Christian Hate Groups And Other Organizations Targeting Michael With Lies

How Can A Humanitarian Who Did So Much Good For The World Be The Target Of So Much Hate And Slander? Yet It Never Seems To End

Christian hate groups. It sounds like an anamoly, doesn’t it? Two words that should represent dual opposites and should never even be in the same sentence. Yet we know there are such groups out there. Groups that instead of embracing the true Christian teachings of Christ-not judging others, and spreading love rather than hate and intolerance-actively engage in hate. There are so-called “Christian” organizations that preach hate, intolerance and bigotry. That is no secret. There are groups that actively encourage violence against gays, Jews, or people in interracial relationships, all in the name of God and Jesus.

And then there are some that target certain individuals, not necessarily because they disgaree with that person’s lifestyle, but based on unfounded rumors, lies and slander. There are orgnizations run by people who hate and live to spread hate, who are either ignorant themselves or don’t bother checking their facts because it goes against the grain of what they want to believe. They then proceed to “convert” the equally brainless, willful and ignorant who choose to follow them. How? By spreading the lies until they can convince enough people to believe them as gospel truth. Of course, that takes the mindset of a person who is willing to hate, and willing to be spoonfed just enough “facts” by the equally willful ignorant to spread the flames of that hate.

Of course, we know that Michael has always been targeted by these hate groups. He was an easy target even before the allegations of sexual abuse, simply because he was the object of so much adulation.  And sometimes they directed their hatred of him because in their minds he fit the stereotypical definition of “homosexual” (and yes, homophobia has had a lot to do with these groups targeting Michael, even though Michael never claimed to be gay and they have no proof of it whatsoever). The sexual allegations simply added more fuel to the fire, by appearing to validate their beliefs. The problem is that most of these people never bothered to look past the headlines, to ask themselves: Is any of this true? Could it be possible that this is an innocent man accused? No. Completely disregarding the teachings of Jesus, who said “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone” they proceeded to cast a virtual hailstorm.

We know these groups are out there. As of right now, I have a link on this very website to a group called “” who are working hard to try to get Michael Jackson hate groups off of Facebook (or at least, to force them into keeping a lower profile). To some extent, no matter how angry it makes us or how wrong we feel it is, freedom of speech does protect peoples’ rights to express their opinions. Even groups that promote hatred of minorities cannot be totally stopped, as long as they are not making threats of violence or acting on them. In other words, people can pretty much SAY whatever they want. That’s the reality we have to deal with.

However, does that justfy or excuse the spreading of lies and deliberate falsehoods about an individual?

This past week, I discovered two groups in particular that I found very disturbing in their agendas and the untruths they are perpetuating about Michael. One,, I would say, falls into the category of the so-called “Christian hate groups.” The other-Stop It Now!- is, on the surface, a well-meaning organization devoted to preventing sexual child abuse. I want to be very careful in how I phrase this because I do not want anyone to think for a second that I am against what this organization stands for, or what they are trying to accomplish. Protecting our children is a noble cause, and I applaud them for taking that step. I was a sexually abused child myself. I know the psychological damage that can come from being sexually abused as a child.

Michael Practiced Christian Principles His Whole Life

But worthy cause or not, they have been guilty also of perpetuating the myth of Michael as a child abuser, without having the proper facts to back it and by citing discredited and unreliable sources as their “proof.”

The only real difference between the two, as I can see it, is that the former seems bent on willfully spreading hate by lies and misinformation, whereas the latter, I think, is more a case of do-gooders who unfortunately have been blindsided by the tabloids and media, and honestly do not know any better. Therefore, my approach to each is a little bit different.  However, that being said, I’m not giving Stop It Now! any passes, and I’ll explain why in just a second. Let’s just say that the action they have taken, after receiving complaints from MJ fans, is less than admirable and shows an unwillingness to discuss the issue openly, honestly, and with any sense of fairness.

But first I want to address ShadowGov, because this is a group making some very serious accusations and spreading some very serious lies against Michael, and these need to be addressed.

I’ll just say for the record that ordinarily I would not link to a site like this nor post their content here because it is trash.  However, the only way to accurately refute these allegations is to meet them head-on. So here goes. I’ll break this down by pasting their falsehoods and then below each, the TRUTH about each and every one of these accusations:

* Michael Jackson was a homosexual child molester.” -Bob Enyart, Denver radio,

Oh, because Bob Enyart says so. Well yeah, that’s a real reliable source right there. The opinion of one right-wing, extremist pastor who, according to his Wiki entry, “angered families of AIDS vicims when he read the men’s obituaries on his television show calling the deceased ‘sodomite’s.”

This sounds to me like the sort of man who would take great pleasure in desecrating the grave of Ryan White, if it came down to it. I don’t know about you all, but this is NOT a man whose opinion I would hold in high esteem.

* Michael Jackson Lied: Vanity Fair (Sept. 1995) reported Santa Barbara district attorney Tom Sneddon’s disclosure that Michael Jackson lied when he claimed that no marks on his genitals linked him with his young accuser’s charges. “His statement on TV is untrue.” Sneddon indicated that a police photo taken by search warrant corroborated the accuracy of the boy’s drawing of a spot on Jackson’s privates.

