Open Letter To Prince, Paris and Blanket

I am sure that most of you know by now of the plans to sell Neverland. I wrote about this in a post dated 8/02/2014:

Shortly thereafter, I received this beautiful open letter to Prince, Paris and Blanket from a fan in Germany. With so many “Save Neverland” campaigns starting up and, as usual, it seems, so much diviseveness over how to proceed in the effort to save Neverland-or indeed whether to make the effort at all-it makes sense that the final decision should rest with the three for whom it matters most. I was asked to share this letter. I have already done so on social media, but promised that during Michael’s birthday week I would give it the exposure it deserves.



Dear Prince, Paris und Blanket,

Throughout our lives we have always supported your dad with all our hearts. Whenever he had a message to convey or there was an injustice towards him, he could rely on us, his fans, to fight for and with him. We were always proud to say that we tried our best to be there for him whenever he needed us. To this day, our will to stand up for your father´s and your interests is still there and we still care a lot!

That’s why the news of Neverland being up for sale saddened us very much. Neverland to us is a symbol of your dad’s heart, soul and his important message, which was put into practice there. We always had the vision of Neverland returning to being a place of love and hope again one day, a place of happiness for underprivileged children, a place of escapism, a preservation of everyone’s inner child.

But of course Neverland’s fate is not ours to decide. However we strongly feel it should be your decision, and your’s alone!

Perhaps you have other wishes for your former home meanwhile, maybe you see things differently due to your experiences. But judging by some of your earlier remarks regarding Neverland, it might very well be that you still have similar feelings and even plans for Neverland’s future.

If in the meantime you think it is better to give it up and move on, that’s fine. However, if you should not agree with the selling of Neverland but feel alone in this battle to preserve it – don’t! Because we, the fans, will be by your side to fight with you to save Neverland! Maybe we can work something out.

Because together we are very powerful and can achieve a lot! Your dad knew this and often called us his “Army of Love”. We hope that you are aware of the fact that there are many people out there who still truly care about you and who are genuinely interested in your feelings – you just need to reach out and we’ll be happy to help and act on your behalf. But we can only act if we know what’s on your mind. Please let us know and remember that no matter what: We are here for you!

Michael Jackson fans

Lovely video taken by William Wagener, showing some of the birthday momentos left at Neverland this year:


6 thoughts on “Open Letter To Prince, Paris and Blanket”

  1. Thanks for sharing the beautiful letter, Raven, and Wegener’s video. That was sweet of him to bring birthday cake for the fans at NL gate and film some of their birthday wishes. I liked seeing all the messages of love sent to MJ from fans all over the world. I wonder if the kids will ever go to NL on MJ’s birthday? Gary seems to be the preferred place and it’s true of course he was born there–but NL is special too as a place where he blossomed. Nice to see Paris again-she seems so different now that I didn’t even recognize her at first.

    1. Not to my knowledge. It is just an open letter to be shared. However, it does sound like a great idea and I have passed your question on to the person who sent the letter. I will see what she says.

  2. I probably won’t get a response to this comment, but what are your thoughts about some business man in California who wants to turn Neverland into some rehab center for child sexual abuse victims? Some other idiot on Twitter suggested that they should name the center after Evan Chandler. SMH.

    1. I don’t know why you would assume you wouldn’t get a response. Nevertheless, I really don’t have much opinion on the matter because this is only a rumor and until/unless it is confirmed and we have more details I don’t really have much to say. Obviously, I don’t think most fans would relish the idea, as the publicity around it would be a nightmare. It is a two-edged sword because, on the one hand, I certainly have no issues with the idea of helping sexually abused children to heal, and Neverland is definitely a wonderfully healing environment. But the media, as we know, would have a field day with it as would all haters, and I think ultimately would be a blot on Michael’s legacy and his original vision for Neverland-again, not because of the concept but what the public would make of it. Perhaps as a place of healing for troubled adolescents and children in general it would be a wonderful idea, but I don’t think it should be singled out as a place for treating sexual abuse. It just sends the wrong message, and for all the wrong reasons.

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