.” However, that is only the first of many strange inconsistencies with Wade’s sudden interest in these twenty year old tapes. We know that he has already gone to great lengths-or at least it has been reported so in the media-to once again contact Blanca Francia, the former maid whose testimony that she once witnessed Wade and Michael in the shower together was thoroughly ripped apart under cross examination in 2005-and who admitted in her own deposition that she never saw anything of the sort! But now, with the benefit of the public’s short term memory (and the fact that the exposure of her lies was never given much coverage to begin with) she is once again recycling her old story and selling it to the highest bidder.

It becomes clear that Wade is so desperate, and terrified of his own story not holding up in court, that he is seeking to dredge up as many old “witnesses”-even discredited ones-as possible. And, into the bargain, I believe, is also stooping to whatever means necessary to ensure that enough of these old stories are circulated in the media again to bolster his case. After all, proving guilt may be impossible. But part of the current strategy seems to be the idea that if you create enough smoke…well, you know the rest. In other words, with enough smoke, you may not create a fire. But you just might create enough of a cloud to make for a very, very effective screen.

Blanca Francia and Adrian MacManus: Both Can Always Be Counted On When Dirt Is Needed On Michael Jackson-And If The Price Is Right!


adrian macmanusThe question I’ve asked before is: If Wade is so convinced of “his truth” then why the need to contact all of these alleged witnesses? In hopes that somewhere down the line, their stories just “might” match up enough to convince a jury? Or, more likely, so that they can plan out an effective strategy and have their story in place so that if this goes to court (and even if it will go to court is still up for question right now) Wade can have a believable story in place that will appear to be backed up by eyewitness accounts.

One thing is certain: Wade Robson is currently hanging tight with the very “family” that consists of Michael Jackson’s biggest public detractors and enemies. Blanca Francia, for example, is much more than just a disgruntled ex employee of Michael Jackson’s who was fired for stealing. She is also a friend of Diane Dimond’s-as is Adrian MacManus, another employee who was accused of stealing from Michael, and also part of the notorious Neverland 5, a group of employees who attempted to sue Michael in the 90’s over what they deemed unfair termination. You can rest assured that anytime Diane Dimond refers to one of her sources as “an ex-employee of Michael Jackson’s” she is in all likelihood referring to one of these two. (I don’t believe she is closely allied with the LeMarques, the couple who was the subject of the extensive interview quoted in the files, though of course, she knew them and bought wholeheartedly into their story).

It is even more interesting that both of these women-Francia and MacManus-have taken full advantage of this new opportunity to once again sell their sleazy stories for cash. They have both risen from the dregs these past few months, since both the start of the AEG trial and Robson’s allegations. Coincidence? Hardly.

In this reenactment of the Jackson trial, Francine Contreras, a former Neverland housekeeper, testifies regarding Adrian MacManus:


Exactly who is washing whose hands here becomes the only question to ask, and that is obviously where things get muckier. It’s like the old riddle of the chicken and the egg. Or trying to determine exactly where the butterfly first beat its wings to set off this ripple effect.

The harsh reality is that, while fans know most of the background info on these nefarious characters and how they are all inter-related, the rest of the world does not. And so we can only writhe helplessly as we watch the same cast of characters going at it all over again, somehow trying to cast a new net over the events of 2005 as if hoping a sea change will somehow bring about a different result. AEG may or may not be behind it. I cannot make that claim with any more certainty than anyone else. But I do know this is far more than just a random set of coincidences. The whole thing has been far too carefully orchestrated; the timing of each step along the way far too perfectly planned.

Which brings me to the next point I intended to make about Wade’s motives and the suspicious timing of these articles. Keep in mind that part of what Wade is up against is convincing a court to approve this claim despite its late filing. Wade’s claim is well past the statute of limitations. So it is very plausible that one possible way around this is to create a sudden media blitz of dirt on Michael. What purpose would that serve? One: It could possibly put more pressure on the estate to settle. Two: It will put the idea of Michael’s “possible” guilt at the forefront of any judge or juror’s consciousness.