This is such old territory it’s almost laughable to even have to say anything. It’s been well documented that the description did NOT match (hence, why no arrest was made). Jordan Chandler claimed Michael was circumcised; the police photos revealed he was not. And whatever lingering doubts anyone had on that issue should have been laid to rest by the autopsy report. Some say that it is not always easy to tell uncircumcised from not in an aroused state but you know what? That’s hogwash. Yeah, maybe one time-at a glance. But not if Michael and Jordy were “intimate” as many times as the boy claimed. He would have known, without a doubt. And for the record, though I’ve published this sketch before, I’ll do it again just to show any doubters out there: This is the so-called “exact, precise” drawing that Jordan Chandler made of Michael’s penis. Wow. Based on the accuracy of that sketch, Jordie’s “molestor” could have been the guy next door to me, or the man down the street, or the plumber or the milkman

Jordan Chandler's "Accurate" Drawing That Was Supposed To Stand As Conclusive Evidence That He Was Molested

* Jackson’s Book of Nude BoysUSA Today reported (Aug. 7, 1995) another Jackson lie when he claimed that “nothing” was found in the cop’s search linking him to child molestation. In truth, the police found a book of nude boys, “the sort of book that has been linked to pedophiles,” in the room of a man who admittedly shares his bed with young boys.

Truth: One of these was an art book featuring both males AND females, and the other a gift from a fan. Both had been locked away in a filing cabinet, untouched, for years. And it’s interesting to note that they find this worth mentioning, while ignoring any mention of the hundreds of heterosexual girlie magazines that were found. Aren’t true Christians supposed to be against ALL forms of lust in thought or deed? Or does that only apply when one is “card stacking” a case for pedophilia or homosexuality?

* Jackson Lied About Other Accusers: Michael Jackson lied saying that no other children had come forward to accuse him, when in truth he was negotiating a $22 million settlement with another boy. Jackson defenders forget that predators sometimes target victims in families who will garner little credibility or sympathy.

All accusers who ever came forward other than Jordan and Gavin were completely discredited. There is no evidence of any other settlements with any boys’ families other than the Chandlers. Here, I’m not sure if the reference is to the Chandler case, but if it is, the $22 million figure quoted is wildly inaccurate.

* BEL Presents Three Items to the District Attorney: on May 29, 2005 the Santa Barbara D.A.’s office thanked Bob Enyart Live for bringing the following to their attention, although clearly these did not help their criminal prosecution any:
Wow, the invincible Bob Enyart again! He gets around. Do they worship this guy or what?

1. Jackson, a Boy, and a Homosexual Reporter: A page from In Touch, a popular homosexual magazine, was broadcast on the nationally syndicated TV show Bob Enyart Live presenting a clear photograph taken prior to the public accusations against Jackson showing him at a “gay” vacation spot with one arms around homosexual reporter Alan Light and his other arm around a young boy.

Oh wow, Michael was seen next to a-gasp!-”homosexual reporter!” Yep, that must prove he was a gay pedophile, all right. We all know that any entertainer who works in show business isn’t surroudned by gay people every day of his life and has no gay friends; no they only seek out such company if they’re gay themselves or a gay pedophile! (Gimme a break).

2. Jackson Anger’s His Special Friend: A nationally broadcast news report in the 1990s showed video of Michael Jackson in a London toy store, closed down for him to bring a young boy shopping. The clip showed Jackson touching the boy to show him a toy, and the boy pulled away from Jackson, seemingly not wanting to be touched by his benefactor.

So, they’re going to analyze a snippet of body language from a video and cite that as irrevocable proof. How does such a thing prove anything? The child might have pulled away for any number of reasons that had nothing to do with what they’re implying here. Children are sometimes shy; they have moods. They sulk. Who knows what was the real reason, unless they asked the boy themselves?

3. 1991 Super Bowl Half Time Show – with scores of children around him and millions watching, Michael Jackson grabbed his crotch and thrust his hips toward the cameras. An office worker during lunch who grabbed his genitals and thrusted his midsection toward a secretary would be charged with sexual harassment by quitting time. A man doing this with twelve-year olds around him is even more of a pervert.

Well, maybe. But that was Michael being Michael and that’s the way he performed. As far as perfomers go, there are far worse influences children can have than Michael Jackson-for starters, many of today’s rap artists who fill their heads with messages of hate, violence, cursing, and disrespect for women.  I notice there is no mention here of the beautiful finale of that performance, in which over a thousand children joined with Michael in singing Heal the World.

So here’s the performance that is supposed to be so “perverted” and disgusting:

Lisa Marie Defends Jackson: like a kiss of death, on Prime Time Live Michael Jackson and his investment-partner-wife Lisa Marie Presley both insisted that young boys had the right to be in Michael’s bathroom with him.

Lisa never said any such thing. What she said was that the kids at Neverland would follow Michael wherever he went, even if it was into the bathroom.

“They don’t let him go to the bathroom without running in there with him…they won’t let him out of their sight.”

