22 thoughts on “It Doesn't Matter That He Died. It Matters That He Lived!”

  1. Sometimes simplicity is the best way to express beauty and love! Thank you so much, Raven!

    Happy Birthday, Michael Jackson!

  2. Blessed Michael, you have been my rock thru many painful and difficult times. Though others may never understand, you have been my comfort, my constant and my joy. Thank you to the creator for lending us this exquisite man if only for a little while…Happy birthday, precious one.

  3. “And maybe the walls will tumble and the sun refuse to shine

    But when I say I love you

    Baby, you gotta know that’s for ALL TIME!!!”

    Love you for all time, Michael!

    Soul to soul, and heart to heart! Thank you for all you gave us!

  4. Seeing this photo that so perfectly captured MJs spirit, I want to share something I tweeted today w/ you and your readers. I hope you don’t mind, but celebrating MJs birthday is bitter sweet and makes me a bit sappy.

    A Wish For Michael’s Birthday
    You wanted to make the world a better place and I hope you know that you did.

    Like so many people, I feel like I know you. Being just one year younger it seems I grew up with you, because I grew up with your music.

    Your unique talent, creative vision and technical innovations are established fact and should be accepted as such. What impresses me most is what I’ve learned about the kind of person you were – or are, for a spirit like yours will never, ever die.

    You bore burdens that would have crushed most of us, and did it with dignity and grace. You were hounded, libeled and slandered but kept your humanity, compassion and humor. So much has been taken from you, but you continued – and continue – to give.

    Having been treated so badly who would have blamed you if you’d taught your children to be wary, suspicious, closed? But you didn’t – they are open, inquisitive and charming and we who love you pray for them each day.

    You wanted to make the world a better place and I hope you know that you did.

    My wish for you is this: that in the years to come people will become more interested in the Man than the Performer; that all the rumors and media generated BS will fall away, the evil extortion attempts will stop and a clearer picture of who you really are will emerge and inspire others the way you have inspired me. Not to sing, not to dance, but to be a kinder, more tolerant and patient person. To appreciate what I have rather than pine for what I want. To notice and be grateful for the little treasures nature has on display for us, so often overlooked.

    Also that your memory will remain vivid in the hearts and minds of everyone who knew and loved you, un-polluted by the media lie of the week.

    Most of all I wish you peace, and hope you know how much you meant to us, whether or not you ever sang another note.

    Happy birthday Michael Jackson.

    1. Thank you for those words beautifully expressed. Knowing that Michael died without his name cleared is one reason that compelled me to do what I do, and what continues to be my biggest motivating factor.

  5. Thank you sooo much iutd for posting this video of SSTR – it is fantastic and much better than the one I have been watching which is mostly repeat sequences from BOW panther dance, which although it is great, gets a bit repetitious. This one is just great. I always marvel at how people get the clips to match the music so perfectly, bearing in mind it is not the original music.
    Very happy to watch this one over and over and over and over and ……..
    The Justin B one isn’t bad, but not a patch on the original!! but then it wouldn’t be would it??? how could it???
    Thanks again.

    1. One critic has described JB’s voice as sounding strained and contrived on the track. I agree somewhat. He’s trying too hard to imitate Michael’s style but doesn’t quite have the chops to pull it off.

      Thanks for the clip, iutd!

  6. Time Stop, blocks the moments for a moment and listen to the whisper that comes straight to your heart … it is a light caress, a warm smile, my eyes that says “Merry Birthday” with all the affection that I !
    Special people, are the most beautiful to discover why they hide in your everyday life with a constant and with a special warmth, you warm my days with your presence and make my life wonderful … BEST WISHES, Happy Birthday Happy Birthday MICHAEL

  7. “When he shall die,
    take him and cut him out in little stars,
    and he will make the face of heaven so fine
    that all the world will be in love with night
    and pay no worship to the garish sun.”

    The words are Shakespeare’s, but they speak to me of you.

    Happy Birthday, Michael. Thank you for everything–for changing my life so much for the better–for inspiring me to become a better person. Because of you, I really,truly do try.

    1. I will soon, I promise! It’s just that so much other stuff has hit, and these days my work is so demanding that I do well to be able to update once a week. At that pace, it makes it difficult to get out as many stories as I would like as quickly as I would like, but I promise you I have not forgotten that series!

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