The idea becomes even more palatable if we consider that, almost immediatly in the wake of his “coming out,” many journalists, celebrities, and media outlets began to cast suspicion on his story. I honestly don’t think Wade was banking on this. I believe he thought his story would be met with the same kind of instant acceptance as the Arvizo claims in 2003-that Michael would be publicly lynched again, and he would be seen as a hero, with journalists lined up to hear his story. However, it appears that after The Today Show, the media was not biting as furiously as he had hoped. Was the British press sliming part of a possible Phase 2 of the plan? I think it is very likely, though again, unless a smoking gun surfaces, it is doubtful we will ever know for sure.  The one thing we know for certain is that Wade is very desperately seeking any evidence that can somehow bolster his case. I personally believe he and Baressi were acting in cahoots. But as to whether they are, in fact, part of a larger conspiracy, I can’t say. I always hate to have to end on that note-having raised more questions than I have answered-but I don’t think anyone can deny the validity or suspicious nature of these questions.

Michael With The Cascios, One Of His Many Adopted Families. But Why Did Michael Have This Apparent, Driving Need To Surround Himself With Families Not His Own? I Will Explore This Question-And Many Others-In Part 3.
Michael With The Cascios, One Of His Many Adopted Families. But Why Did Michael Have This Apparent, Driving Need To Surround Himself With Families Not His Own? I Will Explore This Question-And Many Others-In Part 3.

I had originally intended for this installment to also get into the true nature of Michael’s relationships with children-where the seeds of this really begin. But unfortunately, there isn’t going to be time enough to get into all of that and still get the post up in as timely a manner as hoped-not to mention this current installment would be as long as War and Peace. So I will leave it here for now and pick up with that particular history in Part 3. I will warn you that some of what I am going to address may be a bit controversial, especially to those fans who have always defended Michael solely on the grounds of his innocent desire to be Peter Pan or to recapture a lost childhood, but I think it is essential in order to fully understand how and why this conspiracy to paint Michael Jackson as a child molester began-and how he ended up in some of the vulnerable situations that he did. For sure, his very innocent desire to re-live his childhood was part of it. His genuine desire to help children in need was part of it. His constant need for familial love was part of it. But there are also a lot of prevailing myths-both on the side of haters and fans-that bear some deconstructing. The reality may not always be as pleasing as believing in Peter Pan-but I think it goes far in helping us to even better understand the complexity of the man, and-more importantly, why he was not a criminal.

31 thoughts on “Wade Robson: What The Heck Is Really Going On? Pt. 2”

  1. But is it really? If we read between the lines of the above excerpt, it means that Dimond has clearly been in contact with her friend Baressi since this story broke. How else would she know he was inspired to come forward with the old files as a result of Wade Robson’s claims?

    Baressi actually made the claim he was doing this for Wade in the original Sunday People story. Before Wade’s lawyers even spoke out there was another Mirror article within hours which said Wade was excited by this development, especially as he wanted other “victims” to help create sympathy for him.

    The thing about the payments is – either MJ was someone who paid hush money to everyone and therefore he failed completely with the Chandler’s where he refused to pay $20 million in July, then refused to pay $1 million on the day Evan took Jordan in to see a psychiatrist. Or he was someone who managed to brainwash everyone he knew and managed to find parents and children and employees who didn’t care if MJ sexually abused them. But people can’t call MJ someone who pays people off when the Chandler’s and Wade shows this is not true.

    Another thing about Blanca Francia – if she had really seen what she’d seen then in 1993-1994 then MJ would have realized his “secret” about Wade had gotten out and that Blanca AND Wade were ticking time bombs. So why not try and do something about them besides brainwashing? There was someone who corroborated Wade’s story if he came out, and MJ kept molesting him through till 1997? I mean, doesn’t that seem odd to people? AND then MJ had him testify in 2005? LOL I mean, forget letting kids into his room putting him into a vulnerable position, MJ was in a terrible position with someone like Wade who had a supposed witness and was on the witness stand in 2005.

    But yes, as soon as I heard Wade was using Blanca Francia as his best source I knew there were really bad problems with his story. He should NOT want to use her, if he was telling the truth he would not want her, or if anything, it would be to SUE her! Of all the people she’s the only one who actively witnessed this and did nothing about it and then retracted it several times in various interviews. But instead he needs her to bolster his claims against the person’s estate worth millions.