Michael and Lisa On Prime Time Live With Diane Sawyer

 NAMBLA Exploits Jackson’s Child Molestation: in the mid-1990s the North American Man Boy Love Association ran a newsletter cover story celebrating the results of their own informal poll showing that a significant percent of the general public would still admire Michael Jackson, even if it were proved conclusively that he sexually molested young boys. By NAMBLA’s analysis, in Europe and America Michael Jackson was helping to undermine the taboo against sex with children (click and search for: Milk).

So the logic here is: Take one, single poll conducted by an organization that glorifies consensual man/boy relations and use that as evidence that all MJ fans and the general public would support him regardless. Not true. We support him because he was innocent of those charges and because both the facts and evidence back this up. To use the views of an organization that clearly supports the exploitation of children in order to make that point is just sick.

* Dianne Sawyer erred – ‘Jackson cleared’ of all charges: according to the district attorney the police were waiting for “somebody to come forward” who had not been bribed into silence, Vanity Fair (Sept. 1995).

Where is this person and why then did they NOT come forward?

* Jackson’s Own Sister: was one of the first to indicate that her brother Michael had paid huge sums to silence accusations.

This would be LaToya, who later retracted those statements saying that her abusive husband Jack Gordon had forced her to say that. But notice they conveniently do not mention to their readers that those statements were ever retracted.

* LaToya Jackson’s Husband: LaToya’s former spouse Jack Gordon stated that Michael took a nice young boy into his bedroom, and that the two stayed in there for five days, and when they came out, the kid had turned into a different kid and seemed very disturbed.

Ah, yes, good ol’ Jack Gordon again, who, they quote with no reference to the fact that this man was a thug who tried to extort the entire family, stating that he would stop publication of Latoya’s 1991 autobiography if he was paid several million dollars (the amount was not paid, and the book was published as scheduled).  And here’s more on Gordon from LaToya’s wiki page:

In December 1993 Gordon hastily arranged a press conference in Tel Aviv, where he had Jackson read a statement claiming to believe the sensational sex abuse allegation against her younger brother Michael might be true.[34][35] This was an abrupt reversal of her previous defense of Michael against the charges.[36] Gordon claimed La Toya had proof which she was prepared to disclose for a fee of $500,000. A bidding war between US and UK tabloids began, but fell through when they realized that her revelations were not what she had claimed them to be.[37] According to La Toya, Gordon threatened to have siblings Michael and Janet killed if she didn’t follow his orders.[32][38]

* Jackson Himself Defends Boys in His Bed: Michael Jackson answered CBS News “Why not?” when asked whether he sleeps with children in his bed and admitted on film to British broadcaster Martin Bashir that he liked to share his bed with boys in pajamas. 

I’ve addressed this widely circulated falsehood before. Michael never stated those words. What he said, because Bashir had practically badgered him into a corner on the subject, was that in his opinion it was not wrong if the intent was pure, and not sexual. He never says in that segment that he actually did share his bed (what he says is that he slept on the floor) but does ask the question, “What’s wrong with it” because to his way of thinking, it was all innocent. AT NO POINT IN THE SEGMENT DOES HE SAY HE LIKES TO SHARE HIS BED WITH BOYS IN PAJAMAS. That is a total piece of fabrication concocted by ShadowGov or whoever wrote this article.

Aside from these falsehoods, there are various alleged statements made by “witnesses” whose testimonies were later totally discredited, including the couple of Neverland ex-employees who had gone to live in the Philliphines and from whom neither Tom Sneddon nor the FBI could ever get a story from that would hold up to cross examination. There are far too many of these to list individually, but every single one of these testimonies were either proven to be outright lies or simply never held up to the point that any criminal charges could be made from them. BUT SHADOWGOV DOES NOT BOTHER TO TELL THEIR READERS THIS.

Interstingly enough, they close the page with a reference to Ian Halperin’s book, whom they call a “Jackson defender.” This is where it gets realllly interesting. After spending the entire page running down all of their alleged damning evidence against Michael as a pedophile, they totally dismiss Halperin’s claims to the contrary (who in the passage quoted states that Michael’s only sexual interests were “adult males” )by then going off on a totally different tangent about the 3,500 year Judaic-Christian outlawing of homosexuality, and basically ignoring any evidence presented by Halperin against the allegations to say that “Every man molesting a boy is committing a homosexual act.” WT…??? Of course, it’s a homosexual act! But they say this after having just totally and convenietly ignored what Halperin actually said in the passage THEY chose to quote.

And lastly, even though he may “defend” Michael against the allegations, this is proof positive of the damage being done by Halperin, whose own accountability and tabloid tactics have been called into serious questioning (and I’ll be addressing more about Halperin in the near future).

