The Death Of “Diana”

Dirty Diana, the legendary, notorious groupie Michael Jackson made famous, will live on forever in song and myth. But sadly, Lisa Dean-the woman whose wicked legs were immortalized as those  of the stalking Diana in the 1988 video- has lost her battle with cancer. This isn’t exactly recent news, since apparently Lisa passed last December. But I had not heard of the news until just a few days ago. It’s a bit sad to think that, amidst all the hoopla of This is It last fall and winter, and the renewed surge of interest in all things Michael, Lisa’s death went practically unnoticed by the media.

Dirty Diana:


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  1. David says:

    Well, it’s good to finally find someone who knew MJ that DID NOT try to sell stories to the tabloids after all of the scandals! If only more people would have followed her example!

    Conversely, Tatiana Thumbtzen from “The Way You Make Me Feel” wrote a tell-all book in 2005 during the trial. She says it was her “autobiography”, but would anyone give a damn about her life story if she wasn’t in MJ’s video? If it was about merely telling people your life story, then why release it during the trial?

    Here she is on -you guessed it!- MSNBC promoting the book! Notice how the anchor condescendingly asks her if she STILL supports MJ during his trial, implying that he might be guilty:

    Here she is being interviewed for Martin Bashir’s second hit piece in 2005. She arrogantly says that their video was the first time that the public saw MJ as a “believable” heterosexual male! As if his heterosexuality wasn’t “believable” prior to the video! I’m sure Bashir told her to say that in order to make viewers question MJ’s sexuality, because if they fell that MJ is gay, then they’re more likely to believe that he’s a child molester.

    Here she is at MJ’s funeral:

    RIP Lisa Dean!

  2. admin says:

    I know. Lisa kept a very low profile for someone who had worked with Michael-I doubt most people even knew who the “legs” in Dirty Diana belonged to. She was never one of Michael’s “high profile” video girls like Tatiana or Ola Ray, or even Naomi Campbell as far as that goes. Perhaps the fact that, unlike the others, we never really saw her in the video probably had a lot to do with that. But for sure, no one who ever saw the Dirty Diana video ever forgot those wicked legs! And for the record, Dirty Diana is every bit as sexy as The Way You Make Me Feel and both came out at about the same time. So I don’t think Tatiana can take ALL the claim for Michael’s “video sexual awakening” (lol). After watching Dirty Diana again today, I couldn’t help realizing what a pure classic ending the clip has, when he steps out to the limo, opens the door…and there she is. Waiting. A lot of videos would have been all about just showing as much of the girl as possible. But I love that instead of ever seeing her, we see instead the look on his face when he realizes….he’s been had. There’s something very dark and sinister about that video that still holds up, even now, when so many of the 80′s videos of that period are just so cheesy to watch now. Michael was taking all of the cliches’ from the 80′s metal videos, but in a much deeper and darker context.

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