    And Diane Dimond hasn’t seen any more of the docs or has any more inside info than anyone else – we know this because she tried to claim Wade would only be seeking $15,000k based on her “reading between the lines” of the first doc we saw, except in the full claim Wade explicitly stated he wants millions and millions for various failed deals. Dimond also claimed Wade’s psychiatrist he saw was really legit – except she fails to realize the psych Wade’s using to vouch his claims can’t be the one who originally treated him, so we still don’t know who that is. But with knowing now it was “insight oriented therapy” we do know that this is the kind of therapy which can lead to the original speculation – repressed memories.

    Also, with his claims, we can see his father was manic depressive and now Wade’s making claims about MJ’s prophecies comparing him to Spielberg leading to this revelation about sexual abuse and being incapable to work, and then two successive breakdowns and this current behavior… to me he shows all the hallmarks of someone suffering a severe mental illness.

    1. In their opening statement, AEG’s attorneys warned that “ugly things” about Michael Jackson would be revealed during the course if the trial. And sure enough, right on cue, the ugliness came flying – but not in the courtroom. The trial has been going on for weeks, and so far, there have been no new revelations about Michael from any sworn witnesses. Instead we have had Wade Robson and the Brit tabloid fabrications. Wade also put his house up for sale as the trial opened, and in the current real estate market, managed to ‘sell’ it for MORE than the asking price, in less than a week. Meanwhile the Robsons relocated to Hawaii. Coincidence? Don’t think so.

      I suspect that Wade Robson may have inherited bi-polar disorder from his father, who also claimed to have been the victim of childhood sexual abuse. That would explain the nuttier parts of his lawsuit, as well as his inability to get and keep choreography and directing assignments. I also suspect that this whole thing is a money grab by Wade, his wife, his sister, and his mother, who high-tailed it back to Australia just before he filed his claim, after years in LA.

      1. She put her house up for rent in November 2012, months before Wade filed. Wade claimed he only learned of the estate in March 2013.

        So how did his mother know to leave the country long before that?

        I do think Wade is mentally ill and I think because of that this situation will get worst and worst for him, as he won’t have anything to buffer it with. Estate won’t settle, he’ll have to resort to desperate measures, with desperation people do very bizarre things.

    2. I’m glad you raised those points in your first paragraph. I think they point even more towards an obvious conspiracy.

      The first time I heard that Wade was seeking out Blanca Francia, my reaction was, Wow, he must have one really lame case! Here is the problem I have with it, in addition to all the things you pointed out: It might make sense (to some, at least) to believe that if Wade is telling the truth, all of these encounters would have occurred in private, just him and Michael. Therefore, it would make sense to want to seek out the one person who claimed to have witnessed it. But the problem with this is twofold. For starters, her story changed multiple times, and she was forced to admit she never actually “saw” anything. Secondly, if Wade was an honest victim, he would recall these scenes vividly in his own mind-and would know if a witnesses’ claim validates what he remembers. Now that he has done away with his “repressed memory” excuse, and admits he was well aware of everything that supposedly happened, he should be able to recall if he ever took a shower with Michael or not-and what transpired. COULD it be possible that he has only some vague memory of this, and needs someone to validate that it happened? That could certainly be possible. But again, Wade was an adult when Blanca Francia’s testimony was ripped apart in 2005. The problem NOW is that, regardless of what may or may not have actually happened, he knows her story inside and out. It is a matter of public record. And can conveniently alter his own details to suit her version-or any version she cares to spin. They can also plot on how to accomodate any holes in the original story (in case her original testimony is brought up, which it will be) and can work as partners to make sure their respective stories match up now.

      I believe that in an ideal situation, Wade would surely want a more reliable and credible witness than Blanca. That she is pretty much it says everything to me about his case. But it also raises some troubling issues and possibilities (namely, everything I just mentioned).

      Even IF Michael and Wade were in that shower together (and let’s stress again, Blanca later admitted she saw no one else in there) it does not automatically equate to sex, just as sleeping together in a bed doesn’t automatically equate to sex. The kid might have been extra dirty, and needed help getting clean. I’m sure many parents have tossed their small children into the shower with them (especially same sex children) when they were dirty. A father and son probably wouldn’t think twice about it, and we have to remember that Michael saw himself as a father or big brother figure to most of these kids, and the kids felt the same way towards him. People could argue all day whether that is appropriate behavior (especially these days when we our sensitivity to sexual child abuse-of BOTH sexes-has become so heightened) but unless it actually crossed the line into genital contact, then it is not criminal, no matter how much anyone might try to paint it as such.