As for Stop It Now!, they have an entire page on their website about the lessons we can “learn” from Michael Jackson’s legacy-such as how to recognize the warning signs of a child abuser. I can provide you with the link to their website, but not that particular page. Why? Because apparently their “solution” to the complaints they began receiving from Michael Jackson fans once we learned about their page was to remove the page from viewer access (Note: They did NOT remove the offending article; they simply made it so that only members can view its contents. This is what I was referring to earlier when I said, thanks to that action, I will NOT give them a pass.) Thankfully, I saw the content of that page before it was removed from public access. It was the usual lies and misinformation, along with the usual quoting of questionable, unreliable sources and/or discredited sources and “card stacking” to make their case. They then linked as a “credible source” a so-called journalist who had met Michael briefly backstage-ONE time, over 20 years ago- who says he got a “creepy vibe from him” because Michael spent most of the enire time laughing and playing with Emmanuel Lewis. Anyone who ever knew Michael, including his family, can vouch that Michael was always very shy and a bit uncomfotable in social situations. He was probably choosing to interact with little Emmanuel Lewis because he simply felt more comfortable with him than the adults present. It may have seemed “strange” to this guy, but at no point in the article was this guy EVER able to say he saw an inappropriate action. Sorry, but a “creepy vibe” (just because someone is a bit different or odd-acting) is NOT a “credible source” when accusing someone of something as serious as being a child molestor.

I’ll just post here a couple of comments that appeared on Stop It Now’s Facebook page, so you can see that I’m not the only one who saw the content of their page before they pulled it from public view:

Appalling the biased and untrue references to Michael Jackson. You should resort to facts, not to wrong impressions based on false beliefs. The unfair use of the name of Michael Jackson, makes this group suspicious. There are more than enough proofs that show not only the innocence of Michael, but how the lies were created, just by greed, hate and prejudice.
May 9 at 9:49am · Flag
Robin Gurnicz
Take everything with Michael’s name on your website,twitter,facebook,etc down and stop your disgusting accusations against Michael Jackson!!! Michael’s 100% INNOCENT and you know it!!! Shame on you!!!
May 9 at 3:03pm · Flag

And by the way, if anyone out there has a screen cap they’ve managed to save of that page, I would love to hear from you! I wasn’t smart enough to think ahead, unfortunately, and only saved the page to my “Favorites” rather than getting a screencap of the content.

Spreading Truth Is Really The Only Effective Way To Fight Lies And Ignorance

However, the only reason I’m even mentioning them is that I really do think these people are more misinformed than willfully malicious. I would still recommend sending them letters (not demanding letters) but polite letters with references and links to information that will give them the truth. Maybe if enough people do this, they will get the message that Michael really was innocent, and that it’s not the delusional rantings of a bunch of crazed fans. At the very least, they should know that there is enough reasonable doubt regarding those cases to justify removing any mention of Michael’s name from their website.

Here is their homepage link:

As for ShadowGov I don’t think they are worth confronting because they are clearly a hate group with an agenda, and trying to reason with them would be pointless. However, what you can do is fight their lies by exposing them for what they are, and by spreading the word that everything on their website about Michael Jackson is an outright lie. You certainly have my permission to quote, copy and paste anything I’ve written here. We may not can stop them from stating their opinions, but we can deflate a lot of their power by exposing them throughout cyberspace for the liars that they are.

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21 Responses to “Christian Hate Groups And Other Organizations Targeting Michael With Lies”

  1. Susan says:

    Hi Raven;

    It’s an uphill battle isn’t it? What can you do to convince someone of another’s innocence? I think murderers gets more compassion shown to them than Michael. What is it about him that they can hate him so much, when there is so much proof that he is innocent and that he was such a good, kind, loving man? I think they WANT him to be guilty. If Jordan Chandler and Gavin Arvizo came out now and told the truth – that Michael was falsely accused – I think a lot of people still would not believe it. They are quite comfortable in their ignorance.

    What is so heartbreaking to me, besides the obvious of sending Michael to an early grave, is the stain these false accusations cast on all the good he has done and how his three children will likely have to bear the brunt of this hatred and ignorance. I’ve been thinking about Michael’s family a lot lately, and I just can’t imagine what they must be going through. People can be so cruel and that’s what I fear for his sweet kids – this hatred is going to follow them – please God, I hope I’m wrong.

  2. Shamone says:

    The question you asked here- HOW CAN A HUMANITARIAN WHO DID SO MUCH GOOD FOR THE WORLD BE THE TARGET OF SO MUCH HATE AND SLANDER?- is something I have been asking every day since I have introduced Michael to myself.
    Although it’s not a comfort, I have noticed that in history it has happened to many great people. From Galileo to Gandhi- all suffered at the hands of the very humankind for whose greater goodness they dedicated their lives. It’s such a dark patch of our society, our so called humanity.

  3. Susanne says:

    Raven, this goes with something I told a friend here in Germany yesterday. It is really a problem for me to read these things because it hurts me personally so much, and I understand more and more how Michael must have felt knowing this.
    Having myself a Christian background it is hard for me to see that so-called Christians are not acting like Christians at all.
    Yesterday I told a friend that I have just opened my bible and happened to read Psalm 58 which immediately made me think of Sneddon, the Arvizos and Co., and it’s also for the people you mentioned. If you are faithful this is sometimes the only way to receive consolation, when it says in the last verse: “There is after all a reward for the righteous; after all, there is a God that judges on earth.” These so-called Christians will face it, I am sure about that!

  4. Squish says:

    Raven, that verse you quoted about casting the first stone is one of my favorites. Another that comes to mind is, “A good tree does not bear bad fruit, nor does a bad tree bear good fruit.” After I had personally investigated the allegations, I asked myself, “How could someone who has written songs like Heal the World, We Are the World, What More Can I Give and more, who has donated/raised over $300 million for others in need, who has visited scores of hospitals and orphanages, how could someone who is so obviously a ‘good tree’ give off such ‘bad fruit?’ No, Jesus was right.”
    And I still stand by that. People who claim to be Christians but show their hearts to be exactly opposite are the very ones Jesus despised, calling them ‘whitewashed tombs which appear beautiful outwardly, but inside are full of dead men’s bones and all uncleanness.’

    So you go to church, read the Holy word
    In the scheme of life, it’s all absurd
    Then watch the ones with the biggest smiles
    The idle jabbers…cause they’re the backstabbers

  5. Scott Evans says:

    From the article: “Groups that instead of embracing the true Christian teachings of Christ-not judging others…” Really? Christ taught to not judge others? Why do you think he was crucified? Because he was nice to everyone and never judged anyone? Which Bible did you get that out of? Try these verses on for size and then recant your ridiculous assertion that Christ taught not to judge. “judge with righteous judgment” (John 7:24) and He praised a man who “rightly judged” (Luke 7:43). Paul shamed the Corinthian Christians because no one among them was willing to “judge the smallest matters” (1 Cor. 6:2). As the Apostle wrote, “He who is spiritual judges all things” for “we have the mind of Christ” (1 Cor. 2:15-16). Should child molesters escape condemnation? Should rapists be free from criticism? Should society refrain from judging those arrested for murder? Any why would anyone judge others for judging? “Hypocrites” Christ said, “why, even of yourselves, do you not judge what is right?” (Luke 12:56-57). “Hypocrite! First remove the plank from your own eye, and then you will see clearly to [judge, i.e., to] remove the speck out of your brother’s eye” (Mat. 7:5). “Judge not” is hypocrite haven.

  6. admin says:

    Mr. Evans, I will retract nothing I’ve said here. My purpose for this article as well as this entire site in general is to educate the public on the truth of who Michael Jackson was and what he stood for. If you get past the first paragraph of the article, you can clearly see that I managed to refute every single lie that is being perpetuated against Michael by these hate groups. They base their assumptions on “evidence” that has long since been descredited. Michael was an innocent man crucified by hate and if you are a true Christian you should be able to appreciate that such a thing can happen, especially in a society as sick as ours.

    Sorry, but the Jesus I believe in did not teach hate. And in my belief, anyone who preaches hate is not a Christian.

    Now if you want to learn the truth about an amazing man and humnaitarian who did more than any other celebrity who ever lived to use his amassed fame and wealth for the good of others, who raised millions to fight world hunger, who made it possible for many, many sick children to be healed, whose organization the Heal the World Foundation was formed to help children all over the world, who did more than any celebrity I can think of to raise awareness of the state of our planet and to try to stop the wars that tear our childrens’ lives apart, as well as being a great father and the greatest entertainer who ever lived, then you’re more than welcome to stick around. If not, then please do not bring your spiel here because I know the truth.

    If you can spare a few seconds, I want to share with you something that Michael wrote. Maybe it will help open your eyes:

    It’s strange that God doesn’t mind expressing Himself/Herself in all the religions of the world, while people still cling to the notion that their way is the only right way. Whatever you try to say about God, someone will take offense, even if you say everyone’s love of God is right for them.

    For me the form God takes is not the most important thing. What’s most important is the essence. My songs and dances are outlines for Him to come in and fill. I hold out the form. She puts in the sweetness.

    I’ve looked up at the night sky and beheld the stars so intimately close,
    it was as if my grandmother had made them for me.
    “How rich, how sumptuous,” I thought. In that moment I saw God
    in His creation. I could as easily have seen Her in the beauty of a rainbow, the grace of a deer bounding through a meadow, the truth of a father’s kiss. But for me the sweetest contact with God has no form.
    I close my eyes, look within, and enter a deep soft silence.
    The infinity of God’s creation embraces me. We are one.

    © Michael Jackson

    There is more of the spirit of a true Chriatian soul in those few lines than all of the hate-mongering spiel I’ve seen on sites like ShadowGov and many other so-called “Christian” sites combined.

    No, Mr. Evans, I retract nothing.

  7. Susanne says:

    Mr. Evans, I don’t know if you read this again, but I don’t care actually. It is also important for other readers to know that you have taken all your bible quotations totally out of context. It is very, very easy to refute your statements.

    John 7:24: Why don’t you quote the whole verse: “Do not judge superficially, but be just (or righteous) in your judgements.” It’s not simply about judging, it’s about HOW to judge, namely not superficially, but properly and just. Jesus wants to say in that paragraph that it is more important to do good than to judge and to keep to religious statutes.

    Luke 7:43: This paragraph is not about judging at all. Here Jesus tells Simon a parable: “Two men were in debt to a money-lender: one owed him 500 silver pieces, the other 50. As neither had anything to pay with he let them both off. Now which will love him most? Simon replied: I should think the one that was let off most.” In my English bible Jesus answers: “You are right.” This has nothing to do with judging others. It is about giving and loving, and that’s what Michael did his whole life!