      But we have to keep in mind that Blanca Francia admitted in her deposition that she never saw anything at all; she couldn’t even say WHETHER another person was in that shower with Michael or not, let alone having witnessed any sexual act.

      I noticed the same trend, btw, that Wade’s stories keep getting more and more bizarre. Who knows how much of this is media spin, but yeah. Claiming it was the fulfillment of MJ’s “prophecy” that triggered his memories; going so far as to say Michael was responsible for his dad’s suicide-in 2002. When I first read that I was like, Huh? Heck, I didn’t even know his dad was dead, let alone that it was a suicide! If that was the case, it was covered very well since all subsequent sources I consulted only said he died as a result of illness. And Wade STILL went on to testify for Michael in 2005!

      If anything, his dad may have been depressed over having felt “replaced” in his son’s life…by Michael Jackson! If truth be told, that would be enough right there to send an unstable person over the edge.

      This is an interesting pattern that seems to repeat itself with many of the families Michael befriended. “Dad” would usually end up with the short end of the stick. Classic case in point: Evan Chandler. They also tended to be abusive fathers-Evan, David Arvizo, etc. But I think a big reason for this was that many of these families were dysfunctional, as has been so often pointed out. Divorces, battles over child custody, parents with shady backgrounds, children estranged from parents, etc. The Cascios were one of the few exceptions to this rule and I also think it has everything to do with why Michael never had any problems from them. They seemed to be a well adjusted family, where the parents had a strong marriage and where definite boundaries were set. I think this was largely why so many of the problems and issues Michael had with these other families did not materialize with them. And there were other exceptions as well, but again, it usually came down to children who had strong, stabilizing parental figures in their lives, as opposed to those who didn’t. I don’t buy for a minute that Michael “preyed on” dysfunctional families, as some have claimed. I just believe that, having the big heart that he did, he felt sorry for those kids.

      1. Yes, knowing Blanca Francia is his “best proof” really shows how little confidence he has in what he says. I would imagine he would’ve at least wanted other people around MJ who saw them together, if this were true there would’ve been others around MJ who would have seen something “off” about the situation, or any notes, letters, gifts he had from MJ – but instead Francia seems to be his only selling point. I think he will try and claim letters/notes from MJ were sinister though of course, he mentioned a few of them back in 1991 to an interviewer, I’m guessing it’s gonna be the “be the best you can be” “immortalize yourself” “you’re the next Spielberg” etc letters because those are the only things he has, as bizarrely MJ was a predator who managed to avoid sending any love letters or notes to the kids he abused, unlike Sandusky and others. Wade’s cousin actually stated that these phrases and the Spielberg thing were because the same way MJ did the brainwashing over the sexual abuse is the same way he did the brainwashing over prophecies – a big “HUHH?????” to that. But it showed to me he wants to use the only things he does have and try and connect it to sexual abuse because he has nothing else.

        In Wade’s claim it refers to him going back to his “invincible status” in his career after a few of the breakdowns, which sounded right away to me like someone describing their own manic high from bipolar disorder, and he has claims about how because he can’t work anymore, he’s incapable of going on to become an “international superstar” that he was supposed to be.

        I do believe Wade is very mentally disturbed and he hoped he’d get an easy victory, a fast settlement to ensure he could keep his mental disorder buffered and softened by loads of money, but instead I think this will exacerbate his disorder and I suspect he will start turning on those around him and act even more erratic and disordered than he is right now.

        Also, on the conspiracy front, his mother Joy put her place up for sale in November of 2012 – why was she doing that? How did she know she needed to get away? He claims he only learned of the estate in March of this year, which is when he put his own house up for sale.

        I’m still nervous about this story as I know Wade is a ticking timebomb with this info and can hawk it to British tabloids, Oprah, etc etc etc, and we all know how devastating that would be for us. He’s also attempting to start a charity about sexual abuse in Hawaii, but he seems to not be quite sure what he’s doing with that, and I predict it will come back to bite him on the ass, if he’s trying what I suspect he is.