    1 Cor.6:2: This is about wrong and unjust judging! Apostle Paul argues with the Corinthians about that because they are not ABLE (not: willing) to judge righteously. See verse 5: “ there not a single wise man among you able to give a decision in a brother-Christian cause?” Verse 8: “So far from this, you actually injure and rob your brothers.” Here we are taught that we should rather suffer from wrong than to judge.

    1 Cor 2:56-57: This is also not about judging. This paragraph is about the wisdom of God. Why don’t you complete the sentence in verse 15: “…but is not himself subject to judgement by his fellowmen.”? This means we do not depend on the judgement of men!
    This is also a matter of translation from the Hebrew words. Martin Luther translated: “…a man gifted with the Spirit should FATHOM everything” – not judge! This is the meaning here!

    Luke 12:56-57: This paragraph is about the signs of the times, and God wants us to decide for him before it’s too late. You forgot verse 58: “…make an effort to settle with him while you are still on the way.” This is about reconciliation and settling with your adversaries before judgement day.

    Mat. 7:5: This is absolute hypocrisy from your side! You use “judge” as an equivalent for “remove the speck”. This whole paragraph is written AGAINST JUDGING. Jesus says in verse 1: “Pass no judgement, and you will not be judged.” Jesus said the words in verse 5, because usually no one can judge somebody else after having looked at him/herself.

    Mr. Evans, don’t juggle with bible quotations if you don’t really understand them or if you want to defraud us. There are others who know the bible very well! You were just looking for some verses with the word “judge” in it without thinking about the meaning and the context.
    And apparently you even don’t accept a court in your country because Michael Jackson was ACQUITTED!

    Thank you very much, Raven, for your rigorous reply to Mr. Evans.

  8. Squish says:

    Raven and Susanne – spot on. Thank you. Some people will take anything out of context when it comes to MJ. Even the Bible.

  9. appleh says:

    Thank you Raven and Susanne for the investigations and your answers to Mr. Evans. All the negative what I heard about MJ was totally wrong and
    easy to disprove.

  10. ALLIE says:

    “* Jackson Lied About Other Accusers: Michael Jackson lied saying that no other children had come forward to accuse him, when in truth he was negotiating a $22 million settlement with another boy. Jackson defenders forget that predators sometimes target victims in families who will garner little credibility or sympathy.

    All accusers who ever came forward other than Jordan and Gavin were completely discredited. There is no evidence of any other settlements with any boys’ families other than the Chandlers. Here, I’m not sure if the reference is to the Chandler case, but if it is, the $22 million figure quoted is wildly inaccurate.”

    Raven, I have to correct you on this 1 point. In the 1990s when Sneddon was trying to build a criminal case against MJ, 1 boy who was questioned & originally denied any wrongdoing on MJ’s part initially, was the maid’s son, Jason Francia. He was badgered by the sheriffs & lied to that MJ was molesting other boys (they claimed that’s why Corey Feldman had turned to drugs) & to save them he had in essence come up with something to implicate MJ. Jason Francia then claimed that MJ tickled him in his private area on different occasions while his mother cleaned MJ apartment-called the hideout.

    The maid, Blanca Francia, was fired for rummaging through another co-worker’s purse & she later sold her ‘story’ to Hard Copy for 20k. I think approx. 1995-96 MJ settled with them for 2.4m. During the 2005 trial, Jason Francia testified for the prosecution. His testimony was filled with a lot of IDKs & I don’t remembers. Bottom line is that the jurors did not believe him. In the trial transcript, there is an indication that a member(s) of the press reported to the judge that during a break the jurors were seen imitating Francia’s fake crying & laughing. The foreman, Paul Rodriquez, said in an interview with Nancy DisGrace that Francia’s testimony was not believable & J. Francia on the stand reminded him of Janet Arvizio.

    Blanca Francia’s testimony:

    Jason Francia’s testimony:

    Their testimonies allude to a monetary settlement though I don’t recall if the amount was said in court.
    I got the amount of 2.4m from various stories I’ve read.

  11. admin says:

    Yeah. I was including Jason Francia among those who were “discredited.” But even if he settled with the Francias for 2.4 million, that’s not what is being claimed on the site, where they are saying there was “another settlement” for $22 million. The only case that could possibly be referring to would be the Chandler case, which everyone knows about. (And actually, in hindsight, $22 million may not be that “wildly” inaccurate as I had at first assumed, if you consider the amount of court costs were probably added to that figure). No one knows the exact dollar amount, but I think it was closer to $15 million, but like I said, with the addition of court costs, could well have come out to $22 million.

    Thanks for your input, which is appreciated. I still believe the Shadowgov reference is to the Chandler case, but thanks for the info on the Francias. I didn’t know they managed to bleed money out of him, too. But I knew Jason’s testimony was completely ripped apart at the trial. So I still stand by what I said because to my knowledge there have been no other boys or witnesses to come forth whose testimonies had any credibility.

  12. Suzy says:

    As a Chrisitan myself, I don’t understand why even Christian groups spend time on bashing people like Michael Jackson? He is in God’s hands now, He will judge him and not people will judge him! And that is good so, because God won’t base His judgement on tabloids and gossip but on what He sees in Michael’s heart. Thankfully!

    I think Christian groups should use their energy and efforts on more useful things than ranting about dead celebrities. It doesn’t give them a lot of credit! In fact I am always saddened when I see things like this, because in my opinion it is not Christ-like behaviour and actually that self-righeousness and judgementalness only scares off people who are not Christians!

    Michael might have had his problems and issues (like all of us do) but Jesus said: “Healthy people don’t need a doctor–sick people do. I have come to call not those who think they are righteous, but those who know they are sinners.”

    So there’s my hope for Michael as well. Who are we to say he is not worthy of God’s mercy, like any of us are? (And I’m not talking about pedophilia, because I don’t believe he was guilty of that. But we are ALL guilty of something, according to the Bible.) Let God decide who He wants to give mercy to!

    Here is a story by Kiki Chambers, a former maid of Michael. She is a devouted Christian and she is convinced of his innocence (she even testified in favour of Michael in the trial). The article was originally posted in a Swedish Christian magazine, so that’s why the English translation might be a bit off sometimes. But here it goes:

    When Michael Jackson died in June last year he had for long stopped being a human being of flesh and blood in the world’s eyes. He had become a timid fantasy creature hiding at his ranch in Neverland and it was seen free to speculate about him and his life.

    To meet Kiki Chambers is therefore a wakeup call. She is a woman who has washed his clothes, cleaned his house and watched him play with his children.

    “I don’t want the world to remember him as a crazy person, because he wasn’t. I want him to be remembered as a human being who wanted to make the world a better place and as a father, because that’s the role I saw was most important for him,” she says.

    She, who has watched a superstar from the inside, would also like to witness of how damaging fame and wealth can be.

    “I’ve seen what price a person has to pay when the world worships you. We are meant to worship God, not His creations,” she says.

    Kiki Chambers now lives in a small town in the west of Sweden. The contrasts are big from warm California and life at Neverland, the ranch which Michael Jackson built when trying to create a lost childhood.

    She takes her laptop and shows us clips on Youtube from the inside of Michael Jackson’s home. She points at the place in the kitchen where there was always candy, the stairs where she once fell. She also points out other celebrities who she met.

    ”Elizabeth Taylor was always very nice when she came to visit, others were not,” she says.

    Kiki Chambers worked at Neverland from 1991 to 2003. She got the job as a coincidence.

    ”I knew a man at a building company who worked at Neverland. I used to joke around with him, telling him that if they ever needed a maid they should call me. And they actually did.”

    She was one of many maids who worked full time at the ranch. When she was hired, she was told not to look Michael Jackson in the eyes or take initiative to talk to him. Kiki Chamber’s is a very straight forward and talkative person though, so she had a hard time following the rules. She used to tell him jokes, and one time she thought that she had gone too far, but when others were fired, she was the one who always got to stay.

    “One time he asked me why no one ever spoke to him. I then had to tell him that those were the rules we were given, but he didn’t understand why, he hadn’t actually made those rules,” she says.

    She remembers the first years as happy and joyful. Michael Jackson used to love to play with the children who came to visit Neverland.

    “He liked to laugh, he was open and happy,” she says.

    But in 1993 Michael Jackson was accused of sexual molestation towards a boy named Jordan Chandler.

    “After being accused, which I am sure he was not guilty of, it was like he changed. He wasn’t as happy anymore,” she says.

    As time passed by, Kiki Chambers got a friendly relationship with Michael Jackson.

    “He used to tell me that he could hear my laugh all the way across the house,” she says.

    It sometimes happened that they, late at night, sat down in one of the rooms for longer conversations. He sometimes asked her for advice since there were so many people that wanted to be close to him and use his fame.

    “He asked me if he could trust this person or this person. It was hard, it wasn’t my place to judge who he should be surrounding himself with,” she says.

    It also started coming more and more doctors to visit Neverland. They gave Michael Jackson different kinds of prescripted medication. Kiki Chambers soon realized that something was very wrong. Michael Jackson could act normal one minute, just to be noticeable high on medication the next.

    ”It was hard. I was just a maid, but when was it my responsibility as a human being to do something? What could I do? I prayed to God: Why am I here?”

    Everyone who was working close to Michael Jackson tried to keep this a secret since they knew what kind of scandal this would cause in the media. To Kiki Chambers, it was a hard thing to do.

    “One night, one of my superiors told me that Michael Jackson had been given some medication. But something was very wrong, you could tell just by looking at him, and I got scared. After that, I told my superior that if this ever happens again, I will call 911, I don’t care what consequences it will give me. Because I knew that I could never live with not to have done anything if he died.”

    As a Christian she tried to affect Michael Jackson in a positive way. She gave him Christian books and wrote Biblical verses on the board in the kitchen, which he gave her credit for.

    ”I want people to know that Michael believed in God, it was no doubt about it,” she says.

    One time, Michael Jackson and his crew went to do some errands down town, where Kiki Chambers’ Christian friend was working at a hotel She then asked Michael Jackson if he wanted to see him and he said yes.

    ”We started talking and when we were about to leave, my friend asked me if we could pray together. We all joined hands and he started to speak in tongues. In my mind I said to God: I really hope you know what you’re doing right now. When we left, a person from the crew asked about what had just happened, what language he was praying in. Michael then explained, completely natural, that my friend had been speaking in tongues, and then told them about what it means when you do that.”

    When World Trade Center in New York was attacked, Michael Jackson got really shaken. He gathered all of the staff outside where they held hands.

    ”He asked me to pray to God. I was stunned, but he continued: Pray Kiki, do it. Inside, I prayed to God to help me and, now, I don’t even remember what I prayed.”

    In the beginning of the years of 2000, Michael Jackson’s world started to fall more and more apart. Another boy, Gavin Arvizo, accused him of sexual molestation. Kiki Chambers is totally convinced that Michael Jackson is innocent to all the accusations and that the parents were after money.

    ”What parents leave their children for weeks and weeks at somebody else’s house? That was really irresponsible done of them. And the children got spoilt and manipulative. They asked us what it was going to be for dinner and then they demanded something else, just because. They made is work harder and harder and threatened us to get us fired if we didn’t serve them alcohol,” she say.

    The following circus in the media made Michael Jackson depressed.

    ”He wondered why people called him Michael Jackson, that made him really upset and it was painful to him.”

    Kiki Chambers describes Michael Jackson as a very complex person. She means that he was a really good business man, but on the other hand he would literally throw money at his so called friends. He was timid and shy, but could at the same time make big statues of himself.

    ”He wanted so badly to love and to be loved,” she says.

    What she considered was most important to him, was his three children. Kiki Chambers says that he was a good father, even though he was struggling with his addiction to painkillers and medication.

    “He loved his children, he sacrificed himself for them. He never had a childhood of his own, therefore it was very important to him how his children were raised. And that’s why he used to cover them up and never show their faces when they went outside.”

    In 2003, Kiki Chambers left Neverland. The last time she met Michael Jackson was during the trial in 2005 where she was a witness.

    ”Michael wondered how it went, and I said it went good. But he then got told that it was not permitted to speak with the witnesses.”

    After that she didn’t have any contact with him, even though she had friends who were still working in his staff. During that time, she prayed and hoped for him, but in June last year, the call that she feared for, suddenly came.

    “It still hurts so much to talk about and I haven’t even been able to start grieving. I see his face in the newspapers and I read so many lies about him. I don’t know how to cope with all the feelings I have, but I pray to God and I know that He’s got everything in His hands now.”

  13. admin says:

    I love this article, Suzy! Thank you. I’ll put it on the front page (or at least excerpts). I think a lot of people would enjoy this. This is also the person these Christian “haters” should get to know…flawed, yes. But always with a good heart; a man who still “kept the faith” even if it was shaken sometimes.

  14. Suzy says:

    I’m glad you liked it. I agree that it’s worth to post in an article.

    Also, as a Christian, I am saddened by the term “Christian hate groups”, but unfortunately there are such – only I wouldn’t call them Christians. The Westboro Baptist Church also comes to my mind:

    These people should take a look into themselves and ask is that really what Jesus taught them? They might be in a bigger trouble on Judgment Day than Michael Jackson….

    As for Michael’s relationship with Christianity and Christians, here is another story from Pastor André Crouch who visited him with his sister just three weeks before Michael’s death:

  15. admin says:

    Bless you, Suzy. I’m not sure when I might use these, but I definitely will sometime in the next day or two, so just keep checking back.

  16. Kenny says:

    You know, I do attend church on a regular basis. I’m not going to even call myself a “Christian” either. But I will say that I’m a follower of Jesus Christ. I disengage from being labeled a “Christian” because so many people in these churches have defiled that by doing some nutty things “In Jesus Name.” I only had to read a couple of sentences on this topic and didn’t need to read anymore to develop a firm belief that this posting is appropriate!!! In fact, when I have the time, I’m going to dig into this blog because I’m sure it’s got some facts that will confirm my convictions that the “church” in America, is not doing it’s job. MJ was set up. If people want to believe what the media tells us, then they really need to lay off the tube, and the pipe. Nuff said.

  17. Dialdancer says:

    I was searching for something else when I saw Raven’s topic as a Google link. I spent the better part of this past Thursday and Friday morning waiting to see if a Florida Minister was going to potentially propel this country into an international incident and place a loved one in harms way, because he believes it is his God given right to burn the religious symbol and teachings of another faith.

    It is strange that there are those who profess belief in the Father, but turn so easily to hate.

  18. David says:

    Raven, I don’t know if you knew about this, but I recently stumbled unto these “covers” of MJ songs by the Westboro Baptist Church! These songs would be pathetic if they weren’t so hilarious!

    Here is “God Hates The World” (cover of “We Are The World”):

  19. David says:

    Here is “God’s Mad” (cover of “Bad”)

    Here is “Read It” (cover of “Beat It”)

    And of course they reared their ugly faces at MJ’s memorial last year!

  20. admin says:


    Oh yeah. I have seen those. Very weird.

  21. admin says:


    Did you notice they use the Thriller choreography to Beat It? (The kids actually don’t perform it too badly, but it’s the wrong dance for the wrong song!)

    It’s very ironic how these sickos will use Michael’s music-who was all about love-to preach their messages of hate!

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