      2. Raven just so you know. Wades dad killed himself because he suffered from Bipolar….Sever depression. Just like Evan chandler. Also wades cousin dropped some info saying that wades dad was sexually abused as a child. Very interesting. . Wades cousin is Jonathan Keller and he is siding with wade. Loser!

        1. Yes, since his revelation of this to the press, that has come out, although it seems they weren’t forthcoming about it at the time that it happened. That is understandable, of course, given the stigma that is still often associated with mental illness and suicide. My ex mother-in-law committed suicide, and it’s just a very difficult thing to have to explain to people because you always know their next question is going to be, “Why did he/she do it?” Often, the families no more have those answers than anyone else, and it’s just too painful to deal with. So I can understand why it was covered up in the media but I just think for Wade to pop up with this now, using it as yet another excuse and crutch for his case against the estate, is wrong. Especially considering that he went on to defend Michael ardently for ten years after that.

          1. It makes him sound even more delusional.

            And claiming his father committed suicide in 2002, almost 10 years after the first allegations, and linking it to them is incredibly desperate. Also, how did Wade’s father know Wade had been abused before he had? Why didn’t he do anything about it? The fact his father WAS abused also shows that the family were conscious of what abuse was, how damaging it was and surely conscious of any signs, it just emphasizes an incredibly damaged family structure. It also made me wonder if Wade could have been abused by his real father instead of MJ. Perhaps why he didn’t disclose that in his claim?

  2. Here’s a press release from Helen Yu. She’s Wade Robson’s attorney.


    “Since Michael Jackson’s death, the world can now see the true light of Michael’s legacy. Posthumous homages have been done by Helen Yu-represented Michael Jackson protégé Wade Robson and his friend Charles Klapow.”

    “Yu observes the economic reality of a famous artist’s estate involves “finding commercial avenues for the assets they already have and building on what already exists. Graceland was upside down and they turned it into a museum that is the most popular element of the company. Michael Jackson has the film, and they may also eventually create a museum.”

    “Yu, who once attended a pre-auction viewing of the possessions of the still living King of Pop, notes the unprecedented earning power of the now deceased Jackson. “He was certainly an amazing songwriter, performer and dancer, but he sometimes let the wrong people in. Now that his estate’s advisors are John Branca and John McClain, music industry veterans who know how to monetize the business, unfortunately, he will most likely earn more dead than alive.”

    This press release is dated November 25, 2009. Helen Yu has repped Wade Robson for some time. Here is irrefutable proof that WR not only was aware of the existence of the estate, he knew who the executors were.

    Surely anyone smart enough to make it through law school and pass the bar must know there’s no way Wade’s ridiculous claim to not know of the estate can hold up in court. So what is their real game – a tasty settlement? Or are they being compensated for muddying Michael’s name?

    1. A settlement for sure. He reeks of settlement terrorism, trying to force their hand. I don’t think he expected it to get this far and that this would be easy for him.

    2. …but he sometimes let the wrong people in.”

      Very ironic statement from Helen Yu. Yes, he sometimes let the wrong people into his life-including her current client.

  3. Here’s more of his PR work in action:

    Michael Jackson Accuser
    I Can Help Victims
    Of Child Sex Abuse

    Wade Robson — the choreographer who claims Michael Jackson molested him — is launching his own foundation to help child sex abuse victims through new age healing … TMZ has learned.

    Robson founded a non-profit organization called “Hearts in Our Hands” on July 1 — registering a domain name and a Facebook page.

    A rep for Robson tells us all the required legal docs haven’t been filed yet — but the group will be dedicated to preventing abuse … and will take a holistic approach to treating victims.

    Translation: a whole lotta meditation and yoga.

    A source close to Wade says the choreographer’s gotten deep into yoga himself lately — and now wants to quit professional dancing forever.

    As TMZ previously reported … Wade is suing MJ’s Estate, claiming he was sexually molested by Jackson from the age of 7 to 14.

    The Jackson Estate and several family members have dismissed Wade’s claims as little more than a money grab.

    1. “A source close to Wade says the choreographer’s gotten deep into yoga himself lately — and now wants to quit professional dancing forever.”

      Here again, we have conflicting stories. WANTS to quit…or CAN’T dance anymore??? It wasn’t long ago that it was being reported that he was incapable of working; now it’s a conscious choice. Which is it?

      The likely truth is that Wade is really incapable of holding steady work now, due to his mental issues (which I think are very real, and part of why he’s acting in such a bizarre and irrational manner) and figures he will rely on a nest egg from the MJ estate (or else lucrative media deals) to sustain himself and his family.

  4. Somehow don’t you just know that whatever the outcome,at the very least, the usual suspects will blame Michael for messing with his head.

    1. I’ve already heard some of those arguments. Some are defending his mental illness as a result of having been abused, rather than considering that mental illness can lead to delusions, exaggeration-and yes, in some cases, false memories.

  5. Just listen to this audio of Joy Robson july 22,2011 on dance radio .. it begins around 10:52 – Noticlbly her demeanor is happy go lucky and she is still praising Michael at this point in time. If her son, Wade had two breakdowns she sure didnt seem impaired emotionally during this interveiw-.. Also please note her statement about how Wade at the tender age of 10 told her he didn’t want to be a dancer because they weren’t respected NOR paid well. She commets on the maturity of the statement proudly. In my mind, it shows that at age 10, Wade was looking to be an entertainer as much as a money maker. It is important to note also that in Joy’s testimony she made some rather jealous comments about June Chandler – she claims she told June that Jordan would not be Michael’s special friend for long. So this begs the question- was Joy using Michael to promote her sons career ? Did Wade get his ideas of money making as being the end all and be all from his mother? Also, its important to note that Michael remained lifelong friends with some of these youngsters, both Eddie & Framk Cascios, Macauley, Emmanuel etc…. but not with others …. could it be as they aged Michal began to evaluate which of these young people really understood the life lessons he’d been teaching them and if they didn’t display that character, he cut them loose? http://infinitedancecast.com/?p=193

    1. I’ve pretty much tried to avoid going down the path of bashing Wade’s family members, primarily because it was not them who brought forth these allegations, but Wade himself, who is an adult now and fully responsible for his own actions. That’s why in many ways I see him as a far more sinister accuser than Jordan Chandler or Gavin, who were children largely manipulated by their families. In this case, Wade’s actions are his own doing. I also won’t hold it against his family if they choose to support him. In that case, I would have to ask myself what I would do-honestly-if I were in their shoes, and it was my son or brother. Honestly, I would probably feel conflicted, but blood is almost always thicker than water.

      Now, with all of that being said, nevertheless…the gut feeling I got from listening to Joy in the interview is that of the classic stage mom. In fact, a lot of what she said put me in mind of a female Joe Jackson, especially when she bragged how her kids were always working instead of playing. It sounds like she instilled in her son a strong work ethic, but also, how to value the almighty dollar. It seems from the beginning, she had a one-track mind, and that was getting her son into show business at any and all costs. Does that make her a bad person or a bad mother? I wouldn’t go that far, and it wouldn’t be for me to judge. But, yes, listening to this does give some interesting insight into the woman who shaped the person Wade Robson has become.

      1. Raven, have you seen this article?


        It’s pretty clear that Joy Robson was the driving force behind Wade’s career. Perhaps she was trying to live vicariously through her children.

        As a child, Wade was very odd looking, with that blond buzz cut and heavy dark eyebrows. I wonder if Joy bleached his hair? It wasn’t always that light.

        1. Yes, I have seen it.

          It’s funny you mention Wade looking strange with that platinum hair. I never gave it a thought, but yeah, it did look kind of strange. MJ haters are always bashing him for dying Prince’s hair blond as a toddler. I used to think that perhaps Prince’s hair simply darkened as he got older, as so often happens with blond children, but on close observation, you can clearly see the child’s roots in many of the photos. Why was it done? Who really knows, and it was Michael’s business anyway as it was his child.

          In the case of Wade, it was probably to make him stand out from the crowd more when he went to auditions.

          1. Hi Raven,
            Please please watch the link above from 5.07. It shows the very painful experience and burning of the scalp that it takes to go from a dark hair person to a platinum blonde. It is interesting b/c I cannot imagine doing that to a toddler, it would be tantamount to child abuse.

            There is a common misconception that you can dye hair blonde, but you can’t. To go truly blonde the hair has to bleach with caustic chemicals, which I know no hairdresser would ever inflict on a toddler.

            Maybe one of these days someone could ask Prince/Debbie about his former blonde hair (he may answer). Robert Patinson was also platinum blonde as a child.

          2. Thanks, Teva. I used the word “dye” erroneously here, not really thinking. You are right. Dark hair can only go to platinum via the bleaching process.

            It is possible, of course, for very young children to have this color naturally. But I don’t know if they would have dark roots such as those we see in some of Prince’s youthful pics.

          3. I am myself blond and can assure, that it is very common to have dark roots, especially if you spend long time outside under the sunlight

  6. I don’t think MIchael bleached Princes hair when he was a baby – the child just happened to be towheaded. There is a probability that bi-racial children will have that mutated gene – Robin Thicke and his wife Paula, whose is bi-racial also have a son who is towheaded -http://www.theybf.com/2012/06/07/robin-thicke-takes-son-julian-to-work-parties-with-wife-paula-patton – It’s even a bigger possiblility with Debbie who is a true blonde for this oto occur- Please also look at this couple the dad is black and wife is blonde- please do notice the daughter up front with blonde hair that has darkened as she got older. This is what happens to towheaded children. http://twitpic.com/ck9ayf

    1. Prince, though, had brownish hair as a baby. By age two, he was platinum. Then his hair darkened again as he got older.

      In pics like these you can see his dark roots:



      However, I’ve also noticed that he seems to be a bit older in these pics. It’s possible he may have gone towheaded as a toddler but his hair had started to naturally darken as he got a bit older, and Michael may have wanted to simply hold on to his “baby” just a little bit longer. It’s a thought, anyway.

      I don’t know if children who are naturally towheaded would still show dark roots. But in pics like this one we clearly do not see any dark roots:


      Naturally towheaded children will also usually have very light colored eyebrows as well, which Prince clearly does not have.

      It’s not an issue I wish to get to get too hung up on debating, though, as I don’t think it is really that huge of a deal but I did notice that he seemed to be a few years older in the pics that clearly show him with dark roots.

      1. “It is possible, of course, for very young children to have this color naturally. But I don’t know if they would have dark roots such as those we see in some of Prince’s youthful pics.” – Raven

        Never mind the dark roots, think about the science, the experience, and a responsible parent. You cannot bleach a toddler’s hair. That would cause scalp burns, and hair lost. No loving parent would allow a mixture of 40% peroxide and BW powder be applied, and sit on their baby’s scalp for whatever reason.

        1. Not to mention the skill – in the pictures of the children taken in Ireland, where they are dressed like characters from Peter Pan, Prince has multi-shaded medium blond hair. Very few professional hair colorists can achieve that complexity on dark hair, even with years of training. It’s not a simple matter of dumping a bottle of peroxide on his head.

          At the memorial, years later, Prince still had some blond hair in the front. But now, as a teen, his hair is darker and much curlier than it was when he was a young child.

  7. Wade Robson launching his own non-profit foundation for child abuse children by new-age healing,,”Hearts in in Our Hands.”Still just a plan.
    And wants to forget his dancing career.This has the scent of a bipolar lift.Those 2 mental breakdowns he had,was he depressed then? And why did he flee to Hawaii? And how to supporthimself and family.Well you all know by now what great idea has srtuck his mind.That´s where it is,in his mind.

  8. If anyone’s read LaToyas book Starting Over, (I admit I probably wouldn’t have if I hadn’t found it at a Dollar General store for only 2 bucks because in general shes just sorta flakey) Not only does she say that she spoke against Michael under Jack Gordan’s threat of violence, but she also said something in her book about when the allegations broke she heard him on the phone with someone (or someones) and Jack was saying to said person(s) something to the effect of “you guys did it, I can’t believe you guys actually did it!” a theory could be that whoever “did it” back then could possibly be threatening Robson or his family. I’ve suspected that there may be a group of people fully involved in the life of MJ who have been some sort of “double agents” for years conspiring to ruin his reputation, and possibly may have been involved in his untimely death. perhaps if this goes to trial conspirators may ultimately be exposed